Player comments on 888Casino


Andy on May 21, 2017. Reply

When I registered my account with 888 at the beginning of May I mistakenly created it using my nickname instead of actual name. After a few days and a few deposits I had some winnings and wished to withdraw them. I submitted verification data, confirming my age, address and credit card details used and this is when I realized my mistake with my profile name. Upon realizing my mistake I emailed 888 to ask them if this was a problem and did I need to provide any additional identification in order to resolve this. I heard nothing and my withdrawals were still pending. I rang customer service to ask about my pending withdrawals and to reiterate that I needed to resolve an issue with my profile name and was told to wait for the processing to complete. I was able to continue to make withdrawal reversals and additional deposits and played for a few days. Around the 8th or 9th May I found that I was no longer able to access the playing area when I logged in. I was greeted with a requ est to submit proof of age, which I duly did again. I then received numerous emails stating that my withdrawals had been reversed back into my payroll and that my account would remain closed and that they were refunding my deposits! They were refusing to pay me £2610 winnings and refunding me £340 deposits. This was simply because I had not put my name correctly for the user profile, which I told them about in the first place. I have exchanged numerous emails with the operations team with little success. They tell me my account is closed yet I can still login to it and see the £2610 in my bankroll. Every time I login I just get asked to provide verification data which I have done 3 or 4 times now.

In the latest email exchanges they told me that I had to create a new account and to notify them when I had done so. I was naively thinking this was to correct my user profile as I created a new account with exactly the same details but this time did not use my nickname and notified them about.

So now I have 2 accounts with 888 which in itself is a violation as you you cannot have more than 1 account, I know this, but it seems as though they wanted me to create this new account just so that they would now have the excuse that I have multiple accounts and wont pay me.

I understand that that intentionally provided false information when registering an account is a violation of the terms & conditions but that was not my intention and indeed it was me that highlighted the mistake hoping for it to be corrected. I know from reading numerous posts on casino forums that 888 have resolved an issue with a user profile mistake before so I do not understand their stance.

I can only assume their conduct is down to the fact that I won and I wonder if they would have refunded my deposits had I not won and informed them of my mistake with my profile name?

I would not recommend this Casino at all and will make sure I tell as many people as possible why!

SnoopBill21 on May 17, 2017. Reply

I’ve been playing 888 casino for a couple months now, it wasn’t until Saturday May 13th 2017 (just about 5 days ago) that i had won a large amount of 1,400.50$ US. This win had put me overall UP while playing this site because i usually only played like 60-70$ at a time so i was more then happy! I then processed my ID verification with a picture of my drivers license because you must do so to verify your withdraw, I claimed my cashout withdraw on the same Saturday May 13th 2017. I was then curious of other players and their cash outs using 888 casino, so i googled some player reviews. After reading the reviews i became very nervous! Because most the information i was ready was saying stuff like “Don’t play 888 casino! They never pay, they cause a bunch of problems, I’ve been waiting almost 4 months to get paid, they closed down my account after i tried cashing out 4,000$ US and now they wont reply to my emails. customer service wont help at all, i rate this gambling site 1/10 its a full scam! They sell copies of your drivers license” I just kept reading horrible things about them! apparently they were super trusted and big until 2004, something happened after 2004 where one of their share companies within the site left them, and a couple people had said after 2004 the site went to shit, and literally more then 70% of the reviews i read were saying its a scam! So i was very nervous! BUT i want everyone to know, that it is Wednesday May 17th 2017 today, and i just woke up at 7 am and checked my bank, and sure enough. All my winnings has been wire transferred right to my bank. HOLD ON! unfortunately, the site does hold like a 3-4% fee on pay outs. I won 1400.50 US which in my bank shows as 1850.20$ CAN (I am from Canada so its converted back to Canadian) and if you check a proper US to CAN exchange calculator on google my money should of been 1920.50 $ CAN. So yes. They took about 70$ for a payout fee, which to be honest i don’t even care at all. I made the cash out request on Saturday, we are Wednesday today and i already have the money in my bank… that’s literally 3 business days i waited and one weekend day (Sunday) which to me, is fucking amazing! Especially after reading all the other horrifying reviews that got me very scared. JUST A HEADS UP! I am not fully sure about this but, for those saying they had some problems cashing out i believe this could be because of the bonus money given to use on the site, some people have said that if you are someone who uses your bonus codes or bonus free play money, then you might have a problem cashing out any winnings because it says you still have bonus free plays in the process of being used. SO to avoid any problems DON’T USE YOUR BONUS FREE PLAY MONEY. And you should be able to cash out without any problems, also make sure to verify your account in the cashier options to make sure you get paid even faster. OVERALL i rate 888 casino 10/10 for a gambling site, i know some people might say the 3 day wait to get paid out sucks, but compared to some other gambling sites like for example which by the way, dont ever play that site! it is a scam, fully. they dont pay out at all, so all im saying is if you compare 888 casino to some other sites, 888 is 1 million times better, and safer, and reliable. I hope this review helps others! Make sure to do as i said if you are trying to cash out and never play BETONLINE that site is a scam. OVERALL i had no problems with 888 and yes i would recommend them to anyone trying to play a proper gambling site.

Thank you.


James bain on May 11, 2017. Reply

888 you are the best online casino i have ever played on. I have spent thousands on other sites with hardley any return. I signed up with you and have already had a nice win. I just hope that your withdrawal procedures are not as bad as others make out. Thanks 888 i will be recommending you to my friends.

jure liki on March 23, 2017. Reply

i play 888 casino 2 years now , before today i withdraw allready 2000 eur , i upload my ID at first withdraw ….today i made withdraw of 1000 eur , i will report you when i will get money and if …
in past after 2,3 weeks i allways got money …. no problems … so …. i kinnda like their live dealer roullete system …. im pleased for now with 888

Matt on January 20, 2017. Reply

Pros : Very good Casino with live dealers (Important part).
They always pay the withdrawals in full.

Cons : No paypal . Credit card only (In Canada at least)

AK on December 2, 2016. Reply

I have won some money and tried to withdraw but they emailed saying that I need to verify my ID and need to explain why I have played low risk roulette. So I have sent my documents and explained that the gambling is fun and I’d like to play this way. Furthermore, they stated that they will email me within 72 hours period but nothing.

Brenda on November 29, 2016. Reply

888 should inform canadian customers that some games are not available to play in Canada, when I called even telephone support had to look into why I only could only play a few games, and only one option for withdrawal on top of it.

Ivan on November 28, 2016. Reply

took me 4 weeks too receive any money from this casino, they said they were “working” on it…money did eventually come…so not too bad after all…

jake on November 28, 2016. Reply

Hello, do you have to send in your Id befor getting any winnings.

Gerwyn on May 9, 2017. Reply

It’s already been 10 days for me and I’m having to phone them every day to find out what is going on.

Saeed Ali on November 15, 2016. Reply

I withdraw the amount of 383£ and that’s 3rd week and still they said it’s in process. When I withdraw the amount so after three days i received email which said that your withdrawal approved and then after few days I contacted with one of the Facebook page admin and he said before 3-5 working days . But that time after approving he said 5-7 working days .
And today is 7 working days completed but they still saying that it’s in process.

takver on November 9, 2016. Reply

I have a question. I looked everywhere in the t&c but I can’t see any wagering requirements for the deposit money. No bonus, just my deposit. Does anyone know how many times do I have to play through the deposit, before I can withdraw?

Doe Sun on November 19, 2016. Reply

No wagering limit to withdraw your deposit as long as you didn’t use any promo codes. Been playing on 888casino (mainly live dealer bj) since 2014 and withdraw $2k weekly

mario on December 19, 2016. Reply

are you still withdrawing 2 k a week ?

Paige on October 22, 2016. Reply

I am new to this website, 4 days ago I won and withdrew straight away and submitted my verification documents I received an email straight away to say they had received and everything was fine, apparently it is supposed to be 3 days maximum awaiting process time yet it’s been 4 days and it is still showing awaiting process also I have tried to withdraw further winnings since and for days always take me to a message saying this site is having technical issues try again later I have tried several times each day and never get any further help the online chat just tells me to keep waiting!

Martin on October 20, 2016. Reply

Four times I have tried to withdraw money and just keeps getting pushed back. Terrible company and terrible communication. A total of 3 months I’ve been trying to get my winnings.

Tharnjit roopra on October 14, 2016. Reply

888 casino is the best online casino I have been with they pay out when they say as long as you update all ID that they require I won just over $36000 , you can only withdraw $30000 in a month and the rest on the following month i checked on reviews after I withdrawed my winning and saw a lot of negative feedbacks which gave me sleepless nights thinking if I would get my winnings this casino is Ligit and have paid me this months maximum withdrawal limit and I am now waiting until the 1st of November to get my last withdrawal very happy with this casino :) hopefully one day I will be a VIP gold member which I hope

Ray on October 11, 2016. Reply

I’ve been playing 888 for 15 years and it’s always been fair to me.. I’m a vip gold so my withdrawals (via paypal) arrive within 48 hours – most recently, £18k paid out in just over 26 hours.
I’ve been to free meets, parties and even a weekend at The Ritz – I’ve always found them reliable and professional.

Jonathan Thompson on October 9, 2016. Reply

First off they wanted a fee too get my money back i deposited they took it off my credit card in a blink off an eye then pure grief to try and get it back. I finally get a cheque and it bounces?

Tiger on September 30, 2016. Reply

I initially made a deposit of a total of 120 USD. Played a few games and won nearly 3grand and withdrew the money. Then I come to this site and was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be getting any of my winnings. I didn’t use any bonuses/bonus code with any of my deposits and I verified my account before I withdrew the money , a bill with my address, license, and a photo of my debit card hiding the numbers. A total of 4 days later the total amount I withdrew was in my account. I am from NZ. Happy with 888casino.

Sukhprit Singh Gurudatta on September 18, 2016. Reply

I wish I had visited this site before playing with 888 casino. It was a accredited casino on casinomeister when I registered with them few months back. I played upto £2700 without any luck in first few week. Then I won great money £14000 with my next investment of £500; only to realize that this casino never pays any money. There is absolutely no response from the casino on my emails.

Manj Dhaliwal on January 30, 2017. Reply

Hi mate did you get your winnings

Tee on September 10, 2016. Reply

I got my money in 3 days! I win all the time on there also. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before… Try the slots, I always start with £20-£30 on the snack time game to get the money up a bit more, then I play and win big on the genie game! It’s brilliant :)

Ron Scott on September 2, 2016. Reply

Last week an 888 cash out check for $1850 US dollars (bounced)and returned to my bank. I have made several cash outs before no problem. It has been almost a week and no human reply from 888 support. Any others having problems?

Natasha o'grady on August 29, 2016. Reply

I have recently won money on spin palace which I choose to get put in to my bank account directly, I have not been on the acc at all in 3 days and then today I get told my funds where reversed and I spent the money, why would I bother withdrawing if I wanted to spend the money, I try to log on and nope can’t they were happy to send me a link to get a new password as my password was changed(not by me either) but as for my money all they have to say is I reversed the money and spent it, they won’t let me speak as now I’m worried as the only person tht had my details was the person who opened the email which I had to send to spin palace to confirm my identity, and now my funds are BAM all of a sudden gone, and all they have to say is I spent the funds, would I be so upset and frustrated if I spent the money hmm NO, now I’m worried because the funds are gone and they say I can’t do nothing about it, really how does this work it’s not fair at all, they won’t even investergate nor look into this, all they have to say is I apparently reversed the money and spent it, when I no I never touched it.

John on August 15, 2016. Reply

I won £600 from a £70 stake – So i Withdrew right away! They gave me my initial deposit back and then required to see ID (To prove it was me – or to delay the process of giving me my funds, I cant imagine the amount of people that cannot provide ID) – Anyway a long story short, they split my 600 into 2 parts 100 then the 500, the 100 was processed into my bank within 2 days, however the 500? 21 days.. yes thats right, 21 days and thats business days until it struck my bank! so beware when winning big people.. there are huge loopholes to jump through. Will never gamble again with 888. Oh and by the way.. if you are looking for help from customer support – dont expect a reply for 72 hours.

Andrei on August 26, 2016. Reply

Have you receive your money in the end ?

Chirag Vekariya on August 10, 2016. Reply

i deposit 200usd and get 100% bonus means i have total 400usd there condition is wager x30 but my deposit was by neteller so i need to wager x40 time in slots in live casino they count only 10% so it’s means i best 200usd on baccarat live they count only 20usd wager so i need to 200*40= 8000usd in slots or in live casino 80000usd total bet i need to palace for withdrawing all money from my bank roll when i done this thing that time my account balance is 7476.75usd my withdrawal confirmation id is 227278499048 and my user support id is 790737655 my withdrawal date is 26/7/2016 but they just give me 200usd and they take my account in investigation they ask me notarized copy of my id and i sent them already but now they block my account permanently and stole my 7276.75usd from my bank roll now they did not reply me anything i have all proof when i wagering that time i ask to their live support ” if m done your wagering then you give me what is in my bank rol they told me yes sir you will get it all money ” but when i withdrawal it they take many formalities and they now block my account permanently they did not explain me why they did like this already i sent them what they ask in my document but after that they not keep their promise i want your help guys what should i do again this fraud casino

Dave Jones on July 21, 2016. Reply

They gave me a free bet bonus for a deposit and fortunately I WON £60. Unfortunately they haven’t credited my account and will not reply to e-mails.

Sharon on July 18, 2016. Reply

After reading these comments I hope my withdraw goes ok. I do t think it will now for some reason but I e taken screen shots with all the ID numbers on so in all fairness if it’s a registered site then by rights they should deposit into my account on time scale mentioned in the terms and conditions. Hope they don’t disappoint

Stephan on July 29, 2016. Reply

An did they ?

Steve on July 12, 2016. Reply

Made a withdrawal for £3200 on Tuesday 5th July 2016. Processing was delayed by 2 days. Unknown reason.. everytime I make a withdrawal it takes 3 days or less and hits my account in 24 hours. This time everything was delayed. Still nothing in my account today 12th July 2016. Sole to bank sent the transaction I.Ds bank can’t find the payments. Spoke to 888 and they have now disputed it to the transaction department. Have to wait 72hour in business days for a reply not necessarily a answer. Going to close my account with them after this.

Sandie on July 14, 2016. Reply

I have the exact same issue and still no money back to my account. Please keep us up to date if u do receive your money.

Stephan on July 29, 2016. Reply

Did you recieved iT ?

Fernando on July 12, 2016. Reply

After loosing lots of money in this site for over a year. One day I decided to whitdrawal the money, they say that takes up to 10 days, It’s been more than a month and I didn’t get my money yet. After calling them, sending emails… the only answer they gave me it’s a third part problem and they can’t do anything. Not happy at all. There are more profesionals sites to gambling.

Helen on June 18, 2016. Reply

Had an absolute nightmare with making a withdrawal on 888. It’s been 5 weeks. They finally sent me an email saying my account has been verified and funds sent so just a waiting game now to see if it actually arrives in my account

888nolonger on June 9, 2016. Reply

I have been a member for ten years. (VIP). Everything has been great… Until now…
They started to request details of where I worked my salary range. Company website / links.
Wasn’t happy but this was given breifley… And they were still not happy with this as my play was more than my salary range… Then asked me for any evidence of second income… P45/ wage slips if I had bonuses , bank statements of any savings…
What I do in my spare time or where I have spare cash is non of their business.
If I was a only a member for a couple of months or early couple of years fair enough I understand that as they have money laundering and fraud policies to adhere by, but over ten years I’ve been with them…. I haven’t even made any profit. I have probably been paying most their salaries!
They have now closed my account…. What a complete joke.
And all those that play live casino which have mentioned the history / stats board never being up to date and throws in numbers and takes numbers out here and there… Yes it is true. Throws players off completely. And yes it is always the players fault and it’s always the players connection problems…. Never 888 or their server.. Oh no, so don’t bother complaining.

Konstantinos konstantinou on June 8, 2016. Reply

Its been 3weeks almost now waiting from them to send me my winnings try to contact them cause is my first time to withdrawl and still no answer when they want you to deposit they send you tones of e mails now that i want to take my winnings they have disappear nice way to treat your customers thanks a lot guys nice job

Pete on May 20, 2016. Reply

Never had a problem, won 5 slot jackpots in a year maximum being $4200…..minimum being $1500 roughly…..the 1st time I tried withdrawing took me awhile due to ID checks but not a problem since…..yes ive lost money but believe im still up……found out though if you cancel ur winnings and bet again u will lose happens all the time, also if u put more money in when waiting for payout.

Kevin howe on May 16, 2016. Reply

Should read 30 x times the 15.00 and not 30×88.00 can anyone help?

Ted on May 10, 2016. Reply

I signed up and just played their online blackjack standard. Three times in a row the dealer got an Ace hole card, and offered me insurance – which I prefer to decline. Each and every time, the dealer then got BlackJack?! What the f**k?! In addition – I’ve taken a stand on17 at least 5 times when the dealer had less than 4 – and each time they came in with 18 or more… without going bust!

chris on May 2, 2016. Reply

Hi guys I deposited £20 yesterday, and this morning I have withdrawn £130, reading all the comments and their policies in worried,

It’s a small amount but I haven’t got time to worry about wagers and ID, its not well advertised at sign up,

Just wondering if anyone else has been ok at first withdrawal and if this wagering is all correct, well confused


fabian on June 1, 2016. Reply

hi chris
i deposited 50$ and got bonus won some money at roulette but it tells me i can geto only 50 $ if i get them i will lose 90 $ pleas tell me what to do

James on May 1, 2016. Reply

Went up £10 so went through to sport and put it on 5 football teams that came in. Now I can’t get on sport it just comes up… that it’s restricted in my area? And I live in UK never had a problem with this before.

Sera on May 2, 2016. Reply

I was told there was a technical error yesterday which is now fixed. Don’t worry it wasn’t just you XD

Wabbit on April 30, 2016. Reply

Deposited £500 a week ago, ended up winning £1,400 whilst still having over £200 of my original deposit, request £1,000 and a £400 withdraw, so far received £500 as that was my original deposit.
I cannot get my winnings (there losses) paid out because they want photo ID !!!!

Rang them gave my game name, real name, mothers maiden name but that doesn’t seem good enough to prove who I am and still waiting for my winnings to be paid :(

chris on May 2, 2016. Reply

Have you had this sorted? I only want to withdraw £130 but seems like way to much hassle to br honest :(

Chad Smith on June 13, 2016. Reply

I’m having the same issue. Has this gotten resolved?

I have over 500 to withdraw but it’s been forever trying to get it out. So many hoops.

Jim on April 26, 2016. Reply

Over the last couple of months watching there live roulette, especially after 11. There stats don’t match player stats bar. No warning. Number comes in and previous removed. I’ve seen 28 numbers do this. The second number stays the same. Then fed back in two to three numbers at a time. Through different patterns which came out. Generating different patterns players play. Which is the case. Live support seems to think this isn’t an issue.

Donna on May 11, 2016. Reply

Jim I noticed this! But when I complained I was basically told I was making it up and they are fully regulated and there must be a problem with my wifi ( it’s the fastest there is).

Jim on May 13, 2016. Reply

Got many videos on utube. If want links let me know. Been watching them for months now. Through different accounts. Got over 800 videos of. All gone to the gambling commission too. Happens mostly 11pm til 5am.

jambobra on June 1, 2016.

I would like the links sounds interesting. Im in the process of closing my online accounts for live play I don’t trust them anymore

Shawn Michaels on March 21, 2016. Reply

Had some issues withdrawing money. I was told when I tried to withdraw that I had to wager X amount of money before I could, which I had no idea about when I first started playing. Read the fine print and started to realize that this place may not be exactly what it says it is.

David on February 27, 2016. Reply

Brilliant in everyway!
I won the jackpot on leprechaun luck slot back in 2013 (£85,000) had my claim accepted and although it’s their policy 2 pay me in instalments over months , they paid me the whole £85k within 2 weeks of my win.
Customer service was great too.

Levi brown on March 11, 2016. Reply

Hi David I have won 50k on there and i am in the uk they are telling me they can only pay 30k a month how did u manage to get the whole amount paid

Brad on February 6, 2016. Reply

So I checked this post before playing at 888 so feel it’s only right to leave some honest feed back. At first I was worried about the cashing out comments I had read on this post, I was a long time player on party poker and really liked that they had a credit card that you could get that basically allowed you to with draw winnings instantly.. Unfortunately for me that was the only thing good about party poker. So I made the move to 888 and I really like there live table games. Won a very nice chunk of change and made a withdrawal.. It’s true that they do nothing for 3 days expecting that you will reverse the withdrawal if your luck changes. After that 3 day wait they wire transferred the amount straight to my bank and it was there in 24hrs. I was very impressed that the currency exchange from US to Canadian dollars was bang on. I see people complaining about 888 skimming or charging fees for withdrawal but I never had any trouble with that. So up to you but I highly recommend this site.. Have fun!

Sunil on February 7, 2016. Reply

What withdrawl methods are available? I see only BANK Draft as an option.

Brad on February 9, 2016. Reply

Thought I had better update this post with some valuable information. Before you sign up and deposit make sure to read all site information carefully, especially bonus rules for withdrawal. I got caught out a few days ago.. I had deposited $200 into my account and was awarded a bonus $80 to play on slots. I was playing live casino roulette with the $200 and decided to go and play bonus free play on slots. I won $40 which they added to my real money account, all good I thought then next day I went on to play roulette and won around $700.. Tried to make a withdrawal but because that $40 I won on the bonus well now I have to wager a large amount before I can withdraw. They do not warn you that you are playing with bonus money and are subject to withdrawal conditions. So just be sure to understand how all the rules of the site work and keep a close eye on wether you are playing with bonus money or not. I will continue to play there and see how it pans out because I like the site. I have contacted support and opted out of any bonus promotions just to play it safe.

Rollie on April 5, 2016. Reply

I am told you can phone in and they will stop the awarded amounts, if you dont then you have to play through the 30 times amt.

Sandra on February 1, 2016. Reply

I can say that everything went very Well. The first two payments arrived on my bank account and the information amd help i het from the employers is great! A big 10 for 888casino :)

Sandra on January 13, 2016. Reply

Two day ago i won a progressive jackpot on 888. It,s a very Large ammount. After i contacted them by phone they told me it will be payd out in terms. Evert month 30.000. I am nervesly awaiting for the first term to be payd out and hope everything goes Well.

Lee on January 7, 2016. Reply

I won 11 grand on the 24 December and I´m still waiting for my money. They have made me resend my id 3 times now and I can´t seem to get any reply about my money

Mike Brown on January 5, 2016. Reply

Had a big win on new years day, which would of just covered my loses for December. But Guess what they have a $30,000 dollar maximum cash withdrawal limit in any one month. So now have money sat in my account but unable to withdraw till February. I bet they are hoping I reverse the withdrawal. NO I will not what I am going to do is cancel my account.

betty2102 on December 22, 2015. Reply

I opened an account with 888 casino on the 11th December and was able to to deposit funds and play slots etc. I won 1000.00 on the 18th December and quickly withdrew the winning about 10 mins later I received an email saying that my account had been disable due to being related to other sites which I had not known about. I received an email yesterday confirming my withdrawal, will i still get this payed out as after reading some of the reviews on here It doesn’t fill me with confidence

888sommenter on December 24, 2015. Reply

The exact same thing happened to me with this casino. They say I owe money to them and need to send it via bank transfer to get my winnings winnings. When I confirmed just today the amount owing they told me that it had gone up! This has been continuous with 888 casino now for months and all of a sudden I owe them more then they originally told me! LMAO When I asked to contact them by phone (they will only respond by email) they told me that there is no number to contact them!

Charles on December 21, 2015. Reply

Great game won a nice 3 grand just hope I get it before Christmas rate the app a star very good

Emily Haynes on December 8, 2015. Reply

This was one of the first casinos I ever played at and really enjoyed it. Simple, easy, and fun. 888 seems really reputable and I really reco this casino for all players both new and experienced. Love the table games here — especially blackjack!

Barry Henderson on November 25, 2015. Reply

I have won 12000 on 888 poker and have waited 19 days for payout. Now they are telling me my bank card only works for deposits but not withdrawals. They are sayi g I can do a wire transfer or cheque which will take 5 working days or pu the money bak into my account to gamble

Moffere on November 23, 2015. Reply

Gambling is always in favor of the house, being that said watch out for the algorithm changes when betting high dollar above $100 a hand with BlackJack. The minute you increase and have significant bankroll the dealer really has his way with you with ridiculous draws back to back to back no matter what you try. Drawing 21 5 straight hands?? I unfortunately lost two serious bankrolls back to back and the pattern was the same. No one is monitoring this site program as far as I can see because you would see the pattern immediately. Beware never again will they get me in a fixed game. Sad for all who play now and forward! At least play fair….

Darren Parnell on November 9, 2015. Reply

Poor payouts compared to other online gaming sites, poor response from customer service once they’ve hooked you in, in fact non responsive if you query anything bonus related, but happy to help if it involves depositing money.

Lozzy on November 6, 2015. Reply

I won 550 so sent My Id and bank details so I can get my money but this morning my account has been closed so I rang up they said I had to email another department about this but can take up to 72 hours I’m really not happy about this :(

Mike on October 28, 2015. Reply

Withdrew £400 on 24th October, it’s now 28th October and they are saying I have to wait an additional 5 business days before the money will hit my account. 11 days to get my money back?

Bee smith on October 25, 2015. Reply

I have played 888 on my mobile using the app a few times now. I find the payouts absolutely appalling. I’m annoyed with myself for keeping on depositing despite this. Bonuses are few are far between, with dismal winnings if they do eventually come up. I have played many slot sites over the years, and this is definitely the worst. Worst payout time, worst odds, worst glitches on an app. The list goes on.

Wills on October 19, 2015. Reply

I just started using 888 again and made a deposit. I did not opt in to any deposit bonus and have had an account for years. After starting to win in live casino I tried to withdraw and found that my bankroll was different from my live casino balance. On investigation I found I had received a ” hot bonus” of £20 which was not opted into as I am aware of playthrough policies. This was applied to my account without knowledge or consent and playthrough policy now applies to any of my winnings. I later found an email from 888 saying I had received a bonus “just for being awesome!!!”. I have emailed a complaint and hope I have escaped with my £50 won before bonus was applied. Am waiting for confirmation from 888 that I will have to playthrough bonus to withdraw any winnings from further deposits.

Frank Ryan on October 4, 2015. Reply

Today I was very fortunate in getting 3 of a kind suited on a £10 bet (21+3), the little box showed a payout of £1910. For a £10 bet (190-1) was due but when the game was finished I was astounded to see that 888 only paid out £1000. I am no stranger to blackjack payout odds and on average most online casinos pay between 200 – 270 to 1 for three of a kind suited which is extremely rare. I sent an e mail to customer services and told them that I had been underpaid, they replied about 1 hour ago and advised that they only pay 100 to 1 for three of a kind suited, so why did the little box show £1910??? Have searched everywhere to find 888 payout odds to be able to see this but cannot find them anywhere. As a true gambler I was overjoyed to get such a great hand sand would like to be able to say that getting the hand was worth more than the money but I am sure will agree it’s not.. Just be warned that 888 odds on blackjack side bets are miserable and you can get better elsewhere.


Rickyking on September 22, 2015. Reply

I got my free £88 free play money and won £20 which went into my 888 account.i then taken that £20 to live casino won £400 but canot withdraw this money why is this please help thanks rick

Thomas on September 23, 2015. Reply

Without knowing any details I´d say it has something to do with the wagering requirement not being met. Read the bonus T&Cs so you know what I´m talking about. It basically means that you need to wager your deposit and bonus X amount of times before being able to withdraw.

scottlayla81 on December 31, 2015. Reply

you have to wager 30 x bonus amount for example 30x £88

Claire on September 20, 2015. Reply

like many people who have reviewed this casino before me, i’ve had trouble getting my winnings. i’ve tried to withdraw around £800 about a two weeks ago and all i’ve got is an email stating that 888 is working out my withdrawal. i am not impressed right now.

wazza on October 28, 2015. Reply

hi Claire, have you finally managed to withdraw your money? I’ve spent 1000’s of ££ in 888 and finally trying to get back my money, i’ve just made a couple of withdrawals today. But i’m not sure how long its going to take. They say it’s 5-7 working days on their help page. How did you get along?

bjcs333 on September 14, 2015. Reply

Won the jackpot twice on my first go had to spend it to qualify for withdraw then on my last 3 spins won 1000 but was only allowed to keep 500 lol anyway I am happy as I got it up to 700 and I’m looking forward for a hopefully problem free withdraw been waiting 5 days now on visa anyone else on visa know how long it takes for them on average just wondering but so far 888 casino has been trouble free and I’ve had some good entertainment. I’m looking forward to using it in the future after I withdraw my money.

Welshal on September 1, 2015. Reply

I got very drunk & very reckless with 888 a few times. Almost wiped out but when I’ve won a few grand & cashed it it they’ve been spot on. Granted you are encouraged to reverse withdrawals & carry on gambling, which I did lol, but when you do win & stay sensible & wait for the withdrawal process there is never a problem.

Yeoman on October 28, 2015. Reply

How long did it take for your withdrawals to get back in the account?

joe on November 26, 2015. Reply

I’ve just gave them £600 and I have won £900 so happy with that. but now I have been told they leave the money 3 working days so if you want you can revere it so they not try to give you your money at all for 3 days now then when that’s done you have to wait 7 working days. now with weekends its going to take at least 3 weeks but yet the money comes out of your bank account the next day.

D J on August 25, 2015. Reply

They refused to pay for number 7 coming in on live roulette with 30 dollars on it. Blamed the Internet connection, which was 125 Mbps, and seemed to be fine in every losing bet and to take deposits. Refuse to answer emails. Seemed to have blocked access to app now as well.

snapedog on September 16, 2015. Reply

Did this ever get sorted the same has happend to me twice tonight

A. Beach on August 12, 2015. Reply

A few of my poker friends and l were chatting on skype the other night about the poker sites we played and our favorites. I said 888 was my fav and had been for a number of years. One of my friends asked me if I had noticed what country won most of all high paying tourneys and 2. Asked me how many really good hands I had lost to draws that were against all odds in poker. For the last couple of weeks I have been watching as it wasn’t the first time I had heard or read something to this effect. Also they said and l agree a computer will only do what it is programmed to do. I play poker for the enjoyment and I guess after hearing the things I have I would hesitate to spend a lot of money on computer poker. Also 888 poker will remain to be one of my fav sites.

nic on August 3, 2015. Reply

I sent my withdrawal 6 days ago and 3 days ago I had to send Id which I’ve done. I’ve logged on yesterday and today and they have dissabled my account I’ve sent them 7 emails and they are not responding to me

Dionne on July 16, 2015. Reply

I have wagered about $400 of my own money and have won $1500 back and did 3 separate withdrawals and sent in my ID and info. 2 withdraws finally said they were “paid” and I got confirmation emails. It’s been about 5 days now. I logged into my account today and both my “paid” withdraws have now gone back into “awaiting processing” status. What does this mean? Am I not going to get my money paid out to me now? the staff on the chat said I had to email them, so I have done that and awaiting a response. They have also said I abused their bonus and promo system just because I took advantage of promos they emailed me and messaged me in pop ups when I logged on, so why wouldn’t I take advantage of promos. I guess I won free money every time I did a promo, but I still also spent my own, so after I request the withdraws, they send me an email stating that Im not allowed to participate in their promos anymore, but they will pay me my withdraw requests. Doesn’t seem to be a fair system, especially when they entice you to use their promos.

Randy Cena on July 13, 2015. Reply

I haven’t had the same issues as other people here. I found the payouts to be pretty good here and I’ve been at 888 for a little over a year now.

I don’t play the progressives as much but the table games and slots are usually high payouts. I was able to turn 100 in free money into over 1000 thanks to taking adv of bonuses and getting hot on the BJ table.

Many people have issues here but I wasn’t one of em. For me, this is a good spot to play

Kairiozuki on July 9, 2015. Reply

I manage to win some money, after that it just went beyond of coincidence. you can roll on turbo as long as you like, and you’ll never see more then 12 same colour numbers. but then i start biding, fell slightly lag, then i saw 25 red numbers in a row… i did write for for them and they answer with “rng is random and fair” bullshit. well i had some money left and went again. then i roll again without bids, numbers were randoms i admit, but then i started bidding, saw again 20 same colour numbers… when i bid i lost every bid, and then i didn’t bid, next colour or number come up the one i wanted what a coincidence… i saw 20+ same colour numbers maybe 4 time a day. if i am so “lucky” i should buy lottery tickets instead. you have more chances to win.

Kate chapman on July 8, 2015. Reply

Help please. I have joined the 888 casino and played the £88 free play and I have withdrawn £3,555 just about sceptical will I receive this money. I have received a email of 888 casino saying they are sorting the withdrawal out.

Dionne on July 16, 2015. Reply

Have you got your money yet? Because Im waiting for mine too.

Ally on July 4, 2015. Reply

888 was the first casino I had signed up too .. I managed to turn £20 into £750 and surprising it was a stress free withdrawal. They asked for I.d like most sites do and it took 2 weeks to withdraw but I got it in the end and use regularly

Dirk on November 19, 2015. Reply

I understand the obvious answer, but 888 will lose customers if it takes them 10 business days to process a withdrawal and a nanosecond to accept money.

pedy on June 17, 2015. Reply

i just won 70$ and i got to withdraw my money, but the servere always keep saying your money is on pending, do want to reverse it.
why? i just want my money back

Graham on June 14, 2015. Reply

The software they use for online roulette must be or can be rigged. Never in my life have I seen e sequence of 14 black numbers in a row . And if that wasn’t enough to get you thinking , 6 of them were the same number . This is far from being a random number game .

NIck on June 9, 2015. Reply

If you have a gambling problem stay far far far far far away from 888 casion , there withdraw process is sure to get you to gamble your winnings , you have 3 days to cancel and re gamble your winnings . I won 7 ,19 , 25 , 45k and every single time I cash out the keep giving me a pop up saying “you can cancel your withdrawal if you would like!!”.

kasia on June 11, 2015. Reply

damn true

BrasilBrasil on June 11, 2015. Reply

guys, it really makes me wonder who’s fault it is: The casino’s for luring you into a new play or the player’s for getting weak, reverse the withdrawal and start playing again (which he or she shouldn´t be doing at all in the first place if you do have a problem).

andrew on May 16, 2015. Reply

I have just jojn and got my £88 bonus I won £60 played the rest of the 88 and when I try take the 60 it says I have nothing in but clearly states that all winings will be paid after rhe £88 has been spent first time on site very bad

CasinoGOD on May 24, 2015. Reply

You are not doing it correctly you have to play through it 15x so 15 x 88 before you can lift the money you win lol! :) Read the bonus wager requirements you must be knew to online casinos they are all the same. it can be done though i did it and won 120

VIP player on May 11, 2015. Reply

I play at different online casinos so I don’t know how much I lost at 888 (at least 40,000 euros) but I always felt that it’s a legit casino…. until now. Recently, while playing auto roulette, casino would reject some of my bets. It happened in the past, but usually rejection would happen right after it would say “bets accepted” (seems like it’s an automated message). Then the ball would continue spinning for another 10 or so revolutions and land on a number. Recently, however, bets are accepted and then I get no message that anything is wrong. Ball continues to spin and then guess what? After ball lands on a number and a few more seconds that it usually takes for the system to register the winning number I get the message “bet rejected”. This happens only when I increase my bet significantly and only when the number comes out and the message comes out only after the ball lands. On top of this, this casino uses a third party company’s roulette tables (at least some of them, and the automatic one that I used to play on). For those of you who do not know, automatic table is a real table, not an RPG but instead of the dealer throwing the ball they have a mechanism (forced air) to spin the ball. While knowing this made me at first feel safer (they are not able to alter where the ball lands, because this could mean win for them but loss for other casinos that use the same table) it made me do a little experiment which I strongly feel proves that the bet rejections are deliberate on 888’s part. I logged in to another casino and placed exactly same bets on the same automatic table at the same time with the 888 table. When I lost a few rounds and increased my bets significantly, when my winning number came out (or section as I bet on sections to increase my chances), 888 again sent me message “bets rejected” but the other casino that uses the same table did not. So using the same table I had no problem winning with the other casino, but 888 rejected a bet. I will no longer play at 888. I really liked their interface and live dealers, I am going to visit Riga next summer and I was going to meet some of them as I really felt that I have made friends but the experience with the rejected bets made me withdraw my funds and no longer play. Oh, and it used to take 3 days to withdraw funds, now this is my fifth day and I still have not received anything. I am sure they will eventually credit me but this is a turn off to wait for so long. The other casino that uses same tables credits me within minutes.

Rade on May 11, 2015. Reply

hi, mail me…,… I can help you.

Rosanna on May 4, 2015. Reply

I had some tedious problems with the server which just ruined the experience for me. I don’t think I’ll be returning any time soon.

iain jardine on April 28, 2015. Reply

Been playing with 888 casino for about 6 months now,and although i’ve lost ,i’ve also won a bit as well. Never ever had a problem withdrawing winnings from them,although does usually take 8 or 9 days.Never had to provide any documents either. From the casinos i’ve played so far this is my favourite and usually play with a live dealer,particularly blackjack.

Chris on April 27, 2015. Reply

I have been a member of 888 for 10 years. I have won the jackpot on top spin snooker, I have also lost. I have never had a problem being paid out. I have reversed cash out requests. I have met with several managers from 888, been to dinner, the British Grand Prix, the Ryder cup. They are a professional company and audited. I had an issue where I was playing live roulette and after my bet was accepted it suddenly was rejected….guess what, the number I bet heavily on came in. I contacted my account manager and they are investigating….in the meantime they credited my account with the winnings. An unscrupulous company would not do that, I don’t lie, I have no need. I only ever argue when I have the facts. My experience has been a positive one and I’m happy to recommend 888 with all sincerity.

jon on June 18, 2015. Reply

Same happened to me twice. 888 refused to pay after a dozen calls & a thousand e-mails, removed the software.

broadway1234 on December 8, 2015. Reply

Hi, had the same, 200 On 20. Didn’t register. 888 looked into it and paid. All good.

Nick on April 3, 2015. Reply

At first I found 888 casino a good site but now all it seems to do is take take take I haven’t withdrawn nothing for weeks and I’ve deposited almost £2000 and haven’t won much so players go carful

John Vee on March 20, 2015. Reply

Hi All
If you’re having doubts or problems with the RNG, switch to live dealer mode and gamble in real time with a real human dealer. I would assume that this would be very hard to rig, especially when there are several people at the same ‘table’. Most Internet casinos, including 888 have live Roulette, Baccarat and life Black Jack tables .

Ohlyohly10 on March 6, 2015. Reply

I played this site for almost a year just last month I out 2 grand on the site yesterday I put 800 I was playing roulette and I had a 400 dollar bet and hit clear it froze and took my bet!!! I called and they said they can give me 200 dollar credit… So I said no and looking for a new site to gamble on any advice would never put a dollar on a place that treats me like crap

nick holden on March 3, 2015. Reply

Been waiting over 2 weeks for my withdraw to come into my account, it is way above the “8 business days” it says it takes, i have also provided proof of ID and at no point was i even asked or told to do so for my withdraw to happen, sent emails and twitter messages with no reply…

kylenir on April 12, 2015. Reply

Ive been waiting from the 4th of april and it still hasnt been processed.

Dionne on July 16, 2015. Reply

Did you receive your money yet?

reg on March 3, 2015. Reply

Hi. I am having a really bad time trying to withdraw my funds from I requested the withdrawal 9 days ago and it still says pending. Its a huge amount of money to me and would really like it soon. i have rang them everyday and just keep getting told we will be in contact within 24hrs which never happens!!!
I have uploaded all documents etc that they asked for as well. If they dont pay out what do i do next ?? What are are my rights????

Sita on February 13, 2015. Reply

I have been playing their games for over 7 years. They made their games very tricky. No results and never cashed out 1 dollar yet. Their Chat service is not operational for several months. I wasted my money. My advise to all is that please don’t waste your money here. Never deposit and play. It is certain that your money is 100% gone for ever.

Hormon Guy on February 16, 2015. Reply

why would someone stick 7 years with a casino without getting back any decent result in winnings or at least entertaining-wise? So you either kept depositing money over all these years or you did have winnings but didn´t even try to cash them out. Either way, it sounds like the casino is not the only one to blame.

RRSYS on February 6, 2015. Reply

Hi all !

We all know the RNG roulette is RNG thats it.
But i noticed strange things happened one night in 888 casino @ European Roulette table.
Lets start beginning , i made just 60 euro to over 400 euro’s profit. Used some own strategy’s.
Suddenly the swing started , every bet i placed , i lost , ok lost about half my profits i switch the table.
And hell yeah this swing robbing me @ this table too.
@ 3rd table same thing , and soon i got broken , finished 0,20 euros :D.
Closed the casino and going to google little bit.
Founded interesting information , called ,,FRAUDSTERS”.
This means , roulette game might contain a piece of code which recognises when the player has won and then use that as a cue to generate another number and display that instead.
Dont know if this casino is involved with that thing but we dont never know that.
Now im smarter and set my profit goals per hour or per day then go back next day , just dont want waste my winnings for that fraud.

Good luck !

J2n2r on January 24, 2015. Reply

Made my first deposite too in the 888 , deposited 40 euros and got the 70 bonus.
Then made the wagering 2100 and my real winnings is almost 1400 euro’s.
Then dropped to 863 and requested 300 withdrawal , send the copys of documents and now i wait the process , hope there is no problems.
@ WinPalace Play i waited my god damn 100 euro almost a month , first time they cancelled and finally they paid.
Good luck you all !!
See @ the tables :D.

warren on January 24, 2015. Reply

Unhappy with 888 i did an all in with my deposit won and it got tied in with the bonus which meant i had to bet more with my deposit first in line if i lost and when i withdrew i could only withdraw the amount i deposited lol. Would they refund me if i lost? no ,yet these guy wont pay when you win,Also i never even asked for a bonus, and customer service was medievil. Say no more dont bet there as there pretty sneaky to say the least.

Ramzi on January 16, 2015. Reply

I play 888casino live roulette
Its seems very odd every time i play online roulette when no one on the table the ball lands on just the one number that i have not place bet on . it look as if magnetic filed drags the ball towards the one number i have not bet on .

I tired all on line roulette game rooms they all seems to be same . its very strange the way ball behave. I have notice lot of time when ball gets pulled backward towards the number i never place bet on . I suppose to be live game but some times it looks like a video loop playing again and again .

How do we know that those machines has been checked and certified . How can we be sure that there is no illegal activity going on . Those machine could be comprised with electric or magmatic filed to manipulate result.
I have lost very significant amount of money .

Who can i raise this issue with ..
It’s not about the money i am worried, I am sure thousands of poor people out there gets conned in a same way .
I feel sorry for all those who looses lots of money like me .

Is the anyone out there investigating this .. Serious help need .

Catherine on January 11, 2015. Reply

I won and tried to withdraw my winnings from Crown Europe casino, they wont pay me because I played a different game with my winnings. they are cheats and liars, the also run City Club and City Tower. I will not play there ever again.

ian ward on January 6, 2015. Reply

I recently had the pleasure of the 888casino experience and like many others got very frustrated when I wanted to withdraw my winnings for the first time. I stuck with it, and even though very sceptical about uploading an image of a very important document did it anyway. Eventually, within their stated time frame, the money did arrive in my account. I used their original £88 bonus, invested more, was given several other generous bonuses and did come out winning. The site is excellent, good fun games, casino etc and easy to use. I really was sceptical and told them so in may emails, my advice; stick with it and enjoy playing with the extras they give you but be prepared to wait for your withdrawals.

Justin on January 11, 2015. Reply

How long did you have to wait for your money to come back in your account ?

kyle royal on June 19, 2015. Reply

i used the free £88 ands started winning big no matter how high my money got it wouldn’t let me withdraw atfer getting up to £13,000 i thought f*** it nbot playing anymore but a MASSIVE bet on lost £7k and guess what it let me take the £6k out lol just waiting on it going into my bank now been 3 days only 11 more to go cant wait for this hoilday lol

Jimmy on January 4, 2015. Reply

Im a platinum vip of 888 casino and they have not cashed my winnings out 5 times in a row in the allocated time! Do not waste your time on there and definately not your money!

ManowarXXL on January 6, 2015. Reply

I’m constantly dealing with delays when it comes to cash outs but luckily I did get my money every time. But eventually you did get yours too right?

Sam on December 21, 2014. Reply

Seems redundant to say this now but same story Here.
I haven’t really won money until won a reasonably big one and haven’t been able to cash out or verify the account online, they have emailed me telling me that ‘they have had no response from me so the account is locked now’ I phoned them to before this too., the online verification doesn’t work at all from my experience, I attempted passport number, drivers license number, credit/debit online and none of these services work then phoned them, was given very little acknowledgment that their services don’t work then sent am email saying they haven’t heard from me……..

What’s a boy to do? Upload documents they say but I’m really not comfortable doing that as none of the other services they provide work and why the he’ll would you upload photographic identification of yourself when none of it works, no confidence to do this so I’d rather loose the money than do that

Ian on December 18, 2014. Reply

Awful experience with 888 .. tried them for a couple of months… Zero big or even notable wins… i think about £30 was it lol! Dull game play, promised bonus’s not issued, customer service poor and always “not currently available, constantly booted off due to server issues, suspect game play too in my opinion as the same pattern was playing out over and over again… deposit.. might win a tenner if your very lucky, then every game you play goes into meltdown with the level of bonus’s and features suddenly reducing and if you are lucky enough to get a feature you’re lucky to win more than £3 or £4!!… Also as soon as your money dips below the minimum withdrawal threshold the game play instantly changes to a much lower level!! Hmmmmn!?? Now closed my account and not even so much as a thankyou!! I was even civil about it!! recommendation?…. Avoid!

hummas on December 11, 2014. Reply

hey i put big bets they dissconnect me when i call them they just go in circle
not solving my issues big scam 888 casino guys save your money dont play

siloahclot on December 10, 2014. Reply

Played here for about 3 days. I got a good vibe from the place. Some swings that seemed a bit out of the ordinary but perhaps that was just my mojo. Nearly made it to my playthrough requirements but went busto anyway. I would recommend this place and might come back in a bit. Definitely think i can find some better sign up bonuses elsewhere tho

John Molendijk on December 4, 2014. Reply

888 casino doesn’t pay out their customers. They will wait as long as they can, or even longer. They don’t care about their members, it’s awfull. When deposits are made everythings OK, when withdrawals are made bells ring!! Gave about four types of ID, still they won’t reply on my E-mails (more than a week now), quite odd as that is the only visible form of communicaion with you can have with them. I hope they find the decency to contact me and settle this matter, or else I will take different measures and will do anything I can as an upcoming lawyer.

littllill on December 9, 2014. Reply

John, that is simply not true. I have been playing there for more than a decade and have been paid every single time. They certainly do not advertise withdrawals and they try to keep you there even after requesting a withdrawal but which casino doesn’t? It is not my favorite but its not that bad either.

dafkid on December 4, 2014. Reply

this is the bigest fake casino what i ever seen. 100 pond with slots 0.40/spin. No bonus game, No free spin nothing. Only got 0.10 – 1 pound win. But after all loose. Yes really 130.000 pond bonus? When u enter the game just shown 120.000.

Dennis Lemay on November 23, 2014. Reply

Used to like 888 but have lost a bundle recently due to server problems of theirs, get a few lousy free tournaments as an apology. This site is becoming a farce.

Zarren on November 10, 2014. Reply

Lot’s of bad comments here from sore loosers. I find 888casino to be great. Never except bonuses from ANY casino they always come with a catch. 888’s withdrawal process is slow but so are a lot of other casinos and it’s not an unreasonable time to wait. Also as you play and withdraw more they do become quicker to process the transaction. I suppose it works as a security buffer too.

I’ve played @ 888 for around four years and am happy with the experience and would recommend to others.

Also regarding the fixing poker for UK players comment. That’s bullturd, I’m English and my cards don’t transform in front of my eyes. Your cards are dealt and you play the game :D stop thinking you deserve to win all the time sometimes you will be unlucky !! Unless your cheating lol

JANIS on November 4, 2014. Reply

Hello guys. Really bad expereince in 888 and here is what I have discovered: There is a plenty of unsupportable things and I completely agree with all the people posted their comments before, but actually there is also some script which see where U actually from. If you are from UK, (where 888 is hosted), you will be have a bit more chance to win in poker games, where you fighting for other's money. The other guys who are from outside UK have smaller chance to win. I already have proved it. I played A LOT of times poker, and I practically ALWAYS had unlucky hand when UK player shove ALLIN (ha – ha just for fun to see how you fold), and you agree. As the result, he magically gets at least 3 of kind or better combinaton (having pushed you with "2 spade" and "4 diamond") for example. THINK HARD THINK TWICE before deposit your money. If you agree to play for fun and lose your money, do it. Voila!

jim on November 4, 2014. Reply

I can live with the fact that a withdrawal can take 7-10 business days, but I always know they will ask me for verification..this kind of stuff always worries me and it really can add a lot of unnecessary stress to a person who could have potential won life changing money. Prior to a big win I'd already sent in documents to verify my identity, yet once I requested a cash out they sent me an email maybe 2 days later saying I needed to provide photo proof of a UKASH voucher I once purchased to deposit. That is absolutely insane and thank god I still had it…but those vouchers are garbage after u use them, I very well could have thrown it in the trash …and then what id be screwed? I received my money, also they skim you on the exchange rate USD – CDN. It really makes me nervous to play again because I know if I win the same stuff will happen

FrasD11 on November 4, 2014. Reply

I have recently played on 888 live casino and had major problems while playing blackjack. I have played on the site on many occasions without problems but last night my balance kept disappearing half way through a game making me unable to bet on the next hand.
Anyone who plays blackjack will know that if you want to win you need a stratagy, increasing the bet size if you lose a hand as your odds of winning are higher. Their software problem kept breaking my stratagy. I had to contact live support on over 7 occasions and they had no explanation.
I spoke to other players who also had the same problems yet 888 not seeming to do anything about it!
I am a platinum member and will not be using the site again if they do not reply to my complaint and offer me a refund for the money.

888 you need to fix this problem now!

User FrasD11

Darren on December 3, 2014. Reply


I had the same problem on Saturday night. Did you resolve it with 888?

Vonne... on August 3, 2014. Reply

don't play on 888. costume service is really bad. Players change nick names all the time. Bad security. Today I just quit playing there because off how they treat people over telephone. And if u deposit over telephone and ask for bonus they always try to get you to deposit more for a bonus. And they say this is the only bonus available on your account. If I call up and talk with another they say something complete different. But today I was finish with their lies and unfair treatment. I have played there for 3 years. But enough is enough. Today I was really pissed off. I know im right but they pretend they always have right. And it seam so rigged. Allways when u have almost all your money in a hand and youre in front and then boom another player hit lucky on last card, or you have house and another get bigger house. That's how u always lose money in the end on this site. And they don't car about if they lose costumers, but you know what, one costumer here, and one there, gets a full sea. And ppl will talk bad about this site and not recommend it to others, but seams like they don't care about losing one costumer here and there. Don't play on this site!

Pete Gmeinweser on April 9, 2014. Reply

Made a deposit to the site and the money has totally disappeared. Never credited to my account. No one there seems to know what happened or to seem to really care. I'll stick to Pokerstars !

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