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Scotty on July 16, 2018. Reply

Best site so far wins weigh up the loses won 500 on koronus 350 on fluffy and 140 on bingo love the games nd how fast the payments ar used to love mFortune till now

Michael reevell on April 15, 2018. Reply

Im thrilled to bits with this gaming site its lots of fun and i didnt think i would win anything but just won 650 well chuffed thank you jackpot joy i will put the money to good use believe me holiday i think in the works i work long hours so be nice to have a break thanks again 😊😊😊

Kev on March 8, 2018. Reply

I won 15k on jackpot joy and not issues with paying me out and money in the bank in a few days best site i have used for slots.

Vicky Taylor on January 22, 2018. Reply

Ive played jpj for many yrs now and always been a very happy customer up untill now. Yes i get its a gambling site and there there to make money I also get your not guaranteed to win what you pay in but bloody hell a win would be nice at some stage. I really dont want to think about what i have paid in on rainbow ritches over the last 3 months. The biggest win ive had is £140 on the 3 pots of gold. I understand that its the luck of the spin but jpj must have some control of what stops where as in the past ( i once won £1500 on rainbow ritches back in early 2017) once id cashed out i didnt see a lepricorn a wishwell or pot of gold till had paid in a decent wad.
As for receiving a bonus win i do receive bonus quite often and i love the new bonanza boxes ( great idea there jpj) but i must agree with others i never get anywhere with bonus funds. Im now on a self restriction where i can only put on ex amounts every 24 hours to stop muself from getting carried away.
But please babs,paddy and the jpj team please shake up the chances to win for loyal customers before u lose us all!!!!!!

Susan Dines on October 14, 2017. Reply

The reels seem to jump now especially when it’s a bonus, not won for ages see same reels over and over, why doesn’t it show jackpot winners anymore?? Are there non

Ricky on September 3, 2017. Reply

What people have got to remember is this is a gambling site you win or lose
I joined this site around 6 years ago and have won a few pounds and have lost too.
I have had a few wins £2000 on tiki playing £4 a spin I started with £10 deposited. And had £1000 from papers on the bonus got 20×6 and repeated 4 times.
So I have had a few good wins but have had some bad losses too.
i think you play to lose just enjoy the games but if you play to win that is when you can lose fortunes and the people moaning about the site must be doing that!!
I do agree that if you win a big amount the payouts seem to disappear but jackpotjoy is a company and if they paid out all the time they wouldn’t be in business.
Good luck everyone that plays and the saying is only put in what you can afford.

Lorraine Bayley on August 15, 2017. Reply

Been playing this site for 6 years. And use to win on small deposit. However after winning a jackpot I then become a V.I.P. Customer service would call me all the time ‘saying ‘have you tried this new slots or try your luck on this game.They just wanted their money back. And like a fool I played along. As soon as they had most of it back I was taken of V.I.P. No more phone calls and no more wins. Double Bubble is one of their biggest earners for this site. So try and stay away from this game.

Lee on June 19, 2017. Reply

Have been with jackpotjoy since 2014. Biggest win i have had is £18000 was over the moon.

Then all of the winners pages were removed and now you hardly win anything atall. The jackpots seem to reset after a while or someone has won it but you dont see or ever hear of who has actually won it ever.

Dee on April 22, 2017. Reply

I’ve been an avid fan since 2010 and had a few wins,only a couple of 100 here and there. I won 1200 by biggest yet just before Christmas and I rarely get a bonus these days. My partner hardly deposits and gets lots of free money all the time. I deposit regular and never get anything. In over 300£ of deposits I have not had 1 single bonus game on any of the games

Poppy on December 8, 2016. Reply

Have had some good wins on jackpot joy. Rainbow riches 2000 playing £4 spins got three pots x500. Result. Then stopped playing a while and was granted a £20 cash bonus turned that into £1500 on rainbow riches with the pots again. Maybe I just hit them at a lucky time but I’m happy with my wins :-) and I’ll keep playing what I can afford. People that spend thousands without a return you need to stop or change your strategy

Sirah on November 26, 2016. Reply

Have won some big money over the last few months 1200, 1400,400,300,1400 so I don’t agree with some of the people on here saying that it’s gone down. It may just depend on what time you go on how much you play your spins wtc. It’s not fixed so it’s whatever you spin…. Very happy with this site….

Soraya Freeman on August 4, 2016. Reply

I have to agree with everyone else that says Jackpotjoy has changed and is not as good as it used to be.
It’s been way over a year now without any decent wins or bonuses. Last few months – no wins at all except the odd pence.
Never won big anyway but there was still enjoyment in playing as you would get the odd win & bonus games – now it just takes your money.
Basically spin and watch your money go.
Also agree with others that say, since doing the adverts the wins have gone and I am positive I am seeing the same spins come up on Double Bubble especially.
Seriously this company / site needs to be investigated – something is going on!!!
Everyone knows it’s gambling – but to now be at point where there’s no excitement when playing , I’m thinking like others and considering cancelling all together – been a member for over 10 years and am annoyed it’s gone this way.
JPJ – you need to listen to loyal customers and reward them with decent loyalty bonuses.
On top of this you also need to stop putting a £10 max payout limit when you have a cash back promotion on losses.
Latest promotion was 5% cash back on Double Bubble but with your £10 max pay out – it works out I will actually get 1% after the horrendous week of losses I have had…. NOT HAPPY!!!!!!

emma on June 4, 2016. Reply

i use to love this site but its terrible now no loyalty bonus in sight, i depo after depo, bonus games are very rare and the spins seem to be dodgy they go funny like they are trying to stop win spins coming in!! day after day i depo and no decent spin at all its terrible and defo something wrong about this site and the rest of the gamesy networks! someone needs to look into this site. i know its gambling and u cant always win but this is no fair play in your money at all. chat hosts are lovely tho its the only good thing going for this site. i put myself on a break and came back and its still as awful. not happy after being such a loyalty player!

Robert on April 29, 2016. Reply

I’ve been a member for years and I have had some reasonably good wins and some bad losses. I have had good customer service and a few free gifts. However, over the last few months it seems that I haven’t won a thing. I’ve gone through thousands of pounds without any return at all. I’m convinced that Jackpotjoy have altered something. I am seriously thinking of quitting very soon if things continue as they are. There should always be a balance in gambling and at the moment the scales are firmly weighing down in Jackpotjoy favour.

helen houghton on April 5, 2016. Reply

Won 1000 on double bubble & 1150 on rainbow ritches…was in my bank two days later, no identification sent either!

Natalie on June 16, 2015. Reply

Absolutely poor site. Loved it when I first joined.. months on end I’ve been playing not been able to withdraw a single penny exactly the same spins and rubbish bonuses everytime lucky to get 16p.. deposit does not last even 2 mins!! Avoid this site at all cost.. I know it’s gambling but seriously there is Deffo something a miss with this site!!

Maureen reid on April 26, 2015. Reply

I’ve play on this site for years on the slots I’ve never 1 any thing big on slots I really think there a fix always same spins never see any thing double bubble is the worse slot u never see the bubbles u very really get a bounes never see the bars 7 bells it’s very poor I will be telling folk stay well away from this slot and Manet more of them it’s a joke

Stuart on January 15, 2015. Reply

Been playing for 8 months now, when I get a bonus on deal or no deal (£2 a spin) I get a poor £1.50 return.

falmouthian on October 15, 2013. Reply

Total waste of money, you never win anything worth anything, bonuses pay peanuts or sometimes nothing at all, been a member 6-7 years, you see ppl winning but come on after 7 years ive not seen anything like they claim, the site eats money and gives no return. Deposited mostly daily ok maybe only 10 quid but u expect at least a run or a bonus but no, save ur money folks dont believe the hype you see on tv, i dont care what other ppl say, the hosts do really annoying side games where you can win 2 quid which jpj takes straight back off you, jpj your slots pay such poor wins its a joke, really fed up depositing and getting nothing at all for my loyalty and money!!! to top it all the sites not even registered in uk.

p langton on February 28, 2013. Reply

I will not be a returning customer of Jackpot joy or any other company associated with it. " as they sent my wife a e-mail link with an offer which was deposit an ammount and they will also deposit an 100% ammount ie if I deposit £20 which I did they would also deposit £20, we waited for this to be placed into the account , we contacted them and they said that we did not op in for the offer, we said that we went via the e-mail link that they directly sent us and from that we followed and deposit with them. they did not wish to give us this offer, we will not use them again why sent us an offer e-mail link ????

frank b on November 19, 2012. Reply

Don't even bother with this casino group or this casino ,the slots pay very very poorly and all your money goes to their advertising for tv so theres nothing left to pay the players

Dave on January 23, 2012. Reply

I've played Jackpot Joy roulette and it's extraordinary how you can win with small stakes but the moment you increase them you lose. Don't waste your cash with this mob.

Rosetta McKinnon on October 5, 2011. Reply

i am having a problem using my credit card. caLL THE BANK THERE IS NO PROBLEM ON THIS END.

JDuncan on August 27, 2011. Reply

Verification Requests before fund withdrawal
I had clear concerns over an issue with providing a high level of personal data, utility bill, drivers licence and bank statement, including account details. The customer services were not able to resolve my personal security issues despite having the ability to do so. Most of the concerns that I raised were avoided or not answered in preference to detailing extracts from the T's and C's. From the T's and C'S it was clear that personal data was only required if external checks could not verify information. This process should have been a formality for Jackpotjoy but was not considered by them.
Many claims were made that Jackpot joy have a high security ethos over customer information but ask that the customer send extremely detailed information in insecure methods.
Personal information that Jackpotjoy request for verification gives tham details of, where you live, your DOB, your bank account and credit card details and driving licence which may include a photo. I have never had to supply this level of information, to any other company, and I still don't agree that Jackpotjoy have a need.
Up to this point I had no concern in dealing with this site but I'm afraid that I will not be a returning customer of Jackpot joy or any other company associated with it.

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