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Jyothi Reddy on November 13, 2017. Reply

I paid 10$ and can see it as 49$ in my account. I started playing till I reach 1200+$. Here the real face of Casino shown up. They have multiple payment gateways through which I signed up but none of them helped me to withdraw the said amount. Each of them have one or other issues raised. They just rejected my documents with out any reason although I provided all the asked documents. Finally I have to loose total of 1200$ Won + 70$ I deposited.

Dave Stouse on October 24, 2017. Reply

I saw an ad for this Casino Mondial somewhere Facebook? so thought what the heck, put in $10 got free spins won some money. I played a little over a few weeks, got up to about $1500, so decided to cash out $800, as promised it took a week but appeared in my account.
Chatted with Constance who was very helpful.
Cashed out using echeck again (they can’t put it back on your cc), hopefully it will arrive in another week as well.
Pleased to this point in time.
Dave (Regina, Canada)

J. B on October 17, 2017. Reply

Well just like the other reviews, i happened to read about the bonus offer , and great games, and thought, why not. I deposit 20$ and won some, deposit 75$ and won huge for the time playing. Now i withdrawn those winnings 5 days ago, and nothing yet. Money went through “instadebit” which is the best way to play, and still for some reason the money hasn’t been withdrawn from my account. Lets just say as a frequent player at casino’s, i will hope they get withdrawls faster, because that is the best thing for players. Will update soon!

JB on November 1, 2017. Reply

Update, they came through as promised. Just took longer because of no notifications on identification documents for withdrawl weren’t done. So Great Casino, had fun, and made some money. 100$ for 1500$ all in 2hr window. Fantastic, believe it!

Richard LEONARD on September 18, 2017. Reply

I tried the 150 free spins. I first had to deposit $10.00. After doing that, I won a little, maybe $30.00 and was asked to pay another $10.00 to double my spins. I did that and continued spinning. I got my winnings up to $348.00 after about 2 hours without paying anything else. When I started losing, I decided to stop at a balance of $300.00. Now, this is where the trouble starts. I wanted to withdraw it and pay it to my credit card. I got a message that because my initial deposits were made through my bank, I would have to deposit from my credit card to be able to have my winnings deposited back to my CC. I deposited another $10.00 this time from my CC. Then tried to withdraw it. Same message. So, I got on live chat and explaiNed to the CS rep what was happening . He checked it out and said there was a problem they were having so I could not use that method. He suggested I try Echeck so I tried that and even though I filled all the fields correctly on the application, it still indicated there were mistakes and would not let me proceed. By the way, if I ever do get my winnings from this casino, there is a $50.00 withdraw fee.

Rose l. on September 7, 2017. Reply

I played and lost over $650 in just a couple of hours! No winnings, the games froze on their spins and had to reload so I lost on those bets because it wouldn’t stop spinning. I won Nothing! Not a good place to gamble!

ANONYMOUS on August 17, 2017. Reply

I played on Grand Mondial for the Mega Moohla. One review got me interested to check on the free 150 spins as stated on the article. When I clicked on to get my FREE 150 SPINS, I was directed to enter my bank account as I had to pay $10 to get the 150 free spins, I thought $10 wont hurt so I did pay. Surprisingly my balance went up to $49 which got me excited. I started spinning til my balance went to $9. Then a pop-up message said that I should deposit another $10 and they will double my spins. I then deposited $10, played a few spins til I got a balance of $69. I thought I could withdraw at least the $10 worth but it says I still have insufficient funds. I kept on playing til I lost all my coins.

Frank B on November 19, 2012. Reply

casino rewards casino, lets talk about casino rewards group , yes they are legit and if you win their you will get paid. i’ve played their many many times and have had some success ,however since casino rewards a few years bought up a bunch of other casinos to expand i’ve notice player winnings have shrunk judging by their winners list and also playin their the slots have paid poorly. my recommendation to casino rewards is dump about 5 to 10 of the dead beat casinos which should boost up the number of players at the casinos left and therefore more winners will be made and get play confidence back but what do i know

Linda Westcott on July 16, 2012. Reply

This is without a doubt the worst casino I have ever played at and believe me there are many. It is totally slanted towards the casino. I’ve lost every dollar I’ve ever played. I’ve tried every different game in the slots and they are all the same. At least with other casinos I’ve been able to play and win and keep playing but this one just takes.I will never play this casino again. I am so thoroughly disgusted!

Robert on October 14, 2010. Reply

My experience started badly, i used a valid link to claim a 400% initial bonus…your link here. I was told, “this is not our promotion, we now offer a 100% match bonus. cannot and will not recommend, they cant even honour a first deposit bonus, how would you possibly cash out. robert

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