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Connie Lynn Brown on June 21, 2023. Reply

I have been playing there for a couple years.,, always putting in barely ever taking anything out. Then I take out a few withdrawals and they want me to verify my source of wealth so I send everything they ask for and I’m totally verified and they still shut down my account and will not tell me why,

Nagy Erik on October 29, 2022. Reply

Hi Im still waiting for my withdrawal 2months still nothing I called last week and they said This week I will get my money Still nothing..!! I sent an email but no answer. I wrote on live chat but still Nothing..Nobody!

TT on October 7, 2022. Reply

Been playing Casumo for the last few months, variety of slot games are good.. 2 occasions I’ve won and done a withdrew 1000 then 1500 money was in account within few hours. Happy player :) NZ

Michelle Robitaille on July 10, 2022. Reply

I’ve played at Casumo often. The first time I cashed out was 3 months ago. They paid my winnings after a little difficulty but they did payout my $4000.00 winnings. Last week I won $2000.00 Canadian. They are now not accepting any forms of proof of my $60 deposit I sent through gigadat and holding my winnings, even though the website states you only need to verify yourself once, then payouts are “Lighting fast” I have been sending proof after proof (which, as I verified player that cashed out a mere 3 months ago) should not be happening. I have been fighting for my win for days with no resolve. This is ridiculous but I will not give up.

Marko on March 30, 2022. Reply

I have talked with my bank, and from the bank side there is no issue to withdraw money, but from casumo support they didn’t want to deposit and then block me. The amount was 1k or 2k euros. The deposit can do with all kinds of payments but when you want to do withdraw you will get into a problem! 10 days wait for withdrawal and after that locked!

Alex soorani on November 26, 2021. Reply

I made a deposit for the amount of £2000.00, They froze my account, I did upload all identifications, no body never answered my emails, I was chasing my money for more than 46 days, first they said we transferred it already, then they said it was technical issue, give us another 7 days, then they said send a bank statement. They kept my money for 46 days, They don’t answer emails or anything.

Ingrid Hawea on July 22, 2021. Reply

I have been playing Casumo slots for 3 months now due to being stuck at home. I have won several thousands of dollars & I never have a problem with receiving my winnings nor do i have a problem with anything to do with them. Their online chat service has been great, so I will continue to play in my own home as they have been wonderful.

Jamie watson on January 6, 2021. Reply

I deposited £50 and won £300. Once I tried to withdraw this. The account was blocked. Casumo asked me for income related documents to prove I’m not playing above my means. I sent them all the information I had. (I’m self employed and haven’t worked since the pandemic happened). Maybe these companies should be asking this question before you are able to deposit to play there games. Customer service was pretty poor. It seems when you win. Withdrawing your winning is very difficult with Casumo. Please stay clear of this casino. All these stories are so similar. I received a message saying I’m no longer allowed an account with them and they will not be returning even my deposit. 0 stars

Matt on January 5, 2021. Reply

I deposited £1350 won £5000.50
Tried to withdraw my money and never got it just keep getting told my verification is wrong sent them everything they needed still no good

Andy Todd on December 3, 2020. Reply

I’m owed over 8k they say that they have paid this amount but haven’t. I sent my bank statement to them to prove not a penny has been paid and they haven’t not replied yet. 2 Days. I’ve been waiting 22 days since the first withdrawal as you can imagine I’m not happy and nobody is replying to my emails and messages

Sherzods on November 8, 2020. Reply

I also joined casumo 2-3 months ago and it’s been great withdrawals was only taking few hours to get to my account and on Friday I won a jackpot of almost 3500 and withdrew it straight away, and money didn’t come to my account. I thought its because of weekends and today I got email saying I had to verify. I did upload all the documents required but now I’m genuinely worried. I´m wondering if they actually pay out and also how long it will take for verification.

GAIL BIBBY on November 8, 2020. Reply

I enjoyed playng casumo – they have always been great – but a few weeks ago I deposited £200 in all and won £1000 ,,,,, but when I withdrew ….they needed verification – which was fair as my other cards had expired …so I sent in my card details and a statement for that card showing my address …..tried again to withdraw ..the verification was needing a copy of my pay slips or income proof to show I can afford to play >??
I explained that I am retired and cannot send pension proof as I do not receive my pension until next year – so live off my husbands earnings … so they have now blocked my account and I have sent endless messages on live chat …each time a different person answers …and asking what compromise we can come to as I don t have the information they need ,,,,,and that I have provided everything else – so that should not stop them paying my withdrawal ….they took ,my money – I won legally – but they won t pay out and I cannot get on my account.

Lisa on September 21, 2020. Reply

I’m in Canada I played this casino for a few months I won and withdrew around $800 and got it 4 days latter they didn’t ask for an account verification or anything. Now I have won alot more money $5000.00 and all of a suddnen they are asking for account verification. I sent all the requested information, the information I sent them is not good enough for them. They require a bank statement saying that you deposited to the casino but the only problem is I do an e transfer to them through an online company that the casino uses called gigidat. So the name of their Casino is no where on the bank statement so they won’t verify it and send my winnings. No big surprise now considering the reviews I just read. Will not go back even if I do get my money.

Jos on March 20, 2020. Reply

Casumo seems not to be able to find deposits in their system after Gigadat and Interac confirmed transfers

Sue on March 2, 2020. Reply

Something has gone wrong in Feb with this company, asked for yet more verification stuff, but since I didn’t notice they weren’t paying out my winnings for a few days I am now owed £910 from 11th Feb on. Have sent every type of personal document I have, still no verification done, just stock answers on email that they are busy etc etc, after reading all the bad reviews confirming the problems people are having with regards to the same delays I am starting to wonder if there is some problem with the site itself. Hope not as I love the games on the site and have not had a problem with verification of the multiple times I have had to send I’d etc. This site knows more about me and my finances than my husband now . ☹️

Calin Tomoiaga on January 18, 2020. Reply

I never got close to a fraction of what I’ve put in. They have flaws in they’re games, like “you have played for one hour” notification that cancel the free games if you’re in it. If you take the bonus money they offer and win with it you can’t widhdrawn until you wagher and loose them all, at least that’s what happenned in my case. They even market a payback of 90%-99% which is inaccurate and misleading, in my case was 87%. U can check it for yourself.

Anne Lopez on July 31, 2019. Reply

I joined Casumo almost a year ago. casumo was my favourite site to play on, I never had any issues withdrawing, I always got it within 12-36 hrs the amounts were anywhere in between 100-1800.

But recently , I won big ! 9,500$ I was so excited, especially since it was on casumo a site that I never had any problems with, I knew or at least thought I knew I was going to receive the money for sure. I have deposited a lot onto this site, trusting that they wouldn’t never mess around on me for no reason, boy was i wrong.

I tried to withdrawal 9,500, it said confirmed and that it was on its way. The next day, I got an email saying my bank rejected it and that it was put back into my account because my banking info was wrong. Which was impossible because I never touched my banking information, after it was saved from the first time and it worked every other time for my multiple withdraws before that so that didn’t make any sense, but I said “ok “. Just re-typed my banking info again and checked it over 3 times, I even asked my friend to look over it and he confirmed it was 100% right. I ended up playing 1000$ of it so I tried to withdrawal 8,500 this time.
I even went down to my bank and asked if a wire transfer tried to come in and Why was it rejected. The bank teller told me that it didn’t show any wire transfer history and also told me that it is Extremely rare that they would reject one in the first place, he said “ I could see maybe if the banking info was completely messed up, yes” but for the most part, we can usually figure out who it would be going to, and still accept it even if the info was a little wrong”.

So I went back and chatted with live chat and told them this and they insisted that it was wrong but it should be fine this time and I would get it within 5 business days.

But of course , Again, the next day it said it was unsuccessful due to a “technical error”. So I chatted with the representative and he said sorry we will resend it now. So I ended up playing another 1,500 and then tried to resend 7,000.

Once again, the next day rejected again because of “incorrect banking info” at this point I knew it was something was going on and they weren’t being honest, So I emailed them and said my banking info was 100% correct and asked what’s going on, and the representative would barely acknowledge anything I was saying and just kept repeating “ your banking info is indeed wrong”.

I ended up being so frustrated I blew the rest of the 7,000 :(

I have never been so disgusted in a “legit” casino site in my life. It’s like they purposely kept making lame pathetic excuses putting it back into my account knowing I would play it out and lose it all so they didn’t have to pay me. They are Lairs .

And btw Whenever I withdrawal I always put a lock on it to prevent me from cancelling and blowing it, so if they put it back into my account they should have put it back on lock !!! No exceptions but that doesn’t even matter, they should have never put it back in my account in the first place . They probably didn’t even try to send it and just said they did , clearly because the info I provided them, which they have been using successfully for a long time was all right.

I will never play at this site again unless they pay me what I initially won, because I should have gotten that 9,500 in the first place, my banking info was Indeed not wrong at all.

I wouldn’t ever recommend anyone to play here anymore.

Krystal on April 9, 2019. Reply

I have an account with Casumo, over £1000 has been held. They keep on raising issues in order to not pay me. The most ridiculous thing is, different person ask me to provide different documents. Later on, when I talk to the manager, the manager even give me different answers every time. You have no clue what is right and who is managing, and the only thing you are quite sure is they are finding excuses to pay your winnings. And the excuses are really endless.

kellie on July 25, 2018. Reply

Very user friendly. The dealer add excitement to the game. So far it’s been good. I like the lighting multiplier. Overall very good gaming experience, though the wheel seems to not spin realistically at times. The ball goes half way around table then lands on a number. In real life the ball goes around the table atleast a few times.

Ash on December 31, 2017. Reply

I joined Casumo to get the welcome bonus, percentage related to my first deposit.
I never saw a welcome bonus on my account, so I decided to withdraw my money, but then I got screwed around by Casumo over verification issue’s, I do not have any photo ID, and Casumo are refusing to give my money back to me, which is £229.

Chris Chaperon on August 22, 2017. Reply

For the first time in all my years of online gambling I got all the main symbols on all of the reels but then instead of being paid I got the error message partner cashier error. I contacted customer services through chat and was told it would be resolved in one to 2 days. 14 days later expecting my payout, I was told that although I had won and they had taken my stake it was not passed on to the game provider, They then insulted me by giving me my £1 stake back. Although there have been a couple of nice customer service people some are rude and abrupt and they will not talk about it anymore. I have been emailing the founders use their names at But I have not had a reply yet. maybe some of you should email them directly. My advise dont spend anymore money on this site

Rakafee on September 9, 2016. Reply

So I opened an account in this casino! I play for a while! Then I decided to close! After some days I changed my mind! And opened another account in this casino! So I played for a while! Then I got winnings! And when I decided to withdraw my winnings I got an email that my new account is closed because I was asked before! So they closed new account as well! And no winnings! 10000 usd!

Nikki Bella on February 2, 2016. Reply

I agree with Lena. Real happy so far with casumo and they’ve done great for themselves in such a short period of time. Hope they add to their collection of games and beef up their support staff but i expect big things from casumo in 2016

Lena Ableson on January 19, 2016. Reply

as young as this casino is, they’ve done pretty well for themselves. I haven’t encountered any major issues yet but I also haven’t tried to withdraw my money. fingers crossed it keeps me as happy as it has so far.

Xavier Woods on January 14, 2016. Reply

I’ve only played here for a week but so far so good. The 200% welcome bonus has topped up my account and I won’t need to deposit here for weeks. Payouts are high and the look and layout is def more modern and mobile friendly than most other places.

So far so good at Casumo!


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