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Steven stark on April 3, 2016. Reply

They cancelled winnig bets of sub stancial amounts without any good reason then offer to replace the £4 with was on the winning number instead of the £32 that single bet cost me then we’ll over an hour trying to contact customer service 3 times being cut off there is no phone number for complaints on the whole. it was a real misfortune using this site

Xavier Woods on January 14, 2016. Reply

I haven’t read any good reviews of BGO and here is no different. I came to check it out and I was surprised how accurate the comments I read were. Live blackjack is not very good here especially since it’s so hard to play here. They wouldn’t let me withdraw/deposit unless I put in a certain amount which I thought was weird as well.

Haven’t played here in weeks!

Sdp on November 17, 2015. Reply

I joined the casino and then in a month or so later joined bgo bingo. I won 700 but they closed my bingo account stating i had a duplicate account! How are players ezpected to know they cant have a casino account and a seperate bingo one?!

Mark Roye on March 29, 2015. Reply

Played through bonuses and went to withdraw my initial £250 Deposit.
Expecting it in my account when had an email sorry but some of your stakes were over £10 so withdraw will not be allowed. Then set another bonus limit of 3 times higher than original , of £2500.
Small time outfit, at this rate wont be allow long.
Getting in live casino to play blackjack, is a joke , you could get into Fort Knox easier

colin noble on February 1, 2015. Reply

I have found this site to be very good. Withdrawals are proccessed very quick have been in my bank within 2 days. They offer plenty of bonuses and some excellent match ups. Yes they are quite tough to get through the play through bonus which is to be expected.. there is a excellent selection of games and i highly reccomend this site

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