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Waynz1 on August 14, 2015. Reply

If you accept a bonus from BetFred you will never win in their online casino.
For Example deposit £1000 and receive a £1000 bonus. Example If you were to go on their roulette and bet say on your first spin £500 (max table limit). lets say one of your numbers is number 8 you have it straight at £25 and Split x 4 at £50 and your number comes in, your winnings would be £4250. So how much have you won well as you have accepted there bonus you actually won nothing. You cold do this all night and win on every spin but all you can cash out is what you out in £1000.

Now if you adhere to their T+Cs the max you can wager is £200 until you unlock the bonus tie in. Now then this is where it gets interesting the bonus lock in when they have given you £1000 is £50000.00 yes 50K but they only reduce that 50k by £20 per spin……..or 2500 spins at £200.

Think twice with these Sheisters.

I am on the receiving end of them withholding £45k. It is my intention in life to spend every day on every website spreading the word


JK1212 on January 14, 2015. Reply

This place has new games almost every week and they’re available through both Flash and download. I play a lot of blacjack and was surprised how many versions they had. The variety is really good and keeps the whole casino feeling fresh.

I haven’t had to payout here at all so I can’t speak to that but I don’t anticipate any real issues. I just started playing here and have really enjoyed my experience.


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