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Sam White on October 28, 2023. Reply

Have been playing for a few months with no issues, have requested a $1000 withdrawal nearly a month ago and no luck. Have sent 7-8 emails and keep getting fobbed off. Still playing a little and other smaller cash outs have been approved and shown up no issues. It’s only fair I receive payment, come on golden tiger play fair.

Golden Tiger Casino logo Golden Tiger Casino on December 29, 2023.

Hey Sam

I can see that 1000 withdrawal mentioned was indeed processed on 5th October.
I can also see many other withdrawals processed since then.

If you’re still waiting on *any* of these withdrawals, please email me at so i can get it sorted for you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.


Lauren Rangimarie Blake on June 9, 2023. Reply

Been playing for a couple of years now had wins but always played them out. This time I got big wins and withdrew. Have not received funds yet via bank transfer but hopefully soon I will! It pays to play small and it it hits don’t be afraid to try big🙂 Happy with the communication I have been receiving, thank you Casino Rewards team at Golden Tiger, I will be happy to recommend this site to others. Good luck to all the players. Perseverance pays off. 🙌🏼🎉

Ashley on March 17, 2023. Reply

I don’t normally leave comments or reviews but I don’t feel this website is getting the feedback they deserve. I have played on golden tiger for a few years now and really the only complaint I have is how long it takes to get your withdrawal. If it’s a Wednesday you do the withdrawal you won’t be getting it until the following Monday. If it’s Monday or Tuesday you do get it before the end of the week. (Which is not good if you’re like me you end up reversing some of it. Then processing restarts.) The customer service is better than any of the 10+ sites I’ve played and they have really great exclusive games. Totally legit and safe. They have great bonuses and yes like other comments you have to play it off but that’s like any website. A lot of the times they just give you free money to play with so that’s totally understandable. I’ve had tons of luck on this website and really enjoy it.

Steve on January 31, 2023. Reply

I was promised my money that I with Drew on January 23 of 2023 before that date any email I sent was responded to in expedient fashion since the promised date of the 23rd I have sent 15 emails and there has been zero response. I went to live chat and someone promised that I would have it by Monday, January 29 and of course I still have heard nothing.

Golden Tiger Casino logo Golden Tiger Casino on February 1, 2023.

Hi Steve

I can see the payment was allocated on the 19th January, however it seems that the issue is that you are not receiving the email with the password for interac.

I have passed your account over to the payments guys again and asked them to look into it. Unfortunately our support guys are flat out and understaffed right now, which is why there is a delay on their replies, however sending 9 emails in one day is certainly only going to fill their inbox and delay replies further. Please hold off on any further emails to support. Thanks.

Lee on June 24, 2022. Reply

The games were great resolution was crystal clear it was going good til i made a couple withdrawals til there system went offline for maintenance only for few minutes. Long story short I only received 1/3 of my withdrawal . I knew it was to good to be true but I actually think when there system went down or crashed it deleted my 2nd withdrawal and they are not able to retrieve it or have any knowledge of the withdrawals Tran. not even withdrawal history.

Golden Tiger Casino logo Golden Tiger Casino on June 28, 2022.

Hi Lee

I can see you were on livechat with a support agent on 22nd June who explained to you that $200 of your withdrawal was processed to your card ending in 3104 and the rest you reversed and subsequently played. They also explained how you can view the reversals inside your account within playcheck and you can see your transactions inside the casino too.

Looking through your account I can see all of the transactions the support agent mentioned. The initial requested withdrawal balance was $620, with $20 reversed then the rest reversed in increments between $10-35 until the balance was $200. You can see all of these transactions inside your account as explained by the support staff.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything if you reversed it.

Samantha Bird on October 22, 2021. Reply

I deposited $20 twice and only one deposit showed up. I’ve contacted support and they kept giving the “Please wait 3 days for an interac return. It will be automatically deposited back into your account”. That was 2 weeks ago. Now they are saying “It will sent to the banking department. They are experts and will handle your needs professionally”. That was last week. I’m being sent to banking department again this week because last week’s referral wasn’t enough. They tried to offer me a $10 email verification bonus but I don’t trust this site with any amount of money anymore.

ArturoC on October 14, 2021. Reply

I’ve been playing here for many years and can’t really complain. The Microsoft casino games aren’t as fancy in comparison, but you can download them to your computer instead of playing in the browser and watching your battery get sucked dry in a flash. I’ve gotten all the payouts so far without any problems, but had to go through the verification process first. You have to be a little careful because they like to reject your documents. After that it went pretty smoothly, but I haven’t really had to use the support either.
Golden Tiger is perhaps a casino for more experienced players. For beginners, a casino with a no deposit bonus as a test might be better.

isabella on December 16, 2020. Reply

they kept giving me bonus cash every time i made a deposit & therefore i couldn’t withdrawal until my bonus cash was cleared, it used the money i deposited before it used the bonus & leaves $0.02 in there so that every time i deposit or win i still cannot withdrawal, i messaged on live chat and couldn’t even explain because i kept getting automatically sent messages, definitely wouldn’t recommend lol

Roger on June 14, 2020. Reply

They make you wait 3 business days to get you your winnings, while all the time you can reverse your winnings and keep playing. Lol it’s ok to spend it but when you want what you won it takes 3 days on hold before the process starts.

John on June 5, 2020. Reply

I banned myself as I don’t like playing online….I deposit and they get their money instantly, I cash out and it takes days with me able to reverse it. When I win I want it now, not in a few days. Anyways while being self excluded they continued to call and harass me with free cash to come back, that’s a low sneaky tactic in my eyes that hits below the belt. Most of all it speaks volumes how a casino shouldn’t operate and how they don’t show respect….

Peter Hill on August 21, 2016. Reply

Just closed my account, had a fair bit of money in bonus points, but account was locked by them and I was unable to use them. Was told on live chat that account would be unlocked shortly, but several weeks later still locked.
Contacted them again was told it would be unlocked in the future. Stated not happy and told them to close account. Was then offered a 10 0/0 bonus on next deposit. Stated I thought that was an insult when my credit was much more and closed account

Ben on August 9, 2016. Reply

15 days im waiting for my money. They keep turning back with copy bank, id. I send everything now the scan of my Id is not ok, but if I open the file its perfect.
Three days to answer each time, what is your problem golden tiger?

Maggie on March 11, 2016. Reply

Golden Tiger is affiliated with Casino Rewards. Research them. When I initially became a member, I too was concerned with the “turnaround” required to withdraw bonus monies. They actually lay that out for you … but I did not pay attention to the fine print. Be that as it may, I have since made many, many withdrawls. There were occasions where I withdrew monies on bonus funds (where I had to “turnover” the funds), and also on my deposited funds. I have sometimes done quite well. Of course, other times not. However, when I did withdraw funds, they were forwarded to me within a matter of days. I too had to initially provide documentation to substantiate who I was, my passport or drivers license, bank details, etc. … and that’s actually a good thing. I have been playing with Golden Tiger for 8 years now, and I find them to be on the up and up, fair, with very good customer service.

Theo on February 2, 2016. Reply

GT is not really my favourite online casino but I still enjoy it everytime. The bonus offered is not really my cup of tea but the games are superb and so is the customer service when you need it. Golden Tiger still ranks in my personal Top10.

Eric on October 25, 2015. Reply

Once you get bonus cash you seem to win, but then you have to read their rules carefully. In my case i got € 250,00 bonus. After a few spins on a slot machine i won a huge amount of a little over € 2.000,00. Played it back to € 1.800,00 and decided to cash. Then i found out you have to play for at least 30 times the amount of bonus you get for free to be able to cash out. So in my case i had to play for € 7.500,00 first to be able to cash out anything. Needless to say my above winnings turned into ashes. So basically when you receive a bonus you can’t win.

Tulip288 on October 26, 2015.

Eric this is called wagering requirements and you find them in every online casino. Sometimes they apply to the bonus money, sometimes just to your deposit and mostly to the sum of both. If you can then don´t take any bonus money. But to be fair, that´s something they put in their terms and conditions for you to read.

Ian on September 4, 2015. Reply

Can’t believe it got 30 free spins free last Sunday in a email decided to play them got up to £64.00 but could not withdraw so just kept playing different machines for a couple of hours got up to £903.54 , deposited £10.00 then withdrew the £913.54 to my bank 5 days later and it’s in my bank account all free now that’s fantastic go and give it a try ????????

Paul on August 5, 2015. Reply

The cash is in the bank and I am more than confident that the rest will arrive next week too. As long as you simply follow the rules of the casino then you should be fine. Any issues then call the helpline and they will guide you step by step. Good luck and have fun.

My rating: 10/10

Paul on August 4, 2015. Reply

My account now shows that I have 2k pending withdrawal. Concerned, I called the helpline and the advice I was given is that they can only release the cash in 4k slots. I still haven’t received any money in my account but the lady told me I have 4k on its way and the rest will be released next Monday. Looks good so far but still no funds of yet. If you are going to withdrawl a big amount then it might be worth taking all of this into consideration.

Paul on August 1, 2015. Reply

This time last week I won £6k on the roulette and I have since been waiting for the withdrawal to arrive in my bank. I have now received an email asking me for a copy of my passport, proof of address and my bank card details (both sides) to be scanned to payments as a precaution and to ensure they safe hold my winnings. This procedure I have been told will now take a few days to process. I will keep you all informed as to how it goes. The customer service I received via the 24hr call centre was very good. I am now looking forward to seeing what happens next.

nilesh on July 27, 2015. Reply

I’ve been using the casino for about 3 month the bonus and loyalty here is appalling i have not received deposit matches offered bonus on live chat it’s really ridiculous yes the site is good but really poor customer service and loyalty rewarding I’ve accumulated over 160000 points which shows how much I’ve spent and they can not be generous enough to add a simple 20 pounds loyalty credit

Paul on July 25, 2015. Reply

The best online casino by far. I have had big payouts, which usually take 4-5 working days. Great customer service, lots of variety and very enjoyable to play. My number 1 place to gamble.

Josh on July 24, 2015. Reply

I wasn’t given the 1500 free for 60 minutes, but while on the site decided to put a few bucks on for a couple spins being it promised to double however much you put on in bonus $$$. After I put the money on, I didn’t receive the bonus, so I tried to withdraw, and I’m not able to… Created tickets, got no response, so I played all my spins back to back without a single win. Then tried to withdraw the last 2 dollars and still am not allowed to withdraw.

Randy Cena on July 13, 2015. Reply

I’m not a huge Mircogaming guy but when I do play a MG casino this is the one I go to. The bonuses can be a bit tricky to understand (you can only redeem X amount of money and not all of it) but I usually keep a bunch of money in my account so this wasn’t a huge deal for me. That being said, it’s a huge deal for a lot of people (understandably).

It has a great game selection which is why I think it’s popular but this is one of my lower ranked casinos of the ones I play at. Outside of game variety, not much else to care about here.

Franc Hollande on July 11, 2015. Reply

Golden Tiger Casino still ranks in my Top5. I don´t think it can compete with Mr Green but when I feel like playing Microgaming games it´s still my go-to casino. I really can´t understand the negative comments here, except luck wasn´t on your side or you don´t play by the rules.

clandestino on April 22, 2015. Reply

Golden Tiger has been my favorite casino for many years. I started playing somewhere else when they introduced bonuses I don´t really like. But the years playing there were fun and paid out at the end.

RichmondCasinoGuy on March 20, 2015. Reply

Up and down experience for me at GTC. The tournaments are awesome and I enter them as frequently as possible. Payouts are pretty good here too.

Other than that, the bonuses, promotions, and variety of games are just ok compared to other places. Good not great casino, but like I said earlier I still play here just for the tourneys.

Ben on March 9, 2015. Reply

Its a con, u cant claim ur winnings after using the free £1500. I got upto £38.000 and the when the hour is up, it turns to £100 in the casino, and u cant claim it, u have to play it.
Ive won £1200 in the casino, and im fighting the management to pay me my money!

thomas Pirsch on March 13, 2015.

What are you trying to accomplish when you must realise that you didn´t pay attention when reading the terms and conditions for that very promotion (if you even read them at all that is)?

You can like the promo or not but you can´t blame the casino for you accepting their terms, opening an account and playing there.

mysteryDave on July 26, 2015.

To be fair the T&Cs aren’t automatically displayed to a new user. At the sign up page there is no a link to them, it just says they are on the website without even giving the address of the website.
I found them at but it wasn’t exactly easy.

For anyone thinking they get £1,500 for an hour free this is just bonus ‘pretend’ money. Unless you win more than £20 (to get a balance of £1520 or more bonus ‘pretend’ money) you will get nothing. Then the max real money you can take is £100 into your account, only if you give them at least £40 of your own.

Then you cannot withdraw it until you have bet it 30 times. (Except most games such as blackjack only count as 10% so you would have to bet it 300 times.)

JDM1221 on February 26, 2015. Reply

I haven’t had same issues as everyone else. This casino is good but the reasons I’m so so on it aren’t becasue of any withdrawal or deposit issues.

I don’t think the games here are great, aside from the slots tournaments. The tourneys are fun but other than that the variety of games is just average. I come back to play in any tourneys or progressives they have going on but my time here is spent sparingly now.

I’d check it out but don’t make this your go to casino.

Pete on February 17, 2015. Reply

Regarding the £1500 free play offer: First they say you get to keep your winnings. Then it’s limited to £100, When you’ve won you still can’t have it until you make a deposit. Once that’s done you still can’t have it until you’ve activated your account by playing. Even then you can’t have it until you’ve made £3000 worth of bets, and they take the money you’ve deposited first. For each £300 worth of bets you make you should be able to withdraw £10 but you can’t because withdrawals are not allowed as long as there’s bonus money in your account, so it’s virtually impossible to get your money out.

Sandra on January 27, 2014. Reply

All my experiences at Golden Tiger have been great. Won $3000 at Thunderstruck and they paid right away. Then won $1000 at Lucky Witch & they paid right away. Would recommend this casino.

Kathy on November 28, 2012. Reply

If you have multiple accounts per household, don't play this casino. You will not get your winnings! They held back my winnings because someone else in my household has an account as well. Risk department people rude! Save your money, play somewhere else!

Omer E. on October 21, 2012. Reply

I deposited 40$ to Golden Tigers Casino. Then they gave 100$ bonus to me. I played just Roulette. After 3 days I made my money around 800$ and I turned the bonus 30 times. Today morning I am shocked and disappointed. Because my accound was LOCKED!! :((( I send an e-mail to Risk Management and now I'm waiting for their answer. It was my first Casino experince. What was my mistake, I don't know. I played just roulette and to numbers. :((

frank b on September 25, 2012. Reply

golden tiger played there lots great casino, support is good, payback percentages good and no withdraw hassles. i recommend this casino to anyone

kiriakos sakkas on June 2, 2010. Reply

i play the free no deposit bonus(1500e)and is the only place the have all the games in the free play.i win 200e and after deposit of 25e the 200e was mine.i play all and i win 38000.!!!.i take after 10 days with bank wire the first stupid i am i play the rest one of the best casinos i ever play

Allan on December 5, 2009. Reply

I have the same problem Darren. But did you got your withdrawl?

Darren on August 3, 2009. Reply

Played here after winning £200 bonus, deposited £40 in order to withdraw then found i had to wager 30 x the 200 in order to withdraw.
I did this successfully and won clear £1,100 i then withdrew this and signed on 2 days later to see how my withdrawel was going only to find my account has now been BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!

Upon ringing customer support they told me that there is nothing that they can do and i have to email the RISKMANAGMENT DEPARTMENT.
I have now done this and will keep you all updated regarding the process

Joannis Frangoullides on January 31, 2015.

What happened in the end? did you get your money?

Sam on August 24, 2008. Reply

I wish that all microgaming casinos had the slots tournaments. I really like this casino but they do not offer the tournaments, which I find unfortunate. Maybe the will add it soon because I have played here for so long that I would hate to have to move over to a new casino. Please add them!


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