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benirose on August 3, 2014. Reply

Colosseum was the best most honest, I have ever played and I played a few. I sure do wish that you were still open to the USA. We have nothing here now like what I enjoyed with you.

annie on April 2, 2009. Reply

i really liked the casino was depositing and winning and then they just closed my account but their sister sites i can still play at i dont understand

Roberta on July 26, 2006. Reply

I use this casino a lot, and I am very happy. If I do not play for some time, I receive a “welcome back” bonus, and if I play a lot, I get the “loyalty” bonus – and all players like to get bonuses, right?
And the payouts are really fast as well!

Deb on February 15, 2006. Reply

I couldn’t find a telephone number on your website. My roommate plays at your casino and he loves it. Is it possible for me to have an account with you also if I have a different email address, we are not related but share the same address and phone #. Please let me know as I would like to become a customer. Thank you

patti salamone on January 25, 2006. Reply

i had a ball at this casino.
i think one of the best. just wish they had better bonuses. i played for a couple days playing with their 15 free.

Beverly Russell on January 6, 2004. Reply

I had a lot of trouble at this casino. They took more money out of my account then what I had deposited into their casino. I received a lot of bad debt charges also. (for being overdrawn)They gave me the money back,(as credit in their casino)after MANY phone calls but they ruined my checking account.

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