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Alen on December 5, 2023. Reply

When I made a deposit and wagered, I had 1599.90€ left in my Casitsu account. I have all documents verified and when I made a withdrawal, they simply blocked my account. They informed me by email that I violated their bonus rules. But they didn’t tell me how I did it and what was the reason for what they did. I am very disappointed with this casino and I have no words for their behavior. As long as I made deposits, everyone was nice and offered me good bonuses. The first time I made a withdrawal, they blocked my account and they don’t even respond to my emails or messages from Ask Gamblers. I have been playing online casinos for over 15 years and this one is the worst I have ever seen.

Mark Dunner on May 15, 2023. Reply

I recently played on the casino and won but my withdrawal was sent to my customer number and not my bank account number. Normally if your details are incorrect your money should bounce back into your account but this was not the case. The casino said that the money was accepted but we have not got the withdrawal as yet

Casitsu Casino logo Casitsu Casino on May 18, 2023.

Hello Mark,

Here is a Casitsu Casino representative,
We would like to notify you and all visitors to this source. We see in the system that you have requested a withdrawal of funds, but you have provided incorrect payment details. Since your withdrawal request has been approved, it has taken time for the finance department to issue a refund.
On May 17, your funds were successfully returned to your player account, and your new withdrawal request was successfully completed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding:)

Casitsu Ninjas Team


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