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Anthony walton on September 24, 2015. Reply

I played here a couple of times,the last time I played I won a jackpot on a slot jackpot6000 or so I thought,if anyone nows the slot you need 3 jokers on one of the paylines,anyway 3 jokers came in then the slot just froze and came up with error and reload in which it did,but when it reloaded there was no winnings or jokers to be seen on the payline,I couldn’t believe it,got in touch with support they asked me for the session id which I gave them,they came back and said I hadnt won anything,bloody fuming I am,they have conned me out of over 300 pound

JamilKarim1212 on December 30, 2014. Reply

If you’re new to slots and online casinos this is a pretty good spot. Played here for the past few months and overall I’ve had a pretty good time. Bonuses are real solid and they have hundreds of options when it comes to slots.

I was a bit new to the experience when I started here so having an easy to use software was pretty important to me. Really easy to use and the payouts have been above average so far. Live slots are the gem of this casino so if you’re into slots and you’re a new player, I’d recommend this casino.

Overall, 4/5

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