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Christos Ntais on May 9, 2013. Reply

My experience with all CR casinos is absolutely negative, based on the deceiving policy they have on deposit bonuses. Just because I made a withdrawal once, they have blocked my deposit bonuses for an indefinite time, they would not answer my questions regarding the EXACT wagering requirements they have in place so that my casino chips would be unlocked. However, of course they kept on accepting my deposits which were quite a lot, they kept on "trapping" me with higher and higher bonuses which they did not unlock. They kept saying "demonstrate an intention to play and wager and then your points will become redeemable". This never happens and the worst thing is that they do not answer something concrete when I ask them. This is the most deceiving and misleading policy I have come through while playing with casinos. I'm sorry for all the players who trust them.

lisa on May 15, 2012. Reply

Last night I opened an account with this so called casino and managed to bank myself 1253.31 deposited the 10p required then withdrew the full amount. This morning I received an email telling me they had confiscated the cash due to two accounts being opened on the same op address now that is true as I opened it at my partners house where we have internet but mine wad the first accounted so the second account should be null and void but I will say this if don't get the money they owe me I will do everything I can to have it shut down and legal matters dealt with accordingly watch this space people x

Rui Almeida on April 13, 2012. Reply

Hi, the same happened to me, they blocked my account after i made a small deposit, wagered the bonus and ask for the minimun withdraw of 50€, with no justification or reply to my emails. This type of illegal atitude from a casino, should be enouf reason to close the casino imediatelly.

Darren Clark on December 14, 2011. Reply

Recently had my account blocked on Virtual City Casino after wagering the bonus until I could withdraw my winnings. They claim that I have to call the risk management team. every time I phone it's apparently a different country and time of day. Very bad casino, keeping all the money, locking accounts, customer service is a joke (first woman i talked to was laughing at the fact I cant buy people things i promised) Was sent withdrawl confirmation but never contacted regarding this decision. avoid this place. We are going to write letters and keep calling but they just don't care about the consequences.

nigel castle on December 14, 2011. Reply

free phone number is unusable the site says it gives you 50 pounds no deposit it gave me a spin of the wheel 20 pounds if i deposit 10p sites like this need looking at for false advertisement will be reporting it to the licensing board to get it banned

Lisa on May 21, 2008. Reply

So glad I found this webiste but wish I had have found it first before losing my money and 3 days of valuable time only to have Virtual City Casino rip me off and keep my only winnings I haver ever made after 1 month of playing online casinos. They have so many hoops and requirements and catches it is not funny. Will post more details soon, the experience with them was not at all pleasant! I think people with issues with these casinos should get together and complain to ecogra and the likes!

Zsolt on July 14, 2007. Reply

They have a cheating system with your money.
I asked them marked no bonus my account because I didn't wanted to play with their wagering requirements.
It's impossible to play with Them without bonuses.
My money is on Their account. I didn't claim accept and used any bonuses even so They don't want to give back my money.
They simply theft my money.
I will send letters eCOGRA and Igcouncil to revisit them.

david addington on April 24, 2005. Reply

avoid nora the customer servicechat lady. she will outright lie to you.

Larry Jones on April 14, 2005. Reply

Avoid definetly fishy I have played quite a few at this point definetly one of the worst.


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