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c on February 22, 2017. Reply

Well glad i was smart to read reviews. Signed up and was second away from making a deposit. Something told me check reviews low and behold look what i find. No deposit from me will be looking else where.

Robert A Conaway on November 24, 2016. Reply

won 1300 went through playthrough..but since it was a bonus my withdraw was denied because i went over 10 dollars in betting on the slots….never seen it in the rules…you would think they would have a way of blocking you from going over 10 on betting and issuing a warning your withdraw could be denied…funny how you find this out after you spent hundreds of dollars playing their games and yes i have won a couple times but never real big…seems kind of a crappy way of finding out after the fact . i wont be playing their games anymore..yes you can say read the terms but i never seen the terms or fact, it only would tell you of what your playthrough was and what your withdraw limit was when you would cash in a bonus …..i would highly advise not playing their games anymore…

Hillary Kleiner on October 5, 2016. Reply

Canceled my acct. One week I am a VIP and the next they have put a block on my acct so I can use no coupons. Their rational coupons only for people who do not win. Mind you these coupins have a 30* playthrough. Do not win here people as they won’t let you play with coupons. Also CUST support can take up to half hour. They do pay out but fees high

Brandon on October 5, 2016. Reply

I requested a $900 payout almost a month ago. Each week they put a new date to process on the withdraw and assure me it will be done and come up with some bogus excuse. You might win but good luck getting your money!

Daniel Simms on September 30, 2016. Reply

Made two seperate deposits of $100. On the second deposit, I won a nice amount and was suppose to be in the bonus.. Instantly, the screen locked up and never got into the bonus. I called the help desk and was told ” there was a security issue with my account>” Couldn’t tell me why but lost all winnings. SO good luck trying to collect from this site.

Darest on September 16, 2016. Reply

At first, when I found this Online Casino Named Slotocash, I thought it was awesome! However, that changed when I deposited $25.00 Received a bonus and won 500.00! The play through was simple, Play through to $1500.00 Dollars so after I played Through I ended up winning $240.00 but when It was time to withdrawal that’s when all the problems started. First, they wanted me to sign a Credit Card Agreement from some form they wanted me to sign in which I did. They also wanted ID and proof of address but when I gave them that info. They sent a Canadian Check for $210.00! I deposited in my Checking account almost 30 Days ago! And still to this day I haven’t seen not one single dollar

Lynda Berggren on September 15, 2016. Reply

I had $1,000 coming and requested a payout. They told me that I can’t get my money because of some promotional thing. I did all the playthroughs and everything. They put $65 back in my account and took everything else. I withdrew the $65 and told them I will never play at their casino again! It’s false advertising and bogus.

Linda on August 14, 2016. Reply

I won 1500.00 and was approved for payment and have yet to receive it. If I do not get my money, it will be a first, because every other online casino has paid me with no problem until now.

Éimí Nic Roibeard on September 16, 2016. Reply

Did u get ur money?

laurie latham on August 13, 2015. Reply

deposited 40 dollars had free spins ended up making it through the playthrough to withdrawl 140 ..well upon live chat with operator u need to sign a form and pencil scratch your debit card pics of front back ..ect ectwow no way..i asked where they were based she said she cant disclose that information..i said fine refund my deposit and keep my winnings I am not going through all that for a scam..i believe this is a total scam..u cant makea decision about a casino and how fun it is until u try to withdrawl…I do not suggest this casino at all.dont seem to worried bout security when u deposit ..then all a sudden they worried who they r paying..really??? noo noo noo. she said they were closing my account because I asked for refund..i do not believe I will receive it ..if I do then there shouldn’t be any reason for all that other stuff when u win.

Sonnyloehr on April 14, 2016. Reply

Oh wow. I’m sorry for what you went through. I wish I read your review before making any deposit. I am going through exact the same distraction as you were, they’re making you go through hell experience in your withdraw. I did sent in all requested form. They kept rejected it I had to submitted again n again still did not hear back from them. Please please don’t waste your money n time on this casino. There’s no fun but trouble

Hillary kleiner on October 5, 2016. Reply

Every casino I have played at asks for those forms. Resubmit fax them get a name of casino host and email bomb them until you get your money.

Curt on May 29, 2015. Reply

Very disappointed at this online casino. I was very happy that they took my payments from the USA since some won’t. After getting their “free spins” on many occassions I can say it cost me $1,500 for about 2 months of only playing a few times a week. I was never “up” and I would not recommend the site to anybody. I understand the percentages, but as much as I played I can say I was only up one time and they would not allow me to cash out then. I will never play at an online casino again.

J Karim on May 7, 2015. Reply

I’ve really enjoyed playing at Sloto. Won big a few times, always have good bonuses, and haven’t had any issues with payments.

I’m usually a table game player, but with the amount of free spins and slot bonuses they offer I’ve converted a bit since signing up at Sloto.

I’d def check it out, for no other reason than the awesome deposit bonus and high payouts

VMONTOYA on March 29, 2011. Reply

Sloto cash is a scam . i have submitted a withdrawal and they say that they paid echeck US and cant get a hold of them. DO NOT PLAY SLOTO CASH

bruno silva on February 6, 2010. Reply

i won one time, i try to withdraw my winnings and the answer waS, 1 st you have to make a deposite using neteller, moneybookers, click2pay…… (my favorite method is credit card), i try to withdraw the winnings to the credit card, wire transfer or check, and they say that they dont pay anyone of that methods, why? dont recommend this site

Sarah on September 16, 2009. Reply

I played Scary Rich and won wooohooooooo, so I love slotocash *he he

Lisa P. on June 27, 2009. Reply

I do like the games, but unless you have 1000's to lose I don't recomment this casino at all. I personally funded and funded and funded, to play for only a few short minutes per deposit. I know I am gambling, but it sure is nice to be able to play for just a little while.

Sammy on February 20, 2008. Reply

I love this new software. The i slots are the most fun I have had in ages. Only wish that I was luckier at them.

Lisa on November 7, 2007. Reply

I have played several times at Slotocash, and even got a personal email from the manager when I had a question about a bonus offer. I love their games. Recommended.

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