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Guy Riley on February 13, 2017. Reply

I received a check in mid December for over $1000. It was a hassle to receive and a headache of emails and chats and such. I then played several thousand dollars and I won over $2000, basically breaking even. Never received a check even though it was supposedly escalated. It has now been over 2 months.Now you cant even get in touch with them.

Linda Smith on February 6, 2017. Reply

I too cashed out $1000 and $400 on the same day .This was Nov.14th 2016 faxed all documents was approved on Nov.15th 2016 and yet to get anything .Have faxed them numerous times and yet to get anything.

Nate truax on January 9, 2017. Reply

I signed up with a promised 1,000% bonus and when I deposited $35, guess what I got.. $35. When I wrote an email to them to ask why, I received an email back stating that I would be granted a $50 chip on the house for my inconvenience. No 1,000% bonus, but I was willing to take it. What other choices did I have? I promptly entered the bonus code and the site said that my account was excluded from the free $50 chip promotion. Tried calling got nothing. Emailed several times and always got the same response with the same tracking number.

Espen Hæhre on December 30, 2016. Reply

First and only place I won a nice amount while playing for free. :)

Cindy Hoagland on December 1, 2016. Reply

August of this year i hit for 9 grand and guess what…havent seen a dime…all the info they requested was sent 5 times..approval was granted..and still nothing…i bothered them so much that they banned me from playing on all sites.

Jody on January 14, 2017. Reply

I was sent a email saying that my VIP status was upgraded and that I would receive faster payouts. Well I requested a $1000 withdrawal on November 30th and still haven’t received anything. They keep telling me that FedEx hasn’t sent out a tracking number for it yet but everyone knows that as soon as FedEx receives something it gets a tracking number. So after telling me this lie so many times they finally tell me that the processing center that they send the money to reaches a limit and can only process so much money at a time, then they have to wait before they can process more. So i asked them why would they tell me i would get faster payouts if they can’t even guarantee that because of their processing center and of course they had no answer for that.

David Giambastiani on November 8, 2016. Reply

I won around $3000,00 on cool cat, requested a withdrawl and it was taking so long i canceled it and played some more after it was down to 1000 i decided to withdraw and not let them take it all back. They were 15 days just to approve it the another two weeks to pay, WELLthats if your information is correct (banking) I was asked no less than FOUR times for my info three times it was correct,

The fourth tim i switched the swift code N3 instead of 3N and it failed .
now they sy they have to start the process all over again.. its amazing how transparent they are. DONT patronize this casino unless your appetite includes frustration and angst. i will update if and when the cough up.

Amy on October 27, 2016. Reply

I have been waiting since August 18 for my check of just $250.00 from cool cat. I have called and tried live chat, both no one answers. I finally got a response from email saying I would hear back from a representative within 1 business day. They even gave me a reference number. I waited 10 days before emailing them back and immediately I got the same response with the same reference number. I don’t think there is anybody there!!

Jill on November 12, 2016. Reply

I too have been waiting months for two separate withdrawal requests. I have emailed multiple times – one semi-literate response saying that I would hear back within 7 days – that was a month and half ago.

Used to be a good casino – years ago – now I won’t ever go back.

John Mason on October 22, 2016. Reply

Hello. All of the sites this company owns seem to be shut down. No chat, no telephone answer. Been waiting 3 months for withdrawal. Looks like they pulled the plug for now.

Diane Arndt on October 16, 2016. Reply

Coolcat Casino is the most honest casino I’ve played at. It takes awhile to get paid. But I got the 2,200.00 I won and check was good. Diane

louis on November 11, 2016. Reply

Hey did you really get paid?

J. PATTERSON on October 7, 2016. Reply

I’m still waiting for $1115.00 and it’s been almost 2 monthes..emailed with wondering why so long when terms and conditions say total 25 days for everything…no response back…quick to take your money but monthes to get your winnings..this is the 2nd time I’ve waited this long..will be looking someplace else to have fun..

Diane Arndt on October 16, 2016. Reply

Gave them another month you will get it. I did. Diane

Matthew Ceddia on September 10, 2016. Reply

Has anyone been able to cashout at coolcat on these 1 x playthrough deals??

it looks like they dont pay…. who can confirm ??

mittins on September 18, 2016. Reply

I got paid it took three and a half weeks But i did get my $3,000

mm on October 6, 2016. Reply

i’ve been waiting 2 months, and nothing. cant even get a fed ex tracking number

dd on November 16, 2016. Reply

I’ve been waiting since August, with numerous Live Chats, emails, and calls (basically listening to music), except once I got thru, but it was Sunday morning and of course nothing could be done, but I was told the matter will be “escalated” which means nothing because I still haven’t received my $$$.

Georgia Bostwick on August 17, 2016. Reply

I loved playing at Cool Cat. Was my favorite. They don’t have a problem taking my deposits. I tried to withdrawal $1500.00. Sent all the documentation they asked for and, was denied. So I spent a few days spending it. Low and behold I get an email after they see I spent it telling me I could have the money. Now I’m not allowed to even play there or their sister sites.

Be fair on August 14, 2016. Reply

I have been waiting almost 3 months for 315.00 $ I won 500 but they have to deduct the bonus so that leaves me with $315 however they told me that I deposited another deposit using a different bonus and had a few dollars more than I was supposed to therefore they deducted $340 from the 500 that they owed me!! Makes no sense!! When you send a live chat they talk to you for about five minutes and then that’s it they ignore you and don’t respond to any more of your questions.

Sharon Lindsay on August 4, 2016. Reply

I requested a payout of $2,000 on June 23, 2016 via bank wire which, according to Cool Cat’s own websit, states this is the fastest way. I supplied all the required documents and they confirmed receipt of such documents. My payout was reviewed and authorized and I have still not received it.

I was told it had been sent to a third party for distribution since they were not a bank. It has been way too long! This was my first online casino and I loved it….. until now!

Jeff O'Neil on July 26, 2016. Reply

i really love playing at cool cat. im new to online gaming and ive played at a handful of casinos and this is my favorite so far. payouts are quick, support staff is really helfpul especially for a new person, and i really love the game selection. i highly reco!!

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