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Debra Keegan on April 3, 2017. Reply

I have been playing on eurogrand for over a year, i haven’t got any bad things to say. Any winnings were put into my account after the 4 day pending and always receive my winnings. I think they are one of the good gaming sites, i have had trouble with others but eurogrand is good

Stuart Bailey on April 16, 2016. Reply

I recently joined them deposited £100 using PayPal and accepted the bonus offered. After playing the games
For approximately a week, I had completed the bonus which left £1300 in my account.
I have now been trying to withdrawal this money for nearly 3 weeks.
The initial 4 working days passed without any correspondence being received, after day 6 I contacted support to be informed that they required ID. This was sent the same day (HD pics) after 2 further days of chasing I was then informed that the picture quality was poor and that my funds had been put back into my gaming account. I resubmitted new pictures on the same day, which were accepted the following working day. I have now contacted support an additional 3 times with no response and my funds are still sitting in pending.

jen on December 5, 2015. Reply

Build up £400 to which I tried to deposit. Had the 4 pending days during which time they asked for id ect. Then after the 4 pending days the emailed to say there was unsettled transactions on my PayPal account ( which was my choice for deposit and withdrawal) after phoning PayPal twice and them verifying there was no problem with my account, eurogrand still insist there is unsettled transactions so safe to say I will not be getting that money!! It really is a massive excuse not to pay out and I feel foolish for thinking they would!! Avoid like the plague and play Mr green, virgin or sky who seem legit and shorter pending times too.

Chris on November 15, 2015. Reply

Deposited £10 pounds had a free bonus and lost it then deposited another £10 declined the free bonus and went on to win, after playing for 2 days i had £50 profit so chose to withdraw £20 and £30 only to find the next day my account had been suspended for security reasons! When i contacted customer service the said it was because my age was not verified! They were happy to take my money in the begginning but when i try to cash out my winnings they want me to send them a copy of my identification (driving licence or passport) and proof of my address! surely this should have been confirmed before they let me play!!!! Very disappointed as i spent £20 of my hard earned money and now i dont know how long i will have to wait to get it back!

Mark on October 11, 2015. Reply

I would never recommend using any type of bonuses when betting and you should definitely read the small print right though to see why.
I once put £10.00 in my betting account and received £20 bonus so of I went playing on black Jack over 2days I hit the £800 Mark!
Then when I went to transfer the full lot I could not because I have not met my bonus rules which when I read was a joke . I needed to hit at least £2000 never play same games and so on! What a joke was never going to happen so I complained and told them it’s a scam the bonus system! I would never used it again and I have won plenty from playing with £,10 on black Jack soon as I hit 100 I transfer it . ?

Mandy on August 9, 2015. Reply

it was a horror trying to get in touch with their customer service. i was absolutely not happy with my experience here.

Yves on August 6, 2015. Reply

I am very skeptical with this casino provider. I have tried for at least 50 times in the last few months and I never got any close to winning anything whatever slot I used.

Abi on April 30, 2015. Reply

I got onto a bonus free spins got into a jackpot game then it decides to crash… Would not let me complete my free spins or give me the winnings that have already won… Customer services are appalling they just send the same generic message… And then started saying that I don’t have a genuine query!! Well I think I did… Also played on a few other games same scenario get onto a bonus crashes don’t go back into bonus and loose all winnings… This company is part of William hill which I’m shocked about! I suppose this is how they get so rich
And the four day holding period is ridiculous!!! Quick to take money but to give!!!

Keith on March 15, 2015. Reply

I have a problem, with Eurogrand casino, there terms clearly state, that any withdrawal upto £10,000 pounds will have a 4 day processing time, my withdrawal is now in its 8th day or 5 business days, and whenever I look for reasons why I keep getting told “check your account for updates” or ” you can reverse your withdrawal if you wish”. this seems a very unfair practise on there part.

DD on December 27, 2014. Reply

I have never really commented on a casino site until my experience with EuroGrand. Tried to withdraw my small balance as I was getting a bit suspicious about the site. Rang the so called 24 hr call line four times but it kept ringing out not even a ”your call will be answered shortly message”. Tried the live chat but they want you to download software so that you can speak to them..nothing like making it easier for the customer!!!! Finally spoke to someone and then got an email saying that they would hold my withdrawal for up to four days and if I wished to cancel it I could and after the four days then they would pay it back. So not hoping too much I will get anything back without a struggle. Disgusts me that I read on this comment site so much about people having to send ID for their money back. They didn’t ask for that when they opened up our accounts and accepted our money. Good luck to you all

TommyT on December 29, 2014.

DD you´re complaining about something that is a) normal procedure at online casinos (though not saying that it´s super that way) and b) something that you could have checked before playing there. It´s in their terms and conditions.

DD on December 30, 2014.

Tommy I accept some of your points but I have played on a number of online sites and have never had this experience. Fair enough it is their business practice and Terms and conditions but its common sense that you get worried if you cant contact them. Secondly, I wonder why they are not stringent about providing proof of identity and age when you open an account, make a deposit and play. Surely that should be the time to make such checks in case the person is underage or playing fraudulently – not when the player at a later stage decides to withdraw some money – my credentials were accepted by the site on playing why not withdrawing?. If you can provide me with a convincing rationale for that approach then so be it…..Regards

jo on December 1, 2014. Reply

Definitely avoid at all costs. Twice I won a bonus game which crashed and no winnings were added. The customer service only response was this is out of our control. No help at all. Once I deposited 20 pound and received an 8 pound bonus. My winnings got up to 350 pound yet I was only allowed to withdraw 45. Ridiculous wagering requirements! With regards to bonus everybody who plays slots knows part of the fun is to try and win a bonus. To win it twice and get nothing is unbelievable. They said they could see the broken game both times but only response was nothing they could do. I have now left this site and will be spending elsewhere.

miguel on November 6, 2014. Reply

Avoid this site.
all looks good and it is fantastic as long as you dont try to withdraw money. And please dont accept any bonus or your luck will drstically change…
The money could just dissapeared with no further warning. This is harsh, do you wanna chat? why dont download our app? well I did and..nobody answer with it is in line with the really poor customer service I have always received from this site.

I am very frustrated as last time you just duplicate one transaction and I lost £200 because everybody in the customer service team was clueless or useless or very “smat”..I dont know.

Ruby MAson on August 3, 2014. Reply

Euro brand is rubbish, i have had loads of problems with it and i have had no help even though i have sent loads of emails to the support team. They put all my withdrawel money back in to my eurogrand account as they wanted me to send id which i did do this twice , but nothing happened. When i logged i had 90pound in my euro grand account which i obvoiusly thought it was from the withdraw money that had been declined however i had an email saying i deposit this which i did not. I have still not had no help its a joke and will be taking the matter further

martmax62 on August 3, 2014. Reply

I have tried to withdraw my winnings over 3 weeks, but they just keep refunding money back to my account saying I haven't sent the documents needed. I have sent the documents several times, but they don't answer my mails. I tried the live chat, but no response. This is not my first withdraw, so they have all the other documents except the deposit confirmation form. That I have signed and sent several times to them. There are plenty of other casinos that pay your money in couple of days, so don't play in Eurogrand. I recommend Ladbrokes, Bet365 and
Unibet eg. Avoid Eurogrand!!!

Dean on August 3, 2014. Reply

Avoid this site like the plague, i have deposited over £3000 finally won £1100 i never took any bonus so no wagering problems but now can't seem to get my money from them, keep asking for proof of id and credit cards. i have sent this and still had no money back into my account.
This site is part of the william hill plc so avoid them as well.

Marko on April 15, 2014. Reply

I deposited $2000 in hope to receive $1000 bonus. Lost $1000 and asked for withdraw

Answer: You cant because you can only spend bonus money after you lose all of your deposited money…..

if you do manage to clear insane unrealistic wagering requirements the bonus money is not withdrawable so WTF basically this bonus doesnt even exist!!!

The bonus which they basically force onto you is just a hidden key that locks you in so you cant win anything because no one can make so much wagering without being destroyed by house edge. How are these gambling commisions even allowing these junk of people to deceive people like this i dont understand, i wonder if these gambling licenses even exist

michael lemaire on April 9, 2014. Reply

i have made some withdrawl from this casino glad to say never had trouble give them the proof who you are,,,and it all goes great i withdrawl on monday and 4 days later got it in my entropay and if i wish transfer to my bank and 3 days later i got it.i also play jetbingo,they are the fastest online for payout 5 days and money in your hands.

James on December 15, 2013. Reply

Hi I've played this casino I havnt had any problems getting winnings just the length of time it takes to get it at first I put 80 in and got 515 the. 80 again and another 300 but my latest one i was just wondering if any1 knows that if they processed and approved my withdrawl on Friday afternoon will it b in my halifax account on Monday if ny1 knows wud b a help

Simon on October 15, 2013. Reply

As soon as I won anything, they locked my account for"Age Verification".
Sent them a scan of an ID with my DoB (I'm 38), naturally they've done precisely nothing with it.
BS outfit, they have no intention of paying up if you win anything.

Seems the recommended option here is to ask for account reset and just get my money back. Yeah. I'm sure that's exactly why I signed up in the first place.

Christina Lennon on October 15, 2013. Reply

I am having terrible trouble withdrawing winnings from this casino. Their verification process is nothing short of madness. First I was asked to send photo ID and bills and bank card copies which I did. After a week I looked in and my withdrawal was back in my account so I emailed asking why. I was told I hadnt signed the deposit verification form that was e mailed to me. I never got one and told them so. They said they sent it again and again I never got it. I did however continue to get other mails from them. Eventually it came and I had to print, scan and mail it back so job done. A few days later money still on withdrawal. i again asked why and was told I didnt sign the verification document. I re sent it and was told that were more deposits i had to sign so asked for them to be sent. Again they said they sent them but I didnt get anything. Eventually on to live help i got them to copy on to live help screen so I could print and sign and they got them e mailed back the next day.I e mailed tonightand they said Istill have more deposit verification to sign. Again I told them I did sign but they said there is mor so I asked yet again for them to be send and anything else needed. They said they sent me amail with the doc on it- again I never got it and I cant contact live help to get it sent via their screen again as the icon for live help has disappeared from the site. This is going on over a month now. I have spent at least 10 hours of my life trying to sort it out. As with all gamblers I reversed 500 of my winnings before I copped they were going to keep stalling with whatever method they can so I will keep dipping in to my withdrawal. until there is nothing left. If it was a smaller amount It would be gone now.The whole process is nuts. Why didnt they tell me exactly what I had to sign and send it all to me together instead of a page here and a page while . Because the longer they can come up with any reason to hold the money they are doing.

frank b on November 19, 2012. Reply

again another casino to aviod unless you like to donate your money

AIDEN on November 4, 2012. Reply

I have been trying to withdraw from my account. today they told me that i had to send them my ID to procces it, now they are saying my ID has been forwarded to the age verification team??? no other sites mess you around like this. I am becoming very scared that I will never see the money I have won! despite me repeatedly asking them to just simply tell me how long will it take

dn on September 7, 2012. Reply

place £50 deposit gained some money unable to withdraw, was told by their rep that i could only withdraw original amount. their just thieves that steal your winnings, dont touch them.

Richard jones on August 9, 2012. Reply

I to have been caught by this casinos bonus scam. Changed a lot of money to play and was given a bonus. I had no option to decline this bonus with a so called pop up that should have occurred. On winning was unable to withdraw. Have been in contact with the gaming commission and been advised to involve eurogrands independent party for complaints but eurogrand seem reluctant to transfer to them. I have been offered a partial refund at this stage but will not accept it. I am ready to go legal on this and will try and expose this unfair organisation in the press. Anyone else have a similar problem ?

Miksu on August 1, 2012. Reply

I also had a bad experience with EuroGrand. First, you have to open a game in order to withdraw money from your game account. Second, after winning some money on first day, I wanted to withdraw some of the winnings. After the withdraw I found out that all the winnings had disappeared! So, you will lose your winnings if you try to withdraw any money from your account too quickly. Got a reply from EuroGrand saying that it is mentioned in the terms of use. Kind of misleading in my opinion!

Vladimir Putin on June 26, 2012. Reply

Why are people so thick?

Some casinos offer 100% match, some 150%, some 300%. Some casinos make you play through 12x, some 20x, some 30x, some 50x. Some casinos let you cancel your bonus once you've already accepted it, some don't!

Why be a loser about it. Not as if EuroGrand's terms are ununusual or dificult.

I'm more interested because despite winning £3m over the last 12 months, EuroGrand I cannot get a win out of at all.

And *I* suspect them of a scam for *that* reason, more clearly!

ccon on April 10, 2012. Reply

i have played at eurogrand i tried to withdraw money i took a week and half never got into my account. the money was still pending. i have tried to close my account but they just cant close it they keep on telling we have given you bonus..i need help to close my account

- on January 31, 2012. Reply

yes if you deposit only 10 pounds or dollars, the casino will go into safety mode, which means you will have less of a chnce of winning anything. if i was you i would deposit atleast 50 pounds or dollars, in order for them to take you seriously. im using this casino and im making around 50 pounds a day. dont get too greedy spend only 20-30 mins twicw a day. because the casino will see that you are using some kid of method and will basically try and strip ypu of your winnings. i hope this helped :)

Carol on September 26, 2011. Reply

If you accept the bonus then bonus T&Cs apply. There are wagering requirements you must take into account. I can only say: Read the terms, then play. Sorry but a lot of players think it’s a scam when in fact it’s their own damn fault.

Peter on September 26, 2011. Reply

I just hate this damn casino, ive looking for a good casino online so i can top up an account and cash out with Paypal and i found Eurogrand. Biggest scammers ever!!! i toped up with 10$ not much but sufficient to play for hours. after this they gave me a damn bonus of 10$ so i can spend whatever i like.. I accepted of course, who wouldnt? SO… i played the money and i won 100$ in few minutes. I tryied to cash out and i got a message saying that i was going to lose almost 40$ because i didnt used all the bonus… i was like… WTF? i didnt even asked for this… Jezus… so… i lost my money and im going to uninstall this crap. PLEASE!!! IF YOU CAN READ THIS DONT USE EUROGRAND!!!! THEY WILL SCAM U!

Bobber on December 17, 2010. Reply

I am a bit suspicious of this casino. I deposited some money using my debit card, played for an hour and as I was up I decided to try a withdrawal of £10. After 3 days they asked me to send them a scan of my bank card back and front plus a scan of my driving license, I did this after deleting some of the numbers on the card, then I received another email saying that they were unable to verify my age and wanted a signed contract or a utility bill or passport. I have now telephoned there UK helpline to check they are genuine and they are not going to steal my ID, the woman said I will be receiving an email soon to say they have verified my details then I can withdrawal and deposit as normal. i went back to the site and withdrawled the rest of my winnings as I have been put off by all the rigmarole. I am now waiting for my money to appear back on my bankcard. Anybody else experienced this?

Katernico on October 14, 2010. Reply

Avoid this casino at all cost.
Not only the bonus wagering requirements are too high.
In the even that you are lucky and win more than 10000 dollars or 6000 in euros, you cannot withdraw them as they have a cap of 6000 euros per month.
I am a VIP player in this casino and i managed to have a limit of 100000 withdraw per month.
At least that is what they told me couple of months ago.
When i tried last week to withdraw 15000 euros they told me that i cant as the offer expired and the casino has the right to change any terms and conditions without warning!!!!!!
Please my frients avoid there are many more reliable casinos to spent your money than Eurogrand.
I am really disappoint with them

Adrian on September 7, 2010. Reply

Eurogrand should be avoided like the plague and here, in my opinion, is why:

Like other comments here I concur that the bonus offered is a scam. All casino's offer bonuses and, unless you like wagering up to £20,000 on the slots to get a £100 bonus most are best avoided.However Eurogrand's bonus is worse because even if you manage to negotiate the slots and clear the wagering requirement you find out that the bonus is non-redeemable and cannot be withdrawn anyway – a total scam!

Also they requested age verification from me and wanted me to send in a copy of ID. Be very wary of any site that does that – I've joined many adult sites – poker sites, bookmakers, other casino's and never once been asked for ID. Coming from a "safe" country like the UK it is simply not neccessary. Never send your documents to any site. They locked my account down after 5 days so I couldn't of cleared the wager requirements to make a withdrawl anyway – maybe because I was winning…..)

Here's another reason why this site is a scam. They have fraudulent pop-up pages that offer great winning systems at roulette or blackjack (which of course don't work) and have links to their site. Any site that advertises for business in this fraudulent way is obviously a scam.

Also, because Eurogrand is a scam, any review site that gives it a good review should also be treated with caution. The site is probably run by the casino's themselves hoping to attract more unsuspecting customers. Always use a review site that is clearly genuine punters giving their opinions – like this one it seems.

It's very disappointing that a site that is part of the William Hill group should be trading in this dispicable way. Why William Hill allow their good name be tarnished in this way is their business but I for one will have nothing to do with any business connected to William Hill again.

Having said that if you are going to join a casino choose an established name like a big bookmaker or poker site that have been trading for years – they're not going to rip you off for short term gains (though still don't take the bonus). These sites will be going in 10 years unlike Eurogrand who will hopefully fold soon, so they can't rip off any more people.

It should be noted that the casino 21 Nova is run in exactly the same way and should also be avoided.

Paul on September 4, 2010. Reply

I fell for the Eurogrand scam as well. Bet £30 cash and won £75 on roulette. They then refused to let me withdraw because of absurd T&Cs. I don't trust any gambling websites anymore. No regulation whatsoever – they are just criminals.

nick on August 27, 2010. Reply

Yes the bonus requirements are horrible, stupid ways to not get your money,but some sites aren't too bad for clearling them if you deposit small amounts ,,like the most I'd take a bonus being 20 dollars. However you guys talking roulette i don't think thats a game that counts toward the requirements.Just in theory i could deposit 100 and if i took a 300% bonus,all i would have to do to clear it is bet 50 on red and 50 on black on the same spin and there goes 100 playthrough (praying 0 doesnt come up) anyway i dont think roulette or that dart game and stuff count.

Gary on July 7, 2010. Reply

Well i joined Eurogrand because if i joined via the Quidco website for my £30 i would get £45 from Quidco, so no lose situation, i have now found out when i was £1000 up on Roulette that i have to bet 200 times my £7.50 bonus because that was one of the bonuses i accepted, after i tried to withdraw £600, I now have £1650 in the account and i have £1300 to play for my bonuses, so looks like i have to play slots either though i don't play them just to withdraw my £350 plus whatever i win for my £1300 on the slots..

Richard on June 22, 2010. Reply

Avoid their bonuses at all costs however if you, like me fall foul of their criminal wagering requirements, here is how I got them to reset my account. Note that the further into the conversation, the longer it took for them to respond but be patient and persistant no matter what the amount. Any questions, email me: richreed15@hotmail.com.

ChatOperator2: Anne: Hello there.
Hi there seems to be a problem with my account, could you help me?
ChatOperator2: Anne: I'm from the Online Support Team.
ChatOperator2: Anne: May I ask what seems to be the problem, Richard?
For some reason I was awarded a bonus when I signed up for which i didnt request but now because of this when i try and withdraw my real money winnings and orignal real money stake, its saying i havent fulfiled the stake requirements
ChatOperator2: Anne: Richard, please be advised that for every bonus that you will receive, wagering requirement applies.
but i didnt request a bonus?…it was given automatically?
ChatOperator2: Anne: Yes, Richard. The system has automatically given you a bonus since you have opted yourself in to receive bonuses upon signing up.
I didnt activelty opt myself in because i read the t&c and understood if i did then i would be locked into wagering requirments…it must have been a mistake on your system
ChatOperator2: Anne: What I can do for you now is to block your account from receiving future bonuses.
ChatOperator2: Anne: Would you like me to proceed with that?
thats ok but I would also like the money that is due to me from playing with real money which is ВЈ60
can you do that for me?
ChatOperator2: Anne: Please be advised that since you have already played with the bonus, we cannot remove the bonus that you have right now.
i dont want that bonus, i wagered ВЈ30 real money and won ВЈ30 real money so including my stake of real money i am due ВЈ60
can you please process that withdraw for me
ChatOperator2: Anne: Let me see what I can do for you. I will be with you shortly.
Any luck Anne?
ChatOperator2: Anne: I am still checking it for you. Thank you for your patience.
ChatOperator2: Anne: Please allow me to work on this for a few more minutes. Thank you.
Thats fine, thankyou
ChatOperator2: Anne: You're welcome and thank you for waiting, Richard.
ChatOperator2: Anne: I have checked with the Financial Department and you have a total of ВЈ937.50 wagering requirement for the bonus you have received.
ChatOperator2: Anne: We can lower the wagering requirement for you and block your account from receiving future bonuses.
Ok, but I still want my ВЈ30 orignal real money stake and ВЈ30 real money winnings because as i said, i didnt want this bonus which has locked me into this wagering requirment
would you do that for me?
Have you been able to process that withdraw for me Anne?
ChatOperator2: Anne: Please allow me to work on this a few minutes more, Richard. I need to coordinate with the Financial Department.
ChatOperator2: Anne: You're welcome. I appreciate your patience in waiting.
ChatOperator2: Anne: We have an option called an account reset. With this option, we will remove your winnings and bonus and you will only play with your own deposit.
ChatOperator2: Anne: For this to be done, we will need to forward the concern to our financial department so they can check how much they can reset.
will that mean i can withdraw my orignal depoist?
ChatOperator2: Anne: No, Richard. With this option, we will return your original deposit to your casino account.
ChatOperator2: Anne: This will also mean you can play without wagering requirements and play on any games you like.
but will i still have wagering requirements on my orignal ВЈ30 deposit? why wouldnt I be able to withdraw it if my account is reset?
ChatOperator2: Anne: You will no longer have wagering requirement once your account has been reset.
ok, let me understand this clearly. As there are no wagering requirements on my account, i can therefore withdraw my orignal deposit without playing any games. Is that right Anne?
ChatOperator2: Anne: You can withdraw your deposit provided that the account reset has been done, Richard.
fantastic, lets please reset my account then, What do I need to do in order for that to be done.
ChatOperator2: Anne: Please be advised to refrain from playing in the casino for the meantime.
No worries, thankyou
could you give me a timeframe for this reset to take place?
ChatOperator2: Anne: Please allow us 24-48 hours to make the adjustments in your account.
Ok, thats great, is there anything else you need me to do now?
ChatOperator2: Anne: You will be notified through e-mail regarding your concern.
ChatOperator2: Anne: Richard, just don't play in the casino for the meantime so that your current balance won't be affected.
I wont, thankyou for your help, have a good day
ChatOperator2: Anne: You are most welcome, Richard.
ChatOperator2: Anne: Will there be anything else that I can do for you?
No thats great, just to let you know I will keep a record of this conversation for future reference if needed, Thanks again

CC on April 23, 2010. Reply

of course, they also gave me bonuses I didn't ask for, which I declined.
I won 5 times my deposit the first day, and the moment I hit that limit, I started losing like hell. I calculated the odds and came out around 1/64000. Very unlikely, don't you think?

Marilyn on March 18, 2010. Reply

I am not an affliate or related to anything Eurogrand does. But I have to say I am surprised by their honesty. Any money I have won and withdrawn, have been going back to
my instantdebit. But do not — repeat — do not accept any bonuses. then you won't suffer
the horror of not being able to wd. Eurogrand has also answered all my emails. Europa Casino does not answer one single email and Europa will always bother you while
you are playing slots. Their support pop up and beg you to deposit more. Eurogrand so far do not pressure me. So all I can say is avoid bonuses and do avoid Europa as they only want your deposit but show little concern if you have an issue.

Tim on February 13, 2010. Reply

I got a new one for you all, watch your credit as your playing, bits of mine kept vanishing, I would have £11, spin a 40p spin and then had £7?!!?!?

I would win say £9 but only £6 would be put on my credit!! And many more times, thought it was a fault and it would be paid back or somat, but nothing!!

Now, I dont know if the ammounts ive spent really are as high as they were…when statements came through I thought at the time, I couldnt have deposited that much, no way etc!!
Absolute sneaky tossers!!

Chris on January 27, 2010. Reply

I openned an account with Euro Grand Casino and after spending $1200 I wanted to cash out $100 just to test to get my money back. After going through hoops and hurdles by supplying them with personal details and photocopy of my Drivers Licence etc.. they finally paid. But when I try to log on again, lo and behold, my account was closed!!! I' don't really care much about that but to my concern is they know all my details. So what's stopping them from stealing my Identity? Is there anyone governing these online Casinos? Someone to complain about at least? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

clive on April 2, 2009. Reply

I have another issue, I won some money even after spending past the bonus.
When I tried to take out my money, because I had used a switch card instead of a credit card. I had to get a new one because the strip had warn out.
Therefore my number on the card changed.
Now I cant verify my old one and they ignore me when I go on the live chat.
Ive tried emailing etc.
Ive spent around £50 on their site, and have a net win of £280, yet they are making it impossible for me to withdraw my money.

this chat is dated 01-04-09 nearly a year after I desposited the first lot of money…

**** = My name.

"operator112: Brant: Hi there again, ****.
Player32: sorry about that
operator112: Brant: This is Brant from the Online Support Team.
Player32: ive registered the new card
operator112: Brant: How may I help you now?
Player32: ive registred the new card…
Player32: i was told that i need to verify the old ones before?
Player32: but the only way i can do this is via bank statements
operator112: Brant: ****, as what I have seen here, you have not registered it yet with us before.
Player32: no
Player32: thats because my old card ran out before i verified
Player32: i couldnt because my old card was destroyed
Player32: they are all the same acc number..
Player32: it is a standard account not a credit card.
operator112: Brant: Jon, can you please be more specific? Are you refering to your withdrawal request that got declined?
Player32: no, i understand why it was declined, because i havent verified my card.
operator112: Brant: Jon, are refering to your withdrawal request that got declined?
Player32: no, i understand why it was declined, because i havent verified my card.
Player32: i cant because i had to get a new one..
Player32: it is a standard account, not a credit card, the account numbers and sort codes etc are all the same
Player32: i am based in the uk
Player32: i was told if I used a credit card i could get a slip to tell me that my old card was destroyed, i can not with this type of account.
Player32: therefore I can only proove that the money was taken out with bank statements.
Player32: i was using a standard switch card…
Player32: hello? "

No reply. This is after 20 minutes of waiting…

Really hacked off. Considering legal action.

jimmy on January 20, 2009. Reply

hi guys,
thought i would offer my experience with Eurogrand, been really good actually.

Once i reliased about the minimum wage amounts on my bonus and since i had deposited initally $1500, i was freaking out, so i emailed, called, and spoke to them on LIVE chat etc, and they reset my account and took my bonus and winnings which kinda sucked cause i had won like $2000 at the time..

i was glad to get my initial deposit back without the bonus so i could go on and play roulette with no minimum wage problems.

over all, a professional experience in my eyes, the problem (reset account) took no longer than 2 hrs.

thanks Eurogrand

cyril on December 5, 2008. Reply

I have also fallen into the Eurogrand's trap. Same boring and stupid story. I just would like to know if has anyone found anyone any way to get back at least their initial deposit, not talking already about the net winning

fiona on November 11, 2008. Reply

I am afraid i find eurogrand a very conning casino. To cut a long story short when i deposited my money i got bonuses that i did not ask for or want. I won some money and then couldnt withdraw any money from my account and online support told me i had to wager £1700 more times before i can make a withdrawal, because i had accepted the bonuses.even though i tole them i did not ask for them they were automatically put on! £1700 more betting times before i can make a withdrawal what absolute nonsense!!I said i didnt even want my winnings just my initial deposit (which wasnt very much but alot to me who is currently out of work)and i wanted to close my account. They ignore emails and online help ignores you as soon as you start to complain or ask a tricky questions!!
Absolutely horrific company stay well away!

N K on September 16, 2008. Reply

I fell a victim like everyone posting in this section, I was so stupid not to have checked the terms & conditions properly!! Instead i went a blew £400 in one night. When i needed questions to be answered, the live team were very unhelpful!

first i deposited £20, then another £20 because i was losing, then another £60 to make it £100 that i deposited, hoping that if i betted a few more times in roulette i will be able to take my winings and go, but i was sucked into it all and for some stupid reason i deposited another 100, when i couldn't withdraw anything i went back to the live assistants, they told me i have to wager all the bonuses, also the minimum withdrawal is £500. So i went and deposited another £200 but it was still below 500 so i went to deposit another 160 and my card was declined, THANK GOD!!

i have been trying to email customer support, but they haven't been helpful. I really hate myself for putting myself in this position. £400 is alot and i feel conned! Anyways i tried to wager, and got up to £1300 but i was still denied withdrawing money, so i rang my bank up and asked if they can do a chargeback on my, they said soon as the money is cleared i can try and talk with EuroGrand, but if i get nowhere then i can ring my bank up again and the financial services will try and get my money back. Although its not guaranteed, i'm not sure with casinos, you can get chargebacks. I've just emailed EuroGrand, using some of your comments:

Hi, i'm emailing because i have some unanswered questions.
Firstly, i would like to ask, why does it take me roughly 2 or 3 times before i can get through to a live adviser? When i email customer support, it takes hours to get any kind of reply back?

I have been monitoring the games i play and how much i win and lose since i've opened up my EuroGrand account, i've realised that everytime i ask for assistance online, i start to lose money, and it constantly keeps on going down unless i play in pennies/few pounds, or late in the evening, would that be because, maybe as soon as i ask for assistance you mark my account and fix the outcome/stop using a random number generator?

I feel like i have been conned and ripped off, and am very unsatisfied! I was offered a 300% bonus, when i open up an account and deposit money, within one day i deposited £400, so why did i not recieve all of the bonus? Also i only play roulette, so why was i not informed that roulette is not a featured game in the casion? And why isn't it featured? Roulette is a game like any other in the casino, where you risk money. So Is this game not featured because, the games that EuroGrand want the gamblers to play, have a very, very low chance or no chance in winning?
Also i've read the terms and conditions, i've tried to withdraw money, (it clearly states on your webstie that the minimum withdraw amount is £500) i don't understand why i can't withdraw money without wagering? I've come to the conclusion that there must be some kind of scam taking place within EuroGrand Casino. I am disgusted to find that casinos like yourselves think you can get away with anything!

I would recommend everyone to stay away from EuroGrand, and before joining any casinos, do some research on them, or it can cost you.

David Cross on December 14, 2007. Reply

I have fallen foul of this too. I am disgusted to find that casinos can get away with this. I would rather forget every single bonus they provide if it meant I could get my winnings. They provide roulette and they risk their money just like we do. We should be able to withdraw those winnings regardless.

Eurogrand is a very slick, stylish program. Fast, easy to use etc. just as reviewed, but they can forget my business with clauses like these. I am not impressed.

Paul Seymour on May 30, 2007. Reply

i had the same problem as darren! from an initial deposit of $95, i was told i would have to wager a further $10,000 on slots before i could withdraw any money! I am the same as darren and only play roulette, so basically by depositing my money with eurogrand i have as good as thrown it away. I highly recommend you do not use eurogrand unless you fancy your chances on slots!!!

Darren Ingram on May 1, 2007. Reply

This casino offered me a 300% bonus, so I took it up and played. I put in £60 and got my bonus and then played roulette for about 3 hours, winning and staking up to £3,000. I asked the Support team how much I would have to spend at first and they told me £6,000 and then I could cash out. I asked again after betting around £3,000 and they told me I still had £6,000 to go. I asked why and they said it is because I got a bonus and would have to play on their featured games, one being spin a win. I said I only play roulette and they told me this is not featured???!!??!!! Is it because you have no chance to win on 'Spin a Win'. Anyway from winning on roulette, I lost the lot on 'Spin a Win'. Someone should look in to this!!!!!!


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