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Krystal on April 9, 2019. Reply

I have an account with Casumo, over £1000 has been held. They keep on raising issues in order to not pay me. The most ridiculous thing is, different person ask me to provide different documents. Later on, when I talk to the manager, the manager even give me different answers every time. You have no clue what is right and who is managing, and the only thing you are quite sure is they are finding excuses to pay your winnings. And the excuses are really endless.

kellie on July 25, 2018. Reply

Very user friendly. The dealer add excitement to the game. So far it’s been good. I like the lighting multiplier. Overall very good gaming experience, though the wheel seems to not spin realistically at times. The ball goes half way around table then lands on a number. In real life the ball goes around the table atleast a few times.

Ash on December 31, 2017. Reply

I joined Casumo to get the welcome bonus, percentage related to my first deposit.
I never saw a welcome bonus on my account, so I decided to withdraw my money, but then I got screwed around by Casumo over verification issue’s, I do not have any photo ID, and Casumo are refusing to give my money back to me, which is £229.

Chris Chaperon on August 22, 2017. Reply

For the first time in all my years of online gambling I got all the main symbols on all of the reels but then instead of being paid I got the error message partner cashier error. I contacted customer services through chat and was told it would be resolved in one to 2 days. 14 days later expecting my payout, I was told that although I had won and they had taken my stake it was not passed on to the game provider, They then insulted me by giving me my £1 stake back. Although there have been a couple of nice customer service people some are rude and abrupt and they will not talk about it anymore. I have been emailing the founders use their names at But I have not had a reply yet. maybe some of you should email them directly. My advise dont spend anymore money on this site

Rakafee on September 9, 2016. Reply

So I opened an account in this casino! I play for a while! Then I decided to close! After some days I changed my mind! And opened another account in this casino! So I played for a while! Then I got winnings! And when I decided to withdraw my winnings I got an email that my new account is closed because I was asked before! So they closed new account as well! And no winnings! 10000 usd!

Nikki Bella on February 2, 2016. Reply

I agree with Lena. Real happy so far with casumo and they’ve done great for themselves in such a short period of time. Hope they add to their collection of games and beef up their support staff but i expect big things from casumo in 2016

Lena Ableson on January 19, 2016. Reply

as young as this casino is, they’ve done pretty well for themselves. I haven’t encountered any major issues yet but I also haven’t tried to withdraw my money. fingers crossed it keeps me as happy as it has so far.

Xavier Woods on January 14, 2016. Reply

I’ve only played here for a week but so far so good. The 200% welcome bonus has topped up my account and I won’t need to deposit here for weeks. Payouts are high and the look and layout is def more modern and mobile friendly than most other places.

So far so good at Casumo!

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