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frank b on November 19, 2012. Reply

the thing is i believe most online casinos try to start being legit but then they dont get the customers they thought they'd get and hence start screwin people out of their wins, sad. thats why play at only that have been around a long time and do resource on the casino before depositing to aviod gettin screwed . if its true their doin things like these comments their scumbags

crex on April 3, 2011. Reply

I believe the tons of positive comments about Pantasia to be false or they are only showing good ones that are probably self generated. Unfortunately, this casino seemsto be a total ripoff. I was silly enough to deposit 250. Got 250 "bonus", thus i had 500 to look around, play around in the casino… thats what i thought. In reality, I was not allowed to play anything else that – excuse the expression – totally silly line-games which turned about 50 per play. And each play went on automatically for about a minute. No table games, no regular slotts, etc. After about one hour of very boring "press enter ever 60 seconds", with max bet, I guess I have wagered about 3000 – which was far away from the required 8,000 … but of couse, the walue of ny deposit went – by definition – dow to almostmy original deposit of 250 …a suspicion would be that there is no way to get to play eg table games for your original depositedamount -through this construction your original deposit becomes locked up and dissappears before you can ever go and reach the wagering requirement …

When I asked the chat representative if there is any way to get out with at least the original deposit or any way at all toplay table games orregular type "push slots" etc, I was told that formall, that would be cheatingg and that I should just read the rules.

I would like to warn anybody – refrain from claiming the pantasia "welcome bonus". As I was "made out of money" I could not test the rest of the casino, but the Pantasiaestablishment really seems to be dishonest and ripping off people.


Mark on March 22, 2011. Reply

These people are a nightmare for dealing with customer service and withdrawal requests. They quote withdrawal times to be 2-5 business days and go well over by 3-4 weeks which I believe is very unreasonable in modern day for processing a simple withdrawal. I believe the comments above to be false or they are only showing good ones that are probably self generated. I have played at lots of casinos and they all have the same tactics of security docs request whenever you put in a withdrawal but you can deposit as many times as you like without security documentation so I do not understand their logic. Apart from they get money for the latter! My experience of casino is go somewhere more professional with a recognized corporate brand. I would warn others to stay well away.

RamonL on February 18, 2011. Reply

"played for a while" ? Did you wager enough to fulfil their wagering requirements? That is part of the fine print in every online casino. Normally you should be fine if you did that.

Mike on February 18, 2011. Reply

Pantasia belongs on the blacklist of casinos to avoid. I deposited $100 and played a while, went to cash out $400 and they refuse to pay and locked my account.
Stay away from this Pantasia scam casino

Papajoe on March 2, 2009. Reply

I signed up becuase they had the $15 free bonus program. I turned that into $1600 in one day. Now they refuse to pay me. Costomer service hangs up on me,I have emailed the manager, they do not respond. and they have locked me out of my account. this casino is a scam and they owe me money. Be Ware, this site is a scam! They will not provide me with a manager name or phone number, they tell me I have to email the manager, I have sent several emails with no responses. I can't stress this enough…Be Ware!!! this is not legitimate casino

cesar on December 10, 2007. Reply

after playing in other casinos and having many problem i can finally say this is a good casino i have never had a problem collecting my winnigs my last one was for 1000 dollars i fully recomend it to every body and they7 have good bonuses that you can actually play thru and after withdraw

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