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Charlotte on March 14, 2017. Reply

This is one of my favourite casinos to play at and one of the ones that have actually paid me. I’ve cashed out over $1,600 it does take a process to get the first funds but once they have your information and you receive your first winnings, withdraw takes about 3-7 days the next time you do it. I would definitely recommend this casino favours games are money mola and thunderstruck 2 I had pretty good luck on those 2.

mitch on February 24, 2017. Reply

live chat takes ~45 mins on average to get the simplest changes done.

Also took my christmas winnings 2 months to get cleared even though the proper paperwork was filed multiple time and assurances were made. Kept re-adding this to the casino account despite their “48 hour” promises. If you want to withdraw, you will have to put in at least 8 hours of work.

Lisa on February 21, 2017. Reply

I joined up and won a lot of money straight away. Tried to withdraw it and saw it still “pending” 2 days later. Asked support and they said it will be pending for another 3 hours and then released. After another half a day I was told I couldnt receive the money until I send in all my personal documents for verification. I sent them all in the same day but heard nothing. After 3 days I asked the support and they said documents have to be reviewed for up to 3 days. After 3 days I was told I had to send an additional document and that my funds had been returned to my casino account until they receive the additional document. Skip ahead another 4 days and I lost more than half of what I had withdrawn plus $400 from my bank account, in non stop losing games in there. Once they had my documents the games all suddenly stopped paying anything more than 60cents and no free spins at all! Over 4 days I couldn’t catch a break. Literally $300 played and not even a hint of free spins. So after this I once again contacted support and was told the money would be in my account in 3-5 days. Well it’s been 7 and still no sign of it. I am done. I told them to close my account.

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