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SirBetsAlot on September 14, 2020. Reply

They lost my deposit for 30 days and when they said it would be returned to my bank the decided to put it in my casino account instead. Then I tried to withdrawal it and now they want me to resubmit my ID etc. I’ve now moved and my ID isn’t up to date Covid slowed things down but woocasino still has my money and won’t return it.

michael on August 26, 2020. Reply

I have complied with everything they have asked in regards with giving them my account details so they can deposit me back my winnings. Typical as i thought they use every tactic in the book starting with taking there time to to refund the money hoping that you end up blowing it. Then when frustration builds they come back and say that my pictures that they request to make payment into my card were not accepted when it clearly shows that both pictures of the front and back were accepted. Stay away from this app there bogus adds of people winning big jackpots in Australia and news reporter Sammy Armatage also interviewing big jackpot winners are all a big lie and scam . You should already know that Australian news reporters will never advertise on there behalf because online gambling in australia is not permitted.

Megan Mannering on August 22, 2020. Reply

Woo casino is great at taking money when you deposit it but trying to withdraw if you have a win is impossible. They continually ask for different ID, selfies etc etc and then they say it’s not clear enough or there is always an issue so you can’t withdraw

Gee on August 13, 2020. Reply

There is always a problem with deposits. They took money from me and said “ there was a problem” and haven’t returned it. It’s somewhere in the air because it’s not in my bank account. And no one has answers. I even provided them with the reference number and screen shot of the withdrawl. Horrible customer service.


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