Loaded has taken the industry by storm. It is surprising though that it has taken this long to actually make a slot in the theme of the Hip Hop industry, considering how big it is and how much influence it has on the world. So, it is hardly surprising that it has become an instant success.

I like the slot a lot, the winning combinations and wilds etc are pretty standard, but I like the feature the most. You get to choose how many free spins you want at a certain multiplier. You have three options to select from and you must choose wisely. A high multiplier can bring in loads of bling, but you do not have that many free spins with this option. Try it yourself.

Loaded slot details

Type : MultiLine – 3 Reels, 5 Lines
Min / Max Bets : $0.25 – $5
Top Jackpot : 1000 Coins