Nescafé interested in eSports

Global coffee brand Nescafé has inked a deal with MAD Lions E.C., a Spanish eSports organisation in a deal that will see the coffee group sponsoring MAD Lions’ League of Legends team.

The agreement allows both the parties to jointly produce digital content and host activations through which fans can meet the team’s players. The deal will come to force with the Madrid Games Week on October 18-21 this year.

Marcos Eguillor, co-founder and CCO of MAD Lions E.C. said in a statement Thursday: “The entry of the Nestlé group is a very important step for MAD Lions E.C. in its relationship strategy with leading brands in its segments. In addition, it is excellent news for a sector that every day attracts more consumer brands that are committed to innovation, digitalisation and the transformation of the relationship model with the customer through eSports.”

This is not the first eSports sponsorship by Nescafe; the Swiss company had already been involved with hosting Hearthstone tournaments with PGL Esports, but it is Nescafé’s first venture into eSports in Spain.

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