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on February 11, 2008. Reply

I have been concerned about the fair paly on the slot machines. No even more after ready the comment from Bryan. I have played thousands of dollars and have not cashed in a dime. I have been on slots that take 25 or 30 spins and then you get the smallest hit possible. there is no way to win on this site. I am a serious player and I really must take this site off of my computer. It is breaking me. I have been very lucky in the past on other sites. I have won thousands of dollars on other sites. This is pure greed! You need to give something back expecially when you have palyers like me. I play almost everyday. I cannot afford to continue and the greed is very upsetting, while they are laughing all the way to the bank! Mary

on January 10, 2008. Reply

I've been a player at VSC, off and on, for years. I share this in an effort to alert would-be players at this casino. I cashed in $600 on 11/16/07 but haven't received payment as of 1/8/08 despite numerous emails and phone calls to the casino and Eprocessingservices. I am particularly concerned because my 1st withdrawal check (about 3 years ago) bounced and they had to send me a replacement check. I understand that this casino group is widely respected but "where there is smoke there is probably fire". Players beware!!!

on August 1, 2006. Reply

I love the Vegas Slot Casino. They have hundreds of games, give great bonuses and have a good and quick customer services. I made more than 100 USD from my no deposit bonus!!!

on August 6, 2005. Reply

This is one of my favourite casinos because everytime microgaming releases new games they are the first to have them available to play.


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