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on April 4, 2020. Reply

If you deposit any money into there account and take a bonus you will have to play more than 10,000$ in play and your percentages are graduated in percentages in what type of games you are playing. you can deposit instantly but good luck getting your money/winnings out. I deposited 200 cad$ won 6600 on slots and had to jump through numerous hoops and still have not received my winnings.

on March 30, 2020. Reply

Well I deposited $100 and used the welcome bonus as this was my first attempt ever at playing an online casino. I did quite well and I’m not kidding when I tell you that I got my winnings up over $50,000.

I decided to stop as I played for about 10 or more hours. After I inquired bout cashing it out, I was told to upload my documents such as a void cheque and ID. Since it was Saturday chat told me that it would be Monday or Tuesday before I got an email confirming that my documents have been reviewed.

So following day on Sunday I played more which I shouldn’t have done. Slots tightened up. Did not take long to lose the entire amount.

But after reading these comments, doubt I would have been paid anyway.

on March 25, 2020. Reply

I’ve won a nice sum of money and now am being meet with excuses and false reasons why I can’t receive my winnings.

At first they seem happy for me now it’s just draining as days and weeks go past and nothing

on January 30, 2020. Reply

I’ve been playing on JC for a few months now and the only withdrawal I’ve made so far was a $12,000.00NZD withdrawal from only depositing $20.00NZD. After reading all these comments kn here I was worried I’d get the run around being as it was my first time withdrawing, (it was actually a $3000.00, $1,200.00 and $7800.00 all within 24 hours?) and other than taking 8 days including the weekend, I had no problems at all and CS operates I talked to regarding the withdrawal provided plolite service and were very helpful with my enquired updates…
However reading a few more comments before posting this I’m kinda worried for any future withdrawals. Any good reviews around regarding withdrawals from Jackpot City? Thanks in advance if so 😀

on July 7, 2020.

Im reading your comment courtney and i just withraw 13,000nzd too just now. i deposited 8,000$ though i am so worried after reading all the comments is here. did u get your money?

on December 23, 2019. Reply

this withdrawal process is quite frustrating. I´ve been sending documents over and over, no withdrawals into my account. Policy states withdrawals to be complete 4 days

on November 7, 2019. Reply

I have been playing jackpotcity, ruby fortune etc but more than the fun and winnings that we all hope for are Disappointment, false advertisement, very poor bonuses specially the shitty wheel that never ever give bonus, poor customer support and many others…… Try other casinos like thos offer rewards like captain cooks, Yukon casinos and more they are the best and far better!

on October 29, 2019. Reply

jackpotcity wont admit to accepting 20 dollars from my account. They continue to tell me it was not deposited into there bank which it was because I’ve sent them statements saying that they accepted it .then when I chat with them they tell me that there is nothing in our accounts. I highly recommend to everyone to stay away from this site

on March 16, 2020.

Exact same thing just happened to me! I sent them the transaction confirmation and they then asked me for a PDF of my bank statement!

on October 5, 2019. Reply

Won over $300. and they would not pay out.
Kept on playing and raised my winnings to $504.15. Went
back and forth with the fake “chat” people, provided all the
ID required, and they still refused to pay out.

on September 20, 2019. Reply

Not happy. I deposited 100.00. Didn’t go through. I can’t access live chat for some reason. Went to info@jackpotcity.com and reported it. Email bounced back. Did I say not happy?

on September 10, 2019. Reply

“Definitely not rigged” if you know what i mean. 10 reds in a row after I’d been betting and winning 60/40 on black in roulette. If you run the math on that considering it’s about 48% chance of hitting a black. The chances of not hitting a black in 10 goes in a row are less than 1%. How convenient that it happens to me

on September 7, 2019. Reply

I been harassed over the phone daily from indian callers asking for money

on August 28, 2019. Reply

Hi. I´ve been having issues with JC. Money has been going out of my bank like I´ve been depositing, which I haven’t been. I sent bank statements showing that 5 different times there’s been money deposits to them (Bayton ltd). They are looking into it. Does this mean someone is taking my money without me making deposits? It happened 2 times now.

on August 18, 2019. Reply

I have been using jackpot for sometime now. My first few payouts were fine but all of a sudden payouts are taking longer and longer to get your withdrawls. I have requested several times about a withdrawl, I had from 16 days ago. Also. Another few withdrawls from 7 days ago and I can’t get any answeres except that as soon as it gets processed they will let ne know. I have asked to speak to a manager and yet they say they dont talk to the members??? You can only speak online and ir via email to the CS team??? I am extremely frustrated at this point and feel I am getting the run around and scammed. If this continues it will leave me no choice but to call the authorities. Has anyone else experienced this?? I had a 350.00 withdrwal a month ago they said my funds that I had deposited were returned like I didn’t have money in my account, which is ridiculous its taken out of my account immediately. I let that one go and tbought well maybe there was an issue or cliche so ok. But now Im sure they are scamming people. Please let me know if you are experiencing the same thing. I like playing their games but dont and wont be scammed.

on August 21, 2019.

I have been playing there for a few years im also a gold member everytime they take money out i get charged a fee i complained to girl on chat she gave me attitude ive spent thousands and thousands of dollars there i told her i want all those service charges reversed she said no..I told her i will contact lawyer so now i cant get into my account im so mad and yes when i do get payouts i always have to call and ask whats taking so long?

on October 10, 2019.

My friend opened account just to see if they will do the same thing to him as they did to me and yes they did. They charged them a fee everytime he deposited money. Now they are taking out of bank account without applying it to their account. He changed all his banking info, got a new card. Then you have customer service asking for bank statements and when you send they lie and say they didnt get it and i told them to take my banking info off site and they said its policy to keep it.

on November 25, 2019.

i am having the same issue, there told me to submit my documents and i did ever thing they ask, but they only tell me that my documents under review, can you tell me what you did to sort this out

on February 5, 2020.

I have had this exact same problem. I withdrew all in one withdraw $22,000 2 weeks ago . Have only been paid $12,500. They say that a withdraw of $12,500, $7,00 and $3,000 were all successfully put through to my bank account. My bank has tried many times to contact them in regards to this as the only funds showing from JC is $2,747. Our Bank is now undergoing a fraud/scam investigation against JC. Have also had large amounts of money taken from my bank account that JC has taken. Now they are giving me the run around saying they can not talk with me as I am not the account holder when they have already accepted all my ID and documens showing who I say I am. Never had this hassle when I withdrew $1,000.

on June 14, 2019. Reply

Serveral times I had bets placed on there Monopoly games jackpot, all and all I quit while I was ahead but they kept having errors including twice when it landed the jackpot I had bet on bets were rejected and one time they re rolled the wheel without giving an option to move bets or return bets, they told me several times I had been givin 3$ and 6$ but does not show up in any history not did it reflect in my account. Not trusted

on April 24, 2019. Reply

I’ve been playing with jackpot city for a while now and when I do a deposit the very next day it shows back up in my account as if I never played with it. The company name is Bayton Ltd bloody weird. Then a week later if I haven’t touched the money which I can if I wanted but it shows up as a debt a week later. I don’t know. Last year in October I won $6000.00 within 4 days it was there no problems. Friday gone I won $7000.00 I waited 48 hours later to see what the hold up was apparently ithey needed identification information. So I have emailed this info they said to wait 48-72 hours I’ll will update this information when it comes through or not.

on March 16, 2019. Reply

My phone number has been switched and their site wont let me delete the number and put in a new one. It just wont let me erase anything or type over the number in the box. So when you ask support I got some really cool answers from Judy like, its muchbetter fault, or i need to wait 24 hours? Its a flaw in their site and she is just not accepting that i know what im talking about and she cant wrap her head around this simple flaw…. I swear its because i cashed out like 200$ from only putting in like 20.

on March 5, 2019. Reply

Been playing Jackpot for over a year now, its not to bad, I think the withdrawal times could be altered, for the withdrawal to sit there for 24-36 hours before it is even started to be processed, is not really fair,we should have a option to lock in our withdrawal, but I guess its left there so people reverse it and spend more money, unlike another casino I play, excellent, you can withdraw from $10 up,and deposit from $5, also lock in your withdrawal and its processed within 0- 6 hours and in my account debit card the next day, how it should be with technology these days, and the games are good to, think JC needs to revamp lol

on February 28, 2019. Reply

For years, i have been depositing in jackpot city casino, until i won, for the first time; it has been 2 weeks since i withdrew my winnings and i only receive the (congratulations) word, along with different emails, contradicting each other, your withdrawal has been processed to your card, please allow 24 hours to reflect in your account, your withdrawal has been processed to your skrill account please allow 24hours…. i contacted support again and only received contradicting information; until now, i only receive emails, on daily basis but the money never hits Any of my accounts,

on January 12, 2019. Reply

Been playing JPC in Ontario for years now. Some tips.

1. Never ever use the bonus. Its horrible. Causes so many frustrations. The bonus amount is always gone within minutes and 20 minutes into the session if you get a big hit and find out you still haven’t met the play through its just a bad experience. Put in the credits your willing to risk and stay away from bonuses.

2. Always expect a “glitch or issue” with your account if you win over $1000.
This has frustrated me many times.
Doesn’t always happen but occationally they act like i’ve never withdrawn money before.
Then I have to go through the “Hoops” once again.

3. Be carefull if your playing with others over the same external IP address.
My wife and I use 2 seperate accounts and 2 seperate PC’s , however we go out the same router/service provider.
I have noticed quite obviously that when she is winning and withdrawing money over the course of a week, I have never won in any session during that time.
When I am winning and withdrawing, she also never wins during that time.

Its like clockwork and we have reproduced this behaiviour over and over. We do not play when the other is winning or making a withdrawl.
Not sure what to make of that but RNG seems suspect here. (I work for a Major Land based Casino)

4. Never ever play a game based on the “HOT” notification. After years of experience, I have rarely had a good session playing “Hot” games.
Most of my successes have been ironically on supposesdly “cold” slots or normal slots.

5. Overall, its a decent Online Casino once you know what to expect as noted above.
No way around it, some things are legitimatly suspect as far as the RNG and programming/policies they use. Its feels at times like its a scam no doubt.

on January 22, 2020.

We’re you still able to get your money? When you won over 1000$ I just won 4000$ and am a little worried about if I will receive it or not. Is it a legitimate website?

on July 27, 2018. Reply

After reconciling my credit card and JPC deposit statement I noticed 5 unauthorized charges from JPC adding to over $800. I contacted JPC and was told that my account was compromised and that they would be freezing my account. After an investigation, they returned to say that the 5 charges were legitimate and that my bank probably just delayed the charges. I spoke to my bank and they confirmed that the charges were indeed fraudulent (after comparing to my JPC deposit statement), something I already knew because I keep track of every transaction I make on my credit card. The problem is JPC will not take the responsibility and my credit card will not cover any gambling-related charges, fraudulent or not. I’m now out the $800 that JPC stole from me. This happened after over a year of uneventful gambling on their site. As well, after over a year of easy withdrawals to my bank account, suddenly JPC wasn’t able to complete a winnings withdrawal for me, making me jump through hoops to get $3600 that I won. Finally, after 1 month I was able to collect my winnings, whereas in months prior it would take 3-4 working days.

on July 2, 2018. Reply

When I contacted their Online CS and asked for my account closure, re-affirming my details multiple times – they declined to do so and gave me some obscure link.
I was met with mocking responses from the CS rep as to why I wanted my account deleted.

on March 21, 2018. Reply

I made a withdrawal of $1,000 on March 13th and still haven’t received it as of March 21st. They say is was sent by EFT on March 16th but an EFT doesn’t take more than 4 business days to be received. I won again and withdrew $2,000 on March 20th, wondering if I will receive any of the withdrawals ever! I would rather play at a casino where withdrawals take 3 days maximum…

on July 1, 2018.

I nearly deposited $3000 during three weeks and still didn’t receive a slight part of $100 amount of withdrawal.
It’s been two weeks and I selected to receive it through e-check.
Since I made this withdrawal, they requested me to send voided check after three days, and my withdrawal is still processing and it has passed three weeks.

on March 16, 2018. Reply

Won 2000 last week and hit another 2300 2 days ago no prob revieving my winnings , awesome !!!!

on February 28, 2018. Reply

I won $160,000 Canadian dollars. It was paid out to me within two weeks. Absolutely no issues.

on September 20, 2019.

Did you get paid the whole amount at once or daily amount?

on February 21, 2018. Reply

No happy with a recent bug in this game that is only happening on my android. There is a “Chip drop” function where you earn chips which you can drop to earn extra coins. This function is not working on my android. It was working but suddenly now it is no longer working. It just freezes and you have to close it and reopen it to play. The games work but not the bonus feature. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled several Times..losing game level and coins each time..but that didn’t work either. It works on my computer and ipad ..just not my phone..what’s up with that?

on February 13, 2018. Reply

I won over 2000 and my deposit took 3 days all good, love it

on January 16, 2018. Reply

I won 3200 had no problems with drawing my winning ! Won 600 and 400 also 2 days in my bank account

on February 27, 2019.

Jessica, you mind to tell me what is the best way to use: a bank account, a debit card or neteller to get my winnings if I win?

on December 11, 2017. Reply

love jackpot city – never had a problem

on November 24, 2017. Reply

I have withdrawn 5 times ranging in amounts from 2700 down to 400 via swift from Jackpot city. They were a bit painful at the beginning due to my verification documents not being received twice apparently but since that’s all sorted they are awesome. Around 5 days for the money to be in my NZ bank account. I deposit via paysafe too.

on October 14, 2017. Reply

Been playing JC for a few months now. Was shit to start with but I deposited $10 3 weeks ago . And on a $1 bet playing ISIS I won free spins. It kept retriggering anyway I won $3700 I was shocked that was totally unexpected because I was never winning . I had to play down my bonus money. Withdrawed at $3000 received within 5days then won $500 and $200 a week a part . And I have noticed pay out times a being delayed the more I withdraw.

on October 12, 2017. Reply

as far as i recall if you reside in Australia you needed to withdraw all your money before i think it was the 10/09/17 as the Australian government changed the online gambling laws and the actual Casinos are now facing large fines if they allow real money gambling from residents of Australia i did have an Account with Ruby fortune i’ve had it for years i did have a small amount of money in my account when i did log in it straight away said there was a problem and forwarded me to there new web site for Australian’s i guess . its now just a fun play site but you can buy play coins to play the slots ect my original account had been cancelled and i lost all the funds that were in the account

on September 17, 2017. Reply

I tried to do a withdrawal with no success , hopefully online support will be able to fix this. I have sent 3 emails explaining the errors I am getting. I guess they don’t answer on the weekends?

on September 11, 2017. Reply

Jackpotcity is one of the best casinos i have played they have been so helpful getting my winnings to my bank through neteller now the goverment have stopped all gambling to many overseas casinos im going to miss them hope they get to be able to operate in australia again so sad

on September 23, 2017.

Hi I was one of the customers playing JackpotCity. I am still to paid my winning after that JackpotCity left out from Australia. Do you think it is worthy to have Neteller account to be paid? Do you need to pay Netteller for using it monthly or yearly?

on August 8, 2017. Reply

hi i just wanted to let everybody know i’v signed up to jackpot city a week ago. i’v spent $291 canadian dollars. and this is a true story. around 5:00am i hit the jackpot $17,880.07 dollars. i was shocked!!! i diden’t sleep the whole day i was not sure how to withdrawal. so the support online chat helped me out. i got an email congratulating me and asked me to send in my identification. so i did. it’s been 6 days now and my money is still pending. i am getting very frustrated waiting so long to get my money. but i have a feeling i’m gonna get my winnings. but the online chat support team are excellent very helpful i always give them 5 stars…. i will keep you updated when i get my money. i really hope i get it soon.

on August 13, 2017.

So did you get your money or no?

on September 21, 2017.

Have you received your money?

on August 6, 2017. Reply

Jackpotcity is very fast in paying me out. I won three times in one year (2016), 150.00, 200.00 & 450.00. Absolutely wonderful service.
Sounds like you are talking about Royal Vegas Casino, they had all my verification documents all screwed up & lost. The customer service operators were very rude to me when I tried enquiring about my winnings, which was $850.00. They ended up putting my winnings back into my casino account($800.00). 50.00 short.

on December 11, 2017.

Same my withdrawals all een good with jc had a few lots of $200 and always get paid out in around a week , royal vegas I won 300 sent all documents 3 times about 3 months ago still never heard from them or got my payout lol

on June 29, 2017. Reply

Same here waiting for my withdrawal from jackpot city until now they’re not finish yet for verification in my documents iwas sent many times my ID and still waiting the feedback from them 12 days since I was sent my documents.just hoping to get my winnings.

on July 21, 2017.

After the maximum of 96hrs u can ring jackpot city and request they contact the operations team..I just did that today and they accepted my Id..2 weeks later I will still have to wait 3 to 7 working days for my deposit into my account

on June 24, 2018.

I tried asking that and all iu got was wee are working on your withdrawl and remember its a minimum of 24 hrs before its removed from the reversal stage blah blah .

on August 9, 2017.

I got my winnings after 3 weeks i recommend jackpot city this site is legit?

on March 5, 2018.

Jackpot city is real i won $6000 last year had no issue’s when it comes of withdrawal.I was recieved within 3 weeks

on June 28, 2017. Reply

I have won 3000eu and i tried to withdraw my money. After 10 days any answers and explanations i contacted live support and they tokd me: money were reversed and all lost down to zero! How it can be possible?! I did not played at all…

on July 30, 2017.

What happens? Did you get your money and what did you do

on August 15, 2017.

What happened? That just happened to my son with All Jackpots

on June 8, 2017. Reply

Started off good, win/loss ratio seems fair and great selection of games to play. Naturally, win ratio much higher when playing with the bonus dollars of course…When playing with my own money, conveniently stopped getting bonus rounds, and win ratio declined significantly. Further, I consistently had DNS Server connection issues, which Support said was an issue on my end. I had been using the account for a month before this issue started , no settings changed on my computer. Well, after a month of play the system suddenly wouldn’t allow me to make any more deposits. Coincidentally this was after I had actually won two jackpots and made immediate withdrawls. At the end of the day I broke even with deposit to withdrawl ratio, so not what the panic was all about-Operations had relegated my account to Voucher pay only. For absolutely no reason and no ability to contact them to find out why this happened. I had no issues with Visa/Debit deposits, no rejections , no bounced payments. This was completely arbitrary. Needless to say, I don’t have the patience to deal with this kind of nonsense so I’ll just take my money elsewhere.

on May 31, 2017. Reply

I started playing jackpot city 18 months ago. I have won $4500,$2500,$800,$500 and a few other amounts . Just won $1900
Withdrawal to bank account in Australia was 3 days. Now withdrawing to debit card and its around 2-3 days
Have had no issues except not being able to withdraw to bank account

on May 1, 2017. Reply

have had absolutely no problems withdrawing my money..4-5 day turn around..have noticed hot and cold days on JPC..if you hit on a winning streak ..play it out..otherwise play a few bucks here or there and see when the reels are running hot ..site been lagging alot just lately..kinda annoying..but like i said..no problems getting paid out

on May 17, 2017.

What payment method did you use for withdrawl? I have a friend that won $10,000 playing using Paysafe deposits and he doesn’t have a bank account

on April 20, 2017. Reply

i also played on jackpot city..the first couple months i won a jackpot of $6000 it took me over a month to get because they kept rejecting my id..after i received it i never won again and i even hit a bonus where the whole screen was wilds it crashed my phone and i recieved nothing..and everytime i have called they offer me nothing so there u go

on March 12, 2017. Reply

Been playing on jackpot city for 8 months first payment took week and a half but after that i get my winnings in 2 day except weekends have had great luck on jackpot city biggest win of $76.000 was paid to me in a week i got $20.000 a day for 3 days then $16000 payment now seems be quicker but recently this site has not been that great seems go from hot to cold a lot same pattern after going hot will go cold so need be carefull and not let it eat your money

on March 15, 2017.

Hi Rontario,
I play about $2 a spin on the slots, to and maybe i’ll get about $300 – $500 (very seldom) for a good win on free spins or something, and yet you see people like your self win big ( well Done) $30,000, – $50,000.
How much, (if you don’t mind me asking) do you have place per spin to collect the big wins. There is a list on Jackpot city casino everyday of the big wins and I know they aren from Jackpots or is this Jackpot city casino trying to get you to play more?

on May 28, 2017.

How do you win 76 thousand. ? What game an how many bets do u play.

on March 7, 2017. Reply

Like so many others, I have received no winnings even after my ID was accepted. Some promotion manager phoned me today to tell me how lucky I was because today they would match 150% of what I deposited. I told the guy that I would not play again until I received my winnings from 1 month ago. He said ” so your not going to game until you get your money?” Yes I said!!! He hung up on me.

on February 13, 2017. Reply

Haven’t tried to withdraw yet, but word of caution, opt out of the deposit bonus, if you receive $100 deposit bonus, you will be required to wager atleast $5000 before you can withdraw any winnings. But here is the kicker, that $5000 will increase depending on the games, slots will count as 100%, live games and some other table games counts for alot less if any. In other words, you may make $1000 in profit playing live Baccarat, but from what I can tell, you will not be able to withdraw until your play through is met. Make sure you read the terms before you place your first bet. Better off without a bonus if you are planning a profit. Live dealers is as close as you’ll get to a real casino, just be mindful of the lag if you have a slow connection speed.

on January 19, 2017. Reply

i have been playing for about a month now. i won only 400 dollars. i withdrew the funds and sent my banking info and id. no response. when i spoke to someone on chat they assured me i was receiving the deposit after reviewing my id which could take up to 3 days. after the review they said they needed the same id and bank info again after already doing so i did. while i was playing on autoplay one night i noticed my info money showed 475 dollars so i thought wow i won again. so days later i kept playing it and during those days i found out that those were my withdraw amount and they didnt notify me at all to say your id wasnt enough nor your bank info so i played all my money again and now im back to zero.

on January 18, 2017. Reply

won $3500 been playing for couple of years have made a few withdrawals one of $900 and one of $850 without having to supply ID etc. when i withdrew the 3.5k though I did need documents which was done a couple days ago, so hopefully my latest winnings are on the way I havent received them yet though getting impatient. they said the casino has released the funds yesterday I better get them or il close my acc and play else where

on December 26, 2016. Reply

joined jackpot city a few months ago one day i won over $21 000 tried to withdraw 4000 and was locked out of my account for a month on christmas day they told me it was a microgamming malfunction and they confiscated my winnings and credited my deposit back

on December 22, 2016. Reply

I have been playing on jackpot city for six months. Spent about 3000$ in this time. All up i have won twice. 2 x withdrawals of 200$ . I understand that you lose and win but this is really bad odds. Most of the times the games are running cold. Customer service when you ask what games are running hot they give you names of four games and when you play them they are lucky to pay out $2.
The only good thing I’ve got to say about this casino is that the pathetic amount of money i did win was in my account after 3 days. I used instant banking.

on December 26, 2016.

Hi, you said withdrawal right, I’m trying to withdraw but it doesn’t want to accept my bank information. May I know how you did it? Thank you

on January 28, 2017.

Hi Kat. I was using instant transfer before which worked well. I decided after a break i would try this casino again. And was surprised I actually won $400. I went to withdraw it as usual with instant bank transfer. It is not there anymore.. I asked on chat and was told they are having complications with instant bank transfer, which is interesting as you can use this to deposit money , and its been a week or more now and still not fixed. I can’t use any other methods to withdraw my money as my bank doesn’t support netteller and i don’t use credit cards and not a fan of cheques. So we will see what happens but I have the feeling after all the money I’ve spent and finally get something substantial I’m not going to get this money .. Very disheartening

on December 15, 2016. Reply

Deposited 250, got 200$ bonus. won around 3000$ played through wager req. withdrew money through e-check, was in bank account next week.

on December 22, 2016.

Same here! Deposited 150$ won 3000$, withdrew money through e-check on Sunday, was in Bank account on Tuesday. First withdrawal went super good!

on December 13, 2016. Reply

Always received my winnings- last week won nearly $9000 playing slots- other weeks nothing… need to bet big to win big

on December 9, 2016. Reply

I joined. Jackpot City a few weeks back. I had some good wins but the money was always left in my player acct.
I believe this to be on purpose, so you will respend the money.
I have never had this problem with any other casino.
Customer service is atrocious. I sent an email, advising why I was closing my acct. They responded, indicating I needed to gamble responsibly and never addressed the points outlined in my email.
Will never use them again

on November 29, 2016. Reply

I won 1100 dollars on Saturday and by Monday $800 was deposited into my bank account as l requested , very quick with depositing money , no hassles at all

on December 1, 2016.

Which withdrawal method did you use?

on October 31, 2016. Reply

every time I deposit money into my account on jpc they hold the same amount of money on my credit card and never release it. I called the bank to see if they could release it and the bank can’t do anything about, I was told to call the casino and ask them to release the holds and the casino say they are not holding any money.

on November 13, 2016.

Did u ever figure this out….if u did id like to know what u did….i think im having the same issues…

on October 22, 2016. Reply

I’ve been playing at jackpotcity for over 8 years errors after errors, locked screens to be taken right of the site, all they can come up with is can’t depulicate the error, must be you’re computer after hundreds of $ to have the computer gone over only to find out it is not the computer all the management can come up with is nothing, the management have extremely poor service and don’t take responsibility over any thing from the site, I am now playing out of another site with the same errors only the support team can actually see the error and fix it the max. time 10 minutes, loyality means nothing to Jackpotcity, but little do they know alot of players that I know have left only to go to other sites where it is fun, maybe Jackpotcity should upgrade their equipment and double think the meaning of loyality

on October 6, 2016. Reply

Joined jackpot city 3 weeks ago and won 20,000 using bonus money’so in total i won 10,000 however after sending all documents needed ive not recieved any payments yet!! Its been nearly a month now!

on November 17, 2016.

wow did u get your money

on December 11, 2016.

Are you still waiting on your money?

on September 29, 2016. Reply

Jackpot city casino has a terrible support service everyone at there support service has a total different answer to one and other. I have played with jackpot city for about 5 years now but last week I deposited in and didn’t receive my deposit bonus so I contacted support and the person I spoke to said he could not do anything about it because I played on before contacting them to notify them so I should that is rubbish and I should ring my bank and cancel the payment so next thing I know my account was locked and I could not access anything from in my account it has been over one now and I have 80 email from them from over the 7 days my account is still blocked because they need another copy of my license just in case it has changed over the years it is a 10 year license and it is still the same and I am waiting for some documents department to review this. I have put a lot into this casino and been treated like rubbish I join a new casino today and wish I had of joined a long time ago thank you royal vegas you now have a loyal new member and goodbye jackpot city

on September 11, 2016. Reply

I must say the support and response to issues at JC is absolutely terrible for an organisation that has a lot of promotion across the net. Customer service should be the number 1 priority but clearly taking your money and not responding to issues is. I am a diamond tier player at Royal Vegas and have never had any trouble with them , whether its a bonus or with payouts they have always been more than helpfull, when I won $42,000 it was in my bank in 5 days due to overseas transfer.

on September 6, 2016. Reply

Well, made a withdrawal on July 27, by cheque (regular mail), after not receiving it in the mail had it cancelled on August 30th – still waiting for payment, talked to support and they claimed it will take another 7 – 14 business day to confirm the cheque was not cashed….. this seems a bit long of a wait to get a payout, I would not recommend dealing with this online casino ever…. the support staff was great (even thought I was super annoyed at this rediculus wait times.)

on December 15, 2016.

Day 2 still nothing in my account talked to one of their online chat team and toll me take up 92hour possibly and had long chat, since it’s my first time withdrawl, they gentalmen toll me i will need to send in some I.D and some mail like utility bill, so I sent my ID and utility bill and some other information of where I live to their support@playersupportcentre.com, so let’s see each what happens now.

on August 20, 2016. Reply

I play a variety of online casinos, with limited luck at them all LOL, however I haven’t had any issues cashing out my winnings with Jackpot City. In comparison with other online casinos Id say the timing is just about as good as any. Good luck to everyone!

on August 7, 2016. Reply

I play Jackpot all the time. I have never had a problem with withdrawals, if anything they send me a notice saying you have cash and within 3 days, bammm my cash is in….
Mind you I have never won 30gs, but you never know…

on July 29, 2016. Reply

First deposit was $30 ended up winning $1750. Played for about an hour and never got paid due to a couple bets over 30% of my balance. It was said to be a managers decision to conficate the funds.

on January 5, 2017.

Did you ever have this issue resolved? I have the same problem right now and i want to talk to someone with experience

on May 11, 2017.

I won 300$ this morning after depositing 15$ with 90% bonus, once I got to 300$ I went to withdraw and there was 2$ available real cash and 298$ bonus cash… So I asked why in the rep in the chat, the answer throw me of my chair!!! He said that I had a bet that was unplayed and that all the money that I was winning was going bonus money until I played the on some princess game. Went to it and I was in a 10 free spins from a scatter??? Try playing off 300$ in bonus money!! Never won enough to clear the bonus and lost my cash… they will never get anymore of my cash, I asked for the date and time of the event and he did not know… but he knew everything else, not a really good liar

on July 26, 2016. Reply

huge hassle trying to get money out. don’t waste your time coming here. im new to the casino gaming but i can’t believe any place would take this long to payout. support not very helpful either.

on July 24, 2016. Reply

Nearly 6 days after withdrawal was made an still no funds in my account sent in all documents requested after they were asked for by email 3 days after making withdrawal. Asked for time frame as to when i will receive payout an couldnt give me an answer.. disappointed on such a large business.

on August 16, 2016.

Hello. Have you got your winnings?

on October 28, 2016.

Hi, did you get your winnings,,? I won 3000$ but still waiting for my money,,?

on January 10, 2017.

Hi I withdrew my winnings 2 times and both times no problem at all it was in my account within a week I was suprised and hapy but in saying that I’ve deposited at least 8 or 9 times since and it seems they decide if your lucky or not not the machines I’m just saying smart of them I guess never mind

on June 25, 2016. Reply

Ive been with jpc for years and have become a fairly high teir player. This casino has changed this year , poor pays on free games even with high bets , rude cust service and continuing gaming issues that the cust serv dont lisen to. The game interruptions happen during luky periods of play , you then drop out and have to start again (often back to no wins for a period if time until the game wa r ms up again. I have also won gambles and the amount won has not been added to credits. Proof was submitted with written report, they can see the history but no reply or credits paid as owed.

on July 1, 2016.

I totally agree with you.I’ve been playing there over a year but last 6 months it’s like a different place.I’ve even written more than once to ask if they’ve changed owners & have yet to get an answer..they write back but skirt that for some reason.The site has sucked thousands out of me just in past few months with no play whatsoever.Actually,I guess I dared to make a withdrawl before that started happening..prob only a fifth of what I’ve lost and games totally shut down after that.coincidence? I don’t think so.The games have been so bad that I’ve even placed bets of 50 cents & less instead of 5,10$ and up bets figuring it’ll play that way…nope.

on August 21, 2016.

I agree too…It has changed for sure because when I would withdrawal and receive my money it would say its from Seabrook….. I have played and won a few dollars and when I take it out, it now says…theplacegroup…. and haven’t won a penny since….So sadly I will have to find another casino…..

on May 6, 2016. Reply

This is the best online casino I won $30,000 just had to send i.d and was paid with in 4 days ,will never play any others :)

on August 16, 2016.

Is that for real? Wow good for you. I’ve put in some money but never win.

on September 28, 2016.

How can you win such a large amount? I’ve been playing here for quite some time and rarely win over $1000. Are these JP games you play?

on April 27, 2020.

I won 18,000$ on a Sunday and was in my account Tuesday morning by 8 am.

on April 18, 2016. Reply

I have spent extreme amounts of money on this site and only had 1 withdrawal of $3000.00 which I did get paid out with NO hassle. It took 6 days to receive funds back in my bank account. I am an extremely frustrated player and will not be returning to this casino

on April 1, 2016. Reply

I will say this…… I visit several online casino sites… Jackpot city is not my first rated choice, however this past week I have won a substanstantial amount of money. The catch seems to be that I opted to withdraw a minor portion of my winnings on Monday….had to provide a bunch of paperwork, which I did promptly. Today is Thursday and my withdrawal is still pending! To me this is ridiculous…it takes seconds for the casino to take my money on deposit yet when I want to cash in my winnings here I am… The VIP staff says they will see to it promptly, but from what I understand even when they decide to release funds it still takes 3-7 working days to clear my account (Canadian players here). This is really unacceptable and frustrating to say the least. Aside from this issue, I do enjoy jackpot city and have had no severe down side to playing here ….if you want a bad experience go to their competing sites and I don’t mean SP.

on February 27, 2016. Reply

Jackpot City is a huge joke ive had nothing but problems since i registered to the site i was playing slots 3 days ago i deposited 60.00 from my bank card so i could win some real money, i won 300.00 with just 60.00 but the thing that really pisses me off is that it took 4 hrs before the 60.00 deposit showed up on my jackpot city account, and the fact that i won 300.00 on slots which i withdrew 4 days ago my winnings still havnt went into my bank account everytime i talk to customer support all they say is that my withdrawl is pending and that it can take 24-96 hours already been 4 days and my winnings not in my bank yet this casino is terrible there support represenitives dont know anything this casino is ran by a bunch of lying scum if my money isnt in my account soon i am going to fight them in court i know that im not the only one that has been ripped off by this site we should all fight against them and put there casino to shame once i receive my winnings i am closing my jackpot city account i am not impressed with them at all

on February 19, 2016. Reply

I’ve poured at least $1,000 onto in recently without anything that resembles a decent win. Other sites are much better. I also find that there is a huge lag which I don’t get with other sites which is disappointing. Not sure where all these ‘glowing reviews’ coke from.

on February 8, 2016. Reply

I have no problems cashing out , cashed out over 43,000 , it’s the first one that’s hard but the rest is easy …..and easy money here , they are rated top online…..so go someone else if ur having bad luck

on June 5, 2016.

Congrats on your winnings !!! What game was you playing and what was your bid you don’t mind me asking??

on January 10, 2016. Reply

In my case ive actually won and won quite a substantial amount. Ive put in around $500 and pulled out nearly $7k worth and most of it in the last few weeks.

The batman knight with the huge 4mil jackpot on 2cents at $6 bet goes down quite nicely as well as the GOT one.

One thing that does suck is even though I deposit using my CC I cannot withdraw with it and need to wait for a cheque, Which lets be honest isnt a first world problem.

If people think that JPC has bad payout I would love to see some others which claim to be better.

on February 6, 2016.

Did u get your winning?

on February 29, 2016.

Have you received your winnings i won 300.00 5 days ago and my winnings havnt went to my bank account yet i talked to one of there support reps today and they requested that i send my ID now they are reviewing my ID which will take another 24-48 hrs

on March 2, 2016.

Yes, normally within a few days, Now losing a bit :P

on April 1, 2016.

Hey kaley just saw your post on casino reviews….wondering if and when you ever received your payout?

on December 11, 2015. Reply

I had heaps of problems with this site and I hadn’t, deposited a dime,login errors password lockouts and errors trying to deposit money in my account

on December 8, 2015. Reply

Ran into a lot of errors here. Not sure if it’s just me or not but it appears other have the same issues. I can’t really play a whole ton here w/o getting errors on my phone, ipad, or computer. I had high hopes but sadly it wont work for me.

on December 8, 2015. Reply

I’ve been reading these reviews and should have read them before my first of many deposits. A few weeks ago I deposited 200 bucks. Which was to be 150% match and a whopping 40 free spins on Avalon. I have yet to receive either. Of the two hundred I deposited I did manage to miraculously win a hundred. Then locked out of my account. So I finally called after the many emails and chats that didn’t work the person I spoke with was not very fluent in English. No big deal ,but to basically calling me a liar. Of the three hundred I had in my account. Sixty had been placed in the bonus account. So my three hundred was now two fourty lol. I decided to play a little. Twenty minutes later. Empty. What a shocker.

on November 25, 2015. Reply

Amazing pay out within 5 days only , i used to win a lot on slots but recently am keep loosing no matter how i try , dont take the bonus offer at all because you cant withdraw in the same moment .

on December 16, 2015.

How do you get paid out?

on February 6, 2016.

How do u get paid?

on February 15, 2016.

I rang them and gave them my bank details for my winnings and got it in a few days

on November 24, 2015. Reply

I deposited $20 last week and ended up winning $5000! The only trouble I had was sending in documents to verify it was actually me! So hopefully I’ll see the winnings in my account in the next few days :)

on December 11, 2015.

Wondering if you actually received your payout? Im very skeptical to play worried that if I win they wont pay me.

on February 6, 2016.

Did u receive your payout?

on July 11, 2016.

Which game did you play? I always deposit around 20$-30$ but i never won a thing!!

on November 12, 2015. Reply

Made my first withdrawal… 10 days later and still waiting. The comments i got from staff on the phone include: “i dont think you need to provide any other information” and “it shouldn’t be too long” seems that neither of them have any idea… useless!

on November 16, 2015.

Update- received communication from them today saying it will be 3 to 7 days from now.

on November 28, 2015.

did you end up getting your winnings?

on January 24, 2016.

Did u recieve your winnings in the end

on February 6, 2016.

Did i receive your winnings?

on August 17, 2015. Reply

I’ve played JPC for several years and have noticed a consistent, steady decline in payouts. Perhaps the reason is less people playing on the site.. A positive is that I’ve never had issues with payouts. If I withdraw on a Sunday it’s usually in my account the following Thursday.

on July 28, 2015. Reply

I haven’t got a bad thing to say so far they have been brilliant I’ll be staying with them

on July 15, 2015. Reply

First time I have ever online gambled I deposited money using my bank transfer option, I played one night first time ever, packpot city, and all slots casino, desppsited $600 at one and 300-400 at tje other site,cashed out 2300ca between both sites, and now my accounts r closed and their confiscating my money is what I was told in an email. the check was to be mailed to me!! Is that legal? If there’s anyone that is going through similar situation, any advise on taking legal actions towards this casino?

on February 6, 2016.

Why they are confiscating? Have u got ur einnings?

on June 25, 2015. Reply

the way I understand is if you deposit $10, they will multiply that by 50. so, $10×50=$500. You then have to win $500 from your $10 AND bet it all back to meet the “minimum play through required” to pull out any winnings, if any

on May 8, 2015. Reply

I use to play at Jackpot City Casino but stopped as their payouts were minimal. After a couple years I thought I would give them another try and now their payouts on games is even worse. I will never deposit at this casino again in my life, I will stay at the casino’s that actually let me win sometimes rather than a casino that only takes and not gives any back. Totally unhappy!!!

on August 3, 2014. Reply

This casino is a total rip off and trust me, I've gambled at many. They gave me a 100% bonus match after I had left for over a year. I deposited a few hundred dollars and went through it in no time. I signed in again a few days later and deposited more money but didn't win anything. Anyway, about a week later I signed in again only to find that they were offering me the same 100% bonus match again. I thought I would give it another try so I deposited $200. No bonus went into my acct however so I went on instant chat. I explained what I was waiting for and was asked to please wait. After waiting for 15 minutes Pam came on and said "No, I don't have a bonus match. I told her it was on the main screen, right when I sign in. She says to me….to go check again and to take a screen shot of it. Well yes, guess what? I went back on the main screen and it was of course gone. I emailed them to tell them what happened and they offered me $50. I told the to stick it where the sun don't shine and deleted the casino. They basically called me a liar, but I absolutely guarantee you, I read what I read. It was there.

on February 21, 2014. Reply

I am playing in jackpotcity casino almost a year . customer support is terrible (same the bonuses) , i have played over 2500 euros and never win . Generally i dont recommend this casino . I play in other casinos with microgaming games and the payout is much much better .

on July 30, 2013. Reply

Played slots at JackpotCity for over a year and also all the other Bella Rock Casinos. – Gaming Club, Lucky Nugget, King Neptune,
At first I could win small wins to keep playing but never more than my original deposits. Eventually, I made deposit after deposit after deposit…… and spin after spin after spin and rarely if ever would I get a bonus games or free spins feature. If I did get the feature the winnings were always so small it was disgusting to say the least.

The slot tournaments were even worse. Can't count how many times I thought I may win a small tournament and at the last moment a fresh player comes up from nowhere and takes the lead.

There are lots of casinos on the net and I play at a few different casinos now and with wins and losses but feel the play is much better for my money. Take my advice. Find another casino and avoid JackpotCity. You will be much happier that you did.

on May 9, 2013. Reply

Jackpot City played there many many times never came close to winning anything. Do Not play here you can not win here becaue they spent all their maony on TV commercials and the rest of the money goes to the owners the players get nothing here stay away

on April 13, 2013. Reply

i have given heaps and heaps of money to this site so the one day i win big i withdraw they say send verification documents so i did i got a email saying processed will release winnings then after a week of problems hear nothing its been three weeks not one email,phone call, any sign of my winnings screw jackpot city and all of its associate casinos, king neptune, gaming club rip offs!!!!!

on November 24, 2012. Reply

the casino customer service is great,but the games are rip offs,three weeks playing multiplayer ,takes three hours or more for spins to come up not good,then it dosent pay well,the promotions are great,its my favourite casino,as they really go out of there way to help you,i would recommend this casino ,but microgamming are rip offs

on October 29, 2012. Reply

after losing a few hundred on jackpot city i wont be visiting them again….not one bonus round !

on September 17, 2012. Reply

@MEHLMANN if a family member allows you to use their account on the casino they need to clarify with the casino. Once clarified with the casino any deposits and withdraws shouldn't be withheld any money you have won!

on September 7, 2012. Reply

they locked my account 14 days ago after depositing 1000 euro from Neteller. Don't know what to do.Stupid action.It was my mothers Neteller and now they will not give back the money…..Anybody here suggestions?

on April 13, 2012. Reply

Very dissapointing! After depositing a not insubstantial amount of money I won it back & proceeded to withdraw it. This was not my first withdrawal from this site so I expected it all to proceed smoothly. After 5 days still no sign of the cash in my bank account.so I contacted Jackpot City to be told I had been e-mailed by them requesting ID documentation however no e-mail had been received. As it is now Friday I am told the withdrawal will not be processed until Monday. As soon as the cash hits my bank account I'm closing my Jackpot City account!!!!

on March 28, 2012. Reply

yes im with you there the casino is a rip off an hour to play isis error comes up you loose your money ,then they use an excuse like we have to investigate why i won the money what 260.60 to them,there games dont pay an hour or more,then you have spent a fortune 200 dollars to get five coins,what a rip off,there vip are very nice just the casino is a total rip off ,royal vegas is bad as well it took 600.00 dollars of mine,said they had put it back into my account,what a lie,i already had 1300 i was monitoring my money no 600 hundred went into my account a pack of theives

on December 14, 2011. Reply

Best Casino EVER!!!… quickest payouts. Best VIP support. I have withdrawn in excess of 50k + without any problems and quickly. Thanks to Grant S at the VIP support team.

Gonna stick with Jackpotcity and Gaming club (The Belle Rock Guys). Don't want to ever get burnt like Royal Vegas.

on October 29, 2015.

funny how your one of a very few who have pay outs, it would have been good to hear from you how you get these payouts when others can’t ?
I landed on this site because I received a email telling me I can have 500 free spins, lol , that’s always suspicious as anything free is always a catch.
as any fool can lose his money, and I am not going there.
Like you say Ken Marchand, good advice.
I am taking that advice.

on November 8, 2011. Reply

Do not play the "FREE" tournaments and "WIN" Your prize is a bonus credit and an extension to your play through. In other words you now have a longer time to wait before you can claim "ANY" of the bonus credits they give you. Play through is 50 to 1. Any money you pay for these tournaments comes from your own cash and bonus credits, so they aren't "FREE".This is my only complaint so far after playing 4 months. My advice is don't accept any play through "FREE" credits and don't play the tournaments.

on October 14, 2011. Reply

I can partly agree with Kiriakos. I do indeed receive my cashouts in a timely fashion but I did have to send them papers for verification. Actually I think it is a standard procedure at all online gambling sites.

on September 19, 2011. Reply

they pay in 3 days without asking for stupid things like passports or clear photos or I dont know what. Bank wire in 3 days. Very fast

on August 30, 2011. Reply

the casino Jackpot City in my opinion is 1 of the worst casions online.The games dont pay They through bonuses at you knowing that this will be the only way to keep your business.I have played many online casinos and this bye far is the 1 in my opinion most manipulated I have played to date.I would not recomend this casino to anybody,unless of course you like to lose money

on July 5, 2010. Reply

your comment "BEFORE Registering with Jackpot City Casino I read their T&C carefully and also went to their Live Help online service to clarify a few points. I explained clearly I was in Thailand BUT my banking and 'home' was in the UK. "No Problem Sir, I've checked, Thailand is acceptable to us and you may proceed" .. so I Registered. And just like the other poster I was playing when my account was 'locked'. I was informed my initial deposit would be returned in full (I hope so!) BUT I was NOT told why my a/c had been closed. I suspect it was because I was because I was playing from a different Country than my Banking (credit card) address. It would be nice to know the reason why … that courtesy would cost them nothing!

on March 30, 2009. Reply

i have had a really bad experience with this site, they locked my account because i was registered to ireland but playing in cyprus. where i am working for the next few months. on top of this, any money i won( 50euro) was voided…..apparently. i will not be using this site again its a complete piss take


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