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on June 8, 2023. Reply

Joined for the promotion of $1 and 30 free spins on Book of Atem.
Deposited $2, opened the game and no free spins counter! Chat wait time is 10 mins or more. Despite their window saying “30 seconds to live support”
Was told that the free spins are added, so I logged out, cleared cached data and logged back in. Nope, still no advertised free spins. Chat room…AGAIN.
Where Ryan tells me they are added and maybe its my device! I only asked how do I close my account. Not that I wanted to. So he closed my account. So dont bother. There is no truth in their advertising, promtion offers are quick to pop up. Since they do not honor them, please don’t. It will be an endless give on your part and no back from them. No free spins, loyalty at all of these sites actually reset after 60 days. So if your close to redemption points of $5 on day 59. At day 60 it will set back to zero.The loyalty will never pay out and the wagering for it is x70 anyway.

on October 13, 2022. Reply

This is my 1st time I have won something on Royal Vegas. I won 2000.00 and wow I have never won anything like this before. I was thinking yes Xmas is around the corner so I can do alot with this money, until this person on the chat line had closed my whole game account down and sent me and email. I did all the regulation what was told to do and I did not get any explanation on why this happened. It’s telling I am not allowed to have another acc.
So what did I do wrong? Now I can’t get to the chat line which they told me to upload my documents. This the 3rd time now that I sent everything through.

on September 23, 2022. Reply

I have been an avid player with Royal Vegas for a couple of years and have had no problem with this site at all….until recently. I live in Ontario, Canada and since the site has changed to “Ontario Gaming” the games stutter and stagger and take quite a while to load. Tonight, I tried to make a deposit so I could play and it skips the personal banking information screen and jumps to “transaction pending?!?!? How can that be if I haven’t initiated an e-transfer. Regardless, I left the site and went into my online banking to check transactions, and thankfully no money has been withdrawn. I believe that Royal Vegas is experiencing some hiccups and will wait a while until these issues are resolved.

on August 5, 2022. Reply

I have been an old player at Royal Vegas casino and I have no problem with them at all in the past. It all happen last week where I was playing and start to win a large amount so I increase my allowable bet size and I start to see messages arriving in my email regarding account closure and gambling is for fun only and to contact them. I did contact live chat twice as requested by them professionaly and I told them about this matter and part of the recommendation in that email that they will call me where I totally accepted and since then I was waiting for there call. Today I try to log in and royal Vegas won’t allow me to do so. My credible advice to everyone is any casino is licensed under fun and entertainment, they could terminate any player account if they see that you increase your bet size to try to win big amount of moneys, they use that loophole to terminate credible players. You better walk play in any casino but not online casinos

on July 23, 2022. Reply

I am currently in the process of trying to retrieve the $400 I have won at this casino – they wanted proof that I deposited the money I used to play from my bank account (I used Interac to deposit) – I first sent the screenshot of the money deposited from my online bank account which they said wasn’t acceptable. I needed a pdf version of my bank statement. I sent them that and waited, then they wanted more proof from the bank I deal with, so I went to the bank and got them to stamp and sign the requested documents – I have been at this for over 2 weeks. No money has been sent yet. I have asked to speak to a manager, but no luck in that either. Their customer support sucks, and the hoops you have to jump through to get your winnings are ridiculous. A good casino to win at but very bad to receive those winnings if you do win

on May 1, 2022. Reply

I have had an account with Royal Vegas for months. Every couple days, maybe less often and someitmess more, I would visit the site to spin the Bonus Wheel. Not a single time did I hit a single win. This went on for close to a year. Finally I decide to give Royal Vegas a shot (I visit many casinos). This is by far the most disappointing casino I have played at. Huge deposit bonus, (yay!) but that’s where it ends. First, spinning the wheel every 2 hours is just for show. It should be called the Bogus Wheel. Then there’s the game menu. Click on one game and get a different one. Click on a game, the screen goes dark, and get kicked back out to the menu. Once you’re in the game, it doesn’t want to let you out. You have to try 3 or 4 times to close the game. Then there’s the deposit bonuses. You have to play to earn them! I have never seen anything like that before and I have played many casinos. Then there’s the banking issue. I try to make a deposit and the whole banking service is down. I contact customer service, they tell me to come back in an hour. Pardon? Just come back? You’re a casino without a way for your customers to play! Offer me a way to keep playing? Nope, I say I’m leaving a review, so they lock me out of my account while I’m playing! Needless to say, I highly recommend you don’t waste your time or money on this glitchy site.

on December 9, 2021. Reply

Been playing at this casino for quite some time. Over 10,000 dollars I’ve deposited and they closed my account saying it will remain closed for all time. The reason they give me is management discretion.

on November 30, 2021. Reply

This casino gives my winnings no prob until such time I won $2,000 and reviewed my account. Nov. 5 I won but until now I have no idea why they are holding my money. Almost everyday I spoke to an agent and they all have diff. answers. Casino did not reach out to me or contact me why until now my winning is on hold.

on April 21, 2021. Reply

I haven’t played for a couple of months and today when I logged in there was no offer of a bonus, which was unusual but I played anyway.
As usual when my funds got low I got the pop up offering 75% on the next deposit. I accepted and deposited $150. No bonus!! and when I tried to contact customer support I got a message that the system didn’t recognize my user name.
Again my money got low, again I am offer 75 % bonus again I accept again I deposit $150. Again no bonus. Again not able to contact customer support.
It seems Royal Vegas is only recognizing me for deposits!!
4 Deposits No bonuses and because I played the money I deposited they are unable to make good on the bonuses.
I used to like and trust Royal Vegas. Not anymore

on April 7, 2021. Reply

I’ve withdrawn on at least 6 different occasions, the first time was a bit tough, but still recieved the 7000 I was entitled to, withdraw with bonus money seems almost pointless unless you look at the playout amount neccessary, your unless close to what it is with constant play better to take the loss of the bonus and recieve the earnings. Otherwise its the wait time seems a bit long min. 24hrs pending reversal (if done another 24hrs from there) then at least 2 days. But i have been paid what I won on all occasions.

on April 2, 2021. Reply

Why is it that if you gamble 10 more than 10 comes out of your bank account? Recently my daughter and I tried and it took more out
Than approved twice and it wouldn’t put the money in so we didn’t get to play. In her bank account it came out went back in and came out not once but twice without even playing.

on April 7, 2021.

If just a couple dollars extra probably just from the processing merchant there using, and the money added to the account may have be just a delay, I’ve deposited a few different ways over the years and have had some take an hour plus to process into account. I use now etransfer since no extra fees, easy to track spending, and seems to be the fastest..

on March 18, 2021. Reply

Cashed out $1000 been 4 weeks still no money. They say funds were transferred, however I haven’t seen a dime. I closed my account, they have no problem taking your money in a matter of minutes, but when it’s time to pay the customer, you just get the run around. Good Luck

on December 19, 2020. Reply

I inquired about an $800 win and my account was suspended. Been contacting them since December 2 2020 and it’s now December 20 2020 and still nobody has assisted even after I did everything I was supposed to. Even after i was promised it would be taken care of and my winnings would be in my account within 48 hours it’s been 4 days since.

on November 9, 2020. Reply

I have several withdrawals totaling approximately $6K for over a week and have touched based their customer support several times during this timeframe looking for a status update. They keep telling me it is with their operations team and they need a minimum of 48 hours to review and process. I keep getting the run around and different explanations and will not be playing with them any more.

on August 25, 2020. Reply

Trusted site no worries on withdrawals over 6 years the only site I play

on November 3, 2017. Reply

I am a member of 8 online casinos including Royal Vegus and there partner casino All Slots.
I have to say there payout rate is pretty good, However there customer service is appalling. I did the personal verification process and 2 days latter it said no further documentation required. A week later I received an email saying they did not receive an image of my visa card. I knew this was not the case as I have the image of my passport and visa on the same document I found this easier learning from when I opened my first account at my first casino and use the same documents when opening my previous 6. So then a couple of days latter they emailed again saying that they had returned the money to my casino account as they had not received the correct documentation. I then emailed a picture of the front and back on my visa card. 2 days later I did a live chat and asked what was the progress on my withdrawal. The customer assistance said that providing there was not anymore issues they should be able to process the payment in 2 – 3 days and then 2 – 3 days to go into my bank account. As you could understand I was not happy and said to the customer service rep. How would the casino feel if the payments to them from the bank took 3 to 4 weeks. He then responded I’m not sure what you want my to say. I responded all I would like is an apology from the casino regarding there mistake in saying they did not receive my credit card details when I had sent them. He then said that I did not send my credit card details. By this stage I am not happy so I end the chat and call the 0800 number. I then get the same person I was talking to online who said he had to end the call as it is company policy that you are not aloud to talk on the chat and on the telephone. I then told him that I had closed the chat before I called to get the number and he said that he still had it open. Anyway long story short once I explained to him that I did in fact send my credit card details as they are on the same sheet as my passport. His story then changed he said it is against company policy to have 2 documents on the same sheet so I ask why my id was excepted and why All Slots same company excepted the same documents. The customer service rep then keep telling me that I was wrong and this is company policy. I could not take it anymore after all I know he is not magic and can not just make the money appear in my bank account but he could have said I am sorry about your experience and I will ensure that we do everything we can to get this correct for you instead of saying that the document was not received and making everything my fault. Because of this I will never use this casino again. I would prefer to user a provided that values my business and me as a customer.

on September 13, 2017. Reply

Sent documention they requested over and over,still can’t withdraw my funds.obvious that there must be a serious communication issue within there department or they have no intentions of giving me my funds

on September 12, 2017. Reply

After I pay my $10 deposit I decided to save my free spins for the next day but when I try to access my account for some reason unknown to myself the security team has locked my account I’m very disappointed and will never play with Royal Vegas again thank god it was only $10

on July 11, 2017. Reply

Have been waiting 2 weeks for my withdrawal to be told due to restrictions it cant be deposited to my bank account. So I use cheque as my preferred method. Now 3days later and no response as to what is happening with my money

on June 6, 2017. Reply

It may seem great when you first sign up, but then something “goes wrong” when you are trying to withdrawal your money. They make it exceedingly difficult, customer support is rude, unhelpful and don’t answer your questions. If you are ever able to get it resolved then there will be some other problem the next time. Since I opened my account I had been using eCheck to withdrawal my winnings but now all of a sudden the only way to use eCheck as a preferred method is to deposit via eCheck where you have to give them the last 4 digits of you SIN number, which I will not!!!! They will not return your funds to your credit card b/c of “restrictions”. They suggested a Swift transfer. I called my bank and got a Swift code that RV said was “invalid”.

on May 30, 2017. Reply

New player at royal vagus after a work mate informed me of a $7000 win!!
Was a lot easyer going through the steps on signing up and creating a neteller account speaking to someone that has already done it, had my ups and downs at first but a nice win of a couple thousand from a few hundred has me sold, yes withdrawal does take its time but worth it in the end, I sent double the documents they required and haven’t had a problem.

on April 20, 2017. Reply

I started playing 3 years ago , lost Alittle then started playing big , 30 dollars a spin on there slots depositing in the thousands. I cashed out 38 thousand dollars , they paid me in 4 different instalments if under 10k . All in all I can say I’m up Alittle over the last few years . There are times I lost 5-10k , however there are times I’m up that much and I dont cash out , they always seem to pry me back with emails and phone calls and free bonus money. I’ve been to a lot of casinos but none ever gave me 38k and they actually paid it so players out there don’t worry there good for the money once your registered

on March 14, 2017. Reply

This is one of my favourite casinos to play at and one of the ones that have actually paid me. I’ve cashed out over $1,600 it does take a process to get the first funds but once they have your information and you receive your first winnings, withdraw takes about 3-7 days the next time you do it. I would definitely recommend this casino favours games are money mola and thunderstruck 2 I had pretty good luck on those 2.

on April 15, 2017.

I have been playing them for years now. Very trustworthy casino site. Only problem now is withdrawal method for Australian player. May I ask you which method you use now? All my cards now have restrictions to get fund back to the cards. RV suggest Neteller but after read reviews that make me so worry for scam by them.

on April 18, 2017.

Hi Hana, have you ever successfully received payouts from them before? I have just initiated a payout for the first time with them, and am feeling super anxious that it will never come through :(

on May 1, 2017.

I initiated my first payout with them recently also and was quite apprehensive about getting paid. When theyou asked for documents to confirm identity and copies if ALL cards used for transactions I thought for sure I woudon’t get paid out as one card was a prepaid credit card I no longer had and one of my credit cards was destroyed at the bank when it became worn out and needed to be replaced. They accepted a letter from my bank confirming it had indeed been destroyed. While it did take a little over a week by the time all was said and done I received my payout 2 days after the last supporting document was sent to them.

on February 24, 2017. Reply

live chat takes ~45 mins on average to get the simplest changes done.

Also took my christmas winnings 2 months to get cleared even though the proper paperwork was filed multiple time and assurances were made. Kept re-adding this to the casino account despite their “48 hour” promises. If you want to withdraw, you will have to put in at least 8 hours of work.

on February 21, 2017. Reply

I joined up and won a lot of money straight away. Tried to withdraw it and saw it still “pending” 2 days later. Asked support and they said it will be pending for another 3 hours and then released. After another half a day I was told I couldnt receive the money until I send in all my personal documents for verification. I sent them all in the same day but heard nothing. After 3 days I asked the support and they said documents have to be reviewed for up to 3 days. After 3 days I was told I had to send an additional document and that my funds had been returned to my casino account until they receive the additional document. Skip ahead another 4 days and I lost more than half of what I had withdrawn plus $400 from my bank account, in non stop losing games in there. Once they had my documents the games all suddenly stopped paying anything more than 60cents and no free spins at all! Over 4 days I couldn’t catch a break. Literally $300 played and not even a hint of free spins. So after this I once again contacted support and was told the money would be in my account in 3-5 days. Well it’s been 7 and still no sign of it. I am done. I told them to close my account.


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