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Alexander Habib on December 27, 2023. Reply

I’ve made a cash out request of 1700 dollars on the 27th of December 2023. I’ve sent in all of my ID, I’ve sent in my proof of address. I’ve sent in my bank statements for both of my accounts and now my account has been frozen and I have no reasoning to why this is happening or when I’m getting my money. I’ve spent over 5k on this site and I think I deserve so sort of answer about what’s going on with my money

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on December 29, 2023.

A support agent told you yesterday that it would be sent today.

As far as I can see it was actually sent yesterday. So you should have it soon enough if not already.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on December 29, 2023.

Hi Alexander
I can see your withdrawal was processed yesterday and your accounts are now open.

I assume this now means this issue is solved.
Please don’t hesitate to contact support if you need further help.

Matitala on July 1, 2023. Reply

I withdrawed $300 I did bank transfer. Every detail I did was right it accepted the account number it went through, I waited for 3days for the money to be in then i get an email saying i need to send proof of address and i did..i got the email again saying its been approved. I waited again for the money to be in and still nothing. I went back in the account there was no $300 i told them about it and they said the account number was wrong and the money went back into the casino account more like it didn’t , the money disappeared and they said it has been played and check the history. I checked the history there was nothing and they kept saying the money was played in the games which it didn’t. They didn’t solve the problem they just kept saying check the history and that’s it.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on July 11, 2023.

Hi Matitala

As Lily explained via live chat, the withdrawal was refunded back to your casino account due to incorrect banking details entered, and was subsequently played through by yourself using the same device and IP that you normally log in and play with. She also provided the session IDs so you can check the play history yourself inside your account. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do.


Tinei on May 10, 2023. Reply

Im a first time user, so when I deposited $50 and won over $2100NZ, i tried to withdraw straight away, but it came up i still had bonus money so i wasn’t able to withdraw, i played it down to $2000, checked again and it allowed me to withdraw, in the end i ended up withdrawing $1900. I patiently waited the 3 days, 48hrs and then the next business day, like it said on the site, today is the 3rd day i was expecting to get my money, after reading alot of reviews, on here this afternoon, how alot of peoples money disappeared from the pending withdrawal, and people not getting paid, i thought, id better check if my money was still pending, and like most peoples, it had disappeared, so i done a live chat with a staff and he said, i need to wait 1-3 business days before it shows up, and tonight, i checked my account just to see if my wages had come through, and lo and behold my $1900 was in my account, so was not expecting it to be in so soon, so thank you Grand Mondial, i will definitely be playing again sometime soon.

Lillian St Cyr on January 28, 2023. Reply

I’ve been a client of Grand Mondial since 2019 at which time I won $37,000 – no problem. I haven’t played for a while but now I can’t get in. I keep the Province BS. At least 50 times I have done as required but I never get in. I try to chat with a customer rep but it just keeps spinning and nothing happens. It seems that since you no longer use Gigadat the trouble has begun.

John Secondi on January 21, 2023. Reply

I deposited $60 CAD on Saturday January 14, 2023 on a Thunderstruck 150% Match Bonus. I have yet to receive the $90 Match Bonus and no response as well to my 3 emails sent to the help desk this past week. The live chat has been of no help. Very disappointed in Grand Mondial customer service.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on January 30, 2023.

Hi John

I can see you opted into that promotion on 16th December after opening the mailer that contained the offer, and deposited $100 the same day. The match bonus was 150% up to 100. The $100 bonus was put into your casino account the same day as the deposit. Unfortunately this bonus is only available to claim once as per the T&Cs at the bottom of the mailer.


Nicholas on October 15, 2022. Reply

I can’t load the website. I’ve tried loading multiple Casios to do with casino rewards I live in Canada. They are UK websites so has it finally got regulated or what’s going on. I have money on two or three different websites. Captain cook, grand Mondial, Zodiac. Could I please get some information on why these casino won’t load. Thanks

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on October 16, 2022.

Hi Nicholas

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some server issues preventing players from logging in. We are working on the issue and should be fixed soon. Please try again later. Thanks.

Rishi singh on July 13, 2022. Reply

I won again this time 6000$. Every time I have won over 1000$ something random happens to the account and its has to go the risk management. When it goes to risk management , it takes weeks to get a response.

When i got my response, and keep in mind this has happened 3 times before, the response I get is that my account doesn‘t show and reverse withdrawals or that they don’t see any of the winnings, period. Last time this happened they even went as far to say that i cancelled the withdrawal request and lost it all …within 2 mins of the withdrawal request. This time I took a snapshot of the winnings and withdrawl request which is to cash out my winnings and they think even that is somehow fake asking when and where and what time I took the snap shot?? Imagine they all of a sudden have nothing documents or recorded ever?? Not when the live chat where they confirmed the winnings will be paid out in 3 days. They support no evidence in their bogus findings and by the looks of it they continue to cheat honest players out of their money.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on August 17, 2022.

Hi Rishi

As our risk management team mentioned in their email to you regarding this issue, your funds were reversed and played in full, on your device, from your location using the same log information as your regular play. There was no suspicious activity found after their investigation. They referred you to playcheck multiple times where you could see the transactions, however you refused to look at it.
Unfortunately since there was no suspicious activity found on your account, and the funds were reversed and played in full, there is nothing they can do.
Should you play in future and make withdrawals please ensure to keep your funds in pending until the pending period has passed so we can release your winnings!
Good luck at the casino.

Justin Hunstad on July 3, 2022. Reply

I did the first time depositing and had bonus money.

I understand most casino bonuses come with a specific wager requirement. Well playing I could not find any information showing the requirement. Would be amazing to be able to view how much more wagering is required.

I had got up to almost $700 in winnings but could not withdraw it all because of wagering requirements. I had to keep checking back to my wallet to see if I was able to withdraw the full amount. Somewhere along the ways from $700 down to $518 the locked bonus money was gone and I was able to with draw my winnings. $518 which was nice for a $10 deposit. I will patiently await to see if I have withdrawal problems.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on July 5, 2022.

Hey Justin

Congrats on your win!
As mentioned by the support email, your withdrawal was indeed sent for processing on July 4th.

If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact player support.
Good luck at the casino!

Shavinder on May 2, 2022. Reply

I am playing from years and I won rarely 5-6 times that is also small amouts around 300 and recently I won 2000. They asked me my id’s or passport when I tried to withdraw. I sent them everything still I did not get money in my account. For 3 weeks they made excuses when finally I tried to find out. So sad and so disappointed that now they dont want to give me my winnings.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on May 3, 2022.

Hi Shavinder

As I mentioned in the email I sent you a few hours ago, I can see from a chat you had with Diana that she informed you that part of the withdrawal was credited towards some arrears on your account, and the rest was released on 27th April. The withdrawal is already on the way so there is nothing for me to do here.

When you deposit using echeck, we do not receive the funds for up to 8 days, however allow you to start playing with them immediately. If the funds were not available in your account at the time that your bank deducts them, or the bank details were entered incorrectly, they reject on our end after you have already played with them. This is why the funds were taken from your pending withdrawal. The casino terms would normally confiscate the entire withdrawal, however they allowed the difference to go through this time.

I also mentioned that if you’d like more information please email support as I’m not able to help any further than this. Instead you posted your complaint online. Your withdrawal was sent last week. If you have not received it, please email support. Only they can help.

Tristan Hastings on April 21, 2022. Reply

I’ve played for a few years , I’ve won and I’ve always been paid , no issue if you provide the correct documents, also no issues if you provide proper banking info..
My biggest hit was 23000 and I’ve had quite a few just under that, however the last few months I’ve lost big time with hardly a bonus round in sight and when I did hit (average)$10 a spin bet, I could barely get a 10x my wager…. We’ll this is gambling my friends!
All in All I will continue with Grand Mondial cause so far out of all Casinos I have played they seem to be the most honest .

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on May 3, 2022.

Thanks for the great review Tristan! Good luck at the casino :D

Marcia on March 8, 2022. Reply

I won 275 000 dollars Canadian. I was told via chat my withdrawal would be paid in 20,000 increments starting today. I checked my account and it was not withdrawn from my balance so I contacted support. Now they tell me I have to contact Risk Management. The reason is unknown and the Risk Mamagement people have not emailed back. Cant get through on the phone. I am beyond angry. This is a lot of money and I want it paid out as I played fair and square and finally after 5 years have won.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on March 9, 2022.

Hi Marcia

Risk management will reply within 3 business days and everything will be sorted out. If you don’t hear from them by Monday, please come back and reply here and I will move them along.


cam on December 7, 2021. Reply

I have an account and they are withholding over 100$ in bonus credits under my loyalty section. Thet tell me I may be abusing the bonuses and to continue putting money in and they will unlock my loyalty bonuses that I accumulated. They won’t tell me what I did. I mean if I used to many bonus offers don’t offer me them. I have emailed higher ups multiple times and never get a response.

Sean GIbson on October 10, 2021. Reply

I have used grand Mondial for almost four years, yep I have lost a few times but I’ve also won large many times!! Never a issue getting my money, wait your 48 for withdrawal 2-3 days later money’s in my account. I was skeptical at first but they have yet to disappoint me.

Dwayne Riel on June 20, 2021. Reply

I have been a member for over 2 years and they treat me like garbage. They say you are a VIP member but once you have a complaint they will not even transfer you to a supervisor to help out. It’s like dealing with a robot and have very lethargic response to your complaints

JoshE on March 26, 2021. Reply

The comments here remind me of the time when I first tried out Grand Mondial. It all started with docs being rejected over and over again and payments being delayed. However, it was sorted out and I got every (delayed) cent I was owed. Looks legit to me and you can win too. Although I have to admit that there might be better games elsewhere. MG seems a bit outdated.

Joseph McLaughlin on March 23, 2021. Reply

I find this to be a terrible site. They take forever to put the money into your account when you win. I also deposited money by e transfer which is supposed to be instant but it still did not go into my account.

Juliet on March 23, 2021. Reply

Not happy that my deposits were rejected so now I have to wait 3 business days for an email on how to claim my refund. I already waited 24 hours just to get that answer.

Patty on September 16, 2020. Reply

When I won they never gave me back the exact amount of the winnings. We deposited in your credit card they said. And it’s not true cause I deposited through E- transfer and I never got my money in my bank account. Stay away from them.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Patty

Please contact me at with your account number so I can take a look into why this happened. Thanks.

Casino Rep

Kel on August 13, 2020. Reply

I asked for a refund..Because they didnt give me the free spins, their reply was if you dont deposit more funds your account will be closed.

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Kel

Please contact me at with your account number so I can take a look into why this happened. Thanks.

Casino Rep

Anil thapa on July 8, 2020. Reply

Hi I newly registered this casino all my verification documents has successfully uploaded then I started deposit and play and all lost
My second deposit they offer 50% bonus I made second deposit and loos half of amount of my money and realized this casino all fixed so I made withdrawal of my rest money but they never realise my withdrawal money I contacted to customer service several times but never pay me saying my card has been restricted for no reason

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Anil

Our casino is audited as fair by eCogra. Please see the seal on our website for more information.

Please contact me at with your account number so I can take a look into why this happened. Thanks.

Casino Rep

Taylor on May 17, 2020. Reply

I just won 60,000 pounds. Got my cash transferred in 4 days. No probs.

Lisa on January 22, 2020. Reply

Started out Great! Kept winning so I kept playing. They have amazing bonuses and promotions. However I started to win too much In their eyes.
Read the fine print for promotions and withdrawal rules etc. After I cashed out more than I deposited after 1 year they suspended my bonus money and said I wasn’t playing fairly aka I won too much and didn’t deposit as much as I won within the last year so now until I play more and spend more they won’t allow me to redeem anymore bonus money.
I challenged them and said so because I withdrew more than I deposited you have suspended my account? Their response was you are now ineligible to participate in any further rewards with us. Lol overall it’s great to play for fun but just know if you won too much and cash out they will cut you off. They call this “bad intentions” so in small terms your not suppose to win and cash out. Was great for the 1 year I played I’m clearly done now I can’t trust them.

Valued customer on October 6, 2019. Reply

My first time playing I took the deal for 10 $ and get the extra 250 so I was winning at 500 I tried withdrawal but they said I needed 21.000 bet and the quickest way would be to play slots which I was already playing and so I was already up to 800 I kept playing and got down to 297 and decided to check where I was with the bonus and the bonus was gone so when exactly did I spin it away I probably could of withdrawal my winnings when I was up around 800 they should have a notification telling you when you have used your bonus ugh any ways at least I won 297 and it was deposited back to my Visa debit card at the time and I was also able to use my Visa debit card to deposit to play but this time around I had to use eCheck to deposit and withdrawal my winnings of 482 this time around I did win without an extra bonus I played with my own cash just hope I get my winnings soon I know I will get them I’d say grand mondial casino is very trustworthy I’d throw my money at then and now that I’m playing GM casino I won’t be playing another casino 100 precent

Susan Charpentier on September 4, 2019. Reply

I have played this site approximately 10 times and each and every time had a hard time collecting the bonus promised to me. It’s always add more money or oh here we will give you this just make another deposit. I quit !

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Susan!

I see you’ve been able to play many times since this comment was posted, as well as claim many bonuses until now.
Glad to see you were able to continue playing at the casino!

Casino Rep

Debbie on July 17, 2019. Reply

I have been playing for a while now but just looked at my account and they withdrew 900dollars has that ever happened to anyone i never gave permission to go into mt account

Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Debbie

Please contact me at with your account number so I can take a look into why this happened. Thanks.

Casino Rep

Craig Melnyk on March 4, 2019. Reply

I have used their site numerous times and have made deposits based on a good match for me. The 15 and 25 % mat h my depoist usually were given. But in the last couple of months I got screwed on the 100% match and a 15 and 30% match of my depoist which I never received. I talked to support and that went no where. So I told them that’s the last money they will see from me. I guess they need the money. O I lose gracefully never mad it’s a game,but when you tell me you will match my depoist and dont thats ba. So I will never again play on their site they lost me as a player and I have spent alot of money there so its their lose now. The Mondail Casino is not being honest

Judy on January 21, 2019. Reply

Wow Grand Mondial Casino you gave me mega moolah $10k a week before Xmas woop woop! Waited 3 days for Asked wotup: ahh, 4x forms ID – sure, can do ( i think ). Meanwhile, ATM has swallowed C.Crd :( and some doco’ s aren’t in required jpeg format. Ookaay. Help! Daughter steps up and gets it done. Resend: ‘echo into space’
Receive another another repetitious email: ..incase of missing Ccrd, provide bank statement of transaction (in my case add an ‘s’). Swallow my indignity cause im shooting for the end goal Right? So where is Grand Mondial Casino named on my transactions? Not there, not anywhere!? Well, they’ll recognise their own bogus name You Think?
Only been a month of waiting but it so seems like a year already and yep like a true addict I whittled away at the “pending”. Next time..Right?..I get a lawyer!! Meantime, delete account and stay the eff away from online casinos who have no accountability, and no real care – yeah admit it You don’t and they don’t :((

Christina on June 3, 2020.

Hey Judy, I was wondering if this was resolved? Have cashed out before and never provided documents. Now have $1700 to cash out and they say it was triggered by random to provide proof. Worried to provide the information if it didn’t end well. Thanks!

Kiran on January 13, 2019. Reply

Skrill and neteller won’t work to deposit in India,they are useful for withdrawing

Roger Marshall on January 11, 2019. Reply

I paid my $10 and won up to $360 in credits.
But I could not withdraw any cash value and stopped playing for a while.
I started up after a few weeks to find my cash credits were gone.

Sally on January 24, 2019.

It will be best to contact their live support.
Could be removed from inactivity. They can add it back for you.
Could be in the wrong account as well.

Mohd amin butt on December 5, 2018. Reply

I won aprox $700 but they voided all my winnings. Without any reason. My account has been locked.

Waltraud Wolf on November 22, 2018. Reply

I had asked for a withdrawal of my winnings and a few days after requesting my money it just disappeared,

Chrome on April 2, 2020.

Same thing happened to me. It just disappeared out of nowhere. I didn’t get any notifications or emails saying where the withdrawal went. Did you receive your money or no?

S. Chin on July 24, 2018. Reply

I’m Canadian and I’ve made many Mastercard deposits with no problems. They use payrcard to process the deposit with no extra fees. Lately, the deposits have been processed by CF Mercantile and I get huge processing fees added. My $800 deposit cost me $828.63. I complained to the casino and they replied that the extra amount is due to currency conversion. Why would they use CF Mercantile if they know it’s going to cost Canadians a whole pile of extra bucks unnecessarily? Worst part is you can’t choose who processes your deposit. If you are unlucky, it gets processed by CF. I’ve solved the problem….. I just won’t make anymore deposits!!!

R. Williams on May 28, 2018. Reply


after winning over 7000.00 and leaving it in my casino account to play for a few more days I am not sure why i am locked out. I attempted to sign in tonight and the screen read, you are locked out of the system please contact customer support for more help via email, chat or phone. Well chat didnt work I was simply given a general message totally not related to my question then the customer assistant rep logged off. This was attempted twice thinking it was an error the first time. I called the toll free number next and was given a recording stating that customer support was busy with the massive mega moolah jackpot and due to an overwhelming response please contact us via email or chat. This has been going on for a few days now. I then attempted the third option which was email. I got a response quickly and the email was only confirming my email sent then gave me another email to contact and that i would have to wait 3 business days to get a response. What!!?

Melanie on January 30, 2019.

Did u ever end up getting yr $? The only way they lock u out, is if u have more then one account going, di u have more then one account? If not, I would keep emailing them, I wouldn’t let up, that’s yr $, and I would make them pay it!

David on May 18, 2018. Reply

Last I remember, I won $90000, everything went fine and cautiously, the only issue is time management ..these people don’t value your time, it took 9 weeks to be processed and I had almost given up hopelessly…so it’s like killing the excitement, I had sleepless nights. Worst of all my bank account was referred to income tax department and had to pay them $900 in one go. Well the whole journey was bat shit…I Can break the record if I ever played again..its an addiction and do tend to feel guilty. So gave away to my fiancée….and she is still shopping with it…I somewhat know the trade and tricks, though I have never been trained on betting..but somehow I have learnt it …it’s like I might have been a house gambler in my past life..feels like Dejavu …..but real addiction so I’m slowing it down but I’ll come back for a big win again.

Melanie on January 30, 2019.

Did u say 90,000.00? Holy crap!! If u don’t mind me asking, what game did u play?

Peter on May 3, 2018. Reply

Hi everyone,

This company appears legit. I am a Canadian, and I just have one helpful hint for anyone looking to close your account. Do not wait for live help. I waited an hour (Which i expected with their client base) only to find out these guys are strictly Account Retention. Meaning they will throw info at you to try to get you to stay.. which is also fine. But, after the speal was over I was given an email to contact. They cant close accounts, so they sent me the email, in order to close my account. After being misdirected a few times and waiting over an hour I sent them an email. So if you want to close your account, dont bother with the Live Help. Email them at the email address I posted.

Great customer service, just not a great selection when it comes to account closure and CC removal.

Hope this helps.

Annette Hamilton on May 1, 2018. Reply

I was playing and had no issue with my Visa debit deposit. I won and even had my funds deposit. However I won a second time to my surprise because I normally don’t win anything. When I ask to do a withdrawal it sat pending then I received a message to provide all kind of documents including passport etc. When I provided that information my withdrawal was still pending. I was then told they cannot deposit back to my card even though they did so a week before. They then deposited the funds back to my account without my permission and told me that they only pay Canadians by eCheck. I provided that information and was told I have to start the 48 hour pending period again. This has been ongoing since April 26, 2018.

Claudette Margison on April 26, 2018. Reply

Yesterday l deposited $10, spinned maybe 10 times. I was up to $51 then spun again at the lowest bet . I lost $3 so l was leaving that game to go to another and all $$$ disappeared. I left Grand Mondail a message stating what happened and haven’t heard a thing back.

Shawn on April 25, 2018. Reply

I won. But really hard getting my winning. They don’t have anyone who you can talk to on the phone to work out problems. It’s fun and I would spend more but would like to see if it’s real when I get my winnings.

Hrudananda swain on April 24, 2018. Reply

Grand mondial casino.. So the good platform.. Just have earn money ? i playing just few days & wining 4000$ i have already withdrawal 7000$ Complete so it’s real casino.. i have don’t face any problem

Gordon Manke on April 18, 2018. Reply

I tried to cash out a credit of about $2053 .I was given a confirmation # and was not paid.I have contacted them a couple times and told that my winnings were confiscated by their security people.

Melanie on January 30, 2019.

Y? Did u have more then one account? Cuz they confiscated my winnings cuz I had more then one account, I would be furious if u don’t have more then one account. They can’t just take yr money!! I have won 1000’s and in the norm I get paid out! That’s crazy!

Bapi Mazumdar on April 3, 2018. Reply

After deposited my $10 from my bank account I got few chances for playing. But after played few times I am not able to login. I have tried to complain few times but till now it not resolved. I am not able to login yet.

Ishan Bora on May 8, 2018.

I tried to deposit $10 using my debit xard from Central bank Of India and they do not accept the deposit. It states that they do not accept most Indian debit cards. So how did you deposit your money?

Tom LaFortune on March 31, 2018. Reply

I have won $ 1500 and withdrawn it without any problem. Extremely pleased with thier expedience in payouts. Period

Kelsey on April 25, 2018.

How did you go about withdrawing your winnings? I keep getting a screen saying its pending but it’s been pending for weeks now. Tried making a ecopayz account and it still saying pending. TIA

Jorge on February 27, 2019.

Which way do you use for withdrawals?
A debit card
A credit card

Payal on March 30, 2018. Reply

M done after reading all such comments…from last few days I am struggling with the method of the initial deposit of $10, It just gets declined. I had a live chat n as per their instruction I tried to signup for the entropay card to process my initial deposit/payment, still facing a lot of issues with the processing …
I am skeptical about the idea of winning, despite knowing about the risk involved I just wanted to give a try but now it seems a bit complex n time consuming as well.
Will not proceed further ..

Ishan Bora on May 8, 2018.

I am facing the same problem. Even Entropay freezes everytime I try to put in the details of my Debit card from Central Bank Of India.

Anthony grey on March 29, 2018. Reply

I havent had any bad experiences on mondial, Ive won several hundred a few times but i dont withdrawl it. I keep playing it but im thinking now its the same thing over and over. I think its a good thing that i dont withdrawl it right away. But it looks like ill never win more than 200$. Im thinking about stopping its not fun.Winning and then nonstop losing till its gone.

cecilia maria on March 29, 2018. Reply

i so far deposited 30 dollars it says i have won 150 dollars and it would get reversed in my card which i have used to deposit already 2 working days over still it has not been credited

PALASH MONDAL on March 24, 2018. Reply

Yes it realy worked. I was signed up Feb,18 from then till now I won $550. I got twice jackpot wheel and just miss the Jackpot for only 1 or 2 slot. Already I withdraw $100 to my bank A/c.

Ishan Bora on May 8, 2018.

How did you deposit the money. Since they don’t accept payments from Indian Banks. That is what they said when I checked in with the ‘ live chat’ option for help.

Lonnie on March 20, 2018. Reply

Ya, I signed up, took no time to deposit, but there is a little delay in withdrawals, alot of ID must be sent, banking info through echeque, (best way to get a withdrawal as they can not send back to CC), but I can say I did finally get my deposit, withdrawal of $2100.00, took about 2weeks for the first withdrawal, but know they say it won’t take that long as they have all the documents they asked for, but ya seems like a run around at first, I was skeptical and thought Not good things. Just glad to see the deposit in my account, lol

Nikki on April 24, 2018.

Hi Lonnie I got the message it’ll take 3 days after the 2 day process on their end to put it back through to my debit card. Did you get that message back? I was skepital but they reassured me that it was fine. Looking into my account the withdrawal has worked but I’ll see after 2 more days lol

Kenisha Simms on March 16, 2018. Reply

This online Casino games are awesome. Just have to discipline yourself and limit your deposit.
The withdrawal takes 3-4 Australian Business Days to clear your Casino Account, verified your info for your personal account and thats the process. I deposit $10 and get their 150 bonus rewards, then i continue to play Lucky Little Gods and i won upto $845, i was able to get a $700 withdrawal and it was amazing….I continued to play on and off by depositing $10 or $12….Its a great relaxing online game in the comfort of your home. Cheers!

Verle Anderson on March 9, 2018. Reply

I deposited 10.00 and it took no time to process this deposit. When I went to claim my free spins I could NOT access the games room. It just kept on saying ..error. refresh but nothing helped. I cleared my history and my cookies and data but to no avail…..I could still not access the games room to use my free spins. How do I get my 10.00 back?

Judy Burke on February 13, 2018. Reply

First time gambling on line. Heard good things about this Casino and of course I decided to try. I won $250 and withdrew $100 and $100 and $50. Says 1 to 2 business days and will get deposit. Then I get email saying I have to prove the cc is mine. I followed through with what they wanted to know. It says monies is still pending so I just hope that they come through and deposit my winnings back into my acct.

Raghu Nayak on February 12, 2018. Reply

I am from India, i played first for $10 and won up to $40 and lost again all, got 50 free spins and earned $20 and lost that also, again deposited $10 got 100% bonus of $20 and started playing and won up to $80 and i stopped back to $50 and asked for withdrawal of $50, they said within 2 days they will deposit, waiting for the money, i have opted withdraw through skrill

the withdraw option should be fast at-least for some limited amount, it will discourage the person to play until we see the returns

Mohammad Yousseff on January 22, 2018. Reply

I am from India .I had above $700to my credit.I opted for$500 withdrawal onJan17 was told it will take 2 days.On Jan 20 I had live chat and gave all details.I opted ref through Skrill who generated pin also.Again I was told on live chat that transfer of amount will be around Jan 22 23.I am still waiting.

Sas on January 23, 2018.

I am from India as well. I withdrew 200 dollars to my skrill ac. It came in 2 days.

Nilesh on February 11, 2018.

If I opt for withdrawal.. it says you have bonus left and no minimum play through acquired…can anyone help me to loose bonus first instead cash and what is minimum play through time…
Please help

Hameed on February 14, 2018.

Hi. Even I had the same problem ….we can’t say when dis bonus reduces….you have to play continuously and every after 10 spins…check the balance…I did…after sometime this bonus was not their

Paul Burnell on December 5, 2017. Reply

I am waiting for my withdrawal to be sent back to my credit card not rocket science just the same card as I deposited. Now asked for drivers licence ID ets etc etc. This is very disappointing. I will not deposit again until my withdrawal is processed. Withdrawal minimum of $50 too is outrageous never experienced such restrictions in my many years of playing online casinos

Rita on February 26, 2018.

I have been waiting a month for my withdrawal to be processed with constant emailing and excuses of processing time frames. Unanswered support calls, redirecting of chats, checking with my bank, going to looking on my account to any history that doesn’t exist, changing withdrawal methods and any other excuse not to pay out a win. Everybody has an excuse , and nobody has a solution. You can only deposit to your account but you can’t withdraw if you win. Not very professional for an on line casino

Tarun Garg on March 27, 2018.

Mrs. Rita i have win 100 $ all winning money transfer in my account through skrill.
skrill has charge 444 inr per transaction.

Vijeeth on December 4, 2017. Reply

Hi am Vijeeth from india, I saw this Grand modial in Facebook I taught of giving a try deposited 10$ and made 50$, then later I lost all of it, again deposited 100$ played again and made 950$ and I taught of withdrawing it, and it said it will be transferred to my neteller account in two working days, again deposited few amount total I have spent around 25,000 Indian rupees and played the game and made around 2000$ now when I planned on withdrawing all that, they asked me to mail them a copy of my Drivers license, bank statement and copy of my debit card and such bullshit, I did all they asked for I submitted (my Drivers license, Aadhar card, Voters ID, bank statement, copy of my debit card used at casino, pan card, my internet bill) after sending all the documents they asked for, then there is no reply from there side, they told me to mail all the documents on, i did the same but later no reply from them, later when I did the live chat with their customer care, they told me to mail and ask their Risk management team about my winnings, I mailed them on its been almost 5 days I didn’t get any reply or any confirmation regarding my withdrawal of my winnings at GRAND MONDIAL CASINO, my winnings is still pending in the withdrawal.

Muttu on December 6, 2017.

Bro, how did u deposit to Neteller from India.. all my credit and debit cards r declined

Nikhill on December 7, 2017.

Hi Vijeeth,
Any reply from their team??

Aki on December 7, 2017.

If u get money or not?

Dhany Pillai on December 14, 2017.

Hi Vijeeth

Wanted to check if tou could withdraw your winning amount?

siddhartha chutiya on January 5, 2018.

Hello vijeeth, I have won 18000 dollars in mega moolah, they ask me the same documents, I have submitted all the documents to, all my documents were receive and I really got 1091600 INR in my neteller account,trust me. But now there is problem with neteller only, hope I will get confirm after 48 hours, as neteller ask me for my tax return documents.

H.Rani on March 16, 2018.

I’m from india too but i received the money which i won.

Ameet on November 21, 2017. Reply

Hi , I paid $10 to start with , got $37 credited immediately as bonus. Started playing and mostly loosing, however in between got 150 free spins award while my balance bonus was $9. Thought of withdrawing $9 , but system won’t allow you to win and escape easily with $9. It seems we have to bet 30 times the bonus amount to be eligible for withdrawal, also your cash amount available must be at least $50 to get encashed or withdraw. This is a Mirage or a quick sand , getting in is easy and getting out is difficult.

Jyothi Reddy on November 13, 2017. Reply

I paid 10$ and can see it as 49$ in my account. I started playing till I reach 1200+$. Here the real face of Casino shown up. They have multiple payment gateways through which I signed up but none of them helped me to withdraw the said amount. Each of them have one or other issues raised. They just rejected my documents with out any reason although I provided all the asked documents. Finally I have to loose total of 1200$ Won + 70$ I deposited.

Deepak on November 26, 2017.

Me too, did u make any attempt to recover ur 1200$ win ?

Bharat jain on February 3, 2018.

This is not fake, firstly make a Neteller account after that transfer money to Neteller account and after that opt for money out option there they will ask you your bank details and Swift code which you have to get it from your bank after upload your bank statement and the amount gets transfer in 5-7 days then also you facing the problem then give me your I’d I will help you and the amount will be shared 50/50.

Dave Stouse on October 24, 2017. Reply

I saw an ad for this Casino Mondial somewhere Facebook? so thought what the heck, put in $10 got free spins won some money. I played a little over a few weeks, got up to about $1500, so decided to cash out $800, as promised it took a week but appeared in my account.
Chatted with Constance who was very helpful.
Cashed out using echeck again (they can’t put it back on your cc), hopefully it will arrive in another week as well.
Pleased to this point in time.
Dave (Regina, Canada)

J. B on October 17, 2017. Reply

Well just like the other reviews, i happened to read about the bonus offer , and great games, and thought, why not. I deposit 20$ and won some, deposit 75$ and won huge for the time playing. Now i withdrawn those winnings 5 days ago, and nothing yet. Money went through “instadebit” which is the best way to play, and still for some reason the money hasn’t been withdrawn from my account. Lets just say as a frequent player at casino’s, i will hope they get withdrawls faster, because that is the best thing for players. Will update soon!

JB on November 1, 2017.

Update, they came through as promised. Just took longer because of no notifications on identification documents for withdrawl weren’t done. So Great Casino, had fun, and made some money. 100$ for 1500$ all in 2hr window. Fantastic, believe it!

Jen on November 30, 2017.

Hi, so you received a cheque in the mail from the casino?

Richard LEONARD on September 18, 2017. Reply

I tried the 150 free spins. I first had to deposit $10.00. After doing that, I won a little, maybe $30.00 and was asked to pay another $10.00 to double my spins. I did that and continued spinning. I got my winnings up to $348.00 after about 2 hours without paying anything else. When I started losing, I decided to stop at a balance of $300.00. Now, this is where the trouble starts. I wanted to withdraw it and pay it to my credit card. I got a message that because my initial deposits were made through my bank, I would have to deposit from my credit card to be able to have my winnings deposited back to my CC. I deposited another $10.00 this time from my CC. Then tried to withdraw it. Same message. So, I got on live chat and explaiNed to the CS rep what was happening . He checked it out and said there was a problem they were having so I could not use that method. He suggested I try Echeck so I tried that and even though I filled all the fields correctly on the application, it still indicated there were mistakes and would not let me proceed. By the way, if I ever do get my winnings from this casino, there is a $50.00 withdraw fee.

Rose l. on September 7, 2017. Reply

I played and lost over $650 in just a couple of hours! No winnings, the games froze on their spins and had to reload so I lost on those bets because it wouldn’t stop spinning. I won Nothing! Not a good place to gamble!

ANONYMOUS on August 17, 2017. Reply

I played on Grand Mondial for the Mega Moohla. One review got me interested to check on the free 150 spins as stated on the article. When I clicked on to get my FREE 150 SPINS, I was directed to enter my bank account as I had to pay $10 to get the 150 free spins, I thought $10 wont hurt so I did pay. Surprisingly my balance went up to $49 which got me excited. I started spinning til my balance went to $9. Then a pop-up message said that I should deposit another $10 and they will double my spins. I then deposited $10, played a few spins til I got a balance of $69. I thought I could withdraw at least the $10 worth but it says I still have insufficient funds. I kept on playing til I lost all my coins.

Frank B on November 19, 2012. Reply

casino rewards casino, lets talk about casino rewards group , yes they are legit and if you win their you will get paid. i’ve played their many many times and have had some success ,however since casino rewards a few years bought up a bunch of other casinos to expand i’ve notice player winnings have shrunk judging by their winners list and also playin their the slots have paid poorly. my recommendation to casino rewards is dump about 5 to 10 of the dead beat casinos which should boost up the number of players at the casinos left and therefore more winners will be made and get play confidence back but what do i know

Linda Westcott on July 16, 2012. Reply

This is without a doubt the worst casino I have ever played at and believe me there are many. It is totally slanted towards the casino. I’ve lost every dollar I’ve ever played. I’ve tried every different game in the slots and they are all the same. At least with other casinos I’ve been able to play and win and keep playing but this one just takes.I will never play this casino again. I am so thoroughly disgusted!

Sachin on December 10, 2017.

What are the other Casinos you play in.

Thank you in advance

Robert on October 14, 2010. Reply

My experience started badly, i used a valid link to claim a 400% initial bonus…your link here. I was told, “this is not our promotion, we now offer a 100% match bonus. cannot and will not recommend, they cant even honour a first deposit bonus, how would you possibly cash out. robert


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