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Matt on September 20, 2020. Reply

I’m currently experiencing an extremely long payout time as so many others here have. I requested $5,600 in payouts on July 1st, 2020. Still being told their Payment Processors are running behind. It’s now Sept. 20th and the status of my payout requests still hasn’t advanced past the “Requested” stage. I’ve also been told multiple times that they cannot tell me when the funds might be paid.

Boo Yah on August 6, 2020. Reply

Waiting and waiting and waiting for a Payout since July 18th. I have had successful payouts from two other casinos during the wait from this one and it is annoying as H*LL.

I keep writing and keep being told payout is sitting on top of their approved list and their third party processor will pay me shortly. Also have LCB speaking to a casino representative and they said (last week) it would be early this week.
. But nope nothing yet.

ANDILE M MDHLULI on August 6, 2020.

Hi Boo please wait it was the same with me after 1 half month but today got my money 💰..just be patient u will get it

Roseanne OLeary on January 5, 2019. Reply

Waiting on $2000 payout. VIP player that usually has payout approved by weds and funds in acct no later than Friday. Withdrawal still in pending ..nothing has been done .

Spoke to someone daily ie vipdept, financial, support and livechat. No one can tell me when I will get funds. No idea why I am being treated this way this time.

I asked that my account be closed after withdrawal. Other casinos I get funds in 2-4 days. Never spending any more money here. Not worth the aggravation

Laurie on July 6, 2016. Reply

I have been waiting for 22 days for withdrawal. I am consistenly told in a few days!!! So far not too happy here. CLub World group pays out consistenly within 5 days money in hand! This waiting and being told they are having delays with their processors seems to be a common compalint.

dan on April 29, 2016. Reply

22 days without payment received $2500 payout, they are splitting in three separate deposits using ACH). The finance department claims their ACH providor is having difficulties and it will take time. I posted all required documentation (a bullshit set of instructions that makes no sense to someone who reads/writes english natively). Basically they want you to stop the withdrawal (which they allow you to do throughout the process) and keep gambling, instead of waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

I complained twice about the delays. It’s back to Bovada for me in the future. LASVEGAS.USA doesn’t operate honestly and release funds quickly (but like all other online casinos. they sure can take your money quickly…..

Ioana Dumbrava on March 12, 2016. Reply

Waiting on my payout for a month now and customer service is unable to help. They (financial department) keep on telling me “a few days”.

Melsa on February 19, 2016. Reply

Worst customer service, worst payout times, & They charged me fee’s to my bank and when I tried to get them reimbursed one of the staff members actually fought with me tried to tell me I sent in my bank statements on Feb 6th, he said he reimbursed me already for fee’s on Feb8th-13th, when I tried to explain how thats not possible he argued with me. now i have been waiting for almost a month for my payouts and I get no answers and no money!!! its not even that much so I dont know what the problem is? they SAY they’re 24hr online live chat, but they are 100% Liars, they are only live chat during a certain time in the day…. I will never play their site again nor do I recommend them. try Silver Oak , they are 100% Live help, never had a problem with them, and if you ask they will give you free bonuses. either way definitely dont recommend playing LasVegasUSA

ashleigh on August 22, 2013. Reply

Las Vegas USA casino is very quick to respond to my needs, very prompt to contact me to do so, and very polite during the entire process. I have requested a withdrawl using one of their many different methods available, and am currently awaiting my payment. I will post another review when my money is received. So far, sooo good!

mike wilcox on April 19, 2012. Reply

I do not recommend. Too many other casinos’s offer better customer service, promotions and timely payouts. i personally have not had a good experience with Las Vegas USA.

David Freeze on December 28, 2009. Reply

If you like playing at a honest casino whos pays off in a matter of a couple days then you should try playing at LAS VEGAS USA,They are the best casino ive had ever played with online, I recommend this casino above any online casino. Thnaks for having a honest up standing casino.


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