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vrettos tzinieris on May 13, 2021. Reply

I made an account on 5 may and I uploaded the same day the documents they asked for verification. I asked them when my verification will be completed and they told me that verification takes up to 3 days so till Friday the verification will be done.
I ask them and the three days ( 5 may ,6 may, 7may) if they have any news for my verification and  if it’s all my documents ok. They answer me that the verification will be completed till the friday.

On Friday night I asked them why my verification was not completed and they answered with the lie that the system is overloaded and will be completed after a request which  they send to the security department. After some hours they told me that their security department doesn’t work on weekends and from Monday I will have my verification.

On 9 may Sunday they sent me an email and they told me that they want these documents:
“a signature and attestation in English language from a notary that the card on which you requested a withdrawal belongs to you. And a photo of a document confirming your home address, this can be an apartment bill or an invoice where your name and surname are indicated with your home address”.

I contacted the live chat again and I found that the kyc department is working on sunday.
After I tell them that I have uploaded all the documents they asked for from 5 may and I deposit them with skrill not with a card. So they asked me for a photo from my proof of address again but they told me that they want the bill of my internet to be on paper.
I told him that i will send him tomorrow and i asked him if after this document my verification will be completed, they answer yes.
10 may i send them the document and i asked them to complete my verification, their answer was that i must wait up to 3 days for the verification. It’s obvious that they want to delay the verification and the withdrawal which I want.

I sent an email to their manager on 9 may which I offered  the casino a settlement but no answer yet, it is interesting because the live chat told me that he will answer on 10 may. When the manager of the casino is unwilling to solve the problem you cannot wait for progress from their departments about your account. Today we are on 13 may i dont have asnwer yet they said me that 12 may i will have for sure my verification and checking of my session but at the end of the day the said on the lunch of 13 may i get the answer.
The lunch time has passed and no asnwer yet


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