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T on January 26, 2022. Reply

Wildtornado took seventeen unauthorized transactions out of my account without my permission, denied it trying to pin it on the previous days deposits that I had already paid for. Eight of these were within 1 minute totaling almost $400.
I had to cancel my debit card to stop the transactions and report it as fraud to my bank. Their staff did not help me in anyway and just kept saying I had deposited the money myself and played it which I didn’t.
It’s one thing to deposit money and lose it but it is another thing for a casino to take money out of your bank account without your permission, not apply it to your account, not give you the funds back, pin it on different days deposits and then block you from contacting them when you call them out on it and ask for help. It puts you in a position where you have to cancel your debit or credit card which is a total inconvenience in itself.

JJ on June 1, 2021. Reply

Deposited a $20 neosurf and 5 days later it was still pending.. They told me it was a technical fault and were working on getting it fixed.. I then got told it was a neosurf issue and they were waiting to here back from them.. I provided screenshots of voucher as proof neosurf had activated my voucher.. They just kept telling me to be patient and wait.. I never got my $20 neosurf and i chose to close my account as i was just being lied to constantly..

My personal manager Nataly was supposed to add between 100-200 spins to my account each monday as per a deal between myself and management because of the amount of money i was and had deposited over a period of time.. So monday comes and nataly tells me that offer was last weeks offer and i can only do 55 spins..Each spin was supposed to be worth $1.. So go to play spins and 50c spins instead of $1 and so she reneged on deal.
I was left waiting up to 18 hrs for a reply from her and this happened several times. Customer service via email are a joke and just keep mucking you around and don’t care for you or your issue. There favorite saying is ” please just be patient and wait “.
As to the lucky bonus… I was on 96% complete level 6 one minute and the next i was down to 86%..next day dropped again to 76%.. When i contacted games hall chat i was asked to provide evidence and i did just that.. “Nothing wrong from our side ” was there response. Games hall chat said she’d pass it on for me to get looked at and they’d contact me when they were done looking at it.. So when i spoke to her the next day she hadn’t passed it on and asked me to submit proof again and when i told her I’d already provided proof to her last night she replied ” oh i deleted that chat ” .

Wild Tornado Casino on November 26, 2021.

Dear JJ!

Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to explain the situation. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences with payment methods, indeed we were experiencing degradation of the Neosurf services, and it was fixed within few days. It’s possible that deposits, that stuck, were credited to your account, so please contact our support team once again in order to check it. Also we would like to investigate inconvenience with your personal manager, so please contact us in your erliest convenience.

Thank you for understanding!


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