Player comments on Cool Cat Casino


Anderson Gallows on May 24, 2016. Reply

I’ve been playing online for nearly a decade and cool cat is probably one of the best casinos I’ve ever played at. Payouts and deposits are no hassle and the progressive jackpots payout more here than any other casino. Impressed with the bonuses, especially the match deposit bonus that can net you close to 1K off the hop. I plan on becoming a VIP here.

Steve R. on May 15, 2016. Reply

The only time I win anything substantial is if I’m playing with a bonus chip with a cashout limit. I’ve hit 3 jackpots of $2000 or more each and couldn’t even enjoy winning them because I really didn’t win anything. Anytime I play with my own money I barely get a bonus round and when I do it’s always a very small bonus.
I’d think twice about depositing money… I wont be handing over my money anymore.

Kelly Rowland on May 9, 2016. Reply

Been playing here for a couple of years and I’ve found that direct deposit is the best way to get your money withdrawn easiest. I’ve never really had problems depositing or withdrawing money and I agree with ‘JZ11’ comments. Payouts here are higher than most RTG casinos I play at especially from slots.

JZ11 on April 18, 2016. Reply

I haven’t had any issues here in the 2 months I’ve played at Cool Cat. I found Cool Cat through a recommendation from a friend and it’s been so far so good. I’ve withdrawn cash only once so far and it wasn’t a whole ton of money but there were no issues and I got the money within five days. Been taking advantage of the bonuses and promos and it’s starting to become my go to casino.

Allison Berryhill on April 6, 2016. Reply

I have been trying to get a 1300 dollar withdrawal for 3 months. I had to re-withdraw 4 times, they kept putting my money back in. I sent my documents 6 times. Now every week I call they tell me it was all approved on 3/17, and will go to processing next week. Every week since then I call and they tell me it hasn’t gone to processing yet. I get a new story everyday.

Someone on April 24, 2016. Reply

Me too waiting on $3500 for 3 months. Tried Wire transfer twice and sending me “reloadable debit card”. I’ve never had issues in the past, cashed out over $4k prior to now. The current issues are putting me in a bind…

Ricky on April 27, 2016. Reply

I won $6000 and been waiting since Jan 12, 2016. They finally FedEx $2200 of it today says i should get it tomorrow. Kept getting the run around about the processor been down, so i ask them how comes it’s not down when you deposit, but down when you want to withdraw. Of course he didn’t have an answer for that. Now let’s see what happens when I cash it at the bank.

Shawn Michaels on March 21, 2016. Reply

Love Cool Cat. I’ve been playing here for the last 5 years and never had any issues. I’m now a VIP here and compared to other casinos Cool Cat takes care of their VIPs better than anyone. Great offers, bonuses, and promotions and having my own support staff is great when it comes to anything I need. They add to their game library on the reg so the casino always feels fresh. Def reco this casino!

Jennifer on March 17, 2016. Reply

I have enjoyed playing on Cool Cat Casino online up until I tried to request my first withdrawal. I requested $1000.00 withdrawal in early February. I was informed that I met all the wagering requirements so I submitted my documentation, and waited. It is now Mid March and i’m still waiting. I’ve been denied my withdrawal request 5 times now, all for the same thing…documentation. They can’t find it, it’s not complete, even as I type this comment I am on live chat with them and being told yet again that they don’t have my documents and I need to resend them.

Carol Roberts on April 2, 2016. Reply

Tried to withdraw 750 – they have all documentation – Submitted 3rd of March – still not been paid

Someone on April 24, 2016. Reply

Have you been paid?

Mr. Jones on February 29, 2016. Reply

New to online gaming and this is one of the first casinos I played at. I really enjoy playing here. They have a ton of table games which I love and their bonuses make it easy for you to build your account. I haven’t had any issues with withdrawals like other people and I’ve been able to deposit and withdraw pretty conveniently over the last few months.

If you’re a new player I would strongly consider playing here!!

Cleniq Danes on February 19, 2016. Reply

I finally earned enough for a withdrawal after playing through 4,500. Then, my earnings were deducted (due to some company policy of being able to collect a fixed maximum amount of $100 from bonuses). I requested my withdrawal and was denied twice. The first time, Cool Cat claimed that my identity couldn’t be verified. After I resubmitted my documents, they denied me again, saying that I had two accounts with them?!? I’m pretty sure that I’ve never had an account or anyone I know for that matter, but they insisted that I did. I could no longer request a withdrawal, and the winnings I had were sent back to them, of course.

Nikki Bella on February 2, 2016. Reply

I agree with Manny! Love how this casino communicates with its players. Only once has my money been delayed but when I hadn’t gotten it after 3-4 days they emailed me and told me when it was coming and what the hold up was. Sure enough, I got my money when they said I would and I’ve never had anything close to a problem since.

I trust Cool Cat and love playing here

Manny on February 2, 2016. Reply

I have great appreciation for a casino who keeps their clients informed. I usually get my money within a week or two of withdrawing but I had a issue last last week where my money hadn’t come in time. Cool Cat emailed me and let me know of the delay as soon as I thought there might be a problem. I’m absolutely impressed. on February 1, 2016. Reply

Submitted documents for winnings, keep being denied because they weren’t received or weren’t clear enough. I swear they try to wear you down so you give up..Games are totally rigged..hit constantly on bonus money you can’t keep, but real money suddenly makes the machines stingy . if I ever play online again, it will be located in America

Malm on January 25, 2016. Reply

i had heard from a friend that cool cat takes a while to get your money to you. after playing for about a year i have found that as long as you follow all the rules it’s quite a smooth process. it may be tricky in the beginning but just be sure to read everything.

Lena Ableson on January 19, 2016. Reply

i’ve found that i enjoy the experience every time i play here. it’s the smoothest, hassle free casino to date. the games don’t shut down on you, bonuses are amazing, and the selection of games is so satisfying.

Xavier Woods on January 14, 2016. Reply

New to online casinos after playing years at playing in land based casinos. Cool Cat is one of the first few that I’ve played at and I’ve really enjoyed it. Been a player here for a few weeks and haven’t come across any problems. Staff has been helpful explaining to me all the bonuses and helping with any qs I have had. Depositing/withdrawing has been easy and I really enjoy playing here!

Cindy on January 2, 2016. Reply

I’ve experienced unauthorized debits from my account.I would make a deposit to my account,and later check my statement and come to learn that two transactions were taken from my bank instead of one.This happen 3x in the same night for $600 bucks,which left me over drawn in my bank,and I couldn’t pay my mortgage. As of today I’m deputing the transactions,and I hope they get caught steal from accounts.They will credit the mistake to your casino account,however, you’ll never get your money back

Sherman Thomas on December 21, 2015. Reply

Coolcat is the best casino I came across in 2015. I tried a whole bunch of new places over the past 12 months and this was my fav by far. Ton of games, bonuses are awesome, love the layout, and it was hassle free. Played at other casinos and there’s always something that goes wrong. It’s a payment issue, can’t deposit, or the games don’t load. Never had a problem at Cool Cat and it’s a great place to play at. Def reco it

Bunchsfv11 on December 8, 2015. Reply

I am in California.After waiting over 3 months for a 100 dollar payout,and numerous times of calling to submit this,resubmit that, I received a Canadian check drawn from The Bank of Montreal in a business name that Was Not Cool cat.The check cannot be cashed anywhere because it cannot be verified.The numbers do not read when scanned.I went to my bank to deposit the check and B of A said they cannot accept a Canadian check under $200.00.There is no way to get my money!I called Cool cat to ask for another form of payment and they will not accommodate.

Emily Haynes on December 8, 2015. Reply

I just started playing online after years at the casino and Cool Cat is so far my fav place to play. It’s really easy to get started, bonuses are pretty good and easy to understand, and they have all my fav slot games. I really reco this casino for any player who is just starting out with online gambling. I’ve made a few depsoits/withdrawals and it’s been really fun and easy!

Cindy on November 17, 2015. Reply

I recently have played at Cool Cat casino and tonight I wanted to make another deposit and I was told my account was closed! What in heavens name would cause them to do this? My initial play was a no deposit welcome bonus and then I made a deposit. My next play was another bonus and as I said before, I was getting to make a deposit when I was told I was my account was closed! Can anyone give me some examples of why they would do this? I am baffled as I did nothing wrong. So my account looked like this: Free Bonus, Deposit, Free Bonus, and Deposit (which was not accepted).

Finn Balor on November 17, 2015. Reply

I’ve been playing at RTG Casinos for about 4 years now and this is by far the best one I’ve played at. The bonuses, interface, support team, game variety, and promos are not only the best RTG has to offer but maybe the best on the internet. I haven’t had any issues with payments/deposits and if I ever have a problem the round the clock support team is there to help.

I don’t always strongly reco a casino but this is one of my favs.

Anonymous on November 6, 2015. Reply

They took my money from me even after playing the play through amount on the deposit bonus codes. they said i had to many account with the other casinos. i didn’t realize that i wasn’t allowed to go the the other sites and create account. they customer service is lousey

Nota on October 29, 2015. Reply

great casino for their game selection and easy payment options. i’ve been playing here a while and have found that reading the terms as well as keeping in contact with customer service is key with withdrawing your money. it took a while but now that i understand how their system works, it’s become much easier.

Natalya Kidd on October 28, 2015. Reply

I’m really new to online casinos so this is one of the few I’ve played at. I was reco’d this site by some of my friends and I read a ton of online reviews before coming to play here. I’m happy to say that Cool Cat totally blew away all my expectations. The graphics, easy to use interface, and support staff all impressed me and I couldn’t believe how many bonuses they had.

For any new players I def suggest playing here. I’ve had nothing but great experiences so far

Lola on October 8, 2015. Reply

i definitely enjoyed my experience here. it was my first time playing at cool cat and i didn’t have a problem anywhere. i haven’t tried to withdraw money yet though so let’s see how that goes.

Steve Skywalker on October 7, 2015. Reply

I’ve played here since Cool Cat first opened but this is my first review.

I love it here! It’s got every game you can imagine, awesome bonuses, and high payouts. I reco this casino to every player I meet and rarely do they have a bad experience. This is a casino that’s gotten much better over the years and now I believe it’s one of the best on the internet!

Claire on September 20, 2015. Reply

It took a while for me to get my winnings but they did come eventually. Customer service was very helpful at explaining everything to me and constantly keeping me updated.

Maya on September 20, 2015. Reply

there were problems with payouts and withdrawals when i used to play here but from what i can tell it’s all been taken care of. my last withdrawal took about 5 days and it went rather smoothly as well. it was rather impressive on their part.

BeckyLynch on September 1, 2015. Reply

I came here after a few bad experiences at other casinos and I’m really happy here now at Cool Cat. The players are very friendly and the overall experience has been great.

Support staff has also been really helpful as I’m new to the industry and I’m unclear about what many of the bonuses mean. All in all I’ve had a great experience so far and the variety of games especially the slots are the best I’ve come across.

I hope this review helps!

SethRollins329 on August 25, 2015. Reply

I’ve won multiple jackpots at Cool Cat not to mention several other free spins and deposits for being a long term player here. They really take care of players through their loyalty program and the support staff has always been extremely helpful. Of all RTG Casinos this one probably has the most well rounded selection of games and the progressive jackpots here hit way more than other places. Def come play here I haven’t read a bad review anywhere either.

Mandy on August 9, 2015. Reply

great casino with amazing bonuses, a variety of games, and fast payments. as close to perfect as it gets.

Randy Cena on July 13, 2015. Reply

I’m new to Cool Cat (3 months) and I really enjoy playing here. I read a few reviews and only played here because most of the recent reviews were all really favorable and the initial deposit bonus ended up netting me over $500 in betting money which is awesome

I cash out every week and never have any issues and the weekly promotions they offer are pretty easy to use and understand. If you’re new to online gambling or you’re a pro I figure this place has everything you need.

I recommend CooL Cat

JamesCurry15 on June 8, 2015. Reply

I really love playing at cool cat. I read through all the reviews before coming to play here and it’s good to know any issues they may have had with payouts and withdrawal times is pretty much corrected. I just won a huge jackpot and I was able to cashout within a few days.

I usually play the progressives and casinos slots here. Huge variety, high payout %, and user interface is easy to navigate. 3 tier matching bonus too for new players


rob on June 2, 2015. Reply

won 2000 and after being paid 2 months ago and waiting 12 business they decide that the docs I sent in two months ago have expired .
cool cat not so cool I will never play here again or recommend any one else too.

Jerry on May 29, 2015. Reply

Recently I redeemed a no deposit of 100 dollars from Cool Cat casino I hit some pretty good payoffs and after I completed the required play thru I received my maximum withdraw which was 100 dollars this is considered real money since I had completed the play thru amount so I started playing with that 100 dollars after a while I had accumulated a balance of real money into 722 dollars so I called the casino and told them I wanted to deposit 100 dollars and requested their promo which was 200% I gave the rep my credit card number he ask me to hold on and when he came back he told me I had been banned from the casino all I can figure is that since I had won over 700 dollars with the no deposit bonus and if they took my deposit that would be my money so it was easier to ban me so I guess if you win at cool cat you really loose,very bad experience if I loose I take my losses so at cool cat if you win they take your winnings I would not recommend them

Susan on May 13, 2015. Reply

i won a decent amount of money here today. it was great. the payout was fast and easy. any questions i had were answered perfectly by customer service with ease.

Jerry on June 1, 2015. Reply

Susan You Don’t Win In One Day And Get Paid Same Day Are,You Sure You Don’t Work For Cool Cat

Rosanna on May 4, 2015. Reply

I am so impressed with the payout options here at Cool Cat Casino. The money that I won was received in a timely and efficient manner which I have yet to experience elsewhere. I would DEFINITELY recommend this casino to everyone.

christine on May 1, 2015. Reply

When i first signed up i won on every game i played and i got so many free spins and won $3000 since then I have lost that and more and not had a win or free spins since it is defiantly rigged and controlled i have proved it so many times i was getting the same game play every time the same payout every time I complained about this and they don’t care as long as they take your money you are better off going to a real casino don’t get sucked in to online gambling find something better to spend your money on. Spinpalace games are not enjoyable not even state of the art gaming they are boring games and i hate that i gave back the money i won!

KA on April 6, 2015. Reply

Withdrawal request 3/3. Approved 3/19.
Still waiting on my withdrawal that was supposed to be in my account within the week following approval..You only get a run around and excuses.

Spence on August 23, 2015. Reply

Did you ever get paid?

RichmondCasinoGuy on March 20, 2015. Reply

Did a lot of research on this place before coming here and I’ve been really impressed with everything Cool Cat offers. Great bonuses, lots of games, and the support staff is the best I’ve seen. The progressive jackpots are huge! For those alone I’d recommend playing here

No issues with payouts or withdrawals. Rarely does a casino have everything I’m looking for but this one does. Def check it out

Lily Granger (@wwdd88) on March 2, 2015. Reply

I’ve been using Cool Cat Casino for years now and it has been the best place for me. I’ve enjoyed their wide variety of games, the exceptional game play itself, the great customer service, and fast and easy payout. I have yet to find another casino who performs to this standard and takes care of their customers so well.

Mark on February 27, 2015. Reply

Fun to play here but You will not get any $ back In fact They did close my account while I was playing and took 3,900.00 from me I told them to change there name to “One Way Casino” they also gave me a bunch of bs that wasn’t close to the truth. Truth is I won and they didn’t want to pay.

brenda B. on February 27, 2015. Reply

I have been playing with cool cat for at least 4 years. They take to long to pay out and the pay out procedure is to complicated. You have to know how to scan and attach picture to an e-mail or take a picture with your smart phone and attach to e-mail. I tried faxing my last withdraw request and they kicked it out twice, stating that they could not see it clearly. They have no problem accepting deposits from credit cards so why is it so hard to identify credit cards with the account holder. I have quit playing because I am tired of losing money and rarely if ever getting any return on my money. I say play at your own risk but do not expect to get paid easily or quickly.

JDM1221 on February 26, 2015. Reply

Won a huge progressive jackpot here the other day. Can’t believe how many times the progressives here payout. Kept reading stories of people winning big here so thought I’d come try it out myself. The payouts are really good and cashing out is easy as any other place.

I’ve only been here for a few months so I don’t know enough about all of the games yet but I’ve been pretty happy with my experience so far. Good support staff and the slots are the best on the internet.

Check it out for sure.

linh on January 17, 2015. Reply

I started with 100$ deposit and their bonus match up equally 450$. I play slot to get my bank up to 1000$ but I’m not a big fan of slot machines. I moved to blackjack and work up to 2000$, i cash out 1000 but they said i am not allow to cash out that much just yet so i kept playing more on blackjack and lot it all. I decided to deposit some more money in but it wont go through. I contact their deposit assistance on live chat and simple thing they said to me is that they feel i am no longer right player on their site. I ask for a reason, saying they don’t have father information to tell me. Awkward enough! After eating up my 100$ dollar and just refuse me, closing down my account with no reason? I dont have good feeling doing business with their business with real money anymore even if they left my account open, but I’m very upset that they are more likely stilling my 100$ and have no answer for me why i wouldn’t be a right player on their site. Why? They are black market is what it left in my impression.

JK1212 on January 14, 2015. Reply

One of my favorite casinos hands down. Payouts are quick and RTG always has some of the best slots and table games on the internet. I came here at first because of the deposit bonuses because I heard they were really good but eventually I stayed because they offer a ton of bonuses (even for non VIP players) and the support staff was really helpful.

I would def give it a shot if you’re looking for a new casino to play at. Looking at the reviews from the past few months it seems like others think the same way I do. Great casino can’t go wrong.

Robin on January 3, 2015. Reply

Cool Cat Casino is tops on my list. I have been playing there for a number of years. They always come through with the payouts. I recently won a very large jackpot of 5 figures and they took a little while for the first installment but now it seems they are coming quite rapidly. If you follow all the rules and keep in contact with your VIP Rep it all seems quite smooth. The only thing is if you win big you get your payoff in increments of $2500.00, so it does take awhile to get complete payout. They are number 1 with me.

Heather on December 19, 2014. Reply

I am a very avid player and have tried the majority of all of the online casinos that are available to US players, and have never had such a bad experience. The games are great, the bonuses are great, but the withdrawal times are horrendous (10-15 days), and if it fails, each time it starts the 10-15 business day clock over. The deposit methods seemed to fail 80% of the time, and I had to contact support every time I played to get them to “approve” my deposit. All of the “Failed” attempts put holds on my bank account for over a week each. They also have a lot of rules that aren’t published, and before you accept any bonuses, please contact support and ask for ALL the details. Many of their ads will say “no withdrawal rules, no play through amounts”, and offer bonuses of 350% or more, but the what happens is once you deposit the bonus, you not only have to play through the full amount (your original amount, and your bonus), which really isn’t difficult, you can’t withdrawal it. For example, you deposit $100 and get a 350% bonus. That is $100 + $350 = $450. You have to play through the $450, and then the least amount you can withdrawal is $550, where they will actually only give you $100, minus fees. It’s nice that it gives you a buffer to play with, but my experience was I made 3 deposits in a row of about $75 each, and finally attempted to withdrawal $1000… but because I didn’t let my money drop all the way down to 0 before I redeposited they stacked the bonuses on top of each other… 2 weeks later they refused the withdrawal and said that if I wanted even $100 I had to have at least $1200 in my balance ($1100 in bonuses, and $100 minimum withdrawal amount)… so beware, they are sneaky. I also recommend using Moneybookers or wire transfers, as their checks also have a tendency to bounce, and that takes 4 – 6 weeks to get situated.

Jamil1221 on December 16, 2014. Reply

Payouts here are fantastic. I pretty much agree with most of the reviews that Coolcat Casino has great games and the customer service staff is pretty knowledageble.

No real complaints. Seeing some people here had issues with deposits/payouts but for me it’s never been an issue.

All in all, probably an 8/10 casino

Andy schwandt on December 16, 2014. Reply

I made a deposit of $180. I won $7,900. They paid right away I had to do it in $2,500 increments but I have no complaints woohoo

Neil Burton on November 26, 2014. Reply

I feel like I may be one of the lucky ones or perhaps things have changed a bit recently. I dunno.
Read through a lot of negative comments but I came with the intention to give some good feedback. I have played at dozens of online casinos over the years so i know what to look for. I rarely use bonus codes because no matter where i play i read the terms and conditions and whatever is stated is the rule – and usually the rules suck. But they, are the house and if you don’t like it, then find another place.

All that said, I didn’t hit a big jackpot or anything and I basically turned about a $250 deposit into just less than a couple G’s. While their cashing out wasn’t as fast as advertised or as quick as support told me it would be, I did get my money eventually and I cashed it without problems.

It seems most of the complaints have been about personnel and support but whenever i hear people speak of the games themselves it has been quite positive. I agree with that for sure.
Caught quite a few hot streaks at the tables.

I didn’t play much slots.

Overall I really like cool cat and I think I will keep playing here.

bernice parsons on November 4, 2014. Reply

During first half of Aug. I requested a 2200.00 payout. Here it is Sept 23 and I still have seen nothing. They keep making excuses and pushing dates forward. Everytime I email them I just get a pat answer. I have played at this casino 5 or 6 yrs and had only requested a payout of 100.00 which took forever to get. Who can I report this casino to? Maybe the attorney general of my state?

Mike on November 4, 2014. Reply

Avoid thid Casino like the plague. They do not pay out, they will try every delay tactic they can. And now I just read on this site that what checks people did manage to get out of them are bouncing

Dan on September 11, 2014. Reply

Don't play at this casino ! I was "manager approved" for a $250 check, but when I called to find out the status of my check, I was given the runaround about "bonus play" and playing "non approved" games. They essentially pulled this $250 from my account. Then they'll tell you to read the casino rules and you'll understand why you'll never get paid. I dropped major money at this casino, and never saw a dime. I've never experienced this before at an online casino. Don't download this casino. Save your money. They are SCAMMERS !

John E Millet on August 3, 2014. Reply

If you enjoy gambling online, I strongly suggest that you try any on line casino other than
CoolCat Casino,

There are three reasons why I make this recommendation.

1. They take for ever paying when you win. I won a small jackpot last year.
I made a $2500 with draw request on March 1 and they finally paid me $1250
on June12th. I requested the last of my jack pot on April10th and I still have not seen
the second half of my March 1st request or any of my May request. It is a week from July
and there is no indication that any of the money that is owed to me has even been approved.
2. You are not allowed to talk to anyone in the financial department. And they completely
control all with draws.
3. Many of the people you talk to when you call in are very rude.They will often tell you
That they will have someone in the withdraw department call you when in fact they are
not allowed to talk to you.
If you can talk to a supervisor or manager they will usually be honest with you.

John Miller

Nina on August 3, 2014. Reply

After reading most of these comments, I am regretting setting up and depositing. 6/20/14 I won a little bit 500.00 (deposited well over that in the last few months), and am now waiting on approval and "the check" which customer service says will take about 5 wks total not including mailing time. To me this is a ridiculous wait time. And with other players claiming the checks bounced, I'm shuddering. It is a fun casino, the games do pay out, but if I don't get my winnings I'll never play there again and will be reporting them for unfair gaming practices. I'll update

JOhn Millet on June 5, 2014. Reply

I won small Jack Pot late last year. Cool cT was paying me my with dewar request in 30 day by over night express mail very regularly. But in the last three months they have stopped paying. I requested a withdraw of $2500 on March 1st, 2014 and here it is June 4th and it had still not been paid. I have called several times with out any action.
I talked to the VIP person and he told me he saw no reason to help me since I was not using the money they have been paying me to gabble with.
In April I requested a total of $4200 which is the balance I am still owed.
I talked to the casino manager three weeks ago and informed me that up to that date none of my with draw request had been approved. And further once they were approved it would be another 10 to 14 business days before I could be paid.
They will I instantly take your money, but if you get it back it will take months.

John Miller

valerie soto on June 5, 2014. Reply

I really enjoy. cool cat casino. they are the most. honest. casino. and they are very. generous

angela dickinson on May 24, 2014. Reply

im leaving negative feedback because I received a check from coolcat casino that was no good!!!! bounced at my bank and now im 2330 dollars in the hole!!!!!! all these casinos r nothing but conartist. my bank told me if I get another check from them then tear it up because its a scam!!!!! should have known that when the check wasn't made out from the casino. but as they say its a third party!!!!! 3rd party my butt!!!!!!!!!!! its a scam!!!!!!!! don't give these people your money cause they will just run with it!!!!!!!!BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't make the mistake I made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2o2LL on April 24, 2014. Reply

I deposited money and was up like $300 then today i try to log on and they suspended my account. spoke with livechat then they say my account is closed due to
Todd: The processor information shows that your account has been blocked because your account is linked to some kind of financial fraud with others casino accounts, or provided misleading any information towards your card. Which is absolutely ABSURD!

Todd: We really didn't want to have to close your account and invite you to play at another Casino but the casino feels that the relationship may be counterproductive.
Todd: We appreciate you doing business with us however, upon further review of your account; management has permanent the decision to close your account permanently.
Todd: When the Casino Manager makes this decision there is not much I can do for you.

so pretty much they ROBBED me of my earnings and my deposit with some made up "fraud". anyone know of any legal actions i can take? I definitely needed the $300 i won but this is about the principal that they can just steal what was rightfully earned by me. I want to ensure no one else gets scammed by these crooks as I did.

Robert Wise on April 9, 2014. Reply

this eis a total scam it is fun to play there but they will never pay out a dime to you always will have a reason why they took my players club card and I won 1000.00 and they said i used more than one free chip so not only did they not pay out they took the entire
record of it off my account this is a shady site and needs to be shut down. stay away hope they starve out

Jim on February 21, 2014. Reply

Forget about their guaraneed deposits. I had 2 fail and talked to 4 different people all of whcih told me to deposit by moneygram. They were not going to pay the $25 thouh. They are crooks.

kdd on December 15, 2013. Reply

I won a few hundred, tried to cash out and was told I only deposited 370.00 and need 1250.00 to cash out. Ok kept playing and won the jackpot over 4,000. Hit the spin buttom two times and it disaapeared. Support says. Now any money I win all can be withdrawn and the fact that I hit the jackpot just means Im able now to withdraw. This casino should be reported to the Gaming commission, I am doing just so As they are now able to run in NJ.

Joe Giorlando on October 15, 2013. Reply

My Experience at Cool Cat:
I requested my winnings on 6/21/2013; I needed to email in all kinds of paperwork, and had to call back several times to make sure it was received. My request was finally approved on 7/10, with HALF of my money deposited into my checking account on 8/8/2013. They said they needed to do that so they could take out the Bonus they gave me, and so I could get half of my money faster. (No clue on that reasoning). Then, the other half was requested by them for withdrawal, BUT, they told me, that they reached their monthly approval limit, and I needed to wait a few days for the beginning of August. I received my second half on 8/30/2013.
All through this process, I kept on them, calling every week, making sure I was updated, and checking on their process and progress. They tell you 7 to 10 business days for approval, but my first half was on day 12. They said there Approvers were busy. I was just glad I did receive my winnings
NOW THE BAD NEWS: I deposited money to play, and they said, I do NOT qualify for NO-PLAY-THROUGH anymore, because as per them, I don’t need HELP to win money. So I was singled out just because I won, which in my opinion, is not fair. I needed to get to $27,000.00 on a $180.00 deposit and a code for 400%, for a total of $900.00, and a MAX withdrawal of $1800.00. Now come on people, who can get to 27K, you would need to be so lucky to just get to one quarter of that.
Since I don’t qualify, and being treated different than all the rest of the people who play, I will no longer play at this site.

kimberly Black on October 15, 2013. Reply

I have made several deposits to Cool Cat casino. I used a bonus code with no play through and no max payout. I tried to withdraw 450.00 and they declined it. I was so mad I played it out and told them to cancel my account. I cant even tell you how many hundreds of dollars I have put in that account in the last few months. RIP OFF

Judy Bobick on August 2, 2013. Reply

Still waiting for my withdrawal which is only $1240 (you know they take the bonus back) from May 13th, 2013! Every time I call it gets delayed another 10 days. First they said they couldn't read my license so I enlarged it and it took until the 20th of may to get "approved". Then they said it takes another 10 days to process it. I decided to have it deposited back into my bank account as I thought I would have a problem with a "check" . Now they say they only count business days, and no holidays, so now say it has only been "6 real days, and I have to wait 4 more and then another week for deposit!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of crap. So I decided to play for fun since you never get your money, and everytime I do, they bump me off and encourage me to play for real money- Never again! I should of read the reviews before I played on Cool Cat. Very disappointed and hope I get my money they owe me. I even won $750 in chips on Facebook but couldnt use them for 20 days because I had a pending withdrawal. I finally got to use them but almost lost them.

MrsGG on August 2, 2013. Reply

I love the Slot Tournaments offered by CCCasino. Although I rarely win a top $$ prize, I find it personally more fun than regular "slot" betting and playing. I am baffled, however, about one thing. Although the Slot Tournaments are fun, they are not an exact science. And although it appears to be luck and timing for most of us, there is one player who consistantly wins. And wins the big $$ prizes. I have watched over and over as this person suddenly appears and then systematically trounces everyone. Rarely have I seen this person place lower than 3rd or 4 place. In fact, this person usually wins. Please someone explain to me how this is possible? Thank you

Laurie on August 2, 2013. Reply

I have played at cool cat for quite awhile, and as noted by other players, the casino instantly withdraws deposited funds from your bank or credit card. When it comes to a withdrawal, however, they find every excuse in the world to not pay you. I have made some modest withdrawals, $400 or less, and every time I have to chase the VIP manager to get paid. It often takes over two months. I am currently waiting for an $800 payout, which they are now saying is only $309. I know that i used a no limitation bonus, so I will have to fight to get this one, also.
I have moved to Jackpot Capital and find that any withdrawal is received very promptly, usually a week after being approved.

Cathy on August 2, 2013. Reply

I have been trying to get just a portion of my winnings since the early part of June. It is now July 30, and haven't seen a thing. I won a pretty large Progressive Jackpot, and was pretty excited. Now..emails back and forth have given me nothing but more frustration. I currently doubt that I will even see the first penny of my winnings. I would NOT recommend that anyone begin to play here.

Cathy on August 2, 2013. Reply

Dont believe it when you hear the weekly max payout is 2750.00 They can't even give me that much, and I'm owed alot more than that. I'm being told that the only amount that they can approve right now is $1250.00. If you think you will get your max payout… you're mistaken!!!!

MaryJo on June 5, 2013. Reply

I have played at CoolCat Casino and their sister casinos over two years. I made a mistake thinking that they withdrew the same amount out of my checking account twice early in 2012. I apologized for the error. I continued to play for months until a couple of months ago. Then I received this message when I tried to deposit money: Cannot use this type of payment (Visa or Master Card). Please contact Customer Service. So that is what I did. I was told that on my account that there is a note that I committed fraud–WHAT? I never did any such thing. So the only way I could play is depositing through Western Union or Money G. So I did that four times .They continued to let me use bonus codes (no max cash out, etc) that I always was able to use. Today, I was told after sending $50 to Ruby Casino I am not able to use these bonuses anymore. I would have to use the ones that I would have to win over $6,000 before I could cash out anything. I said, No thank you. They wouldn't refund my $55; so I just played it through. I feel what the real reason is: I deposit $35-$50 at a time. I cashout once I know I have won anything over $400. The last few years, I have won at least $4,000 if not more. They knew they were losing money on me; so they came out with all these excuses. They refused to help me lift the restriction regarding my charge cards. I was told by one of the managers that the processors made the decision that I committed fraud and there is nothing they can do. Well, I better receive the rest of my winnings that total a little over $1,000. If I don't, I am going to report them to their country's government. I received an e-mail from the country because I was using Western Union that said that the casinos are operating illegally. Once I receive the rest of my winnings, I am going to report them to the proper authorities. I did nothing wrong. I have been waiting over a month for a $650 w/d to be approved. I have had two checks that they have sent me that bounced; they did make good on them. I don't appreciate being accused of something I never did just because they are losing money on me. I have no desire to play at any of there casinos again.

Tara on June 5, 2013. Reply

I have had my withdrawals approved because they are all legimate, however, I still have not seen a penny and I am very very worried that I never will. It's been weeks and I keep getting the same answers over and over. I absolutely loved coolcat casino until all of this. I am disheartened and feel like I am just getting a run around. I have all chats on file and its quite ridiculous to read through them. It's a shame really. I have literally contacted them like 35 times to no avail. Deposits go in without a problem but withdrawals don't come out. I wish I could just get my withdrawals all at once and be done with it. Hopefully I see the money some day. And the full amount owed is approx. $9,500.00 after bonuses were subtracted. :((

anthony carnahan on May 9, 2013. Reply

i won $1,300.33 ten minutes of play cashed out that night was app[roved on the 4yh of this month and got a check for $1,120.33 they took back the 200% bonus the problem is that the only way you are able to cash this check is if you have a bank account in your name because i cant take it to any bank to cash it and i cant take it to the bank from which it banks with which is in miami florida and that bank wont let you verify funds or give you any info on these checks the bottom line is i dealt with this lady and out of her mouth is we are over seas but yet they have a USA bank account and i cant cash it because i have tried every spot to cash it from banks to check cashing places no they wont touch that check i will not be dealing with any casino that has ties to this casino and or have ties with real gaming some people might get paid but the bottom line is that most people i think are getting ripped off thank you …

mrlarrivee on May 9, 2013. Reply

If you just want to deposit money and never see your winnings this is fun place to play. It appears I am not the only person that has a problem with withdrawals. I have sent my documents in several times by fax and email. I will continue to request my money but Cool Cat is just part of a group of online casinos Palace of Chance is another casino that I have been trying to get my winnings for over 2 months. My experience to date is they make it simple to pay but don't worry about winning because even if you do you will never see a payout

lucipete on April 22, 2013. Reply

My withdrawal was finally approved on April 5th. I then received an email indicating that it will take another 10-14 business days to send the funds by courier. Today, April 19th is10 business days, I called to follow up and the support host is of no assistance, he kept ignoring my inquiry by giving me scripted answers and not paying attention to my question “Can you confirm whether the funds have been sent out and do you have a courier tracking #?” All he said was the department would be in at 12 pm EST and I should call then. He also added that he cannot guarantee that my call will be answered by that department since they are not in a habit of taking calls. So I asked whether any support host can check with them on my behalf when I call and he refuse to answer, instead he kept on saying that I should call the time he specified and try. This is the worst casino experience I have ever had in the history of playing and trying to withdraw. The Casino needs to improve this process soon or it will lose valuable players.

Kristal on April 22, 2013. Reply

I was going to play at Cool Cat Casino and went to live chat to see what deposit bonuses were available because none were listed (very different from my past experience with this casino). Well, the following conversation followed:
Alexis: I have this one:
Alexis: 320% Match Bonus
Alexis: Slots and Keno Only
Alexis: No Playthrough
Alexis: No Max Cash-Out
Alexis: Redeem: APRIL320
Alexis: $30 minimum deposit
Alexis: (Redeem Unlimited Times)
pokrgal: k thanks
Alexis: No I am sorry your account is excluded for non restrictions
pokrgal: why
Alexis: I have to inform, your account is excluded from using bonuses with no wagering rules.
Alexis: The casino no longer feels you need this kind of bonus to win.
Alexis: As a consistent winner you will not be able to use the combination of both no playthru and no max cashout
Alexis: "based on your overall casino performance you have been excluded from using bonuses in this casino. You are more than welcome to play, but you need to do it with your own money ONLY"
pokrgal: that is a joke too many casinos online to do business like this I will not be investing with this company or others affliated with this company as well as listing this information with online casino blogs
Wow: I have made several deposits with them with NO CASHOUTS.

Lucipete on April 13, 2013. Reply

I am a loyal player at the casino. I deposited on the weekend of March 8th and player for 2 days. Won $1780. I requested a withdrawal on March 10th. I received a confirmation email congratulating me on my winnings and providing details of time it will take to process the request. The next day March 11th, I sent an email with all my required documentation to their processing department. I received an email 10 business days later March 21st, stating that my withdrawal request was denied and provided a list of possible reasons. I reached out to find out what the exact reason was. The support agent said that my documents were not in before my actual request therefore it was denied and ask that I place another request and it would take the same amount of time. I find this to be totally unacceptable. I was furious, I sent an email to the cool cat manager about the experience and he immediately responded saying that he would look into it and it should not have to wait this long. I gave him 3 business days then I followed up, he replied that the team was working on it and should be approved soon. I sent a few messages in the last 3 days to follow up and no one has responded including the manager. It's now 11 business days since my 2nd request and 20 business days in total. It's now April 5th 2013, I wil let you know how long it took to actual get approved and eventually receive funds if approved.

COOLCAT player on April 13, 2013. Reply

Did not have a single withdrawal paid-out – since January 2013 now 3 months later.
have 5 withdrawals pending – and emailed 7 different people on 3 differend e-mail links and suggestions.


this and all of it's sister casino's are flagged as DEEP-RED

All positive remarks here are in NO COMPARISON to what most will undergo.

so, i assume the remarks are ALL from the casino insiders trying to save sentiment and keep luring you with 200% to 900% bonusses, worth nothing.

Tom P. on February 28, 2013. Reply

I have had excellent dealings with Cool Cat Casino.Regarding withdrawals they have managers or hosts (Dan Magna is the man who handled my account) who keep you informed and make every effort to get payments to you in a timely manner.The payments for me are large and come as agreed.If you play their progressives you can actually win the big one.I had my doubts about these until I hit one and it was funded. Their VIP setup is the best.

Rafeena Jamat on February 28, 2013. Reply

cool cat doesn't give Ur winnings i won a total of 3500 dollars and when i did the withdrawal they told me that i have been banned and my winnings was void i made a lot of deposit there and i lost a lot now i have some winnings they block me from the site and when i call they keep hanging up the phone…. any suggestions how to get my winnings plz let me know my next step is to report this casino to channel 12 news

54sweetie on February 1, 2013. Reply

As a cool cat casino player, I am a VIP player and have been for some time now. I must say at first I was not sure about playing here, but once I started I feel in love with cool cat I have won several thousand $ with them and have had the pleasure of being paid. I must say that I love my VIP host Dan,Chris, Vince because they are always truthful with me and to Dan he will always take the time to explain to me whats going on. I have had to wait a little longer than told once but after that they send me the checks as close to the time stated . Love cool cat, love the games and my host as well.Waiting for a withdrawal now and expect it to be on time 2500.00 !!!!!.

janice nesbit on January 7, 2013. Reply

hi I don't know if you folks are the ones to notify of a problem with a online casino

I won big and asked for withdrawal, they charged 200.00 and then took out extra fees which I did not mind. I received the check and deposited it. It then bounced. The rep stated they would credit my account with the charges. Never happened

I really enjoy playing at their site so kept on.

Received email with $50.00 bonus code that had to be played $3000.00 I actually did and had $400.+ to the good after playing the requirement, so decided to withdraw some of it. Rep stated that could not be done as it was bonus… So went to their tourney section and waged it all, Then went to chat to have my account closed and they said I should/could not bet in the tourney with bonus bucks. geez anyhow wanted to warn other players before they deposited hard earn cash into this site.

Lynn on December 8, 2012. Reply

they take your money no problem but don't withdraw I withdrew November 3 2012 and it is December 5 2012 still no money and the same story it is in prossesing some kind of casino!!!!!

robert simon on November 24, 2012. Reply

I won a 10,000 at coolcat almost two years ago..i went through hell trying to get it.It was on a no max cashout 300% won a progressive jackpot on "naughty or nice" slots They did everthing to avoid paying,I couldent believe it.I dident even think that any buisness or casino online would try to not pay.I thought it was elligal to swindel a player..I would not give up,and fought and fought.I wrote reviews everywhere.After what seemed like a endless battle,i got offered $1000 or "nothing" so i would stop writing negative reviews about them.The things they did to avoid paying was beyond belief .Even a lawyer offered to help me for free when he heard my story.I really dont know how coolcat casino can legally operate on the net.Just how loose is the legal system when it allows a obvious scam casino like coolcat operate?As far as i`m concerned coolcat still owes me $9000.I won it fair and square,and they knew it,yet would not pay.It`s been almost two years now,but it will never be forgotten,and i always tell people not to play online because you might not get paid if you win,even if you follow all the rules,many just make up there own,and coolcat is one of them.

Sharon on November 16, 2012. Reply

I have played at this casino numerous times and have played until nothing in the balance side. I have deposited and won nothing for years. I decided to request a payout this time and have waited now for 13 days and still no action taken. My advice is to never pay to play here again!!! Jackpot Capitol processed a payout and wired to my bank within 2 weeks.

Suzanne on October 29, 2012. Reply

Cool Cat Casino FAQ page online states – *Now that I've made a withdrawal request, how long will it take for me to receive my money? The time to process withdrawals is 2 – 7 business days to be processed* Email From Cool Cat Casino states – Withdrawal requests are typically approved within 7 to 10 business days (It Took 11). Once approved, your payment will be sent within 7/10 business days (Not Might or Can But Will) – I withdrew my winnings on the 18th of September, it took till the 2nd Of October to finally approve the withdraw (11 business Days) Was quoted 7-10 business days for funds to be available in my Moneybookers account I am still waiting it is now the 27th of October that is (19 Working Days) in total well over a month. Keep getting excuses again and again about Fluid withdraw times, Rubbish. Was Finally told it was escalated to management on the 16th its now the 27th and still nothing. I should have checked the reviews first which state they are blacklisted and don't pay quickly if at all. No answer to my emails now when I send an upset or frustrated email demanding my money I am over being nice, they sent an email the other day giving me a bonus $100 for any inconvenience when they told me it had been escalated but still didn't tell me when the money would be in, another previous email stated it would be in the end of last week, please I bet it all big just to get rid of it if you think I would want to go through another withdrawal fiasco. NOT THE BEST EXPERIENCE TO LOOK FORWARD TO as they state on their Facebook page. Even when its finally put in I have to wait another week to withdraw from moneybookers I want the funds put into my Visa like they withdrew but no. Ridiculous, Dishonest. BLACKLISTED FOR A REASON. Personally the only reason I can think of for them taking so long is they re-route it through a lot of banks because they are laundering illegal funds, because nowhere in the world does it take more than a few days to transfer or deposit money. Hell it only takes them 30 seconds to take it. No excuse regarding their thousands of players I also play with Joker casino & Aladdin and both of them are able to process withdrawals within a week. For those that spout be nice to them and you will get your money, bullshit! if its my money and I have been given the runaround they have no right no matter how bitchy I am to withhold my funds.

fristi on October 21, 2012. Reply

I recently got an email from coolcat casino(it was in spam folder) (i a longtime ago but i uninstalled it) with a 50$welcome back bonus so i reinstalled it and asked for my inlog details (i forgot) they gave my inlogdetails without any problems they asked: email, name , birthdate, street,phonenumber it felt professional to me until then .

So i logged in to my account and there was 25$ and a few cents sitting there (i dont know how it got there" maybe a old birthdaybonus or a deposit i forgot to play" i thought(im a gamer i like casinoslotgames and poker )… and this was on the REALmoney not FUNmoney ….so in the first place i wanted to redeem the free50$ but now there was already some bankroll on my account so i decided i play that first see what happens …. after a few hours i had around 470$
i just wanted to make sure that if it was a bonus i played the required amount of playtrough i was sure i had made this requirement .

I DID this because in the past i played on a roque casino called GOLDstream casino
This was the firsttime i encountered a Rogue casino in short :i deposited playtrough the requirements won more then 5500$ and never got payed it was a SAD experience for me i did evrything what was required but they still kept saying i played roulette during playtrough which was NEVER the case(i asked to send me the details of me playing roulette but they couldnt) i asked for/chatted with socalled manager (an employe first told me he will be here in 2hours come back then) im sure they were planning on how to deceive me) He also said i played roullete it was pathetic they just couldnt and able to pay me! so i found on CASINOMEISTER they were roque so i just plain out dropped it out of my mind never wanted to experience that again .

Now i have this kinda issue with COOLCAT so were was i ….ok i won more the 470$ and went to contact livesupport :i got a male i forgot his name :I asked:'' can i fully withdraw my balance''? he directed me to someone else OLGA was her name .
Ok so i asked her :Can i fully withdraw my balance ?OLGA:'' let me look into this ''
after 10 minutes (during she even apologies to me because it took so long .i had no problems with it) OLGA:''im sorry to tell you this but because u havent played for so long so this money has turned into fun money so therefore you cannot withdraw this amount you can still play but u cant withdraw as REALMONEY "
me: hmmm weird
OLGA:"is there anything else i can help you with ?"
Me: Are you sure ?
Me: You can erase my account!
And i disconnected i was pretty confused… and thought WTFshe just said
i played a few hours in this COOLCAT casino(ichecked CASINOMEISTER later)
i missed my pokertournaments/tables( i play 200NL ) then i got angry and logged in again and made the withdrawal just to see what they will tell me in the email .

Its currently on PENDING …I know what the outcome will be because they are on the ROQUElist.

And as you can see livesupport put on another trick on me!
this was the weirdest thing ive ever heard on any casino even goldstream doesnt beat them .

So this was my story about COOLCAT casino .
I really dont care of the 470$ like they do!
I have 200 times that amount and can win that amount in less then an 1hour its just the way they operate i cant stand !

I still got the free50coupon haha …i will update a soon as i can about what feedback is of my withdrawal

tuffyd on November 16, 2015. Reply

When I did win (if ever) The only way they could pay me was money gram so had to travel 3 hours to collect it. I also hated the phone calls on my answering machine at work and at home telling me about a bonus I do not appreciate calls on my phones.
On day I played cleopatras gold and won 12,000 dollars when I went to customer service it was declined because unknow to me Chris ? had given me an extra bonus for good players. Never got a cent from them and for about 2 years after staff at my job were still getting calls for me and it always a recording.

Matt on October 4, 2012. Reply

I won 4800$ on cool cat casino without even using any bonuses. I hate the restrictions. so after depositing 50$ I won a jackpot, I cashed out and it was approved. 3 days later they told me that my account and funds were frozen because my credit card was fraudulent because the address did not match ( I moved 2 weeks prior 1 mile down the road). I was told there is nothing I could do and they determined I stole my own credit card??????? END OF STORY

David on October 4, 2012. Reply

is the first time you use a free code?If so, try talking to the oninle help.If not, remember that you can only use one free codeFree multiple codes are only for players who deposit real money

Linda on September 1, 2012. Reply

I am a VIP player with CoolCat, I have been a player for over five year and have deposit thousands of dollars with only THREE withdrawals. I have a $400.00 withdrawal I made on 7-31-2012 that I have not received yet. I am very upset and disappointed with Cool Cat. I was thinking I would have my money be yesterday, by today for sure ….it still at the processors. I’m a VIP and each time I request a withdrawal it’s a nightmare. It’s unreal for you all treat a good casino customer like this.

Terri on August 9, 2012. Reply

Cool Cat has lived up to my expectations. I won a big jackpot. The first payment took about a month and then the rest of the checks came every week. The communication was nothing less than superior I wa notified each time via e-mail that my check was on the way. Dan magna was my VIP representative and answered questions immediately. I have had a wonderful experience and will continue to use coolcat. Thanks again to all the coolcat staff.

nonoshig on August 7, 2012. Reply

hi cindy greco, i have a payout outstanding for a while, sent in all necessary documents, payout approved on july 20th, 2012, still waiting for my cheque. please help me speed up the payout.
username: nonoshig
at cool cat casino

Nancy on July 30, 2012. Reply

I won a large jackpot at coolcat and it took a long time to get started receiving my checks, but once they started coming they have been like clock work. They do take out their fees and whatever bonuses you owe them but they have been nothing but helpful and very polite every time I talked to them. I love coolcat casino, they have good payouts and the games are fun. They also have taken away my bonus coupons, which I understand, but I still enjoy playing there and I now have learned that patience pays off….thank you coolcat

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