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Christopher on April 7, 2015. Reply

I signed up to this casino and managed to deposit 3 times and play all day and finally wager my deposit bonus off, I then made a withdrawal for 900 pound which I reversed of the night and ended up withdrawing 700 , the following day I find out my account is locked due to being self excluded off a related site, I emailed them numerous times to find out what is happening with my withdrawal but as of yet I still haven’t heard anything however it’s only been about 12 hours so far. I’m hoping they allow my transaction as I was able to sign up and play for a whole day prior , using the same information I use anytime I sign up to new casino sites.
Other than that the site was pretty easy to understand and quick and simple in changing games and playing etc.

Roger on November 4, 2014. Reply

I've bet over 2 million on this website playing blackjack using martingale in the last 4 months. Dealing with this site has been a real chore! Poor customer service, and that's if they pick up the phone. They have an operator saying to call back later when you're in queue for about 2 minutes. I wish that was the only issue. I was using Martingale system playing blackjack and because of their ridiculous withdrawal limits of 10,000 a month (is that even legal?) I was left with a hefty balance that I could not withdraw. So I kept playing for four months, at one point I started to bet strong and my account was upgraded automatically so my comps were 95:100 and betting limits increased to 200 but then reduced the next day. I figured with the action I was bringing that was the reason for the upgrade but then the account manager, after weeks of emailing to find out what was going on with my account said it was "because I was up on the casino" that my account was put back as basic. This frustrated me greatly that they would actually say that. Customer support(if you can reach them) offer no support whatsoever instead they say "we're escalating your query to your account manager" but they never contact you.

As far as game play, good layout and play speed, but they lack basic blackjack rules, like auto dealer blackjack should stop the game not let you play through. Also, I have over 400,000 hands played so it's a good sample size. House should have about 53% edge however on avg I would need to bet just less than 4 times to win a hand, which makes it 25% chance. That's excluding the constant dealer 20 and never busting on 6/5 and 5:1 dealer blackjack ratio. They claim they test their RNG system regularly however cannot provide proof or results or method. The only way to win is with martingale however the low bet limits make it impossible. I donked a 18k bankroll to prove a point, to find a way to get my account upgrade but still it was refused (prob because of my way to beat their fixed system). Instead they gave me a 10% bonus on deposit loses (which is ridiculous) but betting max 100 to prove a point again, I lost 3,000 in 4 days and still did not get account upgrade. And only got partial cashback only because I had to write in and complain.

This is a very very poor online casino in terms of customer service and I've played a lot. Too bad because speed is good. They also don't support iPhone or iPad when resetting passwords. Had to go to neighbours and download software on his computer to change my password.

Chris on February 21, 2014. Reply

Deposited 100 of my own money and accepted the 100 bonus.
I won 400 fair AND square but like many others received the email to say that i won't be paid as the game was bonus restricted and all my winnings were forfeit.
I watched my friend play the same game and accepted the bonus however he lost his money.
Basically they are happy to take your money when you lose but not pay when you win.
Why the hell would I want to play a game and risk my real hard earned money if i can't receive my winnings?? Hah stay away, stick to real casinos if you want to gamble, at least they pay when you win. SCUM BAGS.
And i don't want to hear anything about how I should have read the terms and conditions. Who the hell sits downs and analysis a 20 page document these days online. Any reputable site would not have such terms. What else is in that agreement? That i give permission for CLV to go into my credit card and take money at will? What a scary thought. I guess using CLV's logic if that was embedded somewhere in the terms and conditions that would make it ok? Give me a break…

damien on May 15, 2012. Reply

I played at casinolasvegas.com yes you got it nothing more then a fraud casino website my bank is taking all money paid to this fraud site back to me no money for them :-)). from me. all back in my account. called in the police to.
yes I won over $1198.56 did i get any of my money no i didnt so dont get scamed keep away from that casino las vegas .com right away from it it's just a fraud casino keep way or you lose everything my bank card is also now been stoped as money was also beiing taken from my card by them with out me putting money in to it fraud casino keep away right away.
I also got all e mails that was sent given them to the police :-))
I dont care who says how good it is its nothing more then a fraud site

Mick on August 31, 2010. Reply

I have played at this casino for some time now and have won many times and had no trouble withdrawing ….i have recommeneded this site to many people
But alas as allways when you win a decent amount they dont want to pay ….i have waited 12 days now for approval of withdrawals …the first delay was for differing address as i had movede ..( buthad sent new address with statement …as i was using new card some time ago ..) last time i withdrew …i have sent many many emails and all i get is management are waiting to approve it…also after it had left my pending withdrawal account i signed in and a pop up said 100 % bonus today for deposits over 1000 so i did …and of course i didnt get the bonus …(why) because they are taking forever to approve my withdrawal…if the 4000 in withdrawals wherestill in my pending account on the day the pop up told me of the bonus …i would never had deposited 1000 ….scammed ……..and completely dissapointed in what i thought was an awesome site….Again today i went to support and they have no answers as to where my money is

black_jack on March 25, 2008. Reply

I think it is important to note the bonus's are all play bonus's and can never be withdrawn, even after playing through the wager requirments. These bonuses are nothing but a scam meant to keep you at the casino. The way it works is you cannot withdraw anything over your initial deposit unless you've met the wager req. which for canada is 25x the Deposit AND bonus… I deposited 80 and was given a bonus of 120, there fore 80 + 120 = 200, 200 x 25 = 5000. I have to wager 5000 before I can take out anything over my 80 dollars. And I still don't get the bonus, once I make a withdrawal they remove the bonus, all it is, is a pair of handcuffs locking you to the blackjack table or slot machine. There is also some games that if you play give them "the right to withhold any amount in excess of the player's original deposit from a player's withdrawal". So make sure you don't accidentally play the wrong game or you just may be giving your winnings away. Make sure you read all the fine print, and my suggestion would be to expressly refuse any bonus from them.

On to the casino itself, the software seems nice, the blackjack seems fair, and live blackjack is a nice treat, if you keep in mind it will be slower due to having to wait for the other players. Live blackjack is also 8 deck rather then 6, just to keep that in mind.

The online support (I've never phoned or emailed), is friendly, but not that often responsive.

I've yet to try to withdrawal any money, since I've yet to meet my wagering requirements, or break the handcuffs so to speak.

The other thing to mention about bonus's is that it isn't actually readily available in the software how much you've gotten towards your wagering req, you have to email support. You can look at the comp points to get an idea, initially you get 1 comp point for $10 of play, so multiply the comp points by 10 to get an idea how you are doing for wagering reqs, the only hangup with this is, the comp points likely include all games, and not all games count towards the wagering requirments.

Overall I do like CLV, but after I play through my first bonus requirements I am going to make sure they know I do not want any more in the future, and wish they weren't so restrictive. My final word on the bonus is they are a trick, other then that, CLV is good.

I would like to mention I've only played at one other online casino, and I do not think it had fair blackjack, but I believe it's bonus's, while harder to actually get into your account (higher wagering req), were actually a bonus, and not a trap.

Chris on July 7, 2006. Reply

Completely disgusted with CLV. Have you ever been in a casino and waited for a high number (25-36) to appear in roulette? Doesn’t take long, if it’s a true random number generator, right? 18 spins before one appeared. The second time 23 spins. The third time, again 18 spins, before my balance was depleted. So much for fair gaming. I should have known something was odd when I received an email from my account manager informing me that “you still have money in your balance” … this wouldn’t have seemed odd if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d only visited the casino the previous day! Did he think I’d forgotten? Very suspicious. Avoid. Avoid.

Ken on May 17, 2006. Reply

Well I feel totally ripped off. Sure the deposit bonuses were great but if the games only allow minimal wins -when the bet is lowered. What value is that?? I value entertainment value along with a chance of winning but this felt more like getting kicked in the cajonnes and having my wallet stolen. Hey CLV-keep your bonuses and put the game odds near to reasonable. Thanks for the aggravation when all I really sought was a bit of enjoyment. I gonna have to give this the big 0 on the 1-10 scale and file it with that other notorious pickpocket you know who… If its just the money you want I’ll send you a check but spare me the game definition because it fails to apply here.

lucent256 on February 4, 2006. Reply

The lady at the cashier desk seemed pretty friendly. Deposited $20, got a %125 bonus. Didn’t even get to play for 15 minutes! And we’re talking nickel slots and quarter slots! Could’ve at least hit just enough to keep you entertained for half an hour! I wasn’t expecting to win, just at least get some miniscule time for twenty bucks.

Matt on January 11, 2006. Reply

Excellent online casino, great bonus, I did very well playing on the blackjack table. Would highly recommend to anyone.

GARY TAYLOR on April 12, 2005. Reply

I will never go back to this casino. I won $1200 fair and square, but they said because I accepted $200 in bonus, which they add without making sure you know if you win a dime you will receive nothing in return. I asked to withdraw the money I won, so I waited three day, they took the $1200 out of my account and denied my withdrawal request. I f you put your money in, don´t think for a minute there going to pay you for your winnings. They are making the rest of online casinos look bad.

Casino Las Vegas on April 12, 2005.

Hi Gary,
When you sign up for the casino, it is clearly splashed across the home page that you will receive a bonus. There is also a line that underneath the bonus declaration that clearly states “Click here for more details”. Unfortunately it appears that you didn’t read the terms of the first deposit bonus which states any games that cannot be played using the bonus. Unfortunately you played roulette – one of the excluded games – with your money and this is the reason that the winnings were not allowed. I think the lesson that everyone should learn here is to make sure, whichever casino you play at, to read all the terms and conditions attached to any bonuses you receive.

Tammy Shade on April 8, 2005. Reply

I really enjoyed this casino to start but all at once I couldn’t sign onto the site and I kept getting a pop-up window to contact support. I have contacted support a few times only to get no reply. Now you would think if someone is wanting spend/ loose money they would be more than happy to help you…..well not this site. This site is not worth playing at if you can’t get help when you need it!!!

Casino Las Vegas on April 8, 2005.

Tammy, the reason that your account has been blocked is because in the terms it says that only one casino account is allowed from the same address, and unfortunately there are 2 registered at your address. One of the accounts is still open however.

mar on April 8, 2005. Reply

I downloaded this casino because my daughter told me it was a lot of fun and that she played for a long time. I put in my deposit and played carefully and sure wasn’t there long.She had mentioned how they gave her free bonuses all the time and I sure didn’t see that either. Don’t think I will come back here much when there are so many to choose from.

Roben on April 7, 2005. Reply

I will never play at casino Las Vegas again. I made three seperate deposits just to try. Bad Luck on the three deposits and they were on differend days. I lost real quick also. Save your money!!!!! Bad Casino, Bad Odds a Looser every time!!!! Plus I wrote them twice and they never wrote back once. Do not get the bonuses either you have too wager far more just to withdrawl; if you can ever get that high enough to withdrawl!!!

Casino Las Vegas on April 7, 2005.

Thanks for your comments. I have checked in to your complaints and I have seen that, in fact our support did respond to you. Unfortunately, you seem to have experienced a run of bad luck. We have players who loose and at the same time players who win; this is the nature of gambling.
I wish you better luck next time.

Augustine Sanchez on March 23, 2005. Reply

Casino Las Vegas is great!!!Thanks to Gary at Casino Las Vegas, I am able to feel safe once more. This company has gone out of their way to make up for the mistake. I wish I could have talked to Gary first so I could have avoided all this, but they have more than made up for it. This casino is great because of their amazing support staff. They allow low bidding and payouts are relatively fast. I’ve tried other casinos and find Casino Las Vegas to be the most reliable and fair. I am happy to once again recommend them to anyone!!!

Augustine on March 21, 2005. Reply

Casino Las Vegas has lost my trust. When I signed up, I had the bonus money turned off because of the rules governing how much you have to wager once a bonus has been added. Somehow the bonus blocker got turned off and when I went to get my money they told me that 3 dollars in bonus money was the reason I could not take out my 29 dollars in real money. It is unfair to punish me for their mistake. I will not gamble there until they fix the situation.

Casino Las Vegas on March 21, 2005.

Hi Augustine,

I have looked in to this for you and our team had decided, even before I contacted them, that you were correct. Your withdrawal request has now been processed. We look forward to seeing you back in the casino soon.

best regards

Richard L Churchfield on February 26, 2005. Reply

Very dissatisfied. What good is a bonus, if you lose it the first withdrawal request, regardless of the number of wagers made? I will play elseware myself!

Casino Las Vegas on February 26, 2005.

Richard, I’m a little confused by your comment as I can see that you won and you managed to withdraw!

PAM STRATTON on February 25, 2005. Reply

I was disappointed that when I first made my deposit I seemed to win and lose and felt that it was fair. Then, there were no upsides. No payouts, everything went dead. I’ve been to casinos and played the video poker and slots and at least there are teasers. This went totally dead and I lost all even playing conservatively. I am planning on trying another casino.

Casino Las Vegas on February 25, 2005.

Pam, I think that you will find that wherever you play, online or offline, there will always be periods when your wins and / or losses will appear uneven. This is a nature of the games specifically and gambling in general. The fact that Casino Las Vegas had a 98.3% payout for the month of February shows that everything evens up in the end. I hope you have better luck the next time you play with us.

John on October 14, 2004. Reply

I think this is a great casino too.

Brian on October 14, 2004. Reply

I have to say that this casino is definitely the best I have played at. They have great games and the support was excellent. They have live chat and they were able to answer every question I had. Not only that, I actually won a bit of money and the payout was really fast.

Caroline on October 8, 2004. Reply

I really can´t say anything negative about this casino. Games are top and the customer support is fast and accurate. I have been playing here for over a year now without any problems. A very good casino. regards

Dale on July 28, 2004. Reply

I will not ever go back to this casino. The online staff need to be trained better. They didn’t even know you could be in the real money mode and spin the roulette wheel without any money on the table. They need to know the basics of the business before being involved with the customers.

Casino Las Vegas on July 28, 2004.

Thanks for your comment Dale and rest assured that all our support staff now know that you can spin the roulette wheel without placing money! We take the performance of our support staff very seriously and I don’t think that you can judge their ability on that one incident. Most of the comments we receive about support are positive and that is because we offer highly trained support on chat, phone and email.

Samantha on December 8, 2003. Reply

Absolutely the best service that I have experienced. I have played at many casinos and there are only two or three that I would say have the best support.. This casino is one of them!

Carlos on July 10, 2003. Reply

great quality casino! I deposited 50 and got 250 back on my very first online gambling attempt. Thanks for recommending this casino.

JohnnyO on July 10, 2003. Reply

Very nice calm casino. I lost my money quickly but maybe I’ll get lucky next time.

Marbos on June 30, 2003. Reply

real cool one. my experience was only positive

Carol Schuster on February 23, 2003. Reply

I highly recommend Casino Las Vegas!! The customer support is excellent! They have Playtech software which is, at least in my opinion, a big plus!


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