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Carrie Andreola on December 2, 2022. Reply

I won some money on Sunday and have sent all my documents as requested. One of the issues was my ontario photo card had expired, but I provided the letter from our Canadian government that the government told must accompany my ontario photo card until I get my new one, and was told by our government that this is acceptable anywhere. I provided proof resident with a bank statement and other documents and they still won’t release my winnings. I don’t drive so I don’t have a license, I don’t have a passport as I don’t go outside of Canada. What’s very strange they accepted my I dentification previously and I just withdrew winnings a couple of weeks ago. They are quick to take my money but not quick to give it to me. I have contacted them several times and they just give me the run around. The last email I received was to provide a bank statement, that was yesterday and have heard nothing since. People play to hopefully win and look forward to receiving their winnings.

Joe Tecce on October 22, 2022. Reply

I got an offer to join for a $10 deposit for 125 spins which went well I won a whole $11 so my account was at 111$ after my 100$ deposit, I started playing some slot machines until I decided to play blackjack. I lost my original deposit so I went on to deposit another $150.00 and was quite lucky to bring my stakes up to over $4000.00 so I then decided to withdraw $2000 and play with the rest, after my withdrawal of 2037$ went back to play and my account balance was at $0, been trying to get help through the chat and no help at all, nobody to talk to when you call the 1-888 number they say they are to busy and hang up on you asking you to contact the 24-hour chat which is absolutely useless. I will wait for my refund and cancel my account as I have had nothing but problems since I signed up, tried looking at the play history and there is absolutely nothing there. My account is showing that my withdrawal of 2037$ is there but they send me emails to do a reversal so I can still play. They say 2 business days to process and It has been more than 2 days but nothing in my account yet.

Not very impressed with their customer service or trying to resolve an issue.


Kent on October 8, 2022. Reply

Had a few small wins on Yukon Gold casino but it’s gambling so that’s not the point. After reading some of the terrible reviews I decided to delete my account. Talked to the live chat many times. They will not remove my account. I have asked many different chats and they always offer me promotions but will not remove my account.

Yukon Gold Casino logo Yukon Gold Casino on October 10, 2022.

Hi Kent

I can see that your account was disabled when you spoke to a live operator. They advised you to email our compliance department to follow through with your further request to delete your data due to our licence responsibilities. As this email was sent on a weekend, please give them up to 7 days to respond.

Elizabeth HELMINk on October 1, 2022. Reply

Was having fun at first but the last couple times I had played there they ripped me off a couple deposits (Interac Payper.Inc). Took it out of my account but not deposited into the casino account and never paid me back even though I’ve tried to retrieve my money. No reply. will not play there again.

Yukon Gold Casino logo Yukon Gold Casino on October 5, 2022.

Hi Elizabeth

On 5th October you chatted with support who gave you the transaction numbers based on the screenshots of your bank statement to show that these transactions were indeed credited to your account. I imagine this issue is not resolved.

Erica Roubos on April 28, 2022. Reply

Many deposits ( approx. 700.00) worth made never credited to play and never refunded to me. Customer service will not help they, are asking me for proof. Well it’s out of my account paid to them. Live chat says they can see I made the deposit and it’s pending a 24 hour wait. After 24 hours no refund no credit to game.

Yukon Gold Casino logo Yukon Gold Casino on May 3, 2022.

Hi Erica

I can see in your account that the support explained to you that Interac is responsible for refunding your deposits if they do not hit our accounts and they will send you an email with instructions how to claim that money back to your bank account. If you are not receiving those emails, it would be best to contact your bank so they can fix it with interac.

I would suggest using a different deposit method in future to avoid this issue as it seems to be recurring with interac.

wanda thornhill on January 27, 2022. Reply

I won 2000, no where near what I loss. After this the reward offers stopped. I tried to use my VIP points as I have many times, but they banned me from it for whatever reason. They say they needed to know my intentions. The vip at this time was only worth 10.00…but they refused to let me have it until they knew what my intentions were. Three months ago now, never got another offer of the vip and the 10.00 was never given to me.

Yukon Gold Casino logo Yukon Gold Casino on January 31, 2022.

Hi Wanda

As mentioned by the live chat agent:
There is a temporary suspension in place on your Casino Rewards VIP points. The temporary suspension of Casino Rewards VIP points is based on a number of contributing factors, including your entire history within the Casino Rewards network. This includes, and is not limited to: – Your game play history – Your bonus history – Your deposit history – Your withdrawal history Whilst you are still earning, and may see, VIP points available for redemption in your Casino Rewards account, these points will only be released as soon as you further demonstrate the proper intention to deposit & wager at the casino. This will then in time restore your ability to redeem your casino rewards bonus points. All your VIP points will be there waiting for you, during the break period. The length of the time-out depends on your future game sessions and purchases within the Casino Rewards network. It will be reversed as soon as your intentions have met the specific criteria which triggered the time-out. The very good news for you is that while you play with your funds only, you will be able to withdraw your winnings any time you like. The suspension could automatically be lifted at any time by the system. Please be advised that according to the casino promotional Terms & Conditions you are currently not eligible to redeem any further VIP points. Whilst you may see VIP points available for redemption in your Casino Rewards account, these points will not be released until you further demonstrate a serious intention to deposit and wager at the casino in accordance with the Casino’s promotional Terms & Conditions. As per the casinos promotional Terms & Conditions which can be found on the casinos homepage: “In the event that the casino deems a player to have misused a casino account for the exploitation of promotional offers, without ever demonstrating any degree of risk with personal funds or serious intention to play, the redemption of all such promotional offers, including but not limited to signup bonuses, will be suspended until such times as the player demonstrates a playing history whereby a risk of personal funds is periodically demonstrated at the casino.” So unfortunately further casino bonus will remain suspended until your account reflects a true desire to deposit, wager, and risk more of your personal funds. This suspension applies to all Casino Rewards bonuses, which includes but is not limited to: Casino VIP points, Signup Bonus offers, promotions, and deposit offers.

You currently have received more than 100% of your deposits in bonuses, and you have withdrawn more than 3 times your deposits. Unfortunately this means the casino support is not able to manually help. Once you have satisfied the specific criteria which triggered the time-out, you will be able to redeem bonuses and VIP points once again.

Kealie on January 4, 2022. Reply

I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Yukon Gold Casino so far.
Especially in comparison to other online casinos they have been fair and easy to deal with. The game selection is pretty good. I haven’t any issues with connection or site use. Also, everything is easy to navigate.

Yukon Gold Casino logo Yukon Gold Casino on May 3, 2022.

Thanks for the great review Kealie!

Yukon Gail on December 28, 2021. Reply

I deposited $15 and did not get free spins. When I finally got through to Chat, they offered me a bonus of more money when I deposited yet MORE money and when I said I only wanted my free spins, the Chat abruptly ended. What kind of customer service is that? Never even gave me a chance to add another comment…simply cut off Chat.

Roger on December 20, 2021. Reply

I didn’t get the spins promised . Instead they offered to resolve my problem and ended the chat abruptly when I said my issue wasn’t resolved.

SHELLY LUPTON on November 13, 2021. Reply

It’s been a good fair playing game. Just find somedays it freezes or doesn’t let me deposit or withdrawal. Seems like it still is trying to download. Hours it seems. Or somedays it’s just a white screen all day. But mostly it just doesn’t let me doing anything but play games. No deposit or withdrawal and some of the games won’t even down load. So that part is very frustrating. Just had 9 hours and all was white screen. Now it shows it but won’t let me do anything but play games. It’s been like that and they keep saying it’s at my end. Which I beg to differ as any other casino sites never have that issuen

JoshCrimston on November 13, 2021. Reply

Yukon Gold is not my favourite casino due to the lack of diversity. But if you like microgaming games, then you´ll be happy there. I stop there from time to time and never had any troubles getting my money in time.
They are quick with deposits and (of course) slower with cash outs. But that depends on the payment method you choose and to be honest, personally I haven’t found a casino where that is not the case….go figure.
The casinos in this group are all legit and not that bad. Though they are all pretty much the same

Bronwyn Mackenzie on November 8, 2021. Reply

Yukon Gold Casino has been pretty good to me so far. A friend of mine had problems so she stopped playing there. Im still playing but I have to agree with others that making you wait for withdrawals is unfortunate. Other casinos tend to be quicker than them.

Sharon Theriault on October 3, 2021. Reply

I am trying to get my money and casino account back so I can continue having fun playing the slots. On Oct 2/21 I was playing for a while and then when I went back to the casino again I could not get into my account. Five times I went to Casino Support (Live Chat), was given the same instructions each time which I did and still could not get to play again. I was told to change my password and when I did that I was given a new account which did not have any money connected with it. I have $2000.97 in my original account which I cannot access. I am so tired of trying to get through to someone what the problem is – have I lost my money for ever. Sure does not seem fair.

wanda on September 25, 2021. Reply

I won over 2000 and did a withdrawal. 6 days later it’s still pending. I am told it’s pending because I have deposit that’s not been cleared. I said I have not deposited anything for this account.

It turns out, they send me an offer for another of their casinos, $1 for 20 spins. The $2.59 has come out of my account and they say they didn’t receive it so they are not releasing the 2000.00. it’s an headache when dealing with them, automatically answers questions without actually answering directly.

I was all excited when I won, but it doesn’t appear I will ever receive it. It’s been about a week now and it’s still showing in pending.

I have emailed and got no reply. The initial chat is not a real person, it’s a computer. No matter what your questions, you get same answer. It then directs you to a live person who will abruptly disconnect you.

Dwayne Thomas on April 26, 2021. Reply

Enjoyed the briefly new comers treatment but after that they try to take your money while pretending it’s a good casino, bonuses are random but play 1 $ or lower as they do not hit in higher bets, promotions are always messed up tricks, says match bonus in vip points but will put bonus money trapping real money behind it till you play 30x wager of bonus money. Games get real cheap on buy bonuses never pay out more then cost of them.
VIP program is a joke and always has glitches. They blame on you like reverse withdrawals always seems to come back out so they never have to pay out stating you have to wait the 3 to 5 days to receive funds. I just Gave up on them and played my 1000$ I had with no luck at all no bonuses, buying a 4$ ones were giving 70$ wins, play with bonus money is much better experience $1 bonus would give 400-500 or more and more fun as machine seems to know you can just leave with money, real money is scammed from you with bad percentage return,

rob on February 19, 2021. Reply

I have 300 dollars in bonus vip money that they will not release to me because i have not lost enough money. They say it’s to stop fraud, but if they don’t want to honor there bonus incentives (ex. 100% match up on deposits), then don’t offer them. I lost my 200 bucks, but they will not release the bonus.

Jeff sexton on January 6, 2021. Reply

I’ve been playing at Yukon Gold steady for about a year and had some small wins here and there but not much. On New years day I won $5000. They kept showing me the big win over and over again and I was Stuck on that screen for a long period of time. I wasn’t credited any of the money to my balance and when I got out of the game the win disappeared and wouldn’t show up in my history.
I was back-and-forth on live chat all day long and they said I should’ve taken a picture of it which I didn’t think to do at the time. Absolutely disgusted. There is no way I’m getting my money for my one and only jackpot of any significance that I have ever one. I didn’t mind playing there up until that day, I found it to be a pretty decent online casino.

Brad Crozier on November 18, 2020. Reply

I intially won 6800. Then I moved it for withdrawal. It said pending so u can take money out until they actually take it to send. So I got down two 1300 and am waiting. Every day they tell me tomorrow. I never had problems before. They tell you you can take money out of pending up to 48 hrs before they take funds to send to you. But today now they are saying every time you take money out of pending winnings it changes it by two days. That was never the case before. Everyday now when I contact them they tell me something different. They are great to deal with but now I’m having concerns.

Trena on October 8, 2020. Reply

I was winning; however, my money was not being added to my credit. I tried to resolve the issue only to have been disconnected with the live chat 8 TIMES!!! Every time that I had to reconnect, I had to relate the same information over again from the beginning, the Representative would pass me over to a colleague, and then we would be disconnected. After my eighth attempt; it was pretty obvious that the casino had no intention of honouring me my winnings. They had recommended that I access a link where I could watch a replay of the game; I explained that I didn’t need to watch the play because I knew that I won, I recommended that they watch it and honour me my winnings of $100. Cdn ( I actually had won over $100., but I was willing to settle). I am certain that the casino had no intention of honouring my winnings; I never did get my money. I was not very impressed; however, I had aprox $27 still in credits so I decided to play it out. Wouldn’t you know it, I won another $360. and that was not credited to me! I once again attempted to resolve this with the live chat ( I was informed that the casino does not have a customer service phone number), and once again, there was no assistance, or attempt to honour my winnings.

Yukon Gold Casino logo Yukon Gold Casino on October 21, 2020.

Hi Trena

Please contact me at Renee@RewardsAffiliates.com with your account number so I can look into this issue.

Casino Rep

Tracey Nesbitt on August 30, 2020. Reply

I’ve had enough. site is hard to navigate. You get a code via email but can’t figure out where to put it. You go to live chat and it’s a damn automated response that doesn’t understand you so decides it’s done talking and logs you out. Live means a real person, not a computer. Three days of grief dealing with missing deposits, delayed responses and now this. This casino has gone downhill.

Mrs Honey on July 4, 2020. Reply

I have been playing this last year off and on I have won $2700 my 1st time and I received my deposit cheque in my account Thursday afternoon after 3pm and withdrew Sunday. But honestly that time it did take about 1 week my fault in on that end wrong information on my bank account. I won a few more times which was great when needed also the online chat was always very helpful. No issues here a good payout and match bonuses I don’t like them much but if you like to play then yes their good. I haven’t had any payout issues. I have left my game and went back to to numerous times and it was still the same when I logged back in

Jeffrey on June 16, 2020. Reply

Yukon Gold offers the “just sign up and get 125 free spins with a minimum 10 dollar deposit”…No problem
Well I do that and get my free spins and after the free spins I started going up.
I was at 325 bucks and all of a sudden I got busy with something else so I left my gambling idle for an hour .I go back on line to keep playing and I can’t even get back in to my account.
Very bad live chat service to try and solve the issue at hand.

Christine Larocque on April 16, 2020. Reply

Although they indicate that interac deposits are done within 15 min, it is usually 25-35 min. However, today it has been over 90 min and they refuse the trace it or verify stating it can take 24 hours.

FM on May 20, 2020.

I give 5 stars to all Yukon Support Agent… I am using Interac transfer and so far only few minutes, if it takes longer the problem is your bank. Easy to make a withdrawal with a polite Agent to answer your questions. I am a Platinum status here, and make a withdrawal of $7,000, so far no problem at all. Now i am close to Diamond. It’s awesome the Management of Casino Rewards. I absolutely recommend to all players online to play any Casino rewards.

Sarah on May 21, 2020.

How many days you need to wait to received your money? My girlfriend told me it took 7 days
By e transfer . That is too long

Kyle on August 13, 2020.

Yes lately they have bin taking forever to deposit into the casino. Took 4 hrs last night for a 50$ deposit

Pam on February 1, 2020. Reply

Their percent match bonuses are awful. If u play big the match bonus should come on automatically. It does not. They treat vip players not well. Their chat operators are snooty and behave e like it is their money when u want a bonus.

Robert Middleton on January 27, 2020. Reply

They have a good variety of games and you can win some nice pots. However, they are quick to take your
money but terrible at withdrawals. I have been trying for 3 1/2 months to withdraw $100.00 and still
no success. Every time I talk to them at their help desk I get the run around. I find both the help desk
and live chat people to be very friendly but incompetent. They have even started asking me for
personnel information which I refuse to give them. This has complicated the process. If you just want
to play games with no chance of ever getting your winnings out then they are fine.
If you expect to get a withdrawal I would try a different site.

D. Sewell on December 8, 2019. Reply

Games were fine and help desk just ok, the biggest problem is getting any winnings out. They take your money in 15 minutes but have taken up to 2 weeks to pay me out a simple 2k in which I still haven’t received all. Very difficult to get paid.

Kelly Rowland on May 9, 2016. Reply

Good experience here. Fun theme and game variety is great. I’m a casual player here so I haven’t really needed to use the support staff a whole lot, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. Bonuses are pretty good, not including the weak initial deposit bonus.


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