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on December 25, 2020. Reply

I am still waiting on my withdrawal from them they owe me 1050$ I gave them all the info the asked for to verify myself, things like drivers license, rental agreement, internet bill and my banking information gave all that info to this company for them to ask me to take a selfie holding my drivers license with there background in the pic, I could not believe it but I did so and the pic didn’t come out perfect that’s very hard to do therefor they told me they don’t have info information to process my withdrawals. Very disappointed

on August 29, 2020. Reply

They do not take their Responsible Gambling commitments seriously. I had been lucky enough to have a 1000 euros in my account after winning from deposits totaling 250.
There is no upper limit on how much you can deposit but they will only let you cash out 500 in one day. I have a gambling problem and knew I would lose the 500 still in the account and cancel the withdraw if I had access to it for days.
Sure enough the next day I lost the 500 so went to support to tell them to close my account so that I would not reverse the withdrawal. They said they would but only if I forfeited the 500 withdrawal and they would refund me my last 50 euro deposit.
Obviously no one should have to pay 450 euro to close an account!
I explained I had a gambling issue and if they could not close the account then to limit my deposits but they would not do it.
Later, I started depositing again as the urge him me. I pleaded and begged them to stop me from depositing as an RG issue but they would not. The only option was to close my account and forfeit the 500 euos!
As I begged them to restrict me they watched me deposit and play and lose another 500 euros and empty my bank account.
This rule may be in their T and C’s as they kept stating but it does not make it right and it does not mean that it should supersede Responsible Gaming commitments.
I will be making a complaint to their licencing jurisdiction and will look in to taking legal action against them.
Even for those of you who do not have a problem you should NOT play here. You can only withdraw 500 per day. It remains pending and reversable for many days and you have no way of taking a time out whilst you wait for your withdrawals.


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