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Matthew Sime on January 6, 2018. Reply

Played here, took the first deposit bonus, won 4k, withdrew it after playing through the 50 requirement. Withdrawal not allowed and I am told I breached the T&Cs for placing bets too large. I have checked the T&Cs and there is no mention of this.

Chad Smith on June 13, 2016. Reply

Support staff is pretty helpful. Had a few Qs about the bonus structure and they were very helpful and readily available. Have won a few big jackpots here (nothing huge but enough to want to withdraw) and haven’t had any issues.

Joe on June 11, 2016. Reply

The bonus format is not setout very clear.. apparently you need to look for colours if you didnt deposit enough for a bonus the writing goes blue… tried to ask for help or a match up bonus but they refused… ask them out of good will as i was with them since the start but no everything was no… i asked them to check my wins vs my loses and again even through ive lost a considerable amount. They were more than happy that i close my account than to grant me a 40 dollar bonus.

helen cummings on May 31, 2016. Reply

They answered all my questions and had nice win as well, got a great bonus and managed to withdraw a £1000.00, sent i.d in and you wait 48nhours and like they said,i was verified and withdrawl complete.
A great site and do not understand the negative reviews, as you donwhat they ask, no problem.

Emily Haynes on December 8, 2015. Reply

I came to play here because I read some good reviews but now I’m reading everywhere that it’s risky to play high stakes here. I only play low stakes and low wagers so it wasn’t a huge concern for me and I enjoyed the game variety but I get the impression Inter Casino is only for new and low risk players.

Lola on October 8, 2015. Reply

had a wonderful conversation with their customer service as they helped me with an issue i was having with my withdrawal. they were extremely helpful and patient.

Jr on October 3, 2015. Reply

Met all the wagering requirements and everything but when I tried to withdraw, they said you need to show us your driving license or passport so I did but then they said, in your first name bar you have just put your initial and not your first name so we can’t let you withdraw. Even though the initial, my address, DoB etc. are all matching my driving license. He asked me to contact the risk management team now.

The other odd thing about this casino is that they only accept deposits from credit cards.

Paul on October 1, 2015. Reply

Decent casino if you like low stakes. High stakes and I would avoid like the plague. Serious concerns over the legitimacy.
Over the last six months I have spent in excess of £25k on Intercasino, mainly on slots. After a couple of months of playing I started to notice that wins seemed to come around far less when playing on stakes of £4 per spin or more. Even less when stakes are upped to £20 per spin.
It bugged me that much, I started to keep a log of stakes, number of spins and wins. After over 11,000 spins, there is a worrying trend.
On stakes of £4 or less, a win above the stake cost occurred once every 7 spins. Bonus features were triggered on average once every 61 spins.
On stakes between £4 and £20, a win above the stake cost occurred once every 11 spins. Bonus features were triggered on average once every 103 spins.
On stakes over £20, a win above stake cost occurred once every 16 spins. Bonus features were triggered on average once every 129 spins.
The games are supposed to be based on random number generators and according to their customer service, the level of stake does not affect the odds of winning.
However, based on the data I collected, there is a clear trend showing that odds decrease as stake increases.
I have everything recorded but I know they would just say that it isn’t a big enough sample to truly reflect the odds.
However, I’ll let you read into that what you wish.

Petepetite on August 25, 2015. Reply

Can´t complain. Have been playing there for over a decade and sticked to the casino everytime they switched platforms. Not the games are important but the way you´re treated. And that has been more than ok. Money-wise the results are not amazing so far but still deep in the green.

Craig on July 19, 2015. Reply

Just played inter casino. Deposited 200 and got a 200 bonus for slots. Soon had it up to 2000 but you cant collect until the bonus turns to actual cash. Seemed to win all the time until I got to close to having actual cash then it was lose lose lose. Deposited another 500 and did not get a win over 30 quid. Gamed online for years and never felt so cheated by a site.

Susan on May 13, 2015. Reply

customer service wasnt too helpful when i asked about my withdrawls.

Jessica on April 24, 2015. Reply

I have been playing for years and mainly Live roulette. When you bet your numbers constantly, they don’t come out …but as soon as you have changed or run out of money in your bankroll..well they keep coming out just to laugh at you. It happens to me almost every sessions. Same as slot machines, the higher you bet, the faster the machine just take your money.

colin noble on February 1, 2015. Reply

i made a deposit and got the welcome matchup bonus. It took me 3 days playing through thge bonus somehow i managed to get through it as i hit a few good wins, I went to withdraw £300. i get a email sayin g it ius being processed. A couple of days later i get a email saying the terms state i do not get to keep the bonus money i have played through so they have took £200 back and the other £100 has been put back in my casino account. So what is the point in having a bonus if you dont get to keep the money they take it back if you play it through your just getting tied into not being into making a withdrawal till you have played it through for no reason. When i read terms i could see no mention of you not getting to keep the bonus money it just says you can not withdraw till you have played it through. Went i message them saying this i get a email saying there is a screenshot showing the terms but there was no screenshot in the email. So rather than argue i just withdrew the £100 which did go in my bank quite quick and they have lost somebody that would have been a good customer

Tim Morgan on May 5, 2015. Reply

Almost exactly the same thing happened to me my friend this weekend. Spent about three days playing through a £400.00 bonus, actually managed to get some wins, got up to £1000, all showing as cash. Withdrew the £1000.00, got an email saying it was being processed. This morning got another email saying it was cancelled and I had £600.00 Iback In my account and the other 400 pound was gone forever. I went right through their site and couldn’t find anything, only that I had to wager 30 times the amount which I did. Got sent probably the same screenshot as you. I couldn’t find that page anywhere on the site. Exactly like you, Ive taken the money and wont play again. My comment to them was why did you allow me to make the withdrawl in the first place if its against your T &Cs. No reply yet!

Olaf on December 4, 2014. Reply

I played at InterCasino years ago, and recently i have visted them again as there was a nice promotion offer for their 18th Birthday!!! I did few spins at the new Superman Slot, which has great features and a good payout ratio….I definitely recommend this game as it was lots fun. 😉 InterCasino always had a great service and fast withdraws!!!

Patrick on December 1, 2014. Reply

ts funny looking at the old posts with such negative comments. It seems people back then didnt read any T&C’s and clearly only had themselves to blame. I personally have always been a HUGE fan of Intercasino. Since the past few months i am even more impressed than ever. They have a whole New team and the service is impeccable. They are re-launching the site very soon which I am very excited about and cant wait to see what else is up this new teams sleeve. Highly reccomend this Casino!!!

rhonda on February 21, 2014. Reply

When my friend asked me to go online and play with him at an online Casino, first time I saw was the fruit party slot machine. From then, I was enjoying playing the game and winning it added fun. I never thought playing at online Casinos is this fun!

Micheal Boughner on April 13, 2013. Reply

i joined intercasino i play live baccarrat dealers ,i found when i play small bets i can win i play large bets 98 percent of the time u see the dealer cover her mouth as if coughing and i lose as if she tells someone somthing and theymess with the time shifting and covers her mouth so u cannot lip read . well after putting 2550 dollars on my credit card ,i finally was able to win a bit i had 4000 in my account and tried to withdraw 3500 of it ,i was then told it would take a week ,2 weeks latter i contacted them still no money ,i was then informed i was being investigated by the fraud squad ,2 weeks later i am informed that because i put money in a friends account that i broke thier rules and they were forfieting my winnings and were returning the 2550 i had deposited with my visa ,,2 weeks latter still no money now i am informed i have to send them a photo of me holding government issued identification and i have to take that and get it noterised and stamped with the persons name address and phone number that noterises it and a current bill showing my home address .i will do that and see what excuse they use next not to pay me .i think they are a scam and thieves so i would recomend nobody play there

frank b on November 19, 2012. Reply

again another casino thats basically a donation ,if your here to win 50 dollars great casino if your here to win 10000 keep lookin

blueback on March 2, 2012. Reply

I have to say Intercasino must be a scam site because we have just wagered (wager is a joke) 275 quid and you might as well play free games – i have accounts at most sites and Intercasino is a scam – you have ben warned

best you can do is set a session limit of 2 seconds and try a site that robs you slowly

kip13 on January 10, 2012. Reply

Intercasino uk site stinks,have just placed £40 bet on millionaire 111 slots and got no bonus games and highest win was a couple of quid.Have been on this site now for a few months but losses really do outway your wins and i mean by a large. margin.i now find it no fun and this if your losing on everyturn just is not enjoyable,and lack of bonus games adds to finished being milked by this site.

rick on April 12, 2011. Reply

its a fix i will tell you i made a deposit of 65 pounds got 100% bonus made over 500 pounds on top in one day then on roulette i was betting on red a large amount of times it was black as i changed to black red came out enough for me to lose 700+ pounds this scam needs to be exposed

kiriakos sakkas on March 19, 2011. Reply

from the best casinos i ever play with.e-cash direct make you sure you have your money when u win.

suzy on January 21, 2011. Reply

The welcome promotion from intercasino is an absolute con, I put £40 and they matched £40, I had to bet £4000 before I could win anything, I got up to £700 and cashed out, they then voided my winnings as they said I was not allowed to bed more than £10 at a time, what a con !!!!!

Tomi on December 31, 2010. Reply

I have one warning about intercasino. They have a rare rule for bonuses that maximum bet is 25% of bonus amoung. And when i didn't know that and bet all my money to roulette they actually voided all my wins. So read the rules well, if you wants to be sure that they pay your wins. Not for beginners!

Thijs on October 7, 2010. Reply

I see stories here which never happen at me.
Paid atleast 4k usd,once i won 900 usd but most times i do a deposit doesnt matter what size its gone in less then an hour.
End conclusion,Never start gambling if you do stop it!

cynblack on September 4, 2010. Reply

I have recently just started playing at this casino. at this point i have deposited a bit about 300 or so not too much. Well to me its a lot. I only deposited a lot recently after i won 3000 from a 20USD deposit. I kept 1000 in the account and played with that got it up to 5000 but stupidly didnt cash out. Then I decided to deposit again another 20 got it up to 14000 yeah thats right 14000. This is all on slots. I dont play the table games as you just cant win. So then i deposited again I cant remember exactly how much maybe like 40 and got that up to 2000. I keep winning the jackpots. You have to know which ones are about to pay out. You can tell by how a game never gets free spins or bonus games then the jackpot hits. Sometimes its 1000 sometimes its 400 or those smaller ones 50-200. I like playing there, when I'm winning of course. I stick to particular games that seem to pay out better which seems to have worked so far if only I knew when to quit. But customer support is lacking there as there is no live chat. What's up with that, what they cant afford the staff??? lol. They have the call back service which is good as cant call from australia which is strange or maybe I'm missing a few country codes. Anyway the bonuses are lacking if you ask me. Its gambling for Gods sake we will ultimately always put in more than we take out. So is it too much to ask for a bonus match offer on every deposit. I hate gambling and i love it and it feels almost criminal when they dont give out bonuses. So thus far I like the casino, the games are good similar to microgaming's mega moolah. So play there and you may get lucky. Its good as there are still not as many players as microgaming software so the chances of winning are higher and you can tell how much people are wagering by the rate the jackpots are rising. So that's my experience so far, I just hope I win big next time. :)p.S. I got a check sent out which got to me in australia within two weeks of withdrawal. But checks are bad as the banks take out massive fees to process them so wire transfer or net teller or something next time I think.

Jakey on May 1, 2010. Reply

I agree with Troy. Have been playing this casino for about two weeks and it has become obvious that the blackjack program is written in their favour. A pattern soon emerged and became very predictable. Dealer gets BJ very regularly and will beat 20 from 5/6 most of the time. Program lets you win a few hands on entering the game but if you don't leave quickly it will destroy you. This became very clear very quickly. I have played land casinos regularly and don't mind losing to random cards, after all it's only my own stupidity to blame then, but this place doesn't give you a chance on BJ. Beware!

Rob on April 4, 2010. Reply

I had originally put on £30 and got the £30 bonus and played blackjack, essentialy I never went below £30 and eventually got up to £270 when I decided to cash out. However just realised today I needed to wager the entire amount I won on that black jack on certain games. So I essentially had to wager about £250 on slot machines, which I didn't really want to do but essentially came out with £170 in the end.

I do think it is a bit naughty of the casino to do what they are doing on promotional codes, but it will all be in the T&C's and it is only the users (me and you) who are to blame if we don't read them.

It is not illegal just maybe immoral how they promote the bonus codes, but then again you could call gambling immoral full stop 🙂

dan on April 13, 2009. Reply

Intercasino is my all time favorite casino online! I don't always win but I have won quite a bit, cashing out is always easy, they send me a check very fast. Love this casino!

oldfox on April 9, 2009. Reply

danp, welcome to the world of online casinos. If I understand you correctly you´re complaining about terms and conditions that are out there for you to read. Or do the T&Cs say otherwise?

danp on February 23, 2009. Reply

Absolute con! My girlfirend used one of their Slots Bonuses she had sent as spam. She had to put in an amout which they in turn would match (£50). She had a quick go on slots but then went on Roulette and won of £500. When she tried to to withdraw the money, she was told she was unable to do so as the Terms & Conditions stated that she had to spend (or play) £750 on the Slots (not any other game like cards or roulette) before any winnings became hers! An absoulte farce! Suffice to say, the money was not won and the winnings effectively were kept within the casino. Daylight robbery. She risked her money but for no possible gain. Is this legal? I implore anybody who recieves one of these codes not to use them or InterCasino.

bill11 on June 28, 2008. Reply

Haven't got the cheque yet but I just quickly cleaned up 3000 on 3 card poker. Seemed to resemble the real drop of cards. No complaints from me. Also the blackjack seemed ok too.

jack on March 7, 2008. Reply

Absolutely rigged…..I have played over 10k dollars and never been ahead of the amount I sat down with in one setting…you bet 18 and it says WIN 12. Doesn't seem like a win to me. Carribean stud always and I mean always beats you….or they don't qualify when you have a flush so you win even….statistically, if you check their stats….their slots are paying less than 45%. You can't lose that fast in a casino..the state lottery doesn't even pay that low and they are thieves. intertops is the only poker site I can't win at….not sure why but am a pretty good poker player….I have a funny feeling there are house players and they win…can't verify that tho…I wouldn't recommend playing anything but their sports book which i have done ok at but the site is only advantageous when you want to bet the dog because the favorite line is always short…..these casinos are not very smart in that they should want people to play for a while so they enjoy themselves….I have never been able and mean never been able to play for more than 20 minutes playing 300-500 in a sitting….just not fair….

pokerman on March 31, 2007. Reply

I ONLY play at intercasino from now on.
They simply have the best casino games out there and best odds. I have won allot at, i have also lost, but Intercasino games seme to be the best i have found and most fair- I think there tons good reason they voted best online casino 2005-2006.
For sure my favorite casino

Jerry on October 15, 2006. Reply

re: 10/06/2006, Comment from dave
Come on man, how can you call a casino thieves for not awarding you a bonus? It’s not like they stole your winnings. Just read the news and see how many U.S. players are being turned away from the latest legislation changes. Lots of casinos even have to cash out automatically to compensate current it’s not they’re stealing from you!

dave on October 6, 2006. Reply

Webpage clearly offered a $100 matching bonus on all deposits made before midnight on 9/30. I deposited on 9/30 in the early afternoon and was denied my bonus because they all of a sudden decided they weren\\\\\\\’t giving any bonuses out to U.S. Players anymore. NOWHERE on their page was this stated. Emails to support went ignored until I finally got an email from alleged manager Ryan H. who refused to credit the bonus even though he could not deny that it was clearly offered. Huge ripoff. Stay away from these thieves.

darren on July 31, 2006. Reply

this casino uses the same software as william hill, so the same rules apply, you bet, you lose. i’d like to meet a big winner of either casino, they either don’t exist or are the luckiest people alive. if you spend over 10k, surely you deserve at leat 3k back to keep you interested, oh no, these companies rely heavily on people with problems to keep chasing their money, they know it and you won’t be getting anything.

W|nd0wPa|n on April 18, 2006. Reply

Won’t play here again have put thousands into this casino,i finally get a slot machine to start paying and they lock it up on me,so i cannot win any more money.
They place limits on there slots as to how much you can win be carefull this is not listed any where on there site,but believe me it has happened twice.

Adam13579 on April 15, 2006. Reply

Be very careful depositing money into this casino. I was conned out of $65. I deposited $30 and proceeded to win another $35. Keep in mind this had nothing to do with their match deposit bonus. When I tried to cash out it would not let me and my winnings were frozen . I called customer service but couldn’t get anyone who spoke english. I even tried e-mailing the casino manager but never heard anything back from him. $65 is more important to them than customer service. BEWARE!

Suzanne Miller on September 10, 2005. Reply

I love this casino and believe me I would tell you if I didn’t. Once you get set up with E cash and get your number in the mail, I ,at least always get paid within 24 hours. This is where I go if I hope to win some quick cash if that tells you anything. PS If people don’t bother to read terms and conditions to bonuses whose fault is that?

Sara Skeen on June 5, 2005. Reply

I Have been playing at Intercasino for 8 or 9 years!
And I only one 1 Jack Pot on flower power like 7 or 8 yeasrs ago! That was 1,000.00 After I had put at least 4 or 5 thousand in up to that point! Then 3 years ago I won a little on the fish game 5 green fish on 10cents… Since then nothing! I have put thousands and thousands and nothing! Can’t they at least give 1/2 of what you put in back? I am getting tired of giving and not getting back!
I love the machines,,, But they don’t treat long term players good enough! I am a vip player in real casinos.. and get better treatment… Should never play here again and go to the real casinos and get a better return!
Last night I put 900.00 in and nothing! I mean, come on!

Thomas on May 13, 2005. Reply

Definitely the best casino I know. Friendly support althought not very fast. I like the software most. Nice graphics. But I also think that they could offer bigger bonuses to the players!

mcbdac3 on April 20, 2005. Reply

Like the casino, but customer service is awful. They have yet to answer e-mails i have sent. Not satisfied.

john on March 22, 2005. Reply

I dont really see what your point is? All casinos have wagering requirements. The difference here is that it only applies to the bonus. Seems reasonable to me that the deposit is not involved in the whole maths of it.

Carmen on March 22, 2005. Reply

intercasino kind of sucks… in that I need to meet wagering requirements in order to withdraw my winnings from the bonus money. guess it’s good for the casino.

Joe on March 21, 2005. Reply

Intercasino is the absolute best -It is not strange they have been voted best online casino 2001, 2002, 2003, and also 2004

Marbos on March 10, 2005. Reply

Troy, I´ve been playing at intercasino for a very long time. This is a very honest casino that has been voted best casino I think for 3 years in a row. Actually that´s the main reason why I play there.
The software is not Boss Media but Cryptologic and their bonus is $90 every month now. I think they can afford that because it´s a highly popular casino with tons of players. It´s the nature of a casino (online or land based) to make profit. Generally ALL big casinos make money. This is due to the large number of players losing compared to a very few winners. I think intercasino is the online equivalent to big land based casinos like The Bellagio in vegas. But would you immediately doubt The Bellagio´s honesty if they decide to give out bonuses? 😉

Troy on March 10, 2005. Reply

I don’t like this casino at all. Although the graphics are first-class and produced by “Boss Media” the colours are dreadful. I have played Intercasino on many occasions and have found that an analysis of their software shows that an inordinate number of Blackjack’s are produced (particularly when the stake is increased) and this is simply not in keeping with a so-called “Random Number Generator”.

Consider this: The casino can afford to give away $60.00 a month to EVERY player and still rake in massive profits and stay in business. Doesn’t that tell you something? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee folks! Verdict: Avoid.

Larry Jones on February 24, 2005. Reply

I was very disappointed with intercasino. I have now on 10 or so casinos online. At times have trouble receiving my bonus. Intercasino pulled a good one I only deposited 20.00 ten times instead of 25.00 dollars so I cannot receive my bonus. 200.00 dollars and I canot rec eive my bonus, so I will not be using again the only one worse was Platinum play who said they were being audited. So I need to fax them a copy of my credit card otherwise no bonus they do not tell you that before you deposit watch these people.

lori on December 5, 2004. Reply

I love this casino and have have had very good luck (sometimes tight).
But there support is another story I sent an email 2 weeks ago and the only response I have received was an email stating the received my email and would be looking into the problem, If I needed additional help, call there 800# for immediate support, They were no help, had no idea why I was having the problem I had, so im still waiting for my email…NO RESPONSE! So, in that 2 weeks I have given my money to other online casino’s….If they want my business back (which is alot) they would contact me and fix this problem ASAP. Its not a difficult one!

fester on July 8, 2004. Reply

Intercasino pays fast. I have only cashed once $500 or $600
I believe they may be a little tight. But I like to play there.

george Lemieux on December 5, 2003. Reply

Been playing intercasino for a couple years, have tried 20-30 others. I am in the process of taking all others off my computer. Intercasino is the best. I cash out (often) and within 2 days it is in my bank account, there is no holding so you can reverse cashin (I hate that). They have incredible tournaments every month and the best games going. 5 stars for Intercasino. Oh they also give a 100% bonus once every month

howardlun on November 21, 2003. Reply

Fun place to watch and play. Some time I get big winning and big losing streak. Really fast payout. Cash-in arrived to my Neteller account within 48 hours, amazing.

Marbos Ki on September 6, 2002. Reply

I can fully agree to that. I played there for a long time and NEVER had any kind of problems. Wish I could say that about many other casinos :-/ on September 2, 2002. Reply

I have played and reviewed 250+ casinos. Inter Casino is in my oppinoin the best of them all. It’s by far the best casino out there in my oppinion – try them out you woun’t regret it.

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