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Lynda Bourgeois Smith on May 3, 2023. Reply

The Bonus and customer service is amazing, But I have sent verification emails because the document uploaded is strange it wont take any documents and I have resized every document. So I emailed everything. I have been sent 5 emails asking same docs, so today I made a full email with all my documents as asked again no reply from them. I use many casinos I have never had this issueI am getting worried they just don’t want to pay, I hope I am wrong because they have great games and good CS. But the verification is not so good. So please get me verified so I can continue to play with your casino lets get this rocking

Rolling Slots Casino logo Rolling Slots Casino on May 5, 2023.

Dear Lynda Bourgeois Smith,

thank you for your providing your honest review. We appreciate that you took the time to share your experience.

We understand that you might feel worried while waiting for your withdrawal request processing. However, please be informed that the verification process is a standard procedure, which aims to protect you and your account in the future.

Also, please note that sometimes, the verification procedure might be delayed due to the fact that, players are required to submit documents in higher quality. By providing them, our Financial Department manages to establish your identity, and further proceed with the withdrawal process.

Moreover, once your account has successfully passed the verification, our Financial Department contacts you per email regarding the results.

As we have checked, you have already received one of your payouts, and we would like to congratulate you!

We are also delighted to see that you are enjoying your gaming experience in our casino, as well as the assistance provided by our support team. Every day, we are striving to become better and develop our products, so that our players would remain entertained on our platform.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Live-Chat or email address. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Best regards,
Rolling Slots Casino Representative

Lissa on April 10, 2023. Reply

Have been asked for account verification. Have uploaded everything they’ve asked for 3 times, they send Sam robotic email stating it’s not right. I’ve begged them to call me and nothing!!

Naz on March 23, 2023. Reply

Opened an account with rolling slots casino. Saw the 200% welcome bonus so I deposited a hundred bucks. No bonus was received. When I reached out in live chat I was told no bonus could be added after the deposit except the welcome email said to do exactly that.

Cindy on November 1, 2022. Reply

Rollingslots are refusing to process my withdrawal. First they kept refusing to verify my account for reasons that weren’t factual.
Now they’re trying to say that because of “technical issues” I need to make 3 minimum deposits without wagering to be able to withdraw. What???
So, as they are actively denying to process the withdrawal, they’re trying to get yet more money.

Rolling Slots Casino logo Rolling Slots Casino on November 2, 2022.

Good day, dear Cindy,

We have a closer look at your case.

Firstly, our Financial team sent you 8 letters before your account has been fully verified. The reason your verification took so long, is that you provided us not relevant documents.

Secondly, we are not refusing to pay your winnings. Our Financial team sent you notifications with request to choose alternative payment method for withdraw.

And of course, we notified you that to withdraw your fund via alternative payment method that is available for your country, you should make verification deposit to unlock withdraw function, and this deposit you DON’T need to wager.

We suggest you to check the letter once again.

Wish you a good day!

Julius38 on June 1, 2022. Reply

The withdrawal process doesn’t work at all. After I verified my account and I decided to withdraw some money they decided to cancel my account.

Simon Jaeger on May 21, 2022. Reply

They have no readily accessible responsible gaming tools. In fact they go out of their way to make it difficult for you to close your account after registering. If they don’t care about their customers than they cannot be trusted in my opinion.


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