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Jayne Humphries on May 6, 2022. Reply

i have made many deposits with dazzard casino, made 1 withdrawal to the value of $300 which was deposited into my account in good time.
Unfortunately my next win was not deposited into my account but they continue to tell me that it has been paid. My account is verified obviously as they have paid the previous withdrawal, so why would this one be any different.

They keep requesting all my bank statements even though i have previously done so and been verified. My bank has no notification of a deposit.
Very disappointed and i wont be making another deposit to this site.

Dazard Casino logo Dazard Casino on May 10, 2022.

Hello Jayne,

I am really sorry that this issue occurred. We are always striving to become the most customer friendly casino, and I can assure you that we send withdrawals with care and as fast as we can. However we can not control all the way of cashouts and a part of it depends on the destination bank. Could you be so kind and contact our customer service operators and we will do our best to check and find your funds.

Best wishes,
Dazard Casino Customer Care


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