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Pierre Parsons on February 19, 2023. Reply

I’ve been waiting over one month for my payout of 850 CAD, They keep giving me a runaround. First saying they need my bank-statement, after several days its approved, you get an e-mail saying withdrawal approved but no $$. , Then again, they need new bank statement, same result. The latest is that the 850 has be returned to my account due to tech. issues.

Rodney Soupen on July 10, 2021. Reply

Royal Panda complaints section only replied to me twice in the past two weeks. Both times giving me the same. After one month’s waiting for my winnings, and not a cent received from them- they are still saying I should wait while they are looking into it. They will be telling me this again – if ever they email be again – which I doubt. I don’t really think they are willing to pay out.

Rodney Soupen on July 9, 2021. Reply

Withdrawal winnings never received
My most recent message to this casino Royal Panda:
Hi, over the past three weeks and a few days I have won many times and made withdrawal requests. I completed all verification requirements – which the casino Royal Panda, took a while before asking me to do these. All the verification has been approved. I have evidence of this.

It is shocking that the casinos like these are still licenced and allowed to operate. A dispute was lodged with the licencing authority over a week ago. I am still waiting, but not too much has happened.

I have had multiple chat conversations with different Royal Panda chat people, and each time I am being told something different about the status of my withdrawals. Once I was even told that my first winning withdrawal made around 19 June 2021 was due to be in my bank account my midnight. This was around 26 June. After many, many different and conflicting, contradictory messages (some of which I have recorded) – I have still not received a single cent. I checked with my bank (I have proof) about whether they have received any deposits (other than what appear on my account as normal from other sources – like my income). They told me that no other money has come through. The casino has not responded to complaints I sent to the complaints email address I was given during a chat conversation. Today, in a further chat to find out what is going on, after previous promises I was now told that I am in some sort of “queue.” I really do not know just what to believe anymore. By now all of my withdrawal winnings should be due to be paid out. This has been a shocking experience.

Maya on September 20, 2015. Reply

great casino. i loved the variety that they provide in terms of the games available and their bonuses are amazing at keeping you going.

SethRollins329 on August 25, 2015. Reply

NetEnt and Microgaming are two respected game providers and having them both in one place is really convenient. Unlike other casinos this one does offer live casino and gambling which really makes you feel like you’re playing in a real casino.

I enjoy Flash based casinos becasue I’m not a huge downloader. No issues at all with the software and it’s always working no matter when I log in.

No hassles here. Really good spot to play at.


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