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Barry on November 28, 2015. Reply

I have been playing at Onmi casino for over a year now. They give good bonuses, and payout quickly. I recently had a run of luck, and withdrew money on a few occasions without any problems. The only criticism is you have to be aware of the game restrictions on using their bonus money. An example of this is video poker games cannot be played with bonus money. I don’t know what would happen if you accidentally played a restricted game, won and then attempted to withdraw. All in all I will continue to play at Omni, as they provide good support, and restrictions apart, good bonuses.

guy phillips on September 11, 2015. Reply

Deposit bonuses are good but with good reason,and that is you never reach the wagering requirement where you reach the point of being able to withdraw.I have lost a, lot of money playing here and I can honestly say I have never had so much as a chance to make any of it back. If you have a wagering requirement and win a game that has bonus spins chances are you will do ok on the bonus spins,but this is only because you have a wagering requirement to meet.Now if you dont have a wagering requirement and win free spins the opposite happens ,the bonus pays nothing.Ex I play 3 dollars a spin,I won 15 free spins with a 10x multiplie,bear in mind I dont have a wagering requirement.I won a total of 46 dollars,WOW.This is the casino practise,they are manipulated to the degree I have never seen.This happens time and time again.I cant comment on withdrwal as I dont think I have ever had any.Do yourself a favour stay away from this casino unless you enjoy losing money

Dp on June 21, 2015. Reply

went for thier 40 for adollar and was told i dont even qualify for the sign up five dollars cause i used a default site and to please understand so i sent them the link and was ignored

Vernetti on December 21, 2014. Reply

They issued a $160 bonus on a $100 deposit. As always, their wagering requirements were hectic, far more than any other casino where I’ve played. I built my bonus up to just over $500 over a week or so. The next time I logged in, $400 was missing from my balance. Upon enquiring, they told me that my bonus had expired (I was totally unaware that bonuses expired), and so they took the bonus plus all my winnings since the bonus was issued. Nevermind the fact that some of my own money was used to acquire those winnings, they simply took all winnings from that period. Stay far away from this casino!

Patricia Jacobs on November 7, 2014. Reply

I started playing at Omni a while back, registered and put a lot of money into the casino, which they accepted without any questions or queries. Finally I managed to win a few rand back and requested a withdrawal of my winning. And BEHOLD they came alive. I was sent a deposit list requesting that I sign each deposit to prove that it was not fraud, I did this and submitted it to them via scan and email only to be told that it was not acceptable as they were unable to read it, however this document was sent by them, copied in high resolution and very legiable. I was then told to take a digital photo of it and re submit. I re-scanned the document and re- sent and way and behold they could now accept the idential document. I was then asked to send my ID, again high resolution scan and email, two days later I received a short email to say that this was also unclear and they needed a digital photo of it. Once again I rescanned and sent, two days passed before I received a short email to ask me to refrain from sending documents in letter form. I was then later told that my ID had been accepted and would be verified.
Step one completed I hoped…..
After no further feedback I decided to check my casino account profile and discovered that my ID number had still not been verified. Why – I cannot receive an answer only Omni would know. Now the verification of my residential address arises, this is a nightmare, I have sent numerous documents to Omini support, who then send an email to say they will send them to the next department. After a week or so, I receive an email informing me that the document is unclear or unaccepted and I need to supply my bank statement as proof of residential address. If they cant see or read a clear copy if an ID how then a bank statement I ask?
The part that amazes me most is that when depositing my fortunes not once did any of Omnis wonderful teams contact me to ask where I got the money to deposit into their site, did I live in the Congo or the sea and never once was the number of deposits questioned. They were taken with open arms and within seconds, and lost in seconds. I now wish to withdraw a small amount of my hard played and paid forwinnings and am battling to get even a cordial or understandable answer from Omni. Scary but true, this is not a very customer freindly site if you happen to be so lucky to win a little. I will perceiver and hopefully one day I will get it right to withdraw my few sad rands… hold thumbs for me.

I am a fellow on line gambler and would just like to ask others out there that have played at Omni what their experience was when trying to withdraw winnings.

Jenny on June 5, 2014. Reply

This casino is a joke. After installing I decided to play one of their video slot machines
After playing for a while I finally got the bonus on the machine and slot completely froze. I received I help other than restart the game and it will restart the bonus which was not true. I fact restarting the game didn't do anything and I feel as though I was ripped off. I uninstalled the casino right away and will never go back!!

dom on April 9, 2014. Reply

I close my account today i have a.bad.experience whit omni casino the slot payout is.ridiculus very low the slot.not.give.more.10 euro made one long spin and eat.all the deposits …..this casino dont give nice bonus on deposit and no offer cashback im lost many money there without 20 30 euro up my deposit…..

pieter on December 15, 2013. Reply

Omni casino is as far as I am concerned less than honest when it comes to withdrawal. At first they told me that i had to wager 25 times the bonus, which i did and could understand, what happened next is not so clear to me. the remaining winnings they then agreed for me to withdraw and it showed as a pending withdrawal for 3 days after which it disappeared. It has not reached my card up to now. the same card they can receive my deposits with in the blink of an eye. the casino is fairly nice to visit, but these guys are just out to take your money.

frank b on April 13, 2013. Reply

played here many times ,lose everytime with nothing. really makes me sick that sites like casinomeister praise this site because thers no complaints. lol well if everyone just loses and leaves then theres no with draw hassles is there hence no complaints and dumb people just leave thinking oh well thats gambling your supposed to lose everytime. joke

Candice on January 13, 2013. Reply

Worst Experience ever with a Casino. Still have not received my winnings after 14 working days as they have stated. now they want bank statements to prove that I have not received the funds, Can't they check there systems to see when the money was paid over.

haley g on May 24, 2011. Reply

I found Omni Casino to be helpful and fun all the way. Thanks to the customer support (Jope, John, Jack? Can´t remember the name) I was able to get it started on my brand new notebook.

The took the time and went through the whole installation with me. I suppose other casinos would just send you to a FAQ page on their site.
I even made a bit of money with them and reading their terms I also think that the requirements to be met before withdrawing are pretty fair too.

Jannice Mordue on June 28, 2010. Reply

My interaction with Omni has been short, sharp, very far from fun and an embittering experience. I deposited £40, opted for no bonuses and proceeded to play Premium European Roulette. I have experience with several other online casinos but none have done what Omni did which was, within the first and only 25mins of play, to allow me 68p in winnings while calmly and cynically relieving me of £35.08. To add insult to injury they insolently gave the message that no withdrawals are allowed of under £20. All I wanted was to cash out my remaining balance of £4.92. The whole experience has been horrible and very far from fun. We all know gambling is risky but it is not a nice feeling to have been ripped off, cheated, or whatever you want to call it! Omni need to consider carefully whether this is the bad impression they wish new customers to carry away with them. As far as I'm concerned, they have permanently lost my custom and I would discourage other gamblers from helping them with their profits. They need to learn the lesson that greed does not pay. The smug and complacent tone of the Omni rep.'s reply in red type, published earlier on this page, only causes further anger and offence. If they think that kind of self-justification lets them off, they really do deserve to fail as a business. Do not use them!!!

Donna on August 2, 2005. Reply

I had a very bad experience my first time playing at Omni Casino. I deposited $334 to get the maximum 30% bonus of $100. The bonus was supposed to be credited immediately, but apparently they were having technical problems so I didn’t get it. In the meantime, I continued to play and lost my entire deposit. A couple of days and E-mails later, the $100 bonus was finally credited to my account. They told me that I was free to use it however I wished, including withdrawing it. I decided to leave it there and wait for my PIN to arrive. Shortly thereafter, another $100 bonus appeared in my account. It wasn’t included as part of my withdrawal limit, so I figured that I must have to play it, which I did and lost. Their next move was to remove the first $100 bonus that was supposed to be mine. They claimed that crediting two bonuses was an “error”. I was hoping to be able to recover at least part of my losses. The technical difficulties and errors on their part were enough that I requested my account to be closed. I’m going to stick to InterCasino and William Hill, where I haven’t had any problems like that.

Dudley on June 28, 2004. Reply

This casino brags about its popularity but on the several occasions I have played there I was the only blackjack player. Makes you wonder. The graphics are nice but that dang piano music repeating over and over is annoying big time.

Lucy on June 15, 2004. Reply

OMNI is the worst casino I ever play. Customer service was horrible. Although Live one is ok. I referred a friend and supposed get 50$ bouns. I met all the requirement according to the website. Then I talked to customer service this girl just added more requirements on this refer a friend thing. They just seems very twist. They were keep saying the website isnt clear enough. So if that so then its the casino’s fault. they should updates their website more often instead taking people’s money then apologize. Its just not fair

Jim on May 6, 2004. Reply

This is definitely one of the better casinos I’ve tried. Great graphics and great customer support. You may not get as high as a bonus as you do with other casinos but they’re very fair.

Omni Casino on May 6, 2004. Reply

On behalf of Omni Casino, I would like to thank each and every one whom has given some positive and constructive feedback about our casino.

We are particularly proud of our reputation gained through years of experience. Established in Nov ’97, we were among the very first online casinos (worldwide) and have been in the business for longer than 95% of all online casinos.

Further, our high standards for integrity and security have allowed us to successfully serve thousands of players with millions of gaming sessions yearly. We clearly understand the dynamics involved in gambling and our loyal customers remain confident in our fairness, honesty and corporate stability.

Please feel free to visit Omni Casino’s web site under the “Customer Care” link, and speak individually with a customer service agent who will help you with any problems or concerns you may have with Omni’s game selection, payout procedure, security, or any other question you may have.

I will be on this site periodically to answer any questions or comments you may have.

Enjoy your gaming experience at Omni Casino!

UnitedBet on September 8, 2003. Reply

Hello fellow online gamblers my name is UnitedBet because just like you I play to win. I am currently compiling reviews on many online casino sites based on my personal experiences. My experience at Omni Casino has been short and that is by choice. The graphics are great and provide almost a bricks & mortar casino essence. CryptoLogic software is a very good product though payout percentages seem to turn heavily in the house favor once the minimum level of play is completed.(Some experts might disagree with this though as stated before my review is on personal experiences.) Unlike other CryptoLogic casinos, Omni has very limited monthly promotions, though the customer service is helpful and friendly. My advice if you do play at this casino is to play the minumum level and try your skill somewhere else. Good Luck from UnitedBet!

Yes on September 6, 2003. Reply

Yes, this casino is awesome.
thank u.

rocco on February 9, 2003. Reply

this place stinks.. they say you can play there games for .01 .05 .10 thats crap as soon as you deposit money to play for real the min you can play on video slots is 25 cents per line its a 5 line slot?

Kate Sharpe on October 28, 2002. Reply

I uninstalled Omni because the graphics were so poor.

Paul on September 5, 2002. Reply

I quite can’t understand how this casino stay on topo af your list. Graphics is poor. The game server is quite slow and at last but not least I lost $ 250 in 5 minutes: dealer got 5 Blackjack ono after another!!!

Paul Simonson

Sheila on August 28, 2002. Reply

Very slow. I connect through a highspeed connection, but still the games loaded slowly.

Jay Becker on June 19, 2002. Reply

Wow. Omni is really nice and the customer service is great. Ask for Donna on the live chat.

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