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Johno on February 14, 2017. Reply

Their support desk gives you the run around for just about anything. They don’t read your emails and don’t respond to your direct questions, instead keep enticing you to keep playing.
I won a fair bit of money but their wagering requirement especially when you play classic blackjack (2% contribution) means you need to wager almost $500,000 dollars to get access to the lousy $125 bonus money. and if you want to bet higher bets their IRREGULAR game policy kicks in and prevents you from betting more than a small percentage of the bonus amount.

S on February 11, 2017. Reply

I am waiting on over $7000.00 for over a month. Have submitted everything they have requested – twice and now a third time. Always asking for some addition, we need to see the corners of the documents, need the file format changed. All complete run around – Maybe they are out of funds. We have no way ever of talking to the people that decide when we get paid – The Player Security Department is only available by email. Why?

Thomas Thompson on January 31, 2017. Reply

Worse support ever. 22 days and they still wont process my withdraw no matter how many times I submit my documents for verification. Support doesn’t answer your questions and their fast payment claims is BS. Avoid this casino completely!!

Had enough on February 9, 2017.

Hi, did u ever receive your money?

Jojo on January 9, 2017. Reply

Hard to win. And extremely low payouts.

michele on December 5, 2016. Reply

Had no dramas what so ever. Takes about 2 weeks to get paid normally but it’s always been easy and painless. They have never rejected any of my winnings. One was $8000 and this took 10.days. but all good my end.

Ken on November 26, 2016. Reply

I just started few weeks ago and I end up deposting $9800 to recover my loss and I did end up winning $7000 but because of the $5000 withdrawal limit I had to wait so many weeks to withdraw total of $16800 and end up winning $1100 and lost the remaining of the $7000 winning because they keep depositing the winning back in to my online account because they want me to Cary on playing till I lose my winning and I did lost $5900 of my winning while I was waiting for another week for my withdrawal to be approved

Mad player on November 9, 2016. Reply

Been 2 weeks now trying to get my winnings keep getting same email can’t see the visa card numbers sent it the size of a 8×11 sheet of paper still same response. Wish I had of read the reviews before playing! Jackpot city never have a problem get my winnings in 2 days no documents required

Angry player on November 5, 2016. Reply

Wow, im on the same boat as everyone else trying to withdraw my money but they keep asking for the same documents over and over saying it needs to be visable when it is bery clear. Its only been over a week for me since i withdrew and have sent the documents three times already. Wish i seen this earlier. Will definitely stick with lucky247 casino there withdrawal process is so much simpler and faster. Atm they can get screwed. Will repost if i ever get my money!

hayley on January 25, 2017.

did you ever get your money? I’ve been waiting for ages

Bruce on October 20, 2016. Reply

Had to send and resend documents several times they couriered a cheque I deposited it bank even phoned them to verify that it was good . Three days later they cancelled cheque and I had to pay back the money

LW on October 11, 2016. Reply

For months no issue with a withdrawal then suddenly they kept putting winnings back in my account prompting that they required more info on my documents. However they did not send me this info. Fur three weeks they just kept giving my money back then I’d put it through in a withdrawal. Finally told they needed my deposit info all over again. I sent everything twice and they say nothing. I wait and wait for my deposit only to be told now they confiscated my winnings due to me taking to long to respond. Be warned… I’m livid and now out my winnings and demanded they close my account. If they can’t give me my winnings despite me proving all proper documents sent I will no longer do business with them.

nomoresucker on October 6, 2016. Reply

deposited over 100 dollars in four separate deposits, last ten dollars, they put into my bonus account even though I didn’t opt in, then when I rang they tried to tell me it was from a game ,which I hadn’t played for nearly a year, basically because I don’t like the game ,also now if you have bonuses you have to play them thru 50 times, so kept playing and won 26 dollars and it went directly to my bonus bank…. totally dodgy casino …used to be good ,but not anymore , finished playing my money, and shut this casino down,totally disgusted.

Alan on August 18, 2016. Reply

I won $13000 abs came on this page to read comments that had me worried. Well after a month or 2 of going through the painful process ( I always knew it would be ) I’ve just recover my first payment of 5k ( there terms state they will only pay 5k a week. )
So it’s legit people! Hard process but it’s legit

Mrwonder on October 19, 2016.

How much in total you were trying to cash out bro?

Warren Lee Robertson on August 14, 2016. Reply

Deposited $67.00 its almost a mth now and several attempts to get it in the casino with excuse after excuse and no luck ….Im out.

last two years online gaming is a money grab save your money. I spent over $40000.00 in two years with minimal wins. used to win large before.

GR on August 10, 2016. Reply

I am on a continuos loop where I receive an email asking for a bank statement or utility bill to verify my account. I send the document, wait a week and they reply asking for another statement or utility bill. They never say what the issue was with my last statement and whenever I ask questions they send me some generic bs message that doesn’t answer anything! Aggh it’s so frustrating they are clearly giving me the run around to avoid payout I sent doc after doc after doc and they will still not verify my account.

Philip on July 26, 2016. Reply

I have lost count of how many times I have had to send in verification documents! Have emailed and spoken to heaps of people. Have had emails from Royal Vegas confirming they have received my info but have been waiting over a month for any Winnings! Have deposited over $10,000 but can’t get any winnings!

Carrie on July 20, 2016. Reply

After being given the absolute run about by this balls up of a company I have decided to cancel my account with them and forfeit my winnings. I had emailed away soooo many documents and all I got back from Royal Vegas was excuse after excuse… “The documents were lost”, “The documents weren’t clear enough”, “Our credit team has received documents and will be in contact within 24-48 hours”. After being completely mucked around for a couple of weeks I have given up as it’s a waste of my time and not to mention that the whole process is extremely dodgy. I gave all the information required then I received emails asking for more and more and more information that initially wasn’t required. I fail to see how this business is able to continue when there are soooo many complaints and issues with the wothdrawal process.

Kipper on July 15, 2016. Reply

The deposit was easy had to send a scan of picture ID Visa and utility bill did all that before reading these reviews and whish I had not. Going to right of my 900 dollars and hope they don’t scam me with what I sent them

Steph on June 23, 2016. Reply

3 months down the line and still waiting for my withdrawal from Royal Vegas, after sending numerous bank statements I finally said close my account, it was then they decide they need my correct bank details which they already had that they decide I have a pending withdrawal.As of now still trying to get my money

Jesse Laine on November 7, 2016.

I won $6,900 off $50 was so excited 4 months later still same crap I need to verify my cards but I’ve done it every week since I just get ignored and they act like they have lost or didn’t receive the documents

Gayle on May 14, 2016. Reply

I cannot believe the run around I have got from a simple withdrawal !
I have sent all documents requested 3 times and more even to the point they asked for a letter from my banking institution…..and yes my withdrawal was back in my account within days ! pass the buck and customer support was no support ! I went beyond sending more documents ,emails and letters and it all fell on deaf ears, depositing is easy….but try and get a withdrawal through.. no hope…they asked for the same documents over and over to no avail…im sincerely disscusted appauled, and furious that They allow this to go on. has anyone out they won any appeals ? im sure they try and where you down to the point of give up…..and then they win again ……who do they think they are ! and vip…what a croc ….the worst online gaming site ever ! only wish I had read comments before joining ! Would of saved a lot of grief, stress , wasted energy and time !

Amanda on May 1, 2016. Reply

Royal vegas has the worst customer support I have come across. Conflicting stories from customer agents, being given the run around for something that is not even an issue where I now am playing. Wish I had read their reviews earlier, after so many negatives I would not have signed up. They took my initial deposit from my prepaid card, then later said I can’t use the card as it isn’t prepaid. Useless terrible frustrating experience. I said just delete my account and they did that easily enough.

Shelly Ann Seitz on April 26, 2016. Reply

Terrible service when coming to receiving your winnings
Had to keep giving my information over and over and still no money
Very frustrating as they take your money when you gamble instantly without any questions asked

Don pierre vagiseal on April 23, 2016. Reply

Was a VIP member of Royal Vegas for over a year started off ok had a few decent wins -about what i put in over the first three months. I was happy enough at the time and no trouble withdrawing after[ id and debit card was scanned and emailed to them]. the problems occured after a while id say 6-months into joining crazy things started to happen.. the games will take longer to load and they will time out right when your starting to feel good about a game very very annoying. the decent wins and hours of playing ,off not an overly huge deposit turn into trying your best not lose every time I have tried many different bet types game types ect the only thing that changes this is Bonus credits that have to be played x 40 -it used to be 30x but they changed that watch the games go back to there proper game play you will think its amazing however its not its how a decent casino should always play but wait just as soon as you clear that ammount with there is any left the machines will’ turn off’ dont matter how much you put in what bet type or what game the purpose is to re excite you and now it can easily go back to boring old low paying spins. last but not least be very carefull with your playing on anything with a keyboard as about ten times now ive had multiple tabs open typing a email and my game has crashed after typing I dont know how but im very sure they can see everything you type I even recorded it happening with so massive breach of privacy there . after too much weird coincidences ive closed my account. i guess end of story get in get a win and get out before your another cash cow as they will offer you free credits and bonus [bogus] credits to keep you as a ‘valued customer’ when you try to close your account. hmmm I wonder why.

Ndy on February 5, 2017.

How long did u have to wait for your withdraw,iv been waiting for 17 day now.

Brad on April 15, 2016. Reply

Came to play with live dealers and after i deposited they said live dealers are not available in my country. Played against a fixed table.

Carol on April 12, 2016. Reply

Royal Vegas is a decent site to play on. The withdrawal aspect, “of course” was frustrating for me. Everything went fine with the identification part. But they couldn’t deposit the money onto my credit card. So I tried to sign up with excheque(no luck) instadebit (no luck) idbebit (no luck) so after calling about 7 times. Nobody offered me the personal cheque option. At which point i called and requested a check . Their reply was, “well it takes 5-7 days to receive the cheque.” My response at this point was” I just want my money. “So finally they issued a cheque which did come in 4 days. The cheque was not certified . So I had to take to a bank teller . Which implied that the cheque looked fraudulent. So now I have to wait another 7 days for the bank to clear the cheque. Which was yesterday . So I will know on April 21st if it is a good cheque or not.
The whole process just seemed so sketchy to me. Like it shouldn’t be so difficult to receive my winnings. Also when I called back to see if there was a tracking number for the delivery they said no. Which I think is bizarre, considering the amount of the cheque was just over 11,000 dollars. Also the customer service rep when I first had questions regarding my withdrawel, stated that I was only able to withdraw 5000 maximum a week. But they sent me the whole amount on the cheque. Which I think is another big flaw in their customer service department . Like shouldn’t they all be ok the same page with withdrawel amounts and regulations?
Well as for now just have to wait it out until my cheque gets cleared. And if it does I do I have to say that in will play again as long as I know it’s a legit site . And hopefully if I have to make another withdrawel in the near future, it won’t be such a headache.
A discruntled player….

Jasmine on September 3, 2016.

Hello i am wondering did it work or are you still getting run around

Dena on March 21, 2016. Reply

I still have not received my winnings and it’s now been over 2 weeks since my request. I have contacted them many times and get told yes yes it takes 2-5 days . Been offered no compensation or apology and get the run around. There games take forever to load as well.

Carol on April 12, 2016.

Hey Dena ,
Did u finally receive your money yet. Just wondering . Cause I sort have got the run a round myself . Hope you received your winnings.
Regards ,

Steph on April 17, 2016.

Hi Carol and Dena
I have been waiting 2 weeks now for my money, its only $500 but twice I have contacted them and been told it should be in my bank soon, still waiting and not happy.

Shawn Michaels on March 21, 2016. Reply

Haven’t had many issues here, if any. Good support staff and withdrawing hasn’t been an issue for me. I just started playing here a few months ago so I’ll update once I have more to say. But so far so good!

Maggie on March 11, 2016. Reply

I am a long time player at Royal Vegas, 6 years plus anyhow. I have made many withdrawals that took a matter of days to reach me. They do require your ID, that being your drivers license or passport (photo ID) and a credit card or other item. In this day and age, I think that’s actually a good thing. Anyhow, they have had my info for many years, and my identity and credit and all have not yet been compromised (that I’m aware of). Nobody posts here of good relationships, so I want to say that I have had very good experiences with Royal Vegas. Withdrawing has not been a problem. You need to ensure they know where the monies are going, whether that be bank, wire, certified cheque … I can only speak of what I know, and I have had good experiences with Royal Vegas.

Lorri on March 9, 2016. Reply

I enjoy the games. But the withdrawal aspect is frustrating. I received an email stating they couldn’t put my funds the same way I deposit so I had to switch my method, k did that. Then I had to send in same documents twice, k did that so after a week still no money. I spoke to numerous people which I was told different things from each, about my payment. So finally they say it was sent through e check on the 7th still nothing in my account… When I deposit no issues but when I go to take cash big issue, they wouldn’t wait a week for money to play it shouldn’t be such a headache to withdrawal… Ugghhhh

Robyn Mauger on March 4, 2016. Reply

Thumbs up to Royal Vegas!!! Happy camper here…I’ve never had any issue what so ever. I’ve won quite a bit which i was over the moon about and just kept winning for some time…as with all casinos i then lost a fair bit too…but you gotta expect that. I was so impressed with Royal Vegas i now have 3 of my friends that have joined and they are very happy too!

Julie Kollmann on April 8, 2016.

I have just won over a 1000$ and I had to deposit a few hundred to win that but I’m now worried that I’m not going to get my money is that what usually happens when you win you get stuffed around?

Pamela Drion on February 13, 2016. Reply

I won apparantly £800 but I have to give them so many documents with a photo that I am so scared to give it to them. Why do they require Bank account details ?? passport documentation?? Driving Licence number .??? Bills from the address ??? when they already have my address my IBAN number. My Telephone numbers . I just cannot see why they need so much documentation when I have given all you need to verify WHO I AM . It seems to me that these people are trying tom get all they can from you to forge all your documents to give to other people .

Lorri on March 10, 2016.

Ugghhhh I keep getting emails asking for the same ones over and over.. and hearing conflicting stories…
I still haven’t received my cash yet I withdrew a week ago.. like wow not impressed I would hate to win big here

David waterfall on January 29, 2016. Reply

I am currently in the process of trying to withdraw my account and it is very slowly becoming one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Miranda on January 20, 2016. Reply

I wish wish wish I had read this forum before signing up with Royal Vegas. As everyone else has said, depositing money was easy. Getting your money back is another problem.
Though they were easily able to take money out of a credit card, they say they cannot put the money back in. So I opted for the eCheck method.
Every time I’ve requested a withdrawal, they’d post it as processed and then put it back into my balance to play again.
After spending half an hour talking to someone, they are requesting that I send in ID documents. How many of you have done this? I am now questioning the ethics of this company. Is it safe to send copies of personal ID to them?
I’ve decided it isn’t worth the trouble to go after them, as I am only talking about a couple hundred dollars. Instead, I’m going to chalk this up as a bad experience and won’t be dealing with them again. I only wish I had read the reviews on this site before signing up with them

june on February 2, 2016.

just send them the info they need you will get your $$ i have never had a problem

luke on January 18, 2016. Reply

(1) royal vegas casino. its not too bad the documentation is scary at the start but just use visa u can always cancel the card and keep low $ on it just incase . (2) try to avoid all the bonus and deposit matches/ it makes harder to withdraw money. iv deposited so far 1400 and made 2400 so 1k up. stick to normal games you know and like with all the specs in it .(3) dont jump around to 50 diffrent games stick to a few you like and play them. once you have won takes 2 days to roll over then probs another 4-5 to get to your bank via visa. i usally stick around the 90c-$1.20 spins to win small amounts $100-500. overall each time i play i win about 1 in 3-4 times once depositing money . $25-35 pops each day when i want to play . not a bad site joined for 2 months now better then the pub pokies for sure not going though 3 diffrent stages to win aka hire of machines/pub/you

selkie on January 14, 2016. Reply

There was an interruption in a deposit I was making – and ended up pending – when I called (6:15 my time)- ;was told no finance people on site – and it could take up to 48 hours or longer to resolve the issue. I asked them to cancel the pending deposit and was told they couldn’t do that, only “resolve” that – very unimpressed. Have dealt with other online casinos and never had these issues.

Tiia on January 11, 2016. Reply

I have tried to get my money from Royal Vegas now for two weeks. I have sended all the documents they asked for two times now. Today somebody called me and asked the same information i allready sended a week ago. Then later on today i got e-mail from them. They asked me to call to the south-african telephone number to prove my e-mail etc. i have proved week ago. Casinos i have played earlier have paid the winnings same day – between 2 business days. I am very uppset with this casino. Amount im waiting is over 1000€. Anybody has same kind of problems?

Cooper on January 9, 2016. Reply

Right….so I seriously need to thank Royal Vegas and slam the negative reviews posted by people about this sites credibility.

As a first time user of Royal Vegas Casino I had amazing win and was absolutely ecstatic. When I initially tried to make a withdrawal I had real concerns about the verification process and sending sensitive information (eg: scanned copies of my cards etc). This led me to start checking reviews on Royal Vegas….After reading a number of negative reviews I was led to believe I would probably not get paid out and I had probably wasted my money gambling here.

None the less though RV had evidently been trading for many years in multiple countries and if it was actually that scandalous then surely it would have been shut down by now.

I decided that cards can always be cancelled and to be safe made sure they had no available funds before sending the images etc just to be safe – card details are a fair enough to anybody (shit can and does happen after all). Anyway…after satisfying all of RV’s terms for verification my withdrawals were honoured without further question and with no issues what so ever!!!

Incredibly happy customer. Royal Vegas Casino is 100% legit. Thank you Royal Vegas!

Simple fact is Royal Vegas have a business to run and so long as you adhere to the required terms and conditions you will have absolutely no problems!

Karen on January 10, 2016.

Banking info too?

Jim on January 1, 2016. Reply

I tried depositing 50 dollars a few years ago and they have not stopped calling me since. I get a call once every month asking me to come back and offering me deals. I have asked them to remove me grom the system but still i get calls.
Give details at your own risk.

bec on December 30, 2015. Reply

I totally disagree with all the complaining…. have been with RV for years…. withdrew 750 after initial sign up bonus + depositing $30…. had to email my ID docs of course…no drama….. i do lose alot, but any gambler does, online or not…. I withdrew different amounts sometimes just 300…. then the occassional $500-1000….. but most recently won and withdrew $6000….no problem…money in bank 2 days later… and their live help is amazing…always crediting bonus $$$ or spins as long as they see youve made recent deposits…and i dont make big deposits….max $50 at a time…. so thumbs up to royal vegas and thumbs down to sore losers who gamble but lose their sh** when they dont always win….. all gamblers know its a game of luck and chance and timing LOL

Cooper on January 9, 2016.

Totally agree with you. Royal Vegas have been brilliant and I fully support this site.

TRACEY JAMIESON on September 4, 2016.

Same I have never had a problem either….good games, good customer service, quick withdrawals and I get a nice play. Never had any problems. I just won $650 on Friday night and have won around $200-650 quite regularly.

Moey on December 28, 2015. Reply

The gentlman on live chat claims my winnings are being denied stating that i havnt yet made any deposits and the winnings was from a no deposit coupon. Mind you i had to win beyond 2600 or so before im permitted to any withdrawals. Thats so unfair when they are supposed to pay up once u have reached and passed their set optimal payout level. What can i do?

krustyfundoh on December 24, 2015. Reply

i decided to check up on royal vegas becease i am having trouble with getting my winnings..yes and they put the money back in my gaming account like the other guy said asked me for so much id…that i have never been asked anywere else.

Dane on December 21, 2015. Reply

Signed up to this casino today, played a few hours on a minimal bet and still lost everything! I deposited over $500 played various games and still could not get a decent win or close to break even. Their games are slow on paying out.

Jodi Espie on December 19, 2015. Reply

I strongly object to all the disgruntled players and defend Royal Vegas and the Fortune Lounge Group by firstly saying that 90% of gamblers who loose there money will never have anything productive to say untill they win. Then if it’s not paid out fast enough or there is too many security steps for them to have their money released they still whine. I myself had a huge win of over $20,000 . Yes i hadu to submit another lot of identification and there were a few misunderstandings in the communication process. I was getting a little annoyed withu what i thought was an easy deposit of winnings into my account but i looked at it from their side of things. ….. ….. It’s like messure 3 times cut once. If you had the licencing and ownership of such a Grand Online Casino, ,,,, You would want it to be the most Secured & Acclaimed Gaming Site that it could be.
Knowing you had Credited another person’s Bank Account with the winnings of any Gamer from your site, just because there wasn’t multiple layers of Security and Identity Verification Processes, ,,, would be appaulingly degrading and an embarrassment to the Casino. So i ask u all to reflect on the people who actually really care about and want the best for their Players , as The Fortune Lounge Group and their account and chat hosts are the most experienced , thoughtful, fun hearted and funny too, lot of people you will ever find on the extensively infinite playing field of what makes you happy when your playing or gaming in the privacy of your own home or device so have a little respect for the hosts and Groups who allow you to be able to do this. .. :-)

Merry Christmas Fortune Lounge Group and All of your extraordinary Family of Hosts . Ill keep playing , losing and winning. Never though will i be pointing a judgmental finger at the carers of my online happiness if i loose or can’t get my winnings. Cause that will never happen. Cause a wins a win and it takes as long as it takes to collect your winnings for this is a vertual world …..not a pub. Thank you Royal Vegas for my online Happy Place .

Karen Moore on December 18, 2015. Reply

I played on Royal Vegas many times when it was time to finally get a withdrawal for 200, I did everything I was told to do and it’s been a month and a half and I still haven’t received my money. I am very disgusted they have no problem taking your money but when it comes to paying out the winnings it’s a totally different story

Brownie on December 17, 2015. Reply

I’ve had no trouble with the casino until recently. All of a sudden I cannot deposit. I have never stiffed them on money – they always got the bets. I cannot win anything – at least in the past if I moved around I would get something. Now that I reached Diamond status, I cannot deposit (although ample funds are in the account) and I spend more time watching the “loading” button than playing the games. When I go to the chat section and try to explain the issue I get no response.

mike on November 29, 2015. Reply

I read this comment that somewhere on this blog ‘The software continuously crashes when using it’ and yes when your playing the online version It does happen a lot and if your playing the downloaded version It will crash due to’ viper component not responding’ but not as much as the online version..My problem with this is I was playing Immortal Romance at $1.20 per spin and got the Desire wild spin feature. The music came up in the back ground and the rose thorns across the top started to appear but the reels would not stop spinning and it got stuck like that. So I contacted chat They said to refresh it which I did and sadly the feature was no longer there no was it in my paycheck option. I was okay I just got ripped but had a good amount of winnings in my account that it didn’t bother me at the time. I also understand the withdrawal process can sometimes be a hassle especially If your asking a large sum I got asked to send my I.d Power bill etc etc and o.m.g first excuse was the attachment to my email was too large so i had to resend it (which wasn’t a problem at other casinos) Second excuse was I sent to the wrong email address even tho I copied an pasted from the address the person on chat gave me I even asked him to confirm it but he just straight out lied and said yes this is the address I pretty sure he knew it wasn’t Anyways another problem was when i paid to play a tournament and the tournament happened to crash as soon as i paid for it The viper component crashed So the casino signed me out and when i went to sign back in The tournament had already played my turn which shows I played no credits just that my turn was over I’ve asked for a refund a week and a halve later am still waiting I’ve also had my withdrawals returned to my account without asking a few times but when i asked the chat they admitted it was a software problem and they were sorry but I think its because they wanted me to spend my money So should you play here at royal vegas while thats your choice Im personally not going to after this as theres way too many problems If i was going to give advice on which casinos to play at I would say Red32 and RedBet as theyre fast and reliable and you never see any complaints on them

Niki Vrondis on November 16, 2015. Reply

Got the run around and staff were useless, when I got the ombudsmen involved (Maltese gaming ombudsmen) finally I was verified..and cheque came today, I think I was finally heard only because I involved the ombudsmen.

matt on October 22, 2015. Reply

Whenever you get a decent win from this casino for some reason if you decide to keep playing most of the time it will take all the winnings it gave you back first before you can begin to make money again. very strange…

Cooper on January 9, 2016.

Haha seriously….. that’s just gambling 101. If you win and just keep on playing then you will ultimately loose.

Casino’s aren’t running a charity.

maria on October 18, 2015. Reply

I hit deposit on 2 occasions $600 snd $700 .they just put the money back into my casino account after a couple of days,
To top it of i got charges on my credit card for over $1100 in ONE DAY, and i checked my browsing history i didn’t even log on that whole week !!
I can recommend all slots casino or casinoroom, got all my withdrawals on time

Arif on October 14, 2015. Reply

I started with $120 and went up to $2100. Yes, they put in the bonus bet and I have to bet 40 times the $120. I got that done ?. I still had $1200. I decided to withdraw the money and they said its gone to the security department for payment. I definitely would never recommend Royal Vegas as they deliberately make you lose and the payout system is s***. I am still waiting for my payout.

Tony Maddern on September 30, 2015. Reply

I deposited $50 and was up by $20, but was unable to withdraw any of my money because a bonus was applied and I unknowingly had started using it. (It seems like the company starts you wagering the bonus amount first.)
I’ve been stung twice by online casinos and won’t be going back.

A suggestion which might be helpful to you. If you do decide to try online casinos, contact them before your start betting and ask that any bonuses be removed and for your account to not have any bonuses put on it.

Damien on September 28, 2015. Reply

I have continually tried to withdraw from my account, but have always had a failure once I try to..
I have rang, emailed & live support many times but they don’t seem too interested in helping.. They say they have emailed me, but I have not received anything from them.. And yes I have checked my spam/trash boxes..
It’s just not good enough from them..

Robyn Goodwin on September 24, 2015. Reply

I declined all deposit match, bonus offers, etc because I didn’t want wagering requirements on my winning. But after winning a pot that was 500 times my bet, Royal Vegas added bonus to my account so I couldn’t withdrawal the money. I called the contact # (which is in South Africa), after being on the phone for a hour and they couldn’t explain the reason for the bonus account I was hung up on. I called again and Barry tried to find a reason and couldn’t, so I talked to the Manager Nathan and he came up with, that the game I was playing (Immortal Romance) has unlocking achievements which automatically adds a bonus bank. I have played this game, with Royal Vegas for years and have never had this problem. I was willing to forfeit all winnings and bonus cash, (which was 700 times the amount I deposited) to get my original deposit only back. They refused.

S U on September 20, 2015. Reply

My first withdraw was never completed they said it was put back into my casino account and that I used it, I think I would have noticed it. The then offered me some credit as a good will thing and said that will settle that , On the 28th July 2015 I won around $21,000 I was so excited I sent some photos of it to mates as I was doing so the server cut out and I could not log back on. So I also got a photo of this. The next day I log on to withdraw the win and it was gone, further to this so was money from my bankcard, I got contact with my host to tell her and find out what happened, There was no reply for a while and then a few emails here and there, Then a week ago I get a email saying the investigation team found nothing and that it was me, They told me the card number of my card that was used and the device played on and they were both stolen from me a month earlier so how does that work ? I then proved that to them and still say it was me, Please think twice about playing here they say that they are helping you when really they are not, to me it is not safe

Terrianne on September 29, 2015.

Did they steal your card details and forge this? What happened next ?

Barry on September 10, 2015. Reply

Had no problems what so ever withdrawing my winnings. People need to start reading the terms and conditions by the looks of the comments.

Keko on August 27, 2015. Reply

I played on royal vegas my buddy got me to sing up he cashed out a G almost every week I was stocked put 600$ on games were killing it won 30k they never answered my emails wouldn’t let me cash out finally got word from them they said we gave you a bonus you have to wager a certain amount I said no I refuse your bonus my transaction was pending week later nothing go back we gave you a bonus you have to wager I refuse the bonus again an again sights a scam got no money from them never play on it again I just downloaded all slots it’s the exact same if ya wanna play a real sight that pays go to partycasino.Com me an the wife have cashed out probably 50k an no problems

Bryan on August 24, 2015. Reply

Royal Vegas simply traps you by offering you this “bonus” but you cant withdraw after your first game. Their reason: you gotta wager at least 30 times first!! Fair enough, but after doing that, i ask support why i still cant withdraw my amount and apparently blackjack and table games only have 10% waggering requirement while slots have 100%. This is so stupid because everyone knows that you can never win in slots and frankly, i rather go out search for gold in my backyard. I told them, you gave me 40 bonus credit, cant you just deduct it out? “no sir, the bonus is mixed with your money”… what the fuck does that mean. How is that mixed? Just take 40 out. but apparently not. 100% the trashiest website and you’re almost guarnteed to lose all your money as your cant withdraw unless you play 16000 dollars worth of black jack for 40 bonus credit, or 1600 dollars worth of slots which you’ll end up losing all of it.

Carl Julian on August 22, 2015. Reply

If and when you win…… Don’t expect any payment…. It will not come. I have tried for a long time to get the $1000 they owed me, the best they would do is credit it back to my account! Huh? So now it’s spent and I’m several $k out of pocket, watch yourselves people, they promise the world and give you nothing even when you win…… They don’t pay!

Anonymous on August 15, 2015. Reply

I’ve sent through countless documents and they still are saying it’s not enough. They have had no trouble taking my money but now I’m trying to get a withdrawal they apparently need countless documents to make sure I’m not committing fraud- this wasn’t an issue when they were taking the money. I’ve started to accept my withdrawal isn’t going to happen. They will keep finding ways to stop it. I will never give another cent to this casino. I had read many bad reviews all over the Internet but by then it was too late.

John d on August 6, 2015. Reply

How long does it take to get your first withdrawal, its been about 40 hours still haven’t receive a email back,??

1teiam on July 19, 2015. Reply

any problems/miscomunications I have had with royal Vegas have been dealt with pretty fast. Not only that they sent me some good bonuses. end up playing for hours if not days lots of fun! Actually finished the wagering requirements on a bonus after allot of gaming . And they accepted my withdrawal of 800$ you can actually do good on royal Vegas. Not to mention they have have a phone number! Live help right away.. I found the online casinos that don’t have real over the phone support are shady.. No complaints About RV other than mobile game selection.
Best regards from Canada

carmen D. on July 12, 2015. Reply

They make it very difficult to withdraw the money ! I deposited by E-cash and I requested a withdrawal of $600 the same way… I am still waiting after 10 business days I still don’t have my money in the account !!! I am not going to play anymore to this casino!

Sammy on June 22, 2015. Reply

Almost impossible to have a winning session and when you want to withdraw they make it so hard hoping you will give up and gamble it instead. With so many other casinos online stay well clear.

magster on June 18, 2015. Reply

I have only managed to get one payout at the start of May 2015. Since then I have been fighting tooth and nail to get my money.
I seem to be going around in circles.
Always excuses as to why the money always gets put back into my casino account and not to my bank account as requested.
It has been since the start of June 2015 and today I found out AGAIN the money just got reversed back to the casino account!!
Other than that things have been great.

JamesCurry15 on June 8, 2015. Reply

I agree with Ariana’s comment from last month. Been playing here for years then all of a sudden I need to be verified and now I can’t touch any of my money until they can verify me. It’s taken over 6 days and counting!

I’m not sure what’s going on here but this casino is normally really good. Payouts quick, the video poker software is one of the best if not the best on the internet. You’ll find ups and downs here but I’d still come check it out if I were you

Chelsea on June 3, 2015. Reply

hi guys getting scared with all the comments I’m up $2000 and I want to take it out, but it says I haven’t reached the withdrawal limit?? Some one help please

cheersjim on June 3, 2015.

Chelse, don´t be. Most of the issues here have to do with not meeting the wagering requirements. That´s the amount of wagers that has to be reached before being able to withdraw your winnings. This is not Royal Vegas’ invention but applies to all online casinos. Read more about it here e.g points 17. and 18.

ariana sikuvea on May 1, 2015. Reply

have been with this casino for years had no issues had a few wins here and there and all successful i went to withdraw $110 and wow what do u know now I have to verify myself which was sweet as no probs…3 days now and apparently havent received all my emails even tho i have sent them numerous times…then each time its another thing needed and so i have to wait for 3 days as its the weekend and a holiday in SA?? They have now locked my account with $1100 dollars in it! cant unlock it till Monday till its verified? even tho they locked it like 20 mins ago? Saying its a public holiday now and wont be available till next week..This has ben going on a whole week! I got a small withdrawal last week of 300 no worries but the bigger it is the slower they become..even tho I have deposited thousands into their casino! I have complained to the online gaming Auditor today so hopefully something gets done! This is sucky now Im scared theya re going to keep me locked out and take all my money!!! I am verified to the hilt but they keep delaying it!!Give my money back

Terrianne on September 29, 2015.

Howd you go with it all?, im scared as to why they need so much evidence what if they steal my identity. What documents did you send them? Did you think it was safe?

Sam on April 12, 2015. Reply

I had a big win at the Royal Vegas on 26/3/15 and still no payment they have sent through emails saying they have payed it, in the next few days I have smaller wins and after some time they got payed into my bank,is there anything I can do ? Has anyone had the same thing ? Now they are saying it has been refunded back into my account and it isn’t even there . I have emails from my host confirming that payment was sent and then another staff member saying it has been refunded, it sounds like they are stuffing me round to get out of the payment, since then I’ve won nothing not even a minor win,they take money that easy from you but it’s not the same on withdraws.

ariana sikuvea on May 1, 2015.

Have you received your money yet?

Dale Sullivan on April 11, 2015. Reply

Went in the site. Registered, then made a deposit. Very easy to deposit. Won $240 and tried to withdraw. I have been waiting since February 16 for my winnings. Two months later and I’m still waiting.

Dale Sullivan on May 3, 2015.

It is now May2/15 and I still do not have my money. Because I’m in Canada they had to send me a cheque. Said they couldn’t transfer the money to my bank. Then they said they had to cancel the cheque and issue a new one because the first one must be lost. They are just stalling. I’ll report them to someone. Just have to find out who. Also going to email Apple and tell them not to include Royal Vegas app in the App Store.

Anne Perry on November 5, 2015.

I am also from Canada and have spent countless hours on the phone and their live chats. They maintained they sent me emails requesting documentation but they are lying in this regard. I am in constant email contact due to my business. I won $3109 and it has been an ordeal in supreme frustration. I fear I will never get paid out. They told me Idebit would not work because my bankcard number was wrong, which it is not. How could I deposit money into their casino if the bankcard was wrong. then was I told to do it again. They verified my documentation was all in order and then somehow they lied and said my bank would not accept IDebit which my banks says is absolutely not true. then I was told to use SWIFT, which I have done and they said it will take 10 business days, I am not confident at all I will ever seem my three grand.

Marty on April 10, 2015. Reply

I have been using royal vegas casino for just over 2 years and make regular deposits. My first big win was $3000 and I requested a withdrawal of the full amount. They emailed me requesting documents which i then sent….. No money, no response. I got in touch and they asked me to mail my documents again, still no money. This went on for about a month and they finally paid out. I was frustrated and thought they were trying to get the better of me but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and continued playing. I then won another thousand dollars, requested a withdrawl and had the money in my account within 3 days. The first withdrawl can be troublesome but at least I know it’s because they are thorough with their Identity checks and want to ensure its the person who spends the money that collects it. I do think winning anything is hard on this software but I don’t think that they’re crooks or scammers. They’re a business. Their goal is to make money, not to give it away. This is a casino and the house always wins. I just wanted to say that because I think that they’re reasonably fair and they seem to be copping some bad mentions here. You will loose at every casino if you keep going back. If u win big, take your money and run. I win more on other casinos but still enjoy RV. Also, I find their customer support team to be prompt and friendly, I have had no issues with them whatsoever. Happy gambling!

Keith mooney on March 25, 2015. Reply

I just recently won on this site, I withdrew the money on the weekend of the 20th of March 2015. I then recieved an email from Pierre congratulating me on my win and they would require my CC, driver licence and a bill which I happly emailed to them. Pierre then emailed me back saying that all the info was good and I would recieve the money on my visa in 3 to 5 bussiness days. If anyone out there can tell me that this is going to happen or will this now turn into its a problem with your credit card company then a problem with etc etc. I just want to make sure that they will live up to there end of the deal and pay the money rather than coming up with red tape that will slow down the process. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jack on May 5, 2016.

Did you get your money? I won and I’m worried I’m not going to get my money

Michael McCue on March 20, 2015. Reply

I have been a member of royal vegas casino for a long time, over that period I have deposited thousands, never withdrawn because I was playing for big wins.
I finally decided to withdraw a win.

Not so great a casino now!
My withdrawal has been returned to my casino account at least 4 times now after about a week with their accounts team with absolutely no email or call or text as to the situation or why it’s happened or how I can resolve it!
Emails to them gets some scripted response! Useless customer support full stop!

Royal Vegas Online Casino is the worst online casino i have ever dealt with! Beware and spend your money with someone else! And check it’s not one of their other affiliated gaming sites!

I would recommended Spin Palace, my first withdrawal set up wS handled by them for me in minutes and the money was in my account within 2days.

tintin on March 13, 2015. Reply

IM really disappointed with royal vegas for putting me in this situation were they gave me false hope telling me they have sent the money on march 10th and it was successful and i will get the money today and then telling me to the last minute just now that there was some problem that they have pick up and there investigating on it. Im like what is going on??? . all the conversations all recorded and they gave me false hope when all i do is been true with all my documents… really disappointed.

JDM1221 on February 26, 2015. Reply

I agree with the recent comments on here. You can win early here but after the first big win it’s impossible to win big again. Been here for a year and I haven’t come close to same success I had in the first couple months.

Once they’ve made back their deposit bonus you’re essentially free money for them. The payouts here have to be low as I’ve never had this issue anywhere else. Add that to the fact that withdrawing money is a huge headache here and I’d stay away from Royal Vegas

Debbie on February 15, 2015. Reply

I started playing with Royal Vegas about Sept 2014. Had a couple of little wins which I withdrew without a problem. I then won $2500 and withdrew that with no problem either. Since the, I haven’t had any decent win and the entire site is getting incredibly boring and tedious to play. All it seems to do is take my money and of course I lose every time. I can’t afford to spend much and I don’t bet big but it certainly appears that once you’ve won an initial amount to get you interested, then there is not much chance of another win. think I’ll be going elsewhere too.

Danni on February 9, 2015. Reply

I always play for ex u won $2500 I had a 100%match up bonus correct u can only withdraw the cash balance not the bonus its called a play through received my cash in my bank 3days latter definitely not a scam

Peter on January 29, 2015. Reply

Hi Guys

I won 2 days ago $750, ( before that I sent all the required document, ID and bill). I simply did the Withdraw to my instdebit, and I received it at 8:30 AM, means less than 48 hours, so definitely is not scam,
I just decided to write my experience here as I read alot of comment before my withdrawal that made me full stress, but now I believe they are honest.

Thanks all

Joshua Forrest on November 9, 2014. Reply

This site is a rort, I joined and used my CCard to put $180 into my account. I won $340 and tried to cash out and thats where all the problems started. It is almost impossible to withdraw money. They gave me bonus cash $40 ( which I didnt even need ) and denied paying me out as this bonus cash was in my account. The software continuously crashes when using it, games crash out when playing them so you cannot get a decent chance to win decent money. I contacted them on live chat and that crashed out, and when I went to their site directly and told them of these problems and asked for my money back they refused. Beware – do not use the company to gamble online – you will be disappointed

frank bayuk on November 4, 2014. Reply

absolutely stay away from fortune lounge group, there slots pay beyond poor , over 5000 dollars playing small bet entire time i never came close to completing wwagering and if i didn't take a bonus my deposit when straight to nothing the entire time every spin three of a kind or nothing. bonus rounds paid 3 to 20 dollars on any size bet for 30000 spin , not to mention i've play at all fortune lounge casinos and the same thing straight to nothing everytime dont even waste your money at these casinos

Maree Hyde on November 4, 2014. Reply

I have been playing at this casino for years….it used to be good with the occasional win..but after I tried to withdraw a win of 5.000…the trouble started they tried every trick in the book not to pay out…I finally received a portion of the monies owed to me….since then I have gone back playing as this used to be a great casino…but I have had no even one win …strange….It's almost as someone is playing the cards their end….you can almost see the cards pause…and if your not watching some payouts do not happen….its a shame now because it used to be a great place….obviously now run by crooks…..

sharon on November 4, 2014. Reply

Bonus spins that expire within 5 minutes, messed up withdraws,( but never deposits) long wait times -16 Day wait on withdrawls… and help desks that leave you waiting and waiting and waiting

fiona davies on September 11, 2014. Reply

Royal vegas is rubbish, slow withdrawel times designed to tempt to spend anything you have won, if you are lucky enough to win anything, i have well over 50 casino accounts and this is by far the worse for hitting a lucky streak, in fact i have fortune lounge as a group to be the worst providers, i have found 32 red to be a all round good casino fast payouts (within 4hrs) also i have always hit big wins at oddsmatrix powered casinos

Nona on August 28, 2014. Reply

I am very dissapointed in this casino I was all excited winning $2500 after loosing over $600 and I quickly withdrew my winnings. They said they were sending me a certified cheque that never happened then I called pretty much everyday trying to talk to someone to solve my issues the customer service people were nice but no one knew what was going on and everyone promised something different and never delivered. Finally I was told instead of a certifed cheque they sent out a regular cheque that would take up to 21 business days and it is now over a month I have recieved nothing at all from them.

I am going to a lawyer because what is happening is illegal so be forwarned this casino rips people off royaly.

Jason Smith on August 13, 2014. Reply

Hi, I've been playing at royal vegas for2 weeks dozens of deposits, but no win yet, live chat gave me free spins just for pointing out my tier was diamond! told me staff gave me the boost up and couldn't tell me why, I'll keep trying!

Dave on August 3, 2014. Reply

Well as I suspected in the longrun, I sent in my documents, it took only a couple of days and every communicated action i did have was dealt with extremely professionally, I am an ex Customer service Manager with a Multi International Company (which they did not know) so i did what should be done, And heres a tip, 1. I recorded everything to date as they also did, 2. I communicated with patience understanding that differences in time zones would delay communication. 3. I gave respect at all times, if you dont know customer service, we all deserve respect. If you are rude and disrespectful expect delays, youd be on the bottom of my list of concerns, why, because I have far too many respectful customers issues to resolve and those who show respect deserve priority over someone who simply wants to badmouth, ill treat and disrespect my staff. 4. If your in a position where this is a possibility and I am saying this because Ive read some complaints online and not just here, mentions of corrupt, conspiracy, as I first mentioned in my original post, my first word was Mmmmmmm. 4. Maybe think about using a different approach, communicate clearly, read what you wrote before sending and make sure it clearly states your desired outcome with any concerns. As I did..

I am trying to be meaningful,but to the point because after everything i did I recieved my payment today as i was informed. It actually took me 2 weeks to send off the requested documents, and took them far far less to process.
I expect theres a possibility that maybe I have been paid to say all this, or that I work for them etc etc. Believe what you want, all I am saying is Royal Vegas and the Fortune Lounge Group are not corrupt, i got my desired outcome and I am prepared to invest my time and money with them, thats if I decide to gamble online again at all.

As far as documentation goes, Im for it, id prefer they know who I am exactly, Im over 18 and Legally allowed unlike some who try (with respect to those waiting to become legal)
Im not my brother trying to rip me off, im not a computer generated number and most importantly they know I am a real person with proof and that they know they can deal with without any fear that my personal details may be illegal.

Having said everything in my original post sent mid April I rated them a 5, now after discussing the 4 vital points above which were dealt with extremely well, I have decided to pass on these points in credit and increase my rating to 9, the only reason its not a 10 is because I feel all of this should have been done before I started, it should be a pre requisite for all gambling sites, yep there are rip offs out there, people would loose money but its all about the research in selecting a trusted site.

So a 9 it is and his level of service is critical when dealing with delicate issues such as Personal Security and hackers

But hey you might say what would I know, Im just a 46yo Aussie truck driver who enjoys Travelling, hunting vermin, fishing, photography, riding my 2006 Harley Fatboy and havin a shindig, Oh thats right an ex professional too, and after having shared my experiences with you I hope you get something to help with your decision making.

Dave on June 5, 2014. Reply

Mmmm, after reading these comments im a little concerned, after withdrawing successfully a couple of times with no issues i recently informed them that i was dissapointed with my gambling and that i felt it was becoming a problem, Bang! Straight away it all started falling apart, i had a $768 withdrawal pending and they have closed my account, next day i get a message via email, They say they want my documents photocopied and sent in for verification, i have sent an email 24 hrs ago with no reply, i was advised on the night regarding my personal concerns that the transaction would still go ahead on the night.
I was referred to this online group from a couple of mates at work who visit crown regularly and they play cards, im no good at it but liked the pokies. They are in the process of clearing out their accounts (slowly) so not to rock the boat and hopefull in the meantime this will sort itself out, either way i suggest if you win collect most of it asap and keep a small buffer for playing. Im not totally convinced that they are making it difficuilt to hope ill just walk away, ill give them the requested details and persue it to the end, like i said i liked the games, the customer service ill rate 5 out of 10 which is fair i think considering they are far more prompt at getting you to spend than they are at resolving issues,
I dont understand why they want my documents verifeid if i choose to never use them again, or any gambling venue/site again, especially when they have approved assiciates like neteller and others that need that documentation anyway, just doesnt seem a logical.request Ill keep you posted.

Ange on April 24, 2014. Reply

I have played with this casino and spent a lot of money I want to withdraw my money and chose have it put into my account by visa and it's been 3 weeks and I still have not got my money at fist it's I need to send document and that took 8 days now they say it's going to take more time coz of easter wat a joke never will I play again not happy

Tory on February 28, 2014. Reply

My issue is regarding Royal Vegas Online Casino (Fortune Lounge Group)

0n the 19/2/14 I made 14 separate transactions from 2 different ANZ credit cards both of which belong to my father, who gave me permission to use them. The Casino kept taking my deposits and on the 14 deposit I started winning and ended up withdrawing at $8000. As soon as I requested a withdrawal they locked my account and I could not access it. I asked them why and they said they needed to verify my account. So I proceeded with their request and gave them all documentation they required, ID's, credit card photo's, utillity bill and signed written permission from my father allowing me to use his credit cards. They then sent me an email after 4 days informing me that all documents had been recieved and verified and that they would store them on file for future reference. I then tried to access my account but it was still locked. I contacted them again and they informed me that 'even though all documents are verified there are no garauntees that your account will be unlocked'. They then told me that they'd decided not to unlock my account because of some excuse to do with terms and conditions. Now I had this same issue with Gaming Club Online Casino and was paid out in full once I submitted all relevant documents. So obviously this Royal Vegas Online Casino (Fortune Lounge Group) is a scam. They accepted my third party deposits knowing that they would not pay out on them, and blocked my account as soon as I tried to withdraw. So they have in fact STOLEN MY MONEY.
There are also similar stories of these guys ripping people off throughout the internet. STAY AWAY!!!

Joel on December 15, 2013. Reply

I'm closing my account with Royal Vegas due to inability to win anything substantial. I've lost quite a substantial amount of money and am sick and tired of not only the lack of features but the ridiculously low payouts when you hit them. The promotions often are bogus and when you get in contact with customer support you get no reason whatsoever to why the promo was not given. The 30x play through is ridiculous, so accepting any of their bonus is futile unless you win thousands. I also agree that the site is stacked towards high rollers, everybody else just contributes to these winners pots. The tournaments are also suspicious as you end up paying far more than you can actually win. I've been with Royal Vegas since August 2012 and after reviewing the huge losses I will never use them again.

laura on November 12, 2013. Reply

royal vegas I the worst casino I have ever tried to played at.
I am involved in a situation that has been going on since Thursday Oct 17 2013. On this day I opened an account and made a $200 deposit. I played for about 25 min then shut down while I cooked dinner. When I went to play after dinned I received a message that my account was locked. I contacted support who informed me that my information has been shared???? and that they needed my id which I sent immediately thinking that this would settle the issue. I have contacted support every day to try and get my account unlocked but they are waiting for information from several other players who this has also affected. I have asked for my deposit to be returned but have been told that this cannot be done I need to do it myself which cannot because I cannot access my account.
I am very upset and frustrated with this, I have never been treated so badly and felt like i was some kind of criminal.

I have been sent the names of the other players and asked if i know them and I have responded that I do not know any of them. I have also been asked if my computer is used for LAN gaming which I do not even know what it is and I have responded no. this is my computer and no one else uses it.
I continue to be told that they are waiting for the information from the other players and they can not do anything until they receive it. This is ridiculous and this information may never be received if the other players are guilty of something. I have sent everything I was asked for and this should
I have now been told that the security department has concluded their investigation and my account will not be unlocked so basically they have stolen my $200 deposit and I will never see it again.
DO NOT PLAY AT THIS CASINO. they are criminal and you will never see your money again

Julie Allen on August 22, 2013. Reply

The first time I instigated a withdrawal from royal vegas casino went through like clockwork-
the next time nothing but hassles, would not address my issues only give stock standard answers/replies. strung me out for as long as they could. Issue not resolved as yet.

craig devine on June 26, 2012. Reply

right where do i start royal vegas now reading through these complaints i can see i trend any complaint some random guy/women on saying how its the best and they wouldnt play anywhere else yea right clearly fake this has to be the worst casino ive ever had to deal with i joined on thursday put 10 pounds in won 70 so i thought im not greedy ill withdraw it. wait no withdraw option to my card thats funny so i phone them up and cause the call bk button i hit 30 times no one called. so phoned up asked how can i get my funds into my account they sent an email so withdraw my winnings waiting waiting get to tuesday still not there check my mail royal vegas require additional information phone up your withdrawl was unsuccesful u need to deposit min of 20 to get your money so very annoyed already as it said withdrawl accepted. i then thought ok ill put in another 10 in asked if that was it ill defo have my money. yes sir it will be there so make the withdrawl request again same setup i then thought right phone back up and check again spk to sum1 from royal vegas she says yes i can see u have made the withdrawl it will have another 48 hour holding period which she said u may require to send us additional information i said whats that then. she said i dont know just yet so in 2 days time ill get my money back into my account stating i require sumthing else and when i give them that ill have to start the whole process over again which they could keep doing this til i give them what they want to put every penny bk into it im furious with this company and i urge any1 if u read this know that ive played with several dif casinos and ive never in my life made a complaint but ive also had 2 customer agents hang up on me ur money goes in i dnt think it will ever come out ill b going to watchdog and seeking legal advice as im so angry this is noy a company u should ever consider putting any money in b warned

SunnyS on December 14, 2011. Reply

Ok, so I won a fair bit of money in Jackpotcity 2 weeks back so I thought I will try the other casino that I normally play because of the Microgaming Games.

Royal Vegas was not so Royal after all. I have spent quite a few K's in this Casino in the last 6 months. Last week I spent about 5k and towards the end of my budget I decided to play the Multiplayer Isis. I went up to $600 @ $6 a bet and then went all the way down to $100 when I decided to play a bit cheap and put my bets down to $2. Now, I went to a 160x multiplier. So as I was playing dunno if my internet dropped out or I got kicked out of the casino (which can happen, no blame on the casino)when I logged back in as soon as I saw the screen comeon it said I had missed the free spins which I was waiting for more than $500 worth of clicks. OK, so I think to myself, I will give them a benefit of the doubt and kept playing for the next round. Well…. guess what…. net next round of free spins came I got a message I don't qualify for the free spins in this round. I went how could this be as I was betting probably higher than most players (I could determine that by what they were winning based on the payout reels). So, I said ok maybe next time.

Now this started happening every time there was a free spin. After about 4/5 times (By this stage I was @ 185x) I called up their support.I was put onto a VIP personnel and was assured by him that this would be taken care of shortly. I requested him that my budget is running out and I need this resolved soon and could someone please call me on my mobile as soon as this is resolved as I dont want to get out of the room and lose my 185x multiplier. While waiting I thought I would bet a few dollars more and BAM! … I got a feature on my reels (2 birds on reel 1 and 5)… I got really excited and thought there is no way I am going to miss out on a free spin when MY REELS have got the feature. NOPE THE SAME F%$#ing THING …. so I took a screen shot with the 2 birds on each side (I will post it from my home computer later today) no free spins. I was absolutely putrid so I called up the support and spoke to Cyril (Hope I got this right) and explained to him why I was furious and he assured me "You are a very valued player sir and we will do everything in our power to make sure this is resolved and that you have a great time at our casino.

After about 8 hours NOTHING…. No Correspondence… so I logged in to see if things have changed. Sure enough as soon as I log -in to the game BAM! free spins for all (Wonder if it was really a co-incidence) and guess what @185x @ 2 if you get 1 good match you are looking at atleast 500+ … and NO all I got was 300 something dollars. Now I have played Isis a few times and never have come across a free spin where you get so little. The guys that were at 0x times got about 2 dollars. Now this is ridiculous. wonder how much I could have won if I got the spins when it was on a roll which I missed 8 of.

Now, I am a rational man, I understand that these guys are running a business and also, maybe my luck wasn't good enough to get the 185x and make a big cash-out. What I am absolutely pissed off about is after spending $5k at their casino last week I would have thought they would be courteous enough to let me know when the spins were fixed or send me an email to explain or apologize for the mess up. NOT A SINGLE CORRESPONDENCE ABOUT THIS TO ME AT ALL!!! and it has been 3 days.

Well guess what Royal Vegas… you lost a player with a budget and the finances to spend big at your casino and I will make sure this is known to every player in the universe.

Back to my beautiful Jackpotcity!… Good Luck to you all!

kathleen on November 14, 2011. Reply

well im a new member,as i did a withdrawal,of 600 dollars,it was processed as a cheque,when i went to my account the next day there was only 200 or so left,so i got in contact with them,they told me that they prosessed my cheque,didnt receive it,had a email to prove this,got in contact again,and asked them where it was,they told me they had put it back into my play account,which was a lie,i did not receive it at all,as i had withdrew money from my own bank account to play,as im having this audited ,unhappy customer,so be careful

Janice Cirone on September 25, 2011. Reply

I have had an account for a few years and I love this online casino. The staff is excellent and seems to be real fair. I have never had a problem with any time I payed a visit. i would definetly reccomend to visit and enjoy the games

robert simon on January 18, 2011. Reply

I recommend this casino to anyone,friendly,fair staff makes it a fun place to problems ever with this place had account here for years. :) thanks Royal vegas

NEVER PLAY ROYAL VEGAS CASINO! on January 18, 2011. Reply

This casino sheating customers , games are fixed , i have bad feelings att someone sittings and control games and winners and who get bonus and who not ! I plaed same game over 1000 rolls without bonus , after that i test few times same game practice mode between few hours same day and sudently going bonus after 20 rolls and 50 rolls etc.. total sheaters , if you want save money dont play this casino !!

BoDog Nation Casino on December 10, 2007. Reply

My husband and I had been loyal players at Fortune Lounge Casinos, ie..Royal Vegas, 7 Sultans, P. Play etc. Since the beginning of time for online gaming, close to 10 years. We hit a large combined Jackpot (100 thousand) 2 years It took us years to do that. Not being so bright we put alot of that money back replaying it. well, since that win there has been nothing at all. We have been completely shut off from winning. Don't believe in RNG. They can do what they want when it comes to turning you off or on.
Fortune Lounge Casinos is for the super high rollers and they choose their winners on the amount of money they spend.Go take a look at their revolving winners on their loyalty page and you will see the same winners over and over again everyday. RodanthiM wins eveyday several times a day along with Phillip and a few more. It's obserd and so obviously fixed.They have even gone down hill more if that's possible since the US thing happened. We have become insignificant as players from the US.
We have recently found BoDog nation Casino. They are great…In our first few times of deposit (we never deposit more than a hundred dollars at a time and play a few times a month)We hit a 5 thousand dollar jackpot. The payout could have been somewhat faster but it did arrive a few days past what they perdicted. Their customer service is great and the games are wonderful. We are totally finished with Fortune Lounge and will never give them another penny. Don't throw your money away at Fortune Lounge. It's a Rip Off and fixed!

Rodney on June 21, 2007. Reply

On 4/24/07 I did a withdrawal the amount was ($2335) asked to have it sent to me via courier. Paid $35 to have it sent to me in 3 to 5 days. As of this date 6/14/07 no check has been delivered! No sorry, no bonus, nothing. Dont play in this casino Because if you win like I did, you might be a loser

The Cat on August 10, 2005. Reply

Can´t complaint at all. I really messed up sometimes but the customer support was nothing but friendly and helpful. I wouldn´t say that it´s the best casino around when it comes to the games but I just feel comfortable playing there.

Di on February 4, 2005. Reply

My absolute FAVORITE online casino. The way the software works is really important to me. This is the fastest software, smoothest video poker (software) and every game I like is at this casino. The banking has every option imaginable…and it takes my credit card that the other microgaming casinos reject. Received a surprise birthday bonus in my account, and got a bunch of loyalty points every 3and 6 months as anniversary present!!! AWESOME! You can go to the players club and cash the points out yourself instantly to the casino. Gotta love that!!!


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