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Desiree kerr on June 21, 2023. Reply

I am currently having trouble with need for spins and my withdrawel of winnings. They processed my first withdrawel after a lot of stalling and documents needed to verify my account. After about a week of sending them the same documents about 10 times to verify, I finally got one $800 payout. I put 3x $800 withdrawels in at the same time. So after the first lot of $800 you would think that there shouldn’t be a hold up with the other requests. But it has been a week since my first payout. And 2 weeks since my first initial request to withdraw. I should have received all of my winnings with no hold up. I have contacted both support online at the casino and emailed kyc. The casino just refers me to kyc. And kyc just reply to my email saying that they will always let me know when the withdrawel has been successful via an email. They are stalling hoping I put it back into the casino and walk away with nothing. Not cool.


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