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Diane Turco on July 10, 2022. Reply

I have been waiting for a response about the 4 thousand dollars that is owed to me. I have been waiting since March 2022 to receive it.

On May 19th I was told “Rest assured that we have escalated the documentation through to our Operations Department for further review. Do remember that our Operations Department has a turnaround time of 7 days (often less) for the reviewing of all documents received.”

Guess what??? I have never received any more comments from them. I have been sending them emails over and over again and no response. The people who you interact with in the chats are awesome but there is nothing they can really do.

Sherman Thomas on December 21, 2015. Reply

The free spin bonuses that MGC offers are awesome if you love slots. They offer the bonus to you as a signup perk and then every week they have new bonuses for you to take adv of. Great for new players and for those wanting to learn how to play new games w/o spending a ton of money

Steven c on December 19, 2015. Reply

Hi all
I recently joined mummy’s gold with $50aus got a 100% bonus 4 spins into the game silver fang I won free spins on a $3 spins I won $7300.00 AUS I proceeded to banker supplied the necessary documents and within 10 working days the money was in my skrill account I still play mummy’s gold today and never had any problems to date..
Thanks mummy’s gold..
You guys rock!!!

d goldsmith on October 15, 2013. Reply

I signed up for mummys gold, and initially had a good experience. After a couple of months of not playing I started to get lots of trouble. Phone calls and text messages 3 or 4 times a day, every day, for months on end. Spoke to the caller a few times, and asked them to stop harassing me. calls would stop for a couple of weeks, before starting again. Just spoke to a rude man on the phone who said, "you signed up for an account and gave your mobile number, so that gives us authority to contact you as much as we like. If you don't want contacting cancel your account". I have searched the mummy gold download, and online I can find no way of cancelling my account. Looks like I need to change my mobile number. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

mark on September 9, 2012. Reply

plz do not play this game it a win win 4them i was playing had it up to 80x on free spin and the spin button did not light up 4 me to keep playing and then time up came up got keick out then whent back in and lost my 80x talk to them and thy said i had free spins and only won so much witch no free spins came up at all so i talk to they enroga who runs the casion and they ask them to investergate the answer was if i had video of what happen to show but if not nothin i can do there said i had the free spins witch i waitted for the miss was watching as well do not play they all in together so nothin i can do witch i could of won big that day just because mummys gold casion said i did have free spins and won so much witch nothin show me in free spins witch they did not happin and they said to the invester it did happin so they just said to me i got to prov it with a video wow how many ppl video the game they play do not play its very unsafe here both mob r 2gether on this to make u lose i know im right and i have my miss to prov it she was watching me play

Andrew on November 21, 2011. Reply

Seemingly ok gaming upon new acc set-up and play…win some, lose some.

When playing away, and having had a win & made a withdrawal,(understand still well down on $'s since acc inception) I received a phone call from casino within minutes of withdrawal , offering bonuses if I cancelled withdrawal and left moneys with Casino. IMMEDIATE to that call gamplay seemingly altered. Subsequently , and $7K_ of deposits games paid very low and zero spin awards UNTIL I contacted their priority support staff to question the gaming integrity…funnily enough very quickly after the contact I made to their support member, the two games I had played for more than a day ( and probably total approx $15K turnover), once more began to pay free spins ????? Coincedence ????

When I contacted again over concerns Mummys Gold Casino staff stated my wirtten concerns "looked like lawyer talk" to them ( 1 specific VIP support member team ) & cancelled my account given this support member assumed I had instigated legal proceedings.

I stated otherwise many times. They did not acknowledge this. Nor would they answer specific questions…nor would they immedtiately provide any /all account and record history.

So amongst many others…off to eCOGRA

BE WARNED ….or use new account & get out !

richard on October 8, 2011. Reply

we have played a mummys for about 2 months , won £1200 and had no problems a little bit late because we were new , found them very good

angelo on November 20, 2010. Reply

a couple years ago mummys gold casino had a promotion to give $500 and play for 1 hour and anything you win is yours to keep. guess what I won $2500.00 and they would not send me a penny. because of them I stopped playing anywhere online

Lisa Vey on October 12, 2010. Reply

These complaints are very strange to me. I have won quite a lot of money at Mummy's Gold (of course I have lost as well but that's not the debate here). Every single time that I have made a withdrawal I have received my money within a short time (usually a few days). The first time I did have to send them my confirmation credentials but every on-line casino requests that before paying out. I have withdrawn $100 and I have withdrawn $2000 and everything in between and have never had a problem. Maybe those of you with complaints are not following the rules? Any time you take advantage of bonus money most on-line casinos make you play out 15 – 50 times the bonus amount before you can withdraw any winnings on that particular bonus. You can solve that problem by rejecting the bonus and just playing with your deposit.

katie on September 6, 2010. Reply

I'm furious with Mummy's casino; I deposited £50 & was told i could play free for an hour & take any winnings. I did this & won £60, only the £50 i deposited seemed to have disappeared. Without complaining i then tried to withdraw the money i had rightfully won only to be told i had to win 60 times my bonus in order to withdraw anything, which meant i had to win £1800! i couldnt believe it. The casino is therefore forcing me to gamble my money when i don't wish to. This is disgusting, i've played on a few online casinos before & have never had this problem. Mummy's casino are a bunch of con-artists & have essentially stolen £110 from me. STAY AWAY.

Francis Cappellano on August 19, 2010. Reply

your comment After discussing further with mummys casino live online chat I have been informed that it is a bank charge not theres and they gave me some very useful options as a way to go so I wouldnt have to pay the $45 fee to get my winnings I will give them another go as I did fun playing on the mummy

Francis Cappellano on August 15, 2010. Reply

your comment I dont recommend Mummys gold casino because I was given misleading information on the phone during one of my conversations regarding withdrawing money I was told I would have a once off only $45 payment to set up withdrawals only to find that each time I withdrew I was to be charged this amount when I realized what was happening they told me that they would put all my witherals together 3 in total which I am now aware that I was charged 3 I wont be playing Mummys Casino anymore

mark on June 9, 2010. Reply

I am very angry with I received a £15 bonus which I had to gamble 30 times before I could withdraw any winnings. I did this and found that I couldn't make a withdrawal (I won more than £100). The live online assistant kept insisting I hadn't gambled the full 30 times and then started pointing me towards different terms and conditions to the ones that are linked from my account page. Basically they didn't want to pay me my winnings and I am very angry about them as they appear to be nothing more than dishonest con-artists

jacek on June 8, 2010. Reply

I won the jackpot 15/05/2010 23,522.00 pounds in Mummys Gold Casino. I had an account on the old computer that broke down . the new I could not log on the old account and started a new one. accounts were registered users of the data in addition to my name because I did not want to make my friend knew the gamble. I fixed my old computer than how to send me an offer 100 free spinns is logged on my old account. I won 45 pounds and played on. after winning the jackpot with customer service people are told to send my driver's license, bank statement and bank cards in order to check and change of name, I could withdraw money to my card. it did take seven working days. after many emails and after seven days I got a message that since I had two accounts do not pay me my money. blocked my casino account. in the census in May, winning is winning pass on my name. I gave the case to a lawyer and promised him half of 3,000.00 pounds and compensation

Mummys Gold United Kingdom £ 23,522.78 Progessive Jackpot at Lots Loot, 5 Reel Fri, 14 May


donald on October 12, 2009. Reply

after playing with mummys gold for a long time i tried to make a withdrawal of 400 pounds it was then they brought in the request for all the documentation from the start of me playing, bearing in mind that the debit cards used from first starting had ended and destroyed and then the new ones played with. they requested me go to the bank to get them to provide evidence that the cards actually belong to me surely the should be doing that on any deposits to prevent fraud? i provided documentation for all valid cards but to me requesting out of date cards is just a scam so they dont pay up. what do you think

angelo a on October 13, 2006. Reply

I see that it is not just me mummys gold casino will not pay winnings to. I won $2500 and they would not pay. Today I received an email from them stating they are no longer doing business with the usa because of our laws. that probably means nobody will get paid from them anymore. save your money I have already proven they are crooked

Kevin White on September 14, 2006. Reply

I made a withdrawal request over two weeks ago. It was my first withdrawal from them so I did anticipate a SLIGHT delay. I have phone customer service about this 4 different times and also sent a couple of emails. I have been given a different excuse each time I talk with them. I was told in was in review first. I asked if there was anything they needed from me, “no”, they said. Second time I called I was told I would be contacted the next day because the review had a question about a relationship to another person which happened to be my middle name. Anything I can do to help. Again I was told no. After I did not recieve the contact, I called again. The review is finished and the money will be in your Neteller account. That was over a week ago. The next day I finally recieve an email response saying they needed some documentation to resolve the review which I have already, at this point, been told they did not need. I sent them the information and have since called them again and this time they just told me they were busy. Over two weeks and seven or eight contacts by me and I still am waiting. Games are fine at this casino just don’t expect anything in the way of timely payouts or CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Mummys Gold Casino on September 14, 2006.

Hi Kevin

There was a problem at PCS (our payments processor) which resulted in the delay you’ve experienced. We received your documentation 2 days ago and you should be receiving your payments today.

I’m very sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused.

Best regards,
Samantha White

Gary Kemp on September 10, 2006. Reply

I was sent a birthday bonus from samantha white for 100% bonus on next deposit.I deposited and was then told i did not qualify.stating no reason.I have sent reply,s with original letter but they have sent nothing back.I think samantha white at mummy,s casino has no people skills or they just are ripping the people off.beware of this casino

Mummys Gold Casino on September 10, 2006.

Hi Gary

The birthday bonus was rejected because there was already another bonus associated with the deposit you made. As soon as you make another deposit it will be associated with the birthday bonus and it will be credited to your account.

Best regards,
Samantha White

Gigi on August 13, 2006. Reply

I registered s real account with Mummy’s Gold and made the required deposit expecting my $25.00 welcome bonus – that was three days ago. I followed all procedures and have e-mailed them three times to no avail. They have not even acknowledged my mail let alone deposited my bonus. BEWARE OF THIS CASINO, they appsrently do not care enough to even return e-mails.

Mummys Gold Casino on August 13, 2006.

Hi Gigi

You had only deposited $20 and to claim the bonus your deposit needs to be $25. A member of the loyalty team will be in touch with you shortly.

Marlene S. on August 2, 2006. Reply

I downloaded Mummys Gold to play the 500.00 in one hour. I had an absolute blast. It was so much fun and I did not feel the games were rigged like they are in other casinos. I won a little bit but had so much fun playing the games. I will defintely keep this casino on my desktop. Nice going Mummys you really let your people have fun.

William Bernstein on June 9, 2006. Reply

I recently played the 1 Hour Free promo at Mummy’s Gold. After the hour I had $670. I had intended to deposit $50 which would make me eligible to transfer the $170 to my account. I use a prepaid Visa and I only had $25 left on it so I deposited $25 and wagered a little then logged out. The next day I received an email from Mummy’s Gold congratulating me on the $25 welcome bonus that had been credited to my account. I logged onto the casino and the 1 Hour Free Play bankroll was gone along with any trace of the Free Play Promotion. I did nothing to instigate the welcome bonus. Nowhere in the promotion terms is it stated that a deposit of less than $50 would generate a Welcome Bonus and cancel any Free Play winnings. The window for depositing and claiming Free Play money was 7 days, it had been 2. When I wrote to support they informed me, as I had predicted and even told them so in my email to them, that, according to their promotional terms, only one new player bonus was permitted and that the $25 bonus they credited my account made me ineligible for the Free Play money. When I first contacted them to complain I made it clear that if they came back at me with that explanation I’d wash my hands of them and every other casino in the Palace Group. They stuck to their guns and could care less.

Mummys Gold Casino on June 9, 2006.

Hi William,

It isn’t possible for any bonus to be automatically credited by our system; each promotion that our players take must be claimed manually by completing a short form on the website. Please can you send me your account number so I can look into the situation in more detail.

Best regards,

Samantha White

angelo on June 1, 2006. Reply

I would like to comment on maggies comments. She states she won and played out her winnings to get a check. I am not sure what she means by that but look on mummys gold website and the exact wording is this quote. Whatever you win is yours to keep. I have copies of this for proof of fraud and will gladly send them to anyone.

Mummys Gold Casino on June 1, 2006.

Hi Angelo

I’m very sorry that you feel the wording of that promotion is misleading. Please make sure that you always read the full terms and conditions of a promotion before you claim it, these terms are always easy to find on the page and contain all the specifics of a promotion. As a gesture of goodwill we have removed the wording that you highlighted on the page.

Best regards,

Samantha White

angelo on June 1, 2006. Reply

I thought mummys gold casino was a great casino when I won $2500 until I tried to withdraw it. they would not let me. because of that I filed a complaint with the FBI internet fraud bureau and am also filing a complaint with the canadian department of justice. they will decide if there is false advertising and any fraud

maggie on May 30, 2006. Reply

mummys casino had a promotion so i decided to play 500 dollars in one hour if your over 500 at the end of the hour, u can play out what u have won , i won!! played it out won 300.00 they were timely with payouts, i do recommend this casino, ive been to alot i had problems i called them they were also so helpful wtg mummys :))

angelo a on May 30, 2006. Reply

I opened an account on their page that states 1. download mummys gold casino 2.register a real account with our $500 for an hour and whatever you win over the $500 is yours to keep. I won $2500 and they would not let me withdraw it. in my opinion this is false advertising and fraud. I have saved all web pages to prove what I say

Alida j cook of on June 12, 2005. Reply

very nice casino they are all very curtious and friendly.i won some nice ones, plus i won one of the baskets worth $200 boy they had some high class stuff in it like caviar cheese spread,cookies they are little,anyway i was suprised that i won well any way check that baby out you will be suprised too.well have funn i did.


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