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Rodd Johnson on February 11, 2022. Reply

Been playing this site for over a year, and besides one significant win, I’ve been getting pennies back on the dollar since.

I do give them credit where credit is due though, they do pay out if you win and it us quick and painless to do so.
But the games seem unfair to someone who plays casually. You might win back 50 bucks every 1000 deposited, if you are lucky.

Allan on May 31, 2021. Reply

I have been a regular to the various 888’s Casino/Poker/Sport. I have had no issues other than the odd technical ones with the app but overall very happy.
Until now…….. I have made several withdrawals and they came within the time frame stated then on Friday 28th May (1am) I won a large amount and withdrew half the winning $3000. I received the usual email confirming the request but last night Sunday 30th May I decided to check with live chat as to why my withdrawal status had not changed.
They were very polite and helpful and informed me I was sent an email after my withdrawal request on the Friday asking me to provide particular documents due to regulations over money laundering. I totally under stood and proceeded to go to my emails to check for said request and then to follow the instructions. No email was sent, I proceeded to send the documents anyway and decided to call 888 support for clarification as to what happened and also to request a swift resolution.
The help I received was abysmal and non existent, the staff member was rude, she basically ignored all my questions and said there was nothing she could do to help. I was simply inquiring why the deposit was withheld without me being notified of this but she kept repeating it was to prevent fraud.

Okay so if there was a suspicion of fraud can someone please explain to me why the site still accepted $300 deposit from me from the same account under review? The only fraud being conducted in by this company and they should be investigated fully.

Anne on April 18, 2021. Reply

I deposited £30 and they were to give me £30 bonus i pressed it and they took 3 lots of £30 out of my account. Then after playing a while they jumped 80p spin to £40 spin

Colten on March 12, 2021. Reply

888casino.com only offers wire transfer for withdrawl. Still hasn’t payed out the withdrawl and it says processed. Useless chat support and nobody can give a straight answer about the withdrawl.

Tess on May 6, 2020. Reply

Have been playing here for ages and have always been treated well and fairly.
I have tried a handful newer casinos over the course of time but always get back to this one. I do miss live support though. I had to contact them a few times and it takes quite a while to respond to a simple email.
Other than that, happy camper.

Orville on April 16, 2020. Reply

I can’t log in on my computer or mobile for several hours. Ironically, the site worked great for making a deposit. I think this has been a terrible experience and would like to just finished spending my $300 so I can find some other site.

Lee on February 11, 2020. Reply

I made 1 Apple Pay deposit of 10£ they then went on to take further money from my account relating to 20£ then 25£ then another 25£ then a further 10£ I have had to cancel my Apple Pay as they don’t seem to be stopping. I wouldn’t mind if they put on my account but they haven’t.

Mark Mackenzie on August 8, 2019. Reply

I’ve been using it so much recently they put a free $200 into my account. Definitely not a scam by any means ive been using it since 2016

Scarlett2323 on February 6, 2018. Reply

Excellent casino best customer service ever everyone is more than helpful I couldn’t recommend a better casino 5 star ⭐️ service I won 42 k on roulette and then another 9 k all prosesed and paid

Ian on June 23, 2017. Reply

Play 888casino all the time and never have any problems with winnings takes 3 days to be paid then another 2 to reach account but they always pay. Suggest sending id before you play….

PBerrill on June 6, 2017. Reply

I signed up to 888 casino and won £370, easy sign up and easy payout.
So happy as it’s my first online casino and I hope for many more wins.
Easy layout and lots of gaming choice, then I found the sports betting :) happy customer keep up the great work!

Lorraine on June 15, 2017.

How much did you deposit to win your £370 and how long dis it take to clear please

EFFORT on June 24, 2017.

how much did u deposit lorraine cause i also want to start


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