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Malachi on July 25, 2023. Reply

So I won the jackpot a few days just over 40 grand, I came back a few days later to see if my withdrawal was successful only to find out my account had been closed and I was in self exclusion can they do this. I’ve been playing lucky nugget for a few years and have had successful small withdrawals but after winning this amount they automatically send me an email saying they agreed to the self exclusion. I did not do this and now they won’t even answer any of my emails. This is unbelievable and unfair.

Judith DiPietro on July 11, 2022. Reply

Lucky Nugget has made verification so complicated and required so often that it is no longer a fun place to play. My deposit from my bank is now sitting in limbo with an interim site and it seems I can’t reverse it, but Lucky Nugget isn’t accepting it either.

N/A on May 5, 2021. Reply

Customer service is unreliable and unhelpful. Not clear with answers and the waiting period for withdrawals are unacceptable. I’ve been waiting one week already for payment and received an e transfer and no password. Now I have to wait longer. This never happens on other sites.

sonya mainprize on August 3, 2019. Reply

Never take the bonus if ever planning on a withdrawal if you win in anything with bonus money in your bank your bonus money multiplies so high until you play out your winnings to zero and then still will have bonus money in your bank. I won and played over 1400.00 and still had bonus money. They raised my 90.00 bonus to 498.00 so I was not able to withdraw any money. Plus they changed most games to play either .01, .02, .05 for coins no more .25, .50 cent bets which has a large pay out difference.

Melissa cook on April 10, 2015. Reply

Awesome casino , won a $1000 few times and got paid with in 5 days via bank transfer.


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