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Susan on August 21, 2015. Reply

Am a massive fan of Vegas Joker Casino Online

I have spent many hours of fun in here.

Won many many thousands of dollars too.

Highly recommended.

Big mention for my VIP host ‘LEE’.
He is so wonderful and caring and great for a chat when you need it.
Fantastic and helpful customer care.
Thank you Lee.

Don’t play anywhere else, fast withdrawls too.

So much variety to play and great jackpots…

Katherine Starks on July 10, 2006. Reply

this is a great casino they do like thier sister casino vegas country put bonus in ur account just for playing there i,ve never had a pronble with this casino i can,t believe like its sister casino there r not more things posted here saying how good they r

Stephen Brown on June 29, 2006. Reply

After reading a few of the reviews on your website, I noticed that there were none for Vegas Joker. Firstly, I am not in any way affiliated with this casino. I write this review without coersion of any kind, positive or negative, and hope it is viewed openly by players and the casino. I deposit more on this casino than I win and the cash out time is average. The games are all those offered by Microgaming and are pretty standard. What I love about this casino are the little things they do to keep the “not-so-high-roller” coming back. I received a bonus once for being away too long. This may not sound like much. but it was a lot more than I received from any other casino for wanting my business. There is no better feeling in online gaming, in my opinion, than logging onto a casino and seeing a little “thank you” bonus not mentioned in the promotions. I play on several, and this casino is one of two I return to as a loyal customer. To the casino, I wish to thank you for your service. If requests are accepted, I think a running total of points earned would inspire players a bit. The loyalty system would improve if each player could see they are climbing in status with your casino. The other casino I enjoy does this and the promotions change based on accrued loyalty point. You might do this as well, but it is hidden from your players. Since we gamble, it is reasonable to expect we have a tendency for competition, a running total gives players a new level to shoot for. Glad I found this website and thank you for allowing good and bad casino input.

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