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Deceived Guy on September 17, 2018. Reply

I registered on online casino Betitall on 08/28/18. On the same day I made the following two payments within a span of several hours (via the Skrill payment system): $3000 at 16:02, 26/08/2018 and $2000 at 18:27, 26/08/2018. The receiver of the payments was Momus2006 N.V. After that I played one blackjack game session with a pot of $134,000.00, and won $13200. On the same day I ordered a withdrawal of $5000.00. On the next day’s morning I received a request from Betitall to produce documents for verification (passport, utility bill, Skrill payment screenshot). I sent the requested documents to Betitall and received an email from them stating that the documents were accepted and are being processed. On Tuesday, August 28, I received an email from Betitall stating that my account had been terminated and my winnings and personal funds had been confiscated.
The confiscation of my funds by Betitall is absolutely unjustified, as he did not violate any of Betitall’s rules. Even if Betitall make a decision to terminate my account, Betitall has no right to confiscate my winnings and personal funds. I played blackjack, which is a game with high dispersion and near-zero expectation, risking my money while attempting to achieve a place on the Sunday’s race and I got lucky.
In addition to the above, my personal funds (my deposit) had been transferred to Momus2006 N.V. from my personal Skrill account. The confiscation of these funds constitutes a gross violation of the rules of casino licensing. I tried to reach Betitall to get my money back, but they denied my request and refused consider the fact that it was my personal funds that had been confiscated, not bonuses or the like.
So I demand my money back!


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