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Gabor Zoltan on February 25, 2021. Reply

Deposited $50 it never showed up in my account. Customer service was very unhelpful to say the least just gave me the run around. After over 2 weeks not only did I get no answer no one got back to me after countless emails sent to 3 different support emails.

Laurel Stacey on March 1, 2021. Reply

I have been playing at this casino for 20years or so and it is not the same casino I started with. They have always taken their time paying out. I count on about ten days which I’m used to. Take my money very quickly and easily I have direct to my bank. Although lately I have experienced customer service as robotic. I have found they have no game history and I cant believe that I have never noticed that. They have tourney play that they can’t monitor so makes me think not legit. Since they changed name to spin it has not been the same. I suspect a change in the whole site. I no longer feel it is number one.

Catherine Kerr on February 23, 2021. Reply

It has been 5 weeks I have been waiting for my money. They keep saying they are busy……….almost makes me think this place is a scam and don’t want to give the money back. Players beware never experienced this before with any online site

Patricia on February 20, 2021. Reply

You will have to wait one plus month to get your winnings. I initially sent in my documents to verify my account so I can avoid any future hassle. Two days later I submitted a withdrawal for $1600 then 5000 the next day. Keep in mind the reviewing stage takes 7 days (yes business days). 7 days later upon reviewing the documents they sent me an email letting me know that they don’t require documents at this time and will let me know when they do. Five days later I received the $1600… So I thought within the next day or so I’ll get the remaining of my winnings. Never did! 5 days later they sent an email saying that they need documents again ( the same ones they reviewed initially) I resubmitted again… it’s been almost THREE weeks and no one got to the documents yet. They keep saying they’re working on backlogs. Who knows they might keep asking for documents to keep stalling.

Glenda on February 8, 2021. Reply

I deposited $25 and another $25 then I kept winning. I won up to $5000 and couldn’t withdrawl so I kept playing and kept winning. Hours passed I didn’t notice because I kept winning and almost won $10,000 which got me more excited so I decided to check my bank because I had this feeling and they withdrawled all the money I had left almost $800.

kelly on February 8, 2021. Reply

had an account that was self excluded . This is my fault however I did try to make a deposit and it was rejected . And noone will help me get my money back . Spent 3 hours waiting for chat and 2 weeks waiting on an apparent escalation. Still haven’t heard back from them

Arnold on January 21, 2021. Reply

I deposited more than 5k , and the was won 2300$ and my withdrawal rest pending .. … And never received my money. Many times I was chatting with the operators, and say my waiting 24h after , waiting 7 Days, afert 7days… I sent all of mi id, bank statement, drivers license and health certificate…. And still waiting and never received notting… When I chatted with the operators kickme off stop chatting, every time Iosse my time andt money.

Colin on December 4, 2020. Reply

Worst VIP experience I have ever had, all other casinos are having free give aways and bonuses while this casino stays it course with 35% match bonus up to $25, what a joke, won big a few times but the payout time takes so long you end up spending the funds anyway.

Drusilla Davis on November 18, 2020. Reply

I have been waiting for a withdrawal of $500.00 to be deposited in my bank account since November 2nd and it is now November 17th. The reason given was for security reasons. I tried to do the withdrwawal twice but got the same result. I tried a 3rd time to have the money put to my credit card but they said you had to deposit by credit card to get the withdrawal to,your credit card. I made every deposit with my credit card so this does not make sense. There is no way to get in touch with any human by phone. I did the live chats with at least 3 different people tonight and kept getting cut off. They also requested that i send them proof of identity as well as a utility bill and a bank statement that could not be an onlune statement. Who gets paper bank statements these days? They also said their managers will not take any calls. What kind of manager will not talk to their customer? I am not impressed with the lack of response I am getting.

Robert Delayer on November 8, 2020. Reply

Its been over two weeks since I’ve got anything from them. I won 2444.83 its beginning to be a pipe dream. I always have fun, until it comes time to cash out. They take the money quickly but you surely don’t get it back quickly.

Calvin Garner on November 7, 2020. Reply

It’s been a week now and I still haven’t got my 1000.00 withdraw, I’ve spent hours upon hours online chat and they keep coming up with new timelines and then hit me with oh you haven’t verified yourself, your I.d. and oh you have to wait 3 business days or we have a mismatch and please verify this and that

Coco on November 4, 2020. Reply

I made a successful deposit and it didn’t show up in my account. Yet my bank says withdraw. I tried to chat with someone and they said it was unsuccessful which was bull.

Christopher robinson on September 9, 2020. Reply

Spin Palace has an Australian website claiming real life croupiers , they do not exist , when I requested a refund or switch to sports betting on my initial deposit . they refused , even though I did not make one single bet .Have made a complaint to ACMA , (Australian Communication and Media Association).

Michael Bilowus on September 8, 2020. Reply

I really do like this casino. I’ve cashed out big. It was in my account within days. I do wish that the winnings were instantly deposited through. The 2-3 days waiting has been a downfall for me to. End up spending it. But with that being said, that’s my fault. I have won lots

Brad on September 4, 2020. Reply

No problems with this site nor the withdrawal process. I’m set up for Interact-online so it’s a direct etransfer from the banking team with a password sent to my phone directly prior to the etransfer. when I withdraw winnings. I waited three days for $1000.00 and it was painless. All I can say is fill out every bit of info you can when signing up So everything proving you are who you say you are isn’t in question . And stay away from Visa’s or other credit cards tied to a company or small
Business. You’ll get into all sorts of back and forth etc . 4/5 rating from me on this site.

Josee Paquette on August 27, 2020. Reply

Hi people so it’s been almost 2 months waiting for my funds to come in n it’s only 1900$!
They ask way too much info and too many questions

Plus my boyfriend won 9000 and they didn’t release it because he used his own business Visa card
After he spent 10 000 + they then tell him he can’t have his funds because he used a business card

. I was so impressed with this casino at first as I go along I keep getting more & more disappointed
Best wishes to th e rest of you

Bill on August 16, 2020. Reply

Every coiple of withdrawls I make the site says that there is an issue with the name on the account and they need me to send the information. I speak with an agent and they say everything is good and they have my documents bit two or three withdrawls after and I have to jump through the same hoops over and over. For an international company they sure have a hard time keeping their documents and records in order, although there is never a problem when I deposit.

Chris on August 6, 2020. Reply

Fin site. Lota of variety. Withdrawal is pretty simple. It is a computer generated program so once you do made withdrawals you wont win as much for a long time but it does come back I’ve noticed once you have played through the amount you withdrew.
They also stop any daily deals once you withdraw a higher amount. Keep making deposits for about a month or so any they will come back eventually.
This site is here to profit so please know you might win but expect to deposit it all back before any further luck.
In our home we have 5 members who play and have all had the same pattern.

Josee on August 5, 2020. Reply

I personally do love this Casino but I also understand its frustrating waiting for our funds to come in fast at times
I believe its policy and safety for Fraud purposes.
Just follow procedure.
Even after cashing out unlike most online casinos wont let us win no more. This one still does

Ariana on July 21, 2020. Reply

Withdrew 2000 on the 18th and back on my card today. I have 1 more to go of 5k (had a good run) no issues..I was worried tho with these reviews.

David on July 18, 2020. Reply

Right..so pretty good generally, I’m about even at 12k but if you win and withdraw, pretty much you may as well send all your details all over again as quick as you can, as after your pending withdrawal isnt pending anymore, roughly 24- 48hrs then you will get asked for something to confirm which is a pretty much another 48hrs, then chuck a weekend in, time difference ( I’m in NZ, ) and you’re looking at about 7 days before you hopefully get your cash…and to be fair , you will,dont waste your time with live chat..they will make you feel lovely but cant actually sort anything, hence the reason you cant email direct…it is all about waiting waiting waiting…dont bet while you are waiting as your “luck ” seems to be less then when you’re off the radar. Seems ok and reasonably legit, although I have started using paysafe to deposit as the casino has way to much info on me for my liking…but hey,i gave them it.. have fun, i have..but still sceptical. Lol

Andrea on November 19, 2020. Reply

Hey David, I happened across these reviews tonight and read with Surprise and concern at the amount of people who are not receiving or are still waiting some months later. Then I came to yours and you are a fellow Kiwi so it gave substance to what I was reading. Mate, if I had put money into a casino, had a win, and they didn’t or wouldn’t pay out I would not let it go until they did pay out no matter what Takes, wouldn’t you? I over the five years of pain intermittently with Spin have never had a problem Around receiving any winnings and unlike yourself they are always paid (after pending for the two days) instantly on the third day into my account. I Once had a Very significant win about three or four years ago (just got my second one Wednesday night) and I have to admit that because of the amount they may not pay out or find a reason not to. However there it was promptly in my bank three days later. I can’t fault this casino in that department. I have not played on Spin for quite awhile but I had no concerns until now lol.

Martin O'Connor on June 30, 2020. Reply

I have had nothing but problems from Spin casino, I signed up and deposited $200 and just started winning when all of a sudden the game errored and I could no longer log back in.
It has now taken me two months so far to get this sorted, I asked for the ballance in my account to be paid out and was told to send through ID, utility bill and bank statement which I sent but still no payout of my original deposit.
I have chatted with them on their chat service so many times and always get told that it’s been esculated to the operations dept and will be sorted 24 or 48 hours and two months later still no money!

Francesca / Franci on June 28, 2020. Reply

Well, too bad that I read these reviews after I won $10,000. Jumping through hoops is not even close to what you have to do to get your winnings. I have a legal first name of Francesca, but have gone by Franci my entire life. All my legal documents have the name Francesca on them. My credit cards have the name, Franci. Yet I these “two” people have the same address, email, birthday, etc. Two weeks later and they finally have asked me for legal documentation for the person “Franci”. What??? I sent them everything I have for identity purposes. Once I experienced this, I played through my winnings and left it at zero. I will never go back to this site. I spent thousands on this site without ever receiving a dime.

Nick on June 27, 2020. Reply

I have been using spin casino for some time now.
I am vry happy with their service.
All my winings are deposit straight to my account through interac once or sometime twice a week.
Only past three weeks I have withdrawn 3700$. From mu winings.

Nick Aichberger on June 23, 2020. Reply

i won 1400$ ive been waiting for 3 weeks now for my withdrawal every time something new comes up, i sent in my i.d. and my bank info, it was approved.. then i waited, i came back a few days later and was told it was put back in my casino account… huh? i asked for withdrawal! seems back and forth to me,

Thomas on June 18, 2020. Reply

I’ve waited for over 20 hours for a deposit to be credited to my account. Spin casino says it’s the bank but it isn’t. If you do win, good luck trying to get your money right away. My wife just waited 8 days for them to deposit money owed to her from the casino.

Bruce on June 17, 2020. Reply

I opened an account with them got on the casino and went to deposit. After making a 50 $ deposit there system kicked me and wouldnt let me back in. After an hour on a live chat with them the said I got kicked for self exclusion. After proving I never had an account with them they said it would be 48 hrs for a response . I would get my money back in around the same time . I wouldn’t say a scam exactly but I want to know how a system can be smart enough to catch self excluded people from making accounts but not smart enough to do it until AFTER they deposit their money.

Dave Eliason on June 8, 2020. Reply

Well I’m surprised, but definitely happy, I won $2100, after first couple of days playing and after reading some reviews reluctantly thought I had no chance of getting the winnings, but 72 hours latter after providing details, money is cleared in my credit card account.

FLO on June 4, 2020. Reply

Was very worried after reading all the reviews. I won 44k took 1 week after they received my ID but got every last penny.

Nathan on May 28, 2020. Reply

Nearing the completion of documentation, identify me and stuff like that I got a representative that because I mention the word “pay my bills” followed by acknowledging that this was a typo and I’m borrowing money off my sister, she locked my account and told me I could be 6 months before it’s unlocked. What can I do from here? I applied for my withdrawal on the 19th of May and then every time I complete a process something else comes up. Can anyone advise me what to do?

Penny Garrioch on May 27, 2020. Reply

Aw yes I am too waiting for a withdrawal of 2000.00 my first withdrawal of 700.00 was ok I guess .but I’m not sure why it takes so long on other withdrawals. I sent in my identification and still nothing. It’s been 1 week.i screenshot a conversation I had with the on line support and sent that along too with my identification..if I dont get my money soon ..I will research a different site and try them .

stephanie on May 18, 2020. Reply

I have been waiting 21 days for my withdrawl of 1500. My first big win of 1800 was deposited within 2 days as I sent in my id and utility bill when I withdrew the first time. This second time they said I needed to resubmit id and my utility bill again. So I did and they said it wasn’t accepted and asked for my birth certificate. So I sent it. After 4 live chat conversations they said my withdraw was approved. That was 5 days ago. I’m still waiting…

Eastwood on May 8, 2020. Reply

I have personally had no problems with the casino and have has good experience with online chat at site and
are helpfull.

Have withdrawn 65000 so far ranging from 1200-17000 have had some sessions total 20k plus.
48hr withdrawl is the biggest downside to withdrawl process to tempting to reverse.
134000 deposit 64000 withdrawl but was givin ample winning and opertunity to be at least even or even profit if was not for reversal.
Seems that once its in the withdrawl stage the money reversed plays differntly than fresh deposit money.,same affect as when take a deposit match bonus better chance for winning until when play through is around 75% complete becomes difficult to hold and balance can dissapear fast.

Watch play through carefully if you intend to wthdraw with any balance left. Days of the week and times of day seem to also play a big factor in winning or loosing.

Louis Kwissiwa on May 6, 2020. Reply

I have been trying to withdrawal my winnings of $448.16 but it states that it’s pending. Everytime I log back in it’s still pending. I have also tried to reach out to technical support but there’s never any responses. And how come there isn’t a phone number to call in these types of situations?

Krista on May 7, 2020. Reply

I won 2300 ( cashed out 2200) it pended for 3 days. I sent my ID documents in and I was sent an e transfer this morning!!! Have to admit I was skeptical reading some bad reviews but happy to say spin casino came through.

Krista on May 7, 2020. Reply

My withdrawal pended for 3 days. I received my winnings a week later.

Dale on April 18, 2020. Reply

I made my first payment to this casino, its been almost 24 hrs and have not seen it come threw! I talked to 5 different live chat people and no one can confirm where my money went! They all stop answering me as well! My bank said it was deposited!

Erin on March 17, 2020. Reply

I would not recommend playing on this site.
I have been waiting over a month for my winnings and they still refuse me.
There is a notice up, stating they are under review as they do not pay out their winnings.

Patrick Marion on February 18, 2020. Reply

I ask for a withdrawal of 500$, and after two months still waiting for my money. You have a live chat or e-mail, but it´s impossible to talk with someone higher

Sam on January 9, 2020. Reply

Took over 2 weeks and countless hours of finding ridiculous documentation to verify my Id, proof of address and bank statements to withdraw the little money I did win. since then, I have relentlessly lost thousands of dollars with little to no game time between deposit and having lost whole deposit. I’ve used a lot of sites and had some ratshit experiences but this by far the worst.

Joseph on November 29, 2019. Reply

Its Nov 29 2019 I recently have put in a request for a very large withdrawal. It’s been 9 business days in pending! Even with reverse withdrawel staring me down after requesting the tab option to be removed with no success I still stay patient. I’ve been gaming with spin palace for 4 years. Only a few withdrawels some around 5k +. All were very fast and reliable. Funds instantly available. I hope they stay true to there words with all these unresolved complaints going around.

Danny McNamara on November 9, 2019. Reply

I deposited $50 with Spin Palace casino and refused to accept the welcome bonus as I know this is usually tied in with some pretty shifty T&Cs.. I won $205 to which I withdrew the money and received a confirmation Email. I was told I would receive another Email once the withdrawal had been processed. I am now 8 week’s into my withdrawal and after countless attempts to collect my winnings via this companies live chat and Email, they are yet to pay me out.

Janine Kempe on April 12, 2019. Reply

I started playing and made some money so I made a withdrawal. Two days later they block me from my account and said that I asked to close my account a week before which I just opened the account. After chatting with a rep they said you need to send in verification. I did this 7 days ago and they still won’t give me access and still have my bank account information and money. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. And they have done nothing to make me feel like my information is secure.

George on March 19, 2019. Reply

Won many times with no problem receiving the moneys but my girlfriend played there and won twice , recived the moneys , two weeks ago she won 500 cad and requested the withdrawal and waited seven days for the transfer of moneys which she did not received. Contacted chat and they check and requested first time utility bill which we email them , next few days they ask for ID and we send them Canadian citizenship card , 2 days pass and now they ask for an ID with a date on it . They could have asked all that with one email

David Moses on March 19, 2019. Reply

I am from Canada, I made two withdrawals like two weeks ago and still waiting for a deposit, spoke to them on Friday and said all was good, was congratulated and said it should be deposited in 3-5 business days. I keep contacting them but aren’t no help…. On another note they give you bonus and you have to use it on the game selected by them, and once the going gets good they shut you down and once you go back to the game you just end up losing, one way or the other they make sure they get back the majority of the money

Shane on January 8, 2019. Reply

I’ve played here for two years and always thought of it as a safe Casino until this morning . When I went to sleep at 1230am I had over 15k in my account. I woke up to .05 left at 6 am…… I was told my 15 k had been played through. I can’t beliebe this is happening I’m literallly so betrayed! Who blows 15,000 in 5 hours ….. they now it’s BS but won’t do anything because I believe they are totally behind it.

Tammy Totten on August 20, 2018. Reply

I opened an account here deposited 50$ and won 700$ as soon as i made the withdraw they closed the account and know telling there is no such account with them.

Reayrs on May 23, 2018. Reply

I am a Australian, And With no Email notification to close my account,, They closed it taking my deposit and no option to withdraw, They should have notified me befor closing my account, I have over 100 emails from them in the past 8 months all with Log onto your account to get BONUSES

Richard on March 18, 2018. Reply

My experience is as follows: I had difficulty withdrawing and had to explain and answer questions before they would release funds. Bottom line I could not withdraw without having to talk to someone which in my opinion made little effort to make me feel welcomed.

Amber on March 9, 2018. Reply

I’ve had a few little wins nothing over $500 and the withdraw process has been a week tops, so over all I find it really good never had any problems, you don’t win often though with is the only down fall, I know someone who won 60 thousand he was paid out sweet, know a few people who have won 5-10 thousand wish that was me lol

Nzdude on February 7, 2018. Reply

Had a win, withdraw was taking awhile, asked in LiveChat why it was taking so long, they said it was released a few days ago. A few days passed, still nothing, went back to livechat – they said the funds were being held to settle a transaction dispute. I had no knowledge of any dispute and They could not give me any details. They advised me to check with my bank, my Bank, my bank knew nothing. They are refusing to pay me the money.

gig on January 6, 2018. Reply

i dont know what you people talking about. i am from canada. i won 700$ , i requested the withdraw on tuesday, i gave them my bank information and the money was deposited to my account on friday. i had one of the best customer service, i was chatting with one of the gent(rasheed) and he was very helpfull.

E.M on January 2, 2018. Reply

2 hours ago I Was playing the game immortal romance on Spin Palace , I have won the ” big win” of 4600. A few secondes later my credit balance is 102$. I contact technical support And all he tells me, your Winnings are automaticaly add to your balance…. Yeah but there is 4498 missing. Anywho, I decide to call them instead, they told me they don’t see any of my activities on the game. And each and everytime they do some research on my profile, they hang up. I called 2 or 3 times same woman answering “already moved on to another client” voice, sounding irritated that I’m calling,again… She said that if the phone hangs up again, she will call me back. -_-‘ she didn’t and we all know that She won’t. I didn’t like my experience With the supporting team. Spin Palace is a no for me.

Cherie Dando on October 9, 2017. Reply

I was given false information by an agent on the phone who led me to believe if I deposited today the I would be able to withdraw my obey plus and bonus money without reaching thoroughfare (which they put up by $1200) . The support wouldn’t acknowledge that the thoroughfare was put up, told me I must have misunderstood but then refused to have the phone call listened to. Told me I was not allowed to listen to it. Would not give me the contact details for her supervisor or transfer me after I asked 7 times. Would not transfer me to the manager. Told me she was able to deal with all my requests. I informed her that I didn’t feel she was understanding my requests then and I’d like to please speak to her sypervisor. She refused. This was all for $20 that i stuck in. Thats all it was. As the guy on phone said he’d make sure I could withdraw it.

Ken schulz on September 26, 2017. Reply

I have tryed for the past 3 weeks to obtain a $100 withdrawal from spin palace after 1 week was told my bank details were wrong , emails phone calls an a sent void personal cheque an the told me yep all good after 2 week of holding periods even told yep its 2/3 day from my bank after 7 day holding because there behind more email no details are wrong !

Peter on August 18, 2017. Reply

wow how i was dreading receiving my $1660 (30 deposit) after reading some of this forums testimonials.
my withdrawal took 4 days (i am in australia) to reach bank account.the 24/7 online support was fantastic,allaying some fears i had after reading some of your codswallop.
fantastic site.stay away from bonuses .nothing is for free.i play mainly table games but had a small crack at the slots and won 600 after 4 spins.go down to your local slot shop and it is the same-

Ryan on December 22, 2017. Reply

I have to disagree with accepting the bonus money…2 days ago I deposited $50 cad..and accepted the 100% match offer…giving me 50 cash and 50 bonus to play with…well with that I won my way up to $7011 cad…and made a withdraw of 6000…that’s the reason I am checking these reviews and forums…to see if they are good on their word and pay on time

Frank hogan on August 11, 2017. Reply

Played there for the last four years,won many times always payed within week,last couple of time I won,always want my banking info again,hassle won 900 2 weeks ago still not there.

jason sandham on May 2, 2017. Reply

Spin palace are way behind others in my opinion great games and so on but the withdrawal process is pathetic I have had several with them and now a week seems to be the normal wait time where as other casinos are a lot quicker

Jes on April 18, 2017. Reply

I’ve been playing at SpinPalace for a few years now, had a couple of withdrawls under $1000.00 along the way (had won much more, but I guess they all bank on you reversing before the 48ish hour pending phase, and lets face it most of us probably go wrong here and let the compulsive side of our brains win.) Anyhow since Christmas, I have successfully collected approx $17,000.00
Once you withdraw above a certain amount and get past that reversing phase, and become pending, from my experience someone will contact you (in my case via email) and request ID. I was a bit sketchy about sending through these kind of documents but with that kind of money on the line, I did. However first I did phone up and check with them that the email address and representative were in fact legitimately representing the casino. From memory it was still a few days later before I could see the payments were marked as paid (can’t recall what term was used). Took a few more days after that before I could see it as uncleared funds in my bank, but with my bank all I had to do was call my bank and go through some security checks (once they know it’s from an online casino) my bank cleared the funds within a couple of hours.
The only issue I ever experienced from the Casino was after downloading the software onto my partners laptop. The software was dodgy AF and infected it with god knows what, but basically he had to buy a new one. I’ve mentioned this to support anytime i’ve been in chat with them and have had the very occasional issue with the flash site loading and they’ve recommended the software. Funnily enough they never actually respond to my passing comment or acknowledge it. So all in all I find Spinpalace to be great.
Also, I strongly recommend setting daily deposit limits at each casino you play at, sadly the deposit limit goes out the window when reversing funds, so if you’ve just had a decent withdrawl get as far away from your device as possible for at least 2days! This saves the heartbreak of blowing all the money you’ve attempted to withdraw!

Vera on April 8, 2017. Reply

Great casino. Won over $15000 . Quick withdrawal at the most 4 days. Never had any problems. Yes, sometimes you lose.

Fran on April 5, 2017. Reply

Just new to this site and it has been amazing. Won a bit and now waiting for the processing. Cant wait soooo exited.

Tenisha on February 19, 2017. Reply

Ive been a player of spin palace for over a year now and I have not had one withdrawal from them. I deposit hundreds a day with not one cent in return. Their support team are rude, every person seems to go by their own rules as i always get told different things from different people. I once went to withdraw $300 as that was my biggest win ever and my withdrawal was pending for over 4 days, sitting in my casino account. I DO NOT recommend this casino to anyone.

Tanner on February 25, 2017. Reply

I’ve won well over $6,000 CDN from them. It takes up a week for the withdrawal to approve, but my money went to my account within 2 weeks total.

Donna on February 17, 2017. Reply

I have won and still waiting a month later for my money, they advised I gave bad banking information I gave them a void check and still wast good enough still fighting for my money.

Sandra leo on February 1, 2017. Reply

I have always had my withdrawals paid directly to my account but it seems that they are not doing it now as I tried tonight and was told by customer support that it is no longer an option so won’t use casino again

Jemma on January 29, 2017. Reply

I won 67k 2 weeks ago and have only played on spin palace 3 times. I was assigned a customer relations manager which made the process hassle free. I had to send my identification and I have received every last dollar of my winnings into my bank account. Very happy!

Phil on January 4, 2017. Reply

Just tried Spin City Casino.I spoke to a company representative and he said Their verification requires players to have a turnover of $12000 Australian and have no remaining free credits before any money can be withdrawn.
Spin City
If this is correct there isn’t much chance of a payout without spending thousands.

Tanner on February 25, 2017. Reply

My first withdrawal was $350.00 CDN
3 x $1000.00 CDN
1 x $4500.00 CDN
And today $550.00 CDN.

Received all but $550.00 as I withdrew today.

Scott Clark on December 12, 2016. Reply

good casino as long as you play through your winnings but made one sizeable withdrawal and literally cannot buy a win will.be interesting to see what happens once my investment outways my returns . if you think your odds cannot be adjusted automatically on this basis think again.

Scott Clark on December 12, 2016. Reply

spin palace was referring to but have found same results occur with royal vegas and slotty vegas a like

Troy Scholz (troy800) on November 24, 2016. Reply

Have been using spin palace for a while now, spent a few $ but have also won a few $…. The team there is great have always been helpful on the online support…. Withdrawal method is great to .. Highly recommended and trustworthy

Scott on November 7, 2016. Reply

Great casino, great variety of games, withdrawals processed within three business days once verification is completed. Made a number of withdrawals and continue to use Spin Palace and would reckomend them to anyone wanting to give online casinos a go.

Ibra on September 10, 2016. Reply

I think spin palace is the best. I have only played for month now, I made my first withdrawal of 1800$ in a week and I have 1500$ pending. Tho it took a week to recieve my cash but am glad i got it. Advice I will give hear is don’t try to win your losses and start with low betting. I recommend pretty kitty coz the Pay line is very high?

Andrea Southwell on September 15, 2016. Reply

How long did it take to get your money and how are you receiving your withdrawal?

Ibra on September 25, 2016.

It took 5 working days to get the money. Is very secured.

Howard CUNNINGHAM on September 3, 2016. Reply

Played for years at spin palace. Had no problems until recently. Then started having problems with withdrawals. Always had withdrawals sent directly to my bank account in 3 days. Last withdrawal never received after waiting 5 days.
Got in touch with support . Told me nothing was changed and withdrawal was sent. After 8 days still nothing showed up in my bank account. After checkin found out they sent it to insta-debit account, Insta-debit said I had to pay a fee to get my money from them and transfered to my bank account . I paid the fee and am still waiting for my momey. Instead of 3 days it is not 8 with no money in sight. There is something going on here and it does not seem honest as I just get run around from spin palace support. They have never been like this in all the years I have played. Something crooked going on with them.

Natasha on August 23, 2016. Reply

I feel like i have deposited well enough to your casino (over $600 in last 2 months) to start recieveing free no deposit extra bonuses i dont know if you do that at your casino…
I also play with a casino by the name of Raging Bull it has awesome no deposit bonuses that you get inbetween deposits & also email incentives quiet frequently congratulating me on my choice of casino and deposits & that’s irrespective wether or not you choose to add a wager bonus to your deposit or not..
I just deposited $25 and played it out then i got a email stating there was a extra added little bonus so when i checked i had a extra $20 bonus in my acct that i was able to play straight away… not only did the casino send me that but they also allow you to add a no deposit bonus code inbetween deposits also which are fantastic incentives
i.e- i entered a code 2 days ago (the day after i had deposited) and recieved 150 freee spins on one of there games at 0.50 cent spins…
I like your casino but i dont feel you guys do enough for your customers in keeping us interested and feeling like we are appreciated after all we are the people that put food onyour tables without us customers you wouldnt have a casino… Just just food for thought Spin Palace

Nick Bonner on July 28, 2016. Reply

Spin palace has been pretty good I must say. I’ve just received my first cheque for 6000$. I must say tho, feels like I’ve been on a no win list of some sort since….haven’t won anything significant since my first withdrawal.

kelly on November 15, 2016. Reply

I agree i won $2,000 a few months ago and i didn’t win anything till this past weekend i won 3300 and i think that i will give it a break for a few weeks, see if that makes a difference. Makes me wonder if they have a list.

Peta on December 16, 2016.

How much can you win before doing the identification verification thing?

chris on July 23, 2016. Reply

been at ‘Grimm palace 5 years in all. First 18 months had loads of fun. Games would lose of course but there were always some returns. In Feb 2014 something happened and very suddenly my 15 or so regular games just all stopped paying all on the same day. I could sense this change the moment it occurred. It also happened to be be the week i was expelled from vip , without a reason ever been given. My deposits at this time were upwards of 4k a month and i was pretty upset by the dumping. My game percentages fell more than 70% to the previous 18 months and this has continued for the past 27 months. In this period i have lost for 11 months in a row , followed by a month breaking even ( Grimm palace calls these as winning month for me??)then another 6 month period of losing at which time i took a 6 month break. Now after 3 months it continues on. During these periods ive had times of depositing more than 250 in a row before been allowed a 5% return . There were many others like 220 deposits in a row and 170 in a row. Im not sure what the odds of this occurring might be baring in mind these all followed each other. Ive tried in vain to be given my transaction records for my complete history so i can check these odds correctly. I was once freely given access to records of 18 months previous whenever i asked. My records showed a difference in our figures at one time i had been given them and by some margin. Once i had established my query suddenly figures became unavailable and a new rule developed. I was even told i had never been given these figures, even though i had transcripts of these conversations. Whats the big deal i only want to check them , it could have been a simple clerical error but with-holding its not a good look.

Scott on November 7, 2016. Reply

Is it that you try to win a too bigger amount rather than taking small wins when they happen? My partner plays online casinos and never wins because she thinks she will get 1000’s, where as I take small wins and regularly walk away a few hundred up.

werner bissett on July 7, 2016. Reply

A few weeks ago i won $8000 they didn’t release it without a police verification, that was done and it disappeared. I left it and didn’t fight it. stupid me went to play again, won another $8000, sent in the police verification now they are saying they cant read the police officers writing. i seriously don’t understand how they get away with this and there’s no one i can speak to about it because management does not exist. i need help, i am not losing 3 lots of $8 grand Ive already lost two.

Gina on June 8, 2016. Reply

I downloaded the site….realized they didn’t have No Limit Texas Hold ’em…didn’t make a deposit….dumped the site from my computer…BUT…they phone me 3 times a day…sometimes waking me up at 7am!!!!…send incessant emails…which I have unsubscribed to 3 times and they are on their way to finding out just how well I can deal with online harassment if they don’t stop it! This is a terrible site and I do not recommend it.

Chad Smith on June 13, 2016. Reply

I fully agree with this! I was gong to post the same thing. Non stop emails, waking me up super early, and I have zero interest in playing here.

Kev on July 7, 2016.

Which online casino do you guys recommend then?

saline on October 26, 2016.

jackpot city casino is the best they do ring you but if you tell them to stop they will and they payout very well and fast great casino it is very trusted

TG on June 23, 2016. Reply

Same here! I signed up to play a few online games to kill time (got lured in by the commercials), and it has been a friggin’ nightmare ever since! 5 times a day I get called, then there are the texts, the emails!

Anna on June 7, 2016. Reply

After playing once and rejecting the bonus value so I wouldn’t have play through requirements, they automatically credited the bonus when my balance got low thus making play through requirements valid. I had no option to reject the value.

I never played again and requested that my account be closed and that I be unsubscribed from them for future contact.

Daily calls, emails and sms have been received ever since offering deals and bonus values despite my numerous emails and calls advising I am not interested and requested that the account be closed. I finally got confirmation 3 weeks later (yesterday) advising that my account was closed and no further calls etc would be received.

Today I again received sms, email and 3 calls. This is harrassment. Do not play here if you don’t like harrassing contact because you chose not to play there again.

Graeme on May 21, 2016. Reply

I’ve been playing for some time now, had both big wins and loses. Biggest lose is withdrawals from my bank account when I wasn’t even playing for that week. Asked them to investigate + close my account. 1 week later the account is still active and NO response from them as to why money was taken from my back account

Cathy Bugdale on May 3, 2016. Reply

won twice over the weekend amounts over $10,000 each first on Break da Bank Again and then on Lucky Koi. somehow $10,000 pending withdrawal has disappeared between Saturday afternoon and Monday. chatted online with rep and was told I reversed all the winnings, which I had not done, as I had expressly withdrew in three formats, by check $5,000, by e check $10,000 and instadebit $350. this makes no sense. how do you check cashier in “my account” on the site? I want to trace back the transactions because I know the approximate times I made the three withdrawals.

Cathy Bugdale on May 4, 2016. Reply

So got an email from Megan Thomas customer relations humbly apologizing and admitting casino reversed $12,000 CAD withdrawal themself and did not process echeck instead dumped the amount in my player account while I was playing to making it appear as a new win (which obviously I withdrew to go to my bank) with nary an email or phone call to explain. I believed I has $19,000 being processed for withdrawal instead unbeknownst to me was playing my origi al winnings away.

Cathy Bugdale on May 24, 2016.

Some good news. The Spin Palace Group management returned $12,000 three weeks later. Good on them for making things right.

leigh on July 8, 2016.

2 bad they wont do the same for me , CATHY may i ask who u spoke to about this im in the same situation and just get a bullshit response everytime i speak to someone in live chat

Alicia on August 29, 2016.

Hi Cathy this has just happened to my friend today and they are saying she reversed her winnings which she hasn’t and now they tel her ther is $0 funds in her account any advice we live in Australia and I feel this is a major scam they are quick to take money you deposit but they don’t want to let you collect

GambleSafely on April 22, 2016. Reply

Hi every one

I’m going to skip all the crap spin palace pays out i like to gamble if you can’t afford to loose then put your money in saveings some times you win some times you don’t

Iv been playing with them just over a year now and the saying is true the house all ways wins if you keep playing when you win I do bet from 1.80 to $5 no more iv won jack pots of 300 to 1600 and have had no problem collecting iv never sent them ID or Cc info they will only ask for that if you withdraw more then 1000 it takes 7 days usely to hit my back account on withdraw it will sit as pending for 48-72 hours depending usely 48 hours they do this so you dip in to your wins

As for the slots just today I was playing I had over 100 free spins won 900 on a 1.80 bet the key here is now to collect I find in my experience if you keep playing from this point on it only goes down hill
I’ll stop playing now for a few days and put more in next week

As for this casino I rate it 8/10 I have a mate that has won 9k last month but he had to send his ID and papper work he bets big tho I have people I work with that play it too some loose some win that’s what gambling is about

And don’t collect bonus unless you are willing to play the play thru requirement I never collect bonuses they offer

Good luck

Rhys on April 22, 2016. Reply

I’ve been playing online with spin palace for a while now and haven’t had any real issues until recently. I won $2250 on the break the bank game so I withdrew it like most people would. As someone mentioned, they put a hold on it for about 48hrs so you keep spending your winnings but I still held off and only re deposited from my account.
This was now nearly 3 weeks ago! I have sent countless emails enquiring as to when the funds will be deposited into my bank. Not one reply from anyone at the “support team”, nothing at all but are quite happy to continue withdrawing from my bank account… There are much better casinos out there than spin palace

GambleSafely on April 22, 2016. Reply

You will need to send them ID to with draw tgat amount I keep my with draws under 1000
Leave some in your account takes some out it may be a pain but if you don’t want to send them ID do it that way

kenneth on March 10, 2016. Reply

Lost thousands of dollers to tell the truth mainly because i put my winins all back thru love to bet big but recently made my first with draw ever of $600 so ill see how i find there withdraw process soon fingers crossed ☺

stressed out on March 7, 2016. Reply

I won a total of over 70,000 au on thunderstruck 2 . Over a four day period one withdrawal for 35000.00 re cheques via courier a cost of 19$. , then another 15000.00 then set bank transfer up and withdrew. It sat in the reverse withdrawal area, I played again next day won 2 more amounts of 10000.00 . I transferred, and received. I ended up playing the fifteen again . And then stopped. When asked for statement they deferred from it. When I looked the game history from the day i won the first 35000.00 had gone . I have photographs and phots of transaction I that got me that win. Paysafe also confirmed use of paysafecard on day. Contacted 4 different staff to explain my proof . Each time after it disappeared , until whole history was erased. From my view. I have Heard nothing more.

Caleb on October 7, 2016. Reply

An I ask how much u put in because the same thing has happened to me for $15,000

larissa on March 6, 2016. Reply

The main menu takes to long to load. The game i was playing paused i didnt receive my match up bonus. I am now trying to contact customer support. Over all the worst online casino ive played and when my game finally loads and doesnt pause i will play of my money and delete this app.

Graeme Stein on March 3, 2016. Reply

My very first time playing I deposited $20 and won a cool $2500.00. Sure it took a while to turn up even though I paid $35 to have it delivered. Cheque cleared, played again last night and won another $2,000.00. Can’t complain. Sure you have your ups and downs nut When on a losing streak I just kept changing games. Well done Spin Palace Casino. Love the site.

Emma on May 11, 2016. Reply

How ling til you recieved your check

Lorri on March 2, 2016. Reply

I was offered 30 spins on dragons dance and I accepted. After I finished spinning I deposited cash into my account and won over two hundred dollars, when I went to check my account there was a $0 cash balance available and all my winnings were in the bonus balance. I realized something wasn’t right because there should have been a balance in both so I contacted live support where I explained. I was told that I had spins to finish in sure win which I wasn’t even aware of to begin with since they weren’t offered to me to begin with. I finished them and informed the representative and she then offered me $54 and then took the $200 + balance out of my account. I tried to explain I should have a cash balance and bonus balance available, when I was asked f I wanted it or not! Really?? This is how it was handled, when I called into the toll free number to explain I was told she understood my situation but it was too late because the balance had been wiped out and they couldn’t replace it. I was offered $20 in bonus cash. Not impressed with this casino after depositing and depositing into my account, this is the resolution. Definitely will deposit else where from now on.

the wedge on February 22, 2016. Reply

I won $10k after I had a bonus applied when I deposited $100, the withdrawal process took over a month. And last minute, they tell me of a term in their T&C’s that means you can only withdraw 6x your deposit, but the best bit is, the rest of the credits are forfeited, so I lost out on just shy of $9k!

ripped off gamer on October 25, 2016. Reply

same thing happened to me i was gutted i went to chat and asked why my funds were forfeited they said i hadnt met wager requirements if i hadnt met requirements then i would not have been able to do a withdrawal request they then said management decided that under claus blah blah i only get 6x my deposit so my advice to all do not except bonuses then u can withdraw your funds without them mucking you around

Rod nicholas on February 21, 2016. Reply

Just so you people know…you can win on this online casino…I have won 2,000 Canadian dollar but they put a 46 to 96 hr hold on it…they do that so you keep dipping into your winnings…and after I have won a jackpot of $2,000 I can’t even win anything… I’ve spent $400 on happy holiday slot game and only got 1 free spin and got $60 Canadian dollar… I really believe they have me tagged not to win…if you seen my play you would understand and 100% agree with me…but like I said you can win but don’t think you will win again…I wish I hit and ran…

Rick on February 16, 2016. Reply

Have to say Spin Palace were quick to resolve a deposit issue, which has restored my faith that it is a safe genuine place to play

Rick on February 14, 2016. Reply

Spin Palace normally pay fast and process deposits smoothly. However, last night made 3 failed deposits, no credits given but money still gone from my bank. Issue still not resolved. Same thing happened to my mate at same time, so just be wary at the moment.

Lisa F on February 13, 2016. Reply

I absolutely love this casino. I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem playing here? I always get great game play I have won thousands lost money of course too. The customer service is great. Yes the payout time could be a bit better (they make you wait up to 92 hours while withdrawal is in pending), but I’ve ALWAYS gotten my payout! One of my favorite online casinos.

Tat on June 3, 2016. Reply

how long before you got your payout..???

J. on February 10, 2016. Reply

I had a great time at Spin Palace – ups and downs and lots of fun….until precisely the day I made a withdrawal of a nice amount of a payout. After that day I never again got another payout more than the amount of my deposit or I only get payout when I have the bonus points so can’t withdraw.

When I vent my frustrations the reps having this nasty habit of insinuating that the player is at fault by “informing you that others are withdrawing” or I am told “my bet is too high” Ha! if I play lower I’ll have pennies for payouts might as well play for free. And what the heck does that have to do with no payout? Then you get into the chat circle with the rep firing automated responses about it being “random” and “they don’t control the games” blah blah

I underline that all of the sudden, exactly following the day of my win all payouts ceased. I say it looks suspiciously like recuperation of my win. They say “oh no it is random…you are on a bad streak” … 22 sessions in a row for gosh sakes! Yes in a row. 22 losses in a row. 22 consecutive gaming sessions at a loss.

I closed my account and I am done there. How they expect to keep players with outcomes like that is way beyond me and sudden stop in any and all payouts is way, way too suspicious for my taste.

Natalie Harrison on February 5, 2016. Reply

Great machines, quick payouts, easy to contact and get friendly and professional service. Now that is what makes Spin Palace different to other online casino sites. I was a bit skeptical at first but after playing here for over 4 months I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Honestly the best!

Marc50 on January 13, 2016. Reply

Played fore more than 3 years at Spinpalace, lots of trouble bad connections poore flash casino.

Roulette experience : 9 times black on a row unbelievable

Robche on February 16, 2016. Reply

Marc50 roulette is random mate!!!!!
I have been playing for 10 + years and the longest colour streak I have witnessed personally on a gaming table at The Star in Sydney is 23 reds!!
Yes 23! Not a computer or software but a real dealer!
You were just wrong place wrong time my friend!!

Craig byrne on January 13, 2016. Reply

Joined last week put 50 euro in they dubble it to 100 played on and off for a day or two then won 700 took out 600 only took 3 days very happy

David F on December 28, 2015. Reply

They have clearly dropped in odds and I was a daily player for 5 years until now! 2-3 mates have also said the exact same who are also daily players. They are extremely happy to take your money, quickly and easily – can be a nightmare when withdrawing. Had issues with my Ruby Fortune account when $400 was withdrawn and just ‘disappeared’, took over 3 weeks to resolve. The games are fun, but please don’t overcommit to bets and expectations – it really isn’t worth it as they are designed the same way, for you to lose.

Customer service (no ticketing system either???, come on this is a basic CRM system and should not be legal without it IMO) is poor, copy/pasting text which I personally find rude. I do feel for the customer support people as I believe they are taught to answer as many questions for different people as possible.

Peter on January 29, 2016. Reply

There’s your mistake, believing clip joints like Spin Palace are “legal”. Just because they operate from a Government Jurisdiction which gives them an online gaming license, doesn’t mean a casino is “legal” or bound by any legalities.

The only online casinos where you’ll get ethical standards, are those who are UK licensed. Anything else and it’s like gambling, a risk!

Barbara McNeill on December 23, 2015. Reply

After only half payout of my original deposit I have not received any monies owing. After paying out 1/2 of my winnings the problems started. Said they needed docs of my driver’s licence and a personal bill. What for? To sell the info? After sending in doc’s they said they could not open. Resent docs and they said they were OK. Still no payment. Phoned again and they said they could not open docs. Sent again and they can’t open jpeg. Then they got it open and said it was too blurry. I now have been asked to send in pdf form. What a joke. I guess I should have known better. Stay away from this site.

Peter on January 29, 2016. Reply

According to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta where Spin Palace is Licensed, a player is not required to submit ID docs or any proof of ID up to the amount of 2,300 (in player currency). When this figure is reached only then can the casino request proof of ID docs.

If you have a withdrawal of 2,000, you’d have 300 remaining that you can withdrawal without providing proof of ID. If however you have a 2,400 withdrawal, then you must provide proof of ID, even if this is your first withdrawal from that casino.

Sherman Thomas on December 21, 2015. Reply

I think the withdrawing/deposit must have gotten better here as I haven’t had all the same issues that others have had. I don’t play big money here but I’ve never had a problem with getting my money out. Pretty good bonuses and a huge selection of slot games.

charmaine on December 20, 2015. Reply

I’m a VIP and have been with spin for about a year. I have my own vip manager Leilah who is always easy to contact and if she’s not on,cause they also have days off,I will be contacted by someone else on her behalf. I have had no trouble with withdrawals ever,whether its 100 or 5000 dollars. I think there customer service is best I have come across in a online casino. And with the bonus,if you read the rules first then you should know what your doing as the bonus rules are easily explained in layman terms. I even got a iPhone 6s for Xmas of them this year. So good job spin palace and keep it up.
Very satisfied customer here.

Philip on December 17, 2015. Reply

They were happy to accept 5 deposits equalling $2,000 from my credit card. Had a few problems with the site during play such as disconnecting from the server during crucial plays. Anyway was very happy when I got a couple of wins & had $2314 in the bank. Have a Neteller account so asked for the winnings to be deposited to that account. No problem, they stated that the withdrawal was successful & even had a transaction number (fortunately I’m a cautious kind of guy, so took a screenshot of the transaction complete with their logo on the top). Waited 2 days, nothing. Went online to their customer service, oh they had sent emails & texts (never received) asking for further ID information. My answer was that perhaps they shouldn’t be accepting deposits & allowing people to gamble if they are not happy with the initial information you give them. Not really concerned as my bank will reverse the deposits totalling $2,000 (especially as I had proof that Spin Palace had authorised the withdrawal) & they can keep the other $314. I definitely will not be using them again & I would advise anybody else to do the same.
By the way, I didn’t use their so called bonus as it was obviously designed to keep people betting hopefully until they lost all their money.

rigged palace on December 10, 2015. Reply

I decided to try this out and I deposited 20 bucks to give it a shot I went up to $250 in a day. Not big winnings but i was betting small. The payouts are strait garbage, you are lucky if you win half your wager. You will get $5+ wins only to have a dry patch which will suck your winnings dry. The games are slow and glitch and I have a powerful pc. I had my free spin multiplier on multi isis stolen twice as the game froze(potentially good winnings as they were high multipliers). If you like black jack stay FAR FAR away… I know it can be a 50 50 game in favour of the house but OMG… everytime the dealer had a bust card and I had a 20 or 21 it would push or beat me. 17 or 18 was a loss most times as the dealer pulled whatever cards it needed to win. I had two 21s and the dealer off a 6 tied me after getting a series of 20s and handing me 10 cards companied by 2-6 or aces with mid cards. I could predict what the dealer would have and if I lost before hand. This is theft ad don’t let anyone tell you it’s random because it’s not if the dealer draws the exact card needed everyone when you bet high (not being a sore loser but you must experience it to understand) 6 card draws to beat my 18-21 almost constantly.

Caitlyn on December 5, 2015. Reply

I love this casino. Been playing for over 2 years. I’m in canada. Deposit with my visa and withdraw my funds directly to my banking account. This usually takes about 3 business days from when I withdraw. I’ve won thousands . I’ve lost hundreds lol. I would recommend spin palace to anyone . Great customer service through chat and phone calls.

Mike on November 20, 2015. Reply

Have been playing for 3 weeks, cashed out 400 dollers without problem. Tonight i logged out of casino with ballance off approx 800 canadian dollars. I logged back in about 2hours later and my ballance was 92 dollars. Spoke with rep they said their system indicates money was played through system! I guess i just lost 700 bucks without even gambling it away myself. No more spin palace for this guy when money just vanashes from account.

Shane on November 14, 2015. Reply

Go to another site.
I have found in the past 6 months spin palace has changed dramatically.I am aware of how the so called bonus system is supposed to work but resently I have lost over $1000.I stopped using bonus credits and won,however when I called the would not pay because I still had 3 bonus credits on kings of cash(70 cents),that I was unaware of.

james on October 22, 2015. Reply

I find that the last year its been hard to win ,the more I bet the less I win . Hit big on a 30 cent bet and nothing on a 2.50 bet . last 16 deposits lost them in about 1 hour with no free spins or very few. I think they control who wins and how much.
Lots of times on issis you ask for coins because you can get them and then next spin you get them or say you just lost a 100 in 15 min then boom you hit a big win ans win it back. think all casino,s are controlled if you win or loss just some are better than others.

locus80 on October 7, 2015. Reply

i won over $30000. I been contacted by the vip manager and promised i get soon. i have email them many times asking about payment and been promise many time about payment. i have provided them with everything they have asked of. its been over six months now still nothing.

Elissa on September 26, 2015. Reply

First time playing I won $400 on 8/9/15.. Still waiting for this amount to be deposited.. Only find out they need personnel info to verify our ID, as there are two visa debit cards on account.. Sent all info Thursday. Rang them “oh we can not find it” the amount of phone calls and emails to Spin palace re trying to get my money, is hard work. Still not resolved.. !!

Hinewai on September 22, 2015. Reply

Since joining Spin Palace one month ago,they have pestered me with phone calls, emails and txts offering bonus offers,which I dont accept because you have to play it down before you actually start winning your own money (waste of time I think).
I have replied” STOP” three times to the txts they send,and this is supposed to be their recommendation of opting out!!!. I also tried to unsubscribe twice to their emails but the link is always down.One persistant Spin Palace employee rang me offering a deal which I politely declined straight away,but he refused to listen to me at all,I could of hung up but I was giving him the chance to accept my answer and I also told him I will hang up and yet he still insisted I should take the offer,luckily for me I am not a big gambler and I know how these casinos operate too..I told him to go speak to his supervisor as this method is very very unacceptable,and they should not push a person to gamble unless they want to,this is very irresponsible of Spin Palace.

Daniel on September 15, 2015. Reply


Deposited and had a staff member offer me 15 percent bonus. After playing for a while was told its 50x playthrough on all money. Live games have cut out a few times when pocket cards have been dealt.

TinaC on September 12, 2015. Reply

Hi i am from Canada and I just joined Spin Palace casino and was sceptical at first. Honest to god I put in $500 with the bonus and won $8100 within 90 minutes and cashed out via ECheck best way for Canadians and banks. I wanted to ensure that i would actually get my monies as stated after i went through my play through rules. I have to say the customer service with Spin Palace was awesome and professional. They completed my transaction within 48 hours and was sent to my bank in Canada and they deposited it within 48 hrs too! I just received my $8100. I would highly recommend Spin Palace. Just ensure you initial deposit high enough. Follow Play through rule. 50x initial deposit to exhaust first. Bet higher amounts i recommend to win higher. Have your Echeck setup with your approved bank and you are set! Thanks Spin Palace for the winnings! Ehhh from Canada.

Tlf on September 3, 2015. Reply

I have been only playing here a couple of months or so and my only issue is the length of time to get paid out. Ive made a little money and lost too but this is what gambling is all about at least i think it is. So no complaints except with the wait time from me.

kathleen obrien on August 24, 2015. Reply

I have been a member at spin palace casino for 3 years now and they have been fantastic to me,no problems with receiving my money I use neteller to transfer money from the casino they are very helpful and yes I do understand the bonuses you have to play through to get your winnings but that is stated on your deposits read the rules so if you don’t want to use there bonuses don’t but overall they are one of the best casinos I have played,also yes I have many issues with there software the reels keep spinning and yes there payouts have deminched a lot

brad on August 17, 2015. Reply

Did my 3 deposits and played a lot. Started with 300 and got to 5000. But now I´m having a hard time getting my money out

Rachel on August 13, 2015. Reply

Joined this online Casino because of its bonus, little to my knowledge that it would just take my money and refuse to refund my initial balance … I deposited $75, won over and above that amount and was not allowed to withdraw my initial deposit? This is never stated anywhere and collecting your bonus is super easy. It seems to good to be true , don’t use this casino or play the bonus. The initial amount will never be refunded and they will happily take all your money. The reels are slow and choppy and almost pause with every spin. Just say by to your initial deposit and don’t be fooled by its bonus offerings. Seems like a illegal scam!

ann willcocks on August 10, 2015. Reply

i have played here for months now and its not a scam you do get your winning {5 days) but you will win well in the first few months then nothing so my advise is if you just want to have a bet for a few times go for it but do not keep playing as you will lose over all i think they give you a few wins at the start to sucker you in and before you know it you are throwing in heaps to try win back what you have lost so dont do it great for a little while but dont let it become a habit and only deposit what you are able to lose as you will lose it thats for sure but not a scam and you definetly will get your winnings if you follow there emails to the letter :{{{{

Prem on August 8, 2015. Reply

I downloaded Spin Palace for the first time tonight and deposited $100. I was awarded a bonus bet of another $100, bringing my total to $200. After a few hours, this increased to about $500, at which point I decided to withdraw my initial investment. I found that I was not allowed to do so, as I had met the wagering requirement, which was a mandatory ‘play through requirement’. This means that as long as I accept the bonus payment that is given to everybody, I have to play 500x the bonus amount in order to be eligible for any withdrawal. I felt that this was no fair and was definitely not clear on signup. I would not be using this casino again, and in fact, in Australia this would be classified as a scam.

Alex Elias on August 8, 2015. Reply

I just want to say how professional and happy I am at spin palace I deposited $54 I won $9600 I withdraw $5500 and this morning I revived it I was very worried as I saw so many bad comments on the net but I must say very professional and honest. I got a email from my personal case manger who was handling my withdrawal and the whole time they kept in contact and this morning in my Commonwealth account $5500 Deposited from Envoy Services I’m from Sydney Australia trust Spin Palace

Michael on November 24, 2015. Reply

Hi Alex,
I’m also from Sydney and bank with the CBA, what banking option do you use with Spin Palace.

Please confirm and advise.


tiena on July 28, 2015. Reply

They removed bonus dollars after I met all the criteria to keep the money. I was told to take the funds out of withdrawal and all funds would be returned. I did this and no return of funds. Staff at support take 24 hours to respond then give a flat answer without really investigating. I have closed my account because they cannot be trusted. I asked for emails to be stopped and they are still sending these.

Kez on August 3, 2015. Reply

If you withdraw before meeting the wagering on the bonus you do forfeit the bonus. If you reverse in one go before any other transaction the bonus returns. Rather contact support on chat all queries are resolved straight away

Bethy on June 26, 2015. Reply

recently joined Spin Palace and I can say with certainty that this was my first and my last online casino experience. I played with funds from my credit card and to my amazement managed to win $ 55000. After contacting support to withdraw the funds back to my credit card I was told I would be best to open a neteller account as this was the fastest option and I could not use the master card I had deposited from.

I opened a Neteller account immediately, requested withdrawal and sent through my verification documents. Later that day I deposited again from my credit card and won $20000. Surely this was too good to be true. I went back to the live chat agent and I was reassured that this was real and my money was safely on its way to my neteller account. I researched all the information I could find to put my mind at rest that this was a trusted site. It was now 36 hours after I made my first withdrawal. I woke early in the morning with excitement. I had received a text message congratulating my win and informing me that an email had been forwarded to me. The email address was incorrect, despite confirming my email several times with the live chat agents for security purposes. I once again contacted live support to rectify the email address and confirm receipt of my documens for verification.

Instead I was informed that the entire $75000 had been played back to the casino that morning. The confusion that followed has left me with nothing but anger and sadness. How could this happen? Were the false wins a way to make me deposit more? Could I have reversed the money in my sleep? Did someone access my account? How could the funds be reversed 36 hours later?

The live chat agents went from friendly to condescending. The questions are driving me insane. I have requested a transcript of all my live chats and transaction history. The implication was that I had a gambling problem and willingly gambled back the $75000. A retired pensioner on my first visit to an online casino. None of it makes sense and it was clear I would not get the answers through the live chat. I emailed support begging for answers and the confusion only escalated. At first the account could not be found due to the incorrect email. The Palace Group Support have now ceased contact with me and have locked my account and say they have refunded my deposits. I will continue on my search for answers even if the only fortune I receive is knowing that I might prevent others from this experience.

trevor on July 22, 2015. Reply

Make a formal complaint to ecogra link is on spin palace casino or google it

Tania on February 17, 2016. Reply

Has it been resolved yet?

Kurtis on June 23, 2015. Reply

played dollar games 2 dollars three and higher and barley hit Any free spins and when I did I was lucky to get over 20 dollars oh not to mention normally taking 200 or so every time just to see them then the tables well let me tell you I’d love to bet on the dealer here it’s like a guarantee

Maikel on May 25, 2015. Reply

I’ve been playing with spin palace for over a Year now and have to say, as long as you’re not playing insanely high stake, the chances of winning are really not bad.. (I never play highstakes).. 100% sure that the software is NOT manipulated, i had Some small withdrawels 50-300 euro’s.. The only trouble i had is now that i had a withdrawel of 3000,- they asked for verifications.. That done and accepted took 3 extra days and the 3000,- is now processing to hit my account!

All by all, great casino, loads of fun, great customercare and lots of games!! The only negative thing is that you have to weer 5-7 business days to see your money hit your account. Sounds fair to me..

Thanks spinpalace, keep it up!


peter m on May 20, 2015. Reply

tried to deposit money tonight at spin palace, the money went from my bank but didn’t show up in casino, got onto help, they said they are having technical problems and working around the clock to fix it, I said to them, this would be a major problem and why isn’t the casino shutdown until its resolved as you will be only making it worse by taking money from bank accounts and it not showing up in the casino, imagine the complaints and concerns
– no reply to that statement,
only they will keep me informed, nice hey keep taking your money while they have major banking issues and piss everyone off in the meantime

trevor on May 12, 2015. Reply

Worst paying games out if all the casino’s near impossible to win anything decent free games forget it you would gave to spin 500 game’s on average to win a free game and then they pay nothing
I suspect the games are manipulated they state they are monitored by egocra but hey that means nothing its online software and it can be rigged if you want to lose your money hand over fist then this casino is for you
But be warned something is very wrong with this casino

Rosanna on May 4, 2015. Reply

There wasn’t much conversation with the customer service here. Any questions or concerns I had weren’t answered and my money never reached me. On the positive though, the game selection is great if that’s what you’re looking for.

Brad on May 2, 2015. Reply

They state pending period is only 24 hours I recently made a withdrawal only last week and my money was still pending after 76 hours I find it a discrase they don’t stick to there own term and conditions they keep it in pending stage hoping you will reverse your winnings and play more therefore loose more another cheeky trick they offer so over spin palace

angelaejones on April 15, 2015. Reply

Waste of time and money.
Games are choppy and slow.
Horrible pay outs.
Better off going to the actual casino.
And such a hassle when you want to withdraw your money.
The bonus deposits are a scam that caps your winnings. DO NOT accept them, better off not playing here at ALL!!

robert on April 21, 2015. Reply

You are correct
There games are slow choppy and unresponsive no use complaining they don’t do a thing i raised this with them months ago and its even worse now
This casino used to be decent game’s would pay no crappy bonuses just good service and fair play
Now its crap i strongly believe your account and game play is manipulated and the RTP percentages are false
yes stay away from this casino

toyotaguy on April 15, 2015. Reply

I played at Spin Palace for many many years and never had any bigger issue with them. I say bigger issue like not getting my money (although I did have to wait longer sometimes) or treated in an unfair way.
Even Spin Palace are bound to their own T&Cs. You may not like them (who likes fine print anyway?) but they are all there to read and understand. If they act against their terms then go ahead and post it, tell others. If they act in accordance to their T&Cs and you simply don´t like the outcome, then please keep if to yourself. Specially when it´s clear that you didn´t read the terms properly.
I moved on to other casinos away from Spin Palace two years ago after not being able to make decent winnings anymore. But their treatment was through and through fair.

neek77dragonz on July 10, 2015. Reply

I find the opposite to be true…I lost $2000 on my regular casino “All-slots” playing last night…I then downloaded “Spin Palace” casino tonight and managed to win $2500 back!!

I am relieved as Ive never lost that much money before and was happy to win extra 500

I thought spin palace had awesome payout ratios for the slots I played and I found them easy to use and not at all “slow & choppy” – Probably slow computer or internet causing slots not to work correctly –

I also had no trouble withdrawing my winnings…gets put straight back on my visa

robert on March 30, 2015. Reply

Spin Palace used to be a decent Casino, i won a lot of money in 2013 well over $150,000 a $100,000 alone on the playboy slot i was even given fully paid for trip for 2 to Africa, but these days the Casino has changed the games RTP figures suck, i couldn’t win a headache regardless of what i was betting and what game i was playing some of the worst paying games are Immortal Romance with wild desire, i call it no desire, the dark knight, would have to be the tightest slot out there, i have never been able to get 5 single bats let alone cover the screen i have asked the Casino why its so tight and they said it was a high end slot, what’s that got to do with it playboy now that’s taken a turn for the worse, nearly everytime i won the free games i would choose the 25 free games with random wilds i would get the random wilds 3 or 4 times during the free games never once did they not activate, but just recently with 75 free games won in a play time not random wild spin, lucky to get ones random activation these day during free games the service is now rally bad, and their stupid bonus system, with play throughs that will take half your winnings if you try and withdraw any amount with out completing the bonus play throughs, if you read the conditions of there daily bonus you wouldn’t use them, i used to be a VIP but because i noticed a big difference in the game plays i dropped my bets, free spins and bonus rounds are so hard to get, and if you are lucky to get one the payouts are pathetic, i have made many complaints, and questioned what is going on, but i am fed the same old stories over and over, i was dropped from being a VIP player because i wasn’t spending enough, what a joke, you get nothing from this CASINO anymore, other than useless top up bonuses,
for my complaints about the games not paying they game me a whole 20 dollars to spend my advice, go to a land base casino free drinks better service you know the games are not rigged and while there you can actually talk to other humans and eye of the pretty girls and if you are lucky enough to become a VIP you will be treated accordingly ever wondered why the meg jackpot is so high nearing on 7 million, its because the games associated with it don’t pay.

Brent on March 1, 2015. Reply

I lost many times playing blackjack in fairly suspect fashions (I had an ace, dealer had six, I ended up with thirteen, dealer had twenty-one). I was playing “one deck” blackjack, yet things were not quite adding up and when I made a larger bet, the game would pause momentarily before I was dealt an inferior hand ans the dealer would hit twenty or blackjack. I thought it might be in my head, so I decided to check into it. I should mention here that I am a statistician with a graduate degree. I began taking note of hands dealt over a period of time and after 150+ hands at $1 my assessment of this data concluded that it was a statistical impossibility to be dealt inferior hands as often as I was. I feel cheated and robbed. Do not use spin palace. They claim to be independently verified, yet their programs do not work with even reasonably fair odds.

julie on February 24, 2015. Reply

worse payouts ive ever had on any casino…takes ages to withdraw if youre lucky enough to withdraw..andemails never get a reply

trevor on May 12, 2015. Reply

So true they ignore you when you raise concerns and ask questions about the integrity of the games

JK1212 on January 14, 2015. Reply

For a place that’s been around for this long I’m surprised how poorly they handle payouts. It took them weeks to process a simple payout and each time I went to the live support staff I got a different excuse. It’s a shame because the game variety is pretty good here but at the end of the day if you can’t cashout then what’s the point?

I’ve noticed that other people have had the same issue. I guess this is something they’ll have to figure out or they never will.

Anon on January 10, 2015. Reply

Had very bad experience on Spin Palace. Their games never pay out. No free spins are offered and when they do offer them you can be guaranteed a $0.50 to $0.60 return despite the amount of money you spend. No bonuses are ever given. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had on online casinos.

Murray on December 29, 2014. Reply

Joined spin palace. They make it sound like any normal casino but it is a scam. You can’t just go in and deposit money play the pokies and if you win withdraw it. No that would be to easy instead you get these bonuses which are just a way of ripping you off cause you have to play 50x your first deposit before you can withdraw plus heaps of other hidden catches. Just stick to your local clubs or casino at least you know what you dealing with.

Rachel on December 19, 2014. Reply

I played there for a few years and had nothing to complaint about except my bad luck. I won a fair amount at the beginning, then lost it, then won again. From there it all started to go south slowly. But hey, it´s gambling. I suspect, most of the comments here come from sore losers.

Michael on November 4, 2014. Reply

There customer service is disgusting I was laughed at on the phone they then called my other mobile and laughed at me making out they couldn't here me because I pulled them up on ripping me of with my bonus deposits. There response was contact us and tell us straight away because it's a few days later we can't do nothing about it. What s bloody joke. And to recieve a pay out by cheque they charge you 35.00 there cons

Huu ( tony) on November 4, 2014. Reply

I'm a VIP player here and all I requested was to speak with the host manager. U think it would be a simple request, not that hard if u ask me. But everyone at the call centre, so call the support help desk wouldn't let me or pass the message thur for me to speak to one. Is like they hiding the managers from the players, don't know why is sound so doggie. Is a casino/ business wouldn't the boss wants to know the feedback from players? And I'm a VIP player and that's how they treat their VIPs like second class. I been requesting this for a long time now.. So this is for the person who in charge of this casino I'm still waiting for that call unless u have something to hide too. U number is on my account. Let see how long it will take.

Danny on November 4, 2014. Reply

do not play here!!! its rigged games will draw you in and suck every dime out of you, the roulette tables are so badly doctored, it lets you win quite often when playing with little money, but as soon as you part with bigger bucks, the game takes a sour turn and starts plotting against you, i bet 20 dollars 5 times in a row on the 2nd and 3rd set of numbers, and 5 times in a row it miraculously drew the 1st block of numbers, real suspicious……………please, keep your money and use it for something else

Danny on November 4, 2014. Reply

Very questionable integrity and operation, they get you in the door by presenting you with a welcome bonus on your first 3 deposits, once you receive the deposits, they desert you, they have a scam going where you need to bet 50 times the bonus money eg. You get a 300 dollar bonus after depositing, you need to wager 50 x $300 before you can actually make any withdrawals from your account, even YOUR own money!!! Do not fall for their trap, its illegal what they are doing and the games are so rigged its not funny, do NOT spend your hard earned here!!! They don't care they'll scab you of every cent you own, as long as they make a dollar out of it.

Jan on November 4, 2014. Reply

I asked Spin Palace a question about why the very same person won EVERY tournament and didn't receive any proper reply. "grossmeister" might be "casinomeister" for all know. But for anyone who plays tournaments, remember to watch a few before you play. You don't have a chance!

Johnny on November 1, 2014. Reply

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Over 2 months. 40 $200 deposits made. Took bonus many times and RTP was well over 100% while bonus was 50% completed or less.
As the bonus was being Brought down the RTP was also being reduced. So then I decided not to take bonus for over 15 deposits.

According to their own statistics, the 15 times indie not tKe a bonus, my over all RTP for 3000 dollars of my money wagered was 61%. The other deposits thT bonus was attached RTP was 81% over all.

My net RTP from exactly 10000 dollars deposited including bonus and no bonus attached was 73%
U decide if u want to ay there. Total cash outs…0

Crystal1985 on August 28, 2014. Reply

I cashed out 800$ just now I will let everyone know when I get it but hoping soon!! But I been playing here for the past year and I haven't had a problem yet… Won a total of 2800$

Ngaire Kaye on April 12, 2015. Reply

Did you get it straight away?

M Brown on August 28, 2014. Reply

Spin Palace has been entertaining for me with good customer service reps. My only problem is, my ever withdrawal from July has still be outstanding. I'll update if I receive it. So far, 2 wins, and I haven't received any of my winnings yet. I've played more than 2k and have won 3500 2x and a couple other winnings 500-1000+ . So far, my first ever withdrawal as yet has not been received. Completed docs required and ID, got confirmation for a 3-5 business days, and today is my 6th day, no feel yet about the withdrawal. I'm hoping to get it soon.

Lynnette presnell on August 3, 2014. Reply

I have now had 2 lots of winning and both times have been fast I have had my money in my bank no later then 4 days from when I made the withdrawal . I always make shore I resend my ID just to help them. Spin palace casino is far from a rip off casino I would recommend them anytime we'll done casino keep it up.

KARI on August 3, 2014. Reply

Have never had any problems with this casino…you win and you lose just like any other casino…you take your chances… I have won $2000 and a couple $1000's and have received the money no problem in about a weeks time..I just won $3800 and am VERY excited to get that soon!!

carol babineau on August 3, 2014. Reply

I deposit at Spin Palace today through e transfer. My money was taken out of my account. The casino says they can see my deposit but can not put it in my casino account????? This happened to me 3 times now….Once i waited 30 days for it to be put back into my account another time it took 14 days. This is not money i won but deposits taken out of my account immediatly but not credit to my casino account. I have now asked the casino to lock me out so i can no longer play there.Please people be very careful; as now my bank has said to change my debit card number as it is not safe to play here. Read the reviews before playing at any casinos. I can see them disputting a win but taking my money is unacceptable

Purcelli on August 3, 2014. Reply

It's rigged site poorly programmed games and immoral misleading marketing tactics iv had family members lose close to $600k with this online casino and personal experience has been nothing but disappointment if your going to run an online casino at least put some effort into the quality of games and legitimate and moral marketing practise.
I have been phoned many times by South African spin palace reps with no authorisation given to contact me in this way telling story's of people winning millions daily and I should just keep gambling till I get lucky.if this was an Australian company the CEO of this company would already be in jail for breaching numerous consumer laws

William on May 4, 2016. Reply

What kind of losers loose 600 000 on online betting? Sounds like you folks have gambling issues.

Steve on May 24, 2014. Reply

I saw this site as six days and no winnings coming then email I gave wrong number on bank account. Within 24hours money in the bank, after I supplied right bank number.

Steve on May 24, 2014. Reply

Customer service has always been easy to deal with and everything resolved (deposits) Finally decided to take some back withdrew on april 26th. With the weekend and the 48 hr period processed on April 29th. May 6th and nothing yet–hmmmmm. BCLC site money in easy and back in the bank in 24-48 hours no problems. I will give it a few more days.

Sven2188 on May 24, 2014. Reply

I had kept track of all the bets and winning numbers..at first ( for 10 minutes) , the numbers the roulette had selected have changed randomly, but then , it stopped and always would go against me ..I had 9 EVENS against my ODDS, and 7 blacks against my reds ( which wasn't happening in the first 10 minutes of the game) ..obviously a rigged program, for 10 first minutes lets you play on equals, and then makes choices against you.

ISSAM FAWAZ on March 29, 2014. Reply

I lost like 500 dollars and that was just hard luck, then I deposited 20 dollars and won 100 , so I decided to withdraw it, I did and it was successful, It has been a month now and I didn't receive anything! !!

nexera on February 21, 2014. Reply

deposited, asked them to remove the bonus $. they did. Deposited again played a game, in mid spin received another bonus, asked to have removed, said could not and would not. asked for a $91.00 refund (remainder of deposit) would not…… Do Not Play Here!!

Tina on February 21, 2014. Reply

Have to agree with the majority, very slow to process ID verification etc, very very slow to receive payments into your account

Sweetie on February 21, 2014. Reply

A scam

Only allowed to withdraw 6 times your initial deposit!!!

I won 5.5k they paid out 300 and confiscated the rest

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

lee on May 23, 2015. Reply

Rubbish. My first deposit was $30 and withdrew $1000 in winnings, no problem. I have often won 6x my deposit and got all my winnings back. Having bad run lately in winnings, but that’s not the point.

Tina on February 21, 2014. Reply

Easy to deposit money, difficult to withdraw it!

Brendan on November 27, 2013. Reply

I am In AUSTRALIA! I just received my $3000 witch I withdrew last Friday, Thats a total of 5 business days and everything cleared into my account. I was asked to send a copy of my ID and a utility bill which was fine. They emailed twice saying they needed these copies and one stating they received them. Great communication from a busy online casino if you ask me! I have nothing but great things to say about Spin Palace. I deposited about $250 played roulette won $3000 and was in my account in 5 business days. Can't complain. If your questioning if the casino is legit, from a happy customer I'm saying go for it!

Kelly on November 12, 2013. Reply

Can only withdraw $50 or more. Plus, they call your phone number 2X every week! Other than that, it's a good site. They need to go back to careing about customer service.

Callum on October 15, 2013. Reply

I've put a deposit of £10 and a bonus of £10 has been received, but the matter of I have to first gamble 50x£10 which is £500 before I can collect a penny even the money I have just deposited has confused me, how can they get away with it hahaha,

Michael Dack on July 30, 2013. Reply

I have nothing but praise for Spin Palace and its services. I must admit to having been a bit worried after reading some reviews of the site, but my experience with roulette has been very enjoyable and I have had no problems withdrawing money from my account. The four-day turnaround for withdrawals is a bit of a turn-off. However, by planning ahead, I've now got into a routine that works for me. All in all, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a secure, user-friendly site.

Stephen on July 30, 2013. Reply

Alas I have seen these comments to late lol … Usual luck ..
Similar story I joined and won and lost and won again … Have $1000 withdrawal waiting for last 4 days .. Just sent second mail to support and will have to wait and see what they say .. After seeing comments below I don't hold much hope !!
I'm in Australia … Anyone know of a good online casino that does pay out ??

Karl on July 30, 2013. Reply

SCAM KEEP AWAY! They provide a bonus which you are required to multiply tenfold prior to collecting your winnings. I was advised by a customer service rep that I would not be able to withdraw any funds until a total wager of $1893 was placed. Now once this amount had been reached, I would collect every cent onwards… So in quick summary, I'm intended to turn $50 into $1893…Even once I magically make this occur, I only collect every cent from that point. WTF!!

Brad on June 5, 2013. Reply

I have a 1000 dollar withdrawl pending so I was quiet excited until I seen these comments I can't say anything good or bad ill guess ill have to wait and see

jaden on January 1, 2016. Reply

Did you get your thousand bucks I too am in the process of withdrawing 1000$

amanda mul on June 5, 2013. Reply

having lost over £3000 hours before, spin palace sent me 30 free credits so I played them off and won £610, I played them like the rules state by playing them x30 which took a while to do. I then pressed withdraw, this was on a wed night and I knew they had a pending process of 48 hours until they release the money so I waited until the 48 hours was up and checked my account, the money was still sat in the pending process so I went on live chat and asked them why and they told me that because it's a weekend (fri 6pm a weekend?)_they told me my money would remain there until sunday night 6pm so I checked again at midnight on sunday and again the money had not been released so again I went on live chat and asked the situation to which I was told the money would be released in the morning, I checked the following morning(Monday) at 10am and the money had been released but it said it was a work in progress so again I contacted live chat to ask what the situation was and I was told I had to send in a copy of my ID and my bank card details I asked when they were going to tell me this as I only found this out when I contacted them and they said they had sent an e mail which may I add was never received and I checked my junk etc. I explained that sending my ID would be fine and I would send in an up to date bank statement but I had cancelled my bank card 3 days earlier as it had been lost and explained to them that I wanted the withdrawal paid into my registered paypal account which is linked to my bank anyway and that I had other withdrawals paid out into my bank in the past without problem without them needing any documentation but I understood rules are rules so like I said agreed to send the ID and bank statement in . They said I would also need a copy of my debit card from the bank so I rang the bank and they laughed saying no they don't, nobody should ask for a copy of your debit card they don't need it a bank statement showing your name and transactions from them is more than enough and that the bank don't issue copies of cancelled or lost cards for fraud reasons. I rang spin palace to explain this and the guy with a south African accent on the line was rude and abrupt and snapped at me when I explained this to him he basically accused me of lying, he spoke over me and wouldn't let me finish a sentence, I explained he had no right to speak to a customer like that and he said your just a customer and when I asked to speak to a manager about his attitude he told me no and put the phone down on me , I was shocked and disgusted and rang back to speak to a manager whom explained he was sorry for what had happened and would ring me back within the hour, may I say no phone call had ever arrived , I emailed in my details which included credit card statement, driving licence and bank statement and so went on live chat to see if they had been received, after waiting 15min they said yes they had been received and they would be forwarded to the operations dept and I would hear back in 2-3 days so that would make 7 days then another 3-7 for the money to go into my paypal account. needless to say I will never use this casino again , I have never had problems like this with other online casinos when I have had winnings to withdraw and I have never been spoken to in such a manor by anyone, I feel like I am playing cat and mouse with them chasing them for my small amount of winnings. They don't act like this when your feeding them with deposits.

liam on April 13, 2013. Reply

spin palace are a scam artist casino they fix the slots and table games so that they choice when you win or lose they are not working on % system like they should be i have been given proof by a employe of there shocking casino a few weeks back i had spent nearly 2k in a month and not had a penny winnings fair enough i thought win some lose some so the next month i put in £300 and played tomb raider where i won just over £1000 which i carried on to play in till it got low then i withdrew £690 so next day checked to see if it had cleared in to my account nothing so 2 days later checked again nothing so signed in to spin palace to check if it had gone from there and indeed there was not reversible money in there so i contacted them via live chat and asked them when it would be cleared to my bank they said with 3 working days as it had cleared there systems so waited till the next day which was 4 working days where i found no money once again so contacted spin palace via live chat again where they told me the money had been reversed back to the casino account so i checked the casino account no money so asked them where it was and they told me it had been played at 11am the day before on multiple games which i knew for a fact that i had not reversed or played the money so they told me to contact via email where i got a email telling me they couldn't find any withdrawal for £690 and that if it wasn't on the system it wasn't won so i have a screenshot history so i have the proof that it was taken out so they then replied it was reversed and played on tomb raider so first it was multiple games now its just one so i said that and i was told in the next email that it was played on poker and blackjack when i don't even play poker never have im with 4 other casinos that can clearly tell you that Ive never played it so anyway i write a massive complain to them and i got back a email saying not our problem you spent the money good day we will not be looking into this any further so shows i have the proof and the truth about the fact of the money they are a lying cheating company and police and other company's will be looking in to this matter as i said i know have a employe who is willing to tell the police things that he has been told to do at his job which inc stealing money from the bonus and fixing the system so it will only pay half or a quarter of what it should so will have to wait and see what the police will say i am give you this info so that i am the only one that gets stung and by this review you should see that they are a bad casino but want more prove play them your self and see yourself get burnt i have played with this casino for 1 year now and i have had nothing but problems getting money out odds are incorrect pay line not paying what they should you name it ive had it but when my money is stolen and they try to blame me this whats gonna happen spin palace you know who i am feel free to contact me giving me back my £700 as i promised i will be posting this on every review site i can find also will be starting a Facebook page for other people to show they bad experience as you call it

brendan on February 15, 2013. Reply

wow how i was dreading receiving my $1660 (30 deposit) after reading some of this forums testimonials.
my withdrawal took 4 days (i am in australia) to reach bank account.the 24/7 online support was fantastic,allaying some fears i had after reading some of your codswallop.
fantastic site.stay away from bonuses .nothing is for free.i play mainly table games but had a small crack at the slots and won 600 after 4 spins.go down to your local slot shop and it is the same-luck,luck.luck. i give this site 10/10

dave on February 15, 2013. Reply

I played at spin palace and won.after reading reviews I got really worried about not getting paid out.I judged them to early,I got my money after 3 days.I can only go by my experience with spin palace which has been good.

Gillian on February 7, 2013. Reply

Will not be usig this site again and I recommend anyone to stay away from it – after submitting proof of identitiy 3 months ago i am still waiting for my winnings. Will be taking the matter further.

william byrne on February 7, 2013. Reply

i deposited £1.400.00 wich was successful i then played the slots i won £4.000.00 of wich i played a further £1.500 leaving £2.500 wich i have tried to withdraw that was 4 weeks ago sent all relevant documentation still no luck i do not think i have a cat in hells chance of ever seeing these winnings or even my original deposit. be warned.

Kman krautzman on February 1, 2013. Reply

Ok I hear alot of people whining that Spin Palace is a scam , a waste of money , too slow to pay out etc etc. And then other people who are 'extremely' happy with their experience.
Number one rule of gambling is what? If you can't afford to lose your money , then don't gamble it in the first place. Second rule is? The house always wins! So to a degree it is rigged.
Whom after some digging I found this at the very bottom of their website in almost illegible print colour and font size .
A member of The Palace Group that is managed by Bayton Ltd (C41970) a Maltese Registered company with registered address at Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta Xbiex XBX1011. Bayton Limited is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta LGA/CL1/376/2007 and LGACL3/376/2007.
A simple search of the Maltese Company Register verifies these details and nothing else.
Now please let me regale you as to my personal experience with Spin Palace Online Casino.

I'm located in Australia and received from Spin Palace an email advising me of my account details with Spin Palace , using my full legal name.
Now here's the thing. I have never used , browsed or signed up for an account with Spin Palace or any of its affiliate companies. After attempting to contact via phone and email Spin Palace to have my details deleted and to discover how they obtained my data in the first place , all calls were never connected and all email correspondence was bounced back as undeliverable by the server due to it not existing. In other words the usual scam site practices.
Now being the industrious person that I am , I then called my friend at the Australian Federal Police and discussed issues with him. I also spoke to a friend that consults to the U.S Department of State and the FBI for online security and espionage prevention. (Handy people to know eh?)
They both responded to me with very similar reports as the company behind this site and the gist was that they are currently under investigation for in several countries for aiding in money laundering schemes amongst other things. So yeah they are probably acting as a front for organised crime and dabbling in online scams.
Because most reputable companies are based and registered solely in Malta right?
You have been warned.

You have been warned

Lesley on February 1, 2013. Reply

I won at Spin Palace Casino 15 days ago and have not yet received my winnings. They told me they were waiting for my deposits to clear. My last deposit was 16 days ago, and it hasn't yet cleared?? that is total bull. I have sent emails and made phone calls and chatted to on line agents, who I might say were quite rude. My last email, they didn't even bother to answer. I will never put a dime in this site again, as of now I do not trust them and feel I will never see my winnings.

Yvonne Brooks on February 1, 2013. Reply

I made three deposits today for a total of 134.00, when i tried to make one more, it wasn't working and i knew that was not right and was odd. I logged into my cc account number to see they took unauthorized funds from me, In fact there were 8 charges on my visa card by these people, now they have me waiting and i am shocked and feel like i have totally been robbed!

taz on February 1, 2013. Reply

so…as a regular user of online casion slots I saw an advert for spin palace and signed up. I deposited £100 and got £100 bonus. No where during that process was I asked if i actually wanted the bonus. Why wouldnt I want the bonus I hear you ask? Well…somewhere in the small print (and certainly not visible on registration) the £100 bonus money means I have to spin 30x that amount BEFORE I can make ANY withdrawl – that incoudes my own original stake of £100. That means just on the bonus money and at £1 a spin id have to sit on the damn thing and spin 3,000 times! It took nights and hours. In summary 1) i didnt want it but didnt have an option to say no. 2) The fact I couldnt withdraw my own money is a joke and maybe illegal?

Now…lets talk about withdrawl. I won some…eventually..and id spun enough to be able to withdraw. So…I withdrew. It said it should be in my paypal account within 4 working days. on the 4th day…nothing. I emailed them and spookily got an email asking for documents to verify myself. (this is on the day the money was due to me). I complained and asked why they hadnt asked for these immediatly I had made the withdrawl and i got a standard email stating the reasons why they ask for documents. they missed the point completely. anyway – i sent the documents within minutes. That was 4 days ago and ive now just got an email saying:

Your withdrawal has been successfully processed and is on its way to your account.

As part of our security procedures our financial service provider must approve this transaction and it may take between 3-7 working days to reflect in your financial account. We thank you for your patience.

Should you have any questions you can contact our support team using the details at the bottom of this e-mail.

Enjoy your play at Spin Palace

So…..4 days plus 4 days plus maybe 7 days = 15 WORKING DAYS (3 weeks worth) before I can get MY money. OUTRAGEOUS. THey are the worst online casion ive used and ive used a few like Sky and William Hill. ALL of these without exception pay immediately and money is in my account within a MAX of 3 days but usually next day.


Anonymous on January 17, 2013. Reply

Waiting 9 day's for a withdrawal to process, spoke to online chat and they assured me the funds were on the way, I ask for an explanation for the delay, they said they did not know, unacceptable, and still waiting…

Jasmine2 on January 13, 2013. Reply

Hi there, I don't understand Spin Palace at all
They make it so hard to withdraw I won £850.00
over a week ago and have sent 6 forms of identification
To proof who I am but still no payout …how can they get away with
All these complaints and still be allowed to trade? I am waiting to hear
From the regulator to find out what they can do for me. I have never had
So much fuss trying to get my winnings

Will Brampton on January 7, 2013. Reply

Hands down the best, Safest most reputable casino on the net, As a high roller I've gambeled 100's of thousands of dollars on the net, most other sites your are lucky if you win your deposit back then u have to be smart enought to cash before losing it all. At spin palace in the past 6 deposits I have cashed more than double my investment back, the last one $3600 from $1500 deposit. $2100 profit in one day exclusively on video slots. best on my list.

Stan on November 28, 2012. Reply

I read reviews and spin palace ranked well, it accepted Canadian players I decided to try it. I have been playing on spin palace for 2 years, I have made several withdrawl in excess of $2000.00 I have never had a problem. The first time you withdraw it takes a little time (they verify your information), but additional withdrawls are usually done within a few days.
I have not had any problems with this site and if you want to try online gaming I would recommend.

Jack on October 21, 2012. Reply

To people commenting that its not rigged you have got to be kidding me. No one knows for sure whether the software has been tampered with. There is no proper regulation or jurisdiction governing these casinos or software. A isle or location in the middle of nowhere with lax regulations does not cut it. We as the players only can band together and share our experiences regarding the quality and fairness of the payouts. All I know is from my experience something is not right. I never take bonuses as it is near impossible to meet the strict wagering requirements without going bust thanks to all their elaborately disguised terms and conditions. My current history with Spin Palace is absolutely bullocks. Over 40 deposits ranging from $30-$50 each with a cashout rule of 50%. So if I deposit $50 I will cashout at $75 or a bit more if I somehow get a bit lucky. However even trying to win such a meagre amount is nothing short of frustrating and bullsh1t. All I can see ia tiny wins that try to fulfill your RTP so the casino can drain your money whilst saying that your RTP is in line with the expected payouts. So in essence it like being stuck at the same balance then eventually you'll get a a stream of dry spins that suck up your balance faster than you can say WTF. Additionally free spins are so hard to obtain. I've spun over 500 spins on some slots without ever getting a free spin round. In that period the standard game never paid anything over 20x bet. So yep, that's $100 gone at minimum bet with absolute peanut's chance of winning. Repeat this same crap for 40 deposits and then its plain highway robbery. I don't how can anyone say you've just had a bad luck. Come on I aint asking for a million dollar jackpot let alone $10000 big win. Not even a few hundred. Just want a decent win once in a while that validates that old phrase "you win some you lose some", however I'm guaranteeing theres only a tiny fraction of winners which the casino will promote in order to portray an winning image of their casino and software. But what people dont realise is that these same people probably lost 10x the amount that they won, not counting all the other losers who don't win a bloody dime. Just check out the profits of these casinos. Yes we know casinos ain't built on winners, however if these machines or software are truly random why cannot I experience a period of winning or even one simple win. I'm sure its just variance at play, however I'm just stuck on the bad side. How typical. And for all the casino shills here something for you, is variance playing at 10 different casinos with 10 deposits on 10 different games and not being able to win anything more than a 15x bet over 300 spins? If that's variance then these slots and casinos can piss right off. I've had enough of losing, I suggest anyone who doesn't want to feel the frustration and absolute mental devastation to never play at this all other online casinos, especially Microgaming based casinos until they have been officially regulated in your country, because until you'd only be left with an empty bank account and knee deep in debt.

trevor on May 12, 2015. Reply

So true in what you have said i strongly believe the games are rigged and your account is manipulated they suck you in and then bleed you dry this casino would have to have the worst paying games ever
Impossible to win free games and impossible to build on your deposit or meager winnings if you do win something decent i can guarantee it will take it all back within minutes
100% rigged games for sure

Donna cornwill on October 4, 2012. Reply

I have been playing spin palace for a little while. Whilst I don't play too much I haven't had any problems with the site staff or receiving any winnings. Seriously stop playing and go back to reading the terms and conditions before you go pouring hard earned money on line!!! I do not except the bonus money because when or if I win I want the money without hassles… I don't think it matters how you gamble money, obviously you are excepting the possibility of losing it!!! We are all in it with hopes of a win… Read conditions and stop whining.

Andre on October 4, 2012. Reply

On Sep.28/12 Spin Palace repaced their Keno game with a new version. I tried playing it and it really sucks. The numbers come up painfully slow and it never hits anything. I have never played such a piss poor Keno game in my life. I am fairly confident that there is some unfair practises going on at SPC.

frank b on September 25, 2012. Reply

before anybody dishes spin palace you better have a real look out there in gambling land. I've played at them all and for many years and for many of thousands of dollars. OK so if you don't ilke spin palace go else where try NET software casinos ,or rtg software casinos are some playtech casinos those casinos you will get nothing or get scammed everytime you'll play at them how i know this ive seen it and done it. betsson group of casinos utter ripp off, mansion group of casinos complete utter ripp off, I've played at spin palace group for 12 years ,they are probably the number one casino or group on the net bar none on the net, Casino rewards group second and well the are are a couple others but they fall way back. The problem todays online gaming is that 3 quarters of the online casinos are hurting something fierce ,so when you play at them with hardly any players playin at them ,your chances of winning are basically nil. Take a look at spin palaces winners list then go look at at every other online casino on the net ,you wont find another list even close to the winners paid at spin palace casino anywhere . Bottom line is people spin palace by FAR is the best online casino in the world. It's as simple as that. I don't lie im here to give my advice

frank bayuk on September 25, 2012. Reply

Spin palace is not a scam i've been playin at that group for 12 years , never had any issues regarding anything , they even put up with my temper. i've won money there and withdrew there also. no hassles at all. I get a little irate at people just saying crap , if anybody here thinks sipn palace is a rip off or scam you haven't played anywhere else have you. go play at redflush after 50 deposits of nothing and if you even won would you get paid hmmm or go play at net software casinos, lose 18,000 dollars of absolutely nothing and tell me they aren't a scam and no bonuses and for all you idiots out there no its not called a bad run or unlucky it's called a rip off . Spin palace bar none is the best casino and group online today no other group comes close NOBODY. net software , rtg , rival and even playtech have become a joke . look at spin palaces winners list it embarrasses winners lists of any casino online.

kurt on September 20, 2012. Reply

Sadly i have won 2700 and went throu the whole 30x wager thing and came out with 2400 . So im kinda lucky to get this far and can withdraw . It says reversable and tomorow it will be 48hrs after i withdrew
Im hopeing that it arive but not sure now im exspecting to get some sort of problem after erading this damit

Will update and will fight im sure we al can make a dent in these guys

What conrty is this company run from who are the owners?

Stephen Connor on September 20, 2012. Reply

Have been playing at this casino for a few years now, as with all casinos you take the gamble of winning and losing your money. For me I enjoy the game play for my hard earned cash and in the last few months playing here I have came to the conclusion all is not right with this casino.
I have just played approx 500 plus spins at £1 per spin and on my last spin got the the feature for the first time out of all my play, on the feature I got £4. Now I dont mind losing as thats part of the deal but the game play at this casino has gone from bad to worse and then some.
Secondly I dont like it when their support staff pop up on screen to ask if I need any help to deposit or want a bonus if I deposit more money, if I need or wanted assistance I would ask for it. As for myself I am not going to play here anymore as I have said something is not right with this casinos gameplay.

adoba on September 11, 2012. Reply

do not play at this casino! having deposited 200£ i received a bonus, which I phoned to ask to be reversed – along with any other bonus made in the future. Fine they said. I then deposited more money and played away – making ~12,000. Once I decided to withdraw this money I was told that it had been confiscated due to me breaking 'bonus' rules of wagering >30% of the bonus at any one time – it turns out they sneakily added a bonus to my account! Firstly – i understand you need to have a 'play through' amount to make bonuses 'fair' – but only 30% at a time to gamble, this is crazy. Secondly, i was misslead as i was told no bonus would be added to my account. Third, I was playing on my mobile – there are NO T&Cs on the mobile app – even the promotions section does not refer to any T&Cs…. NOT HAPPY

Ken on September 1, 2012. Reply

Adding to my last post : Spin palace got back to me and said there is nothing they can do = 0 out of 10 . What kind of site , one that isn't being paid by the casinos , rates a casino highly when it can't follow a games rules ? Sure , I made a mistake , but 3 card poker you must match your ante bet . Obviously i've left this site . I hope this is an isolated thing , but if at least one person avoids getting ripped off by reading this : great !

Ken on August 25, 2012. Reply

This casino had good reviews , when i looked before online . Was not having much success (that's gambling !) but had about $92 . Had played 3 card poker and logged on to play again , this time on a different version . Clicked on a $50 dollar bet , my error as i wanted 50 cent bet , but how could it let me put that "ante" if you need to match it to play a hand ?? $50 from $92 left $42 for a bet = it should not have allowed it . Even if it was a great hand ( it was 10 , 4 , 3 figures lol ) i'm sure it wouldn't have allowed me to bet = ?? Chatted to them online , from when the cards were dealt and was told they could do nothing . I folded the hand . It was then i realized it shouldn't have allowed me to play – yes , my error – so got the chat back up and was told the issue has been sent to technical department . That is how it stands now . The remaining money was chewed up , as usual , and will wait to see what happens . The games seem very well made , but even before this event , the payouts were poor . Sad to see these reviews here AFTER seeing good ratings prior to giving them a shot . Result to my issue pending : this site gets a 3 out of 10 right now .

jasmine lucini on August 7, 2012. Reply

i havent played with them for a while but i played today and deposited 40 dollars with 60% match up and i was playing adventure palace and i was doing 2cents 90 bets and it ate it like in 10 mins and i went to 45cents bets on 1cent and then it did the same again and i asked if they could even give some credits back but nope they wouldnt.i do not recommend this casino.its the worst casino ive played at..when i was playing it mainly spun and gave nothing and then might give 45 cents here and there. ridiculous.i want my money back . waste of time. i want my money back and i would rather put it in a casino that has fair play as it usually last me that much for a while.

Frank La Verdi on July 30, 2012. Reply

I deposit 200.00 and win 55,000.00. I watch as my cash outs in Work in Progress so I go only line. They immediately switch me from one agent to another, then I wait a few minutes while the account is be investigated. Then they tell me that because I exceeded 30% per bet of $ 25.00 bonus they are confiscating the $ 55,000.00. They said they refunded my deposit and bonus which was done two days earlier. SO if I exceeded the bonus, why were my deposits a " work in progress" They were never going to paid me and hoped I would continue to put money into my account on the deception that the winnings were coming to me. Absolute highway robbery by them. Never notified, don't even remember claiming a bonus. Never again.

Kathy on July 16, 2012. Reply

This casino is a rip off, seriously….I would advise anyone to stay away, it does not matter how you deposit you will have to beg and beg and beg to get your winnings, so far it has been 3 weeks since I won and they keep coming up with excuse after excuse to not pay me and this is after I proved to them that my deposits have cleared…seriously screwed up….

rkos on July 6, 2012. Reply

I have been a member of spin palace casino for the past three years or so. I have to admit that I was suscessfull on my withdrawals on winnings with no hassle. However I know how this casino use to work, you loose some and then you come back and win some, as of today, im thinking twice about spin palace casino as I believe that after you have lost and you come back another time to try and win something, it starts off good, multiple winnings and bonuses come quickly, however twice I have noticed this that after meeting a certain amount , all winnings stops as though somebody runs to the programming and blocks you from escalating to any more winnings, this is the second time they left me empty, as though they are just taking money from you.You normally would win back at least three quarter of what you have loose to spin palce. I have'nt reached half of what I have lost previously and the game take a big sour run and takes back all. In my opinion I'm being led to believe that they can rig the games and shut you down from winning when they so choose.

In short, spin palace does not seem to be as fair and reputable as before. I did’nt mind loosing some of my money, after all you are taking a chance and in gambling you loose or you win, but the fact that they are not giving you back a fair percentage of your lost money when you go back after a loss is total a rip off now. I lost an average $2000.00 USD last time I played, which was last week. Today I went back and tried to gain at least half of that from total deposits of $260.00 USD, I reached a total of $750.00 USD including my deposit and then the game thunder struck 2 took a sour turn. I have been playing this game quite frequently for the last two months or so. This is twice i’m experiencing this, back to back, now im afraid to go make a deposit and try get back some of my money, as I know a online casino makes a percentage off your deposits and losses and gives you back the rest, but this has become ridiculous now, as though they are stopping your winnings and taking back a bigger percentage, last I checked spin palace had a 97.8 % pay back, now I don’t trust them. I once rated them very highly, but that’s not the case anymore. Its best you work hard and save your money, because I believe the operators there now can go to the programming and stop your winnings when they see you are starting back to win.

Further more, I believe that there is tampering going on with your players account, by this I mean if the staff is able to credit your players account with free spins on game sometimes and award you cash bonus from time to time, I believe they can alter your game play when playing and winning , Im just so upset after I had two dissapointing rounds of losses with them. Spin palace needs to be fair to players all the time and their staff as well. I wont recommend them to any one any more, was going to, but I stand for whats fair and reliable. In all they are not as good as before, they have changed along with staff who are not doing the right thing.

Chris on July 6, 2012. Reply

I should have listened to previous reviews regarding this casino. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL multiplied by millions! Deposited $100 with a deposit bonus 100% yeah, that's fine but I did not want to be held back with having to wager 30 times before the funds are not restricted.
Lost the $100 and also lost the bonus $100. Yeah thats fine! It's a casino! It happens. Deposited another $100.
25% bonus with it. OK Thanks! Tried a different game and lost all the amount again. The games look great and the deposit via visa is instant. So 1 more deposit to try my luck before I can say good bye to this awful casino. Deposited $120 with what was suppose to be straight forward just like my other transactions. It was suppose to come with 50% extra bonus.
THE SERVER TIMED OUT!!!! Spin Palace took my deposit from my visa but has not landed on my spin palace account!
Contacted live help. The online help is no good. I'm still waiting for a reply as to when my funds will be sent back to me. They're answers are poor! Below is an excerpt from the end of the chat conversation.

Sam: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime. We are here to help. Good-bye.
Sam: To close this chat please select the orange "close" button on the top right hand side of the window.
Chris: "Chris I will be in contact with you as soon as I have a resolution for you " That is not an answer. It does not tell me a time nor a date you will be in contact with me
Sam: I cannot provide you with a time frame,


This site is horrible with service and deposits will time out AFTER they have taken the funds from your bank account. Good luck and happy punting. Try to avoid this place. It isn't a palace.

brian on July 6, 2012. Reply

The place is a con I won 5900 and after sending all my I'd and information they decided to tell me they can't pay me because of irregularities in game play how can u get irregularities from playing on the slots they then confiscated my winning and put my 100pounds back in2 my account I will b contacting the gaming commision and getting them shut down

sarge on June 18, 2012. Reply

ok where to start, gambling we all no some times you win some you lose. I did alot of homework with this casino ,taped alot of things that ar just not right, like iv seen the 2ed wheel on slot hit befor first ( help i think its on ur end) iv been playing at spin plal for 1m have not got anythink but i got some go vids where i put money on 1 thought to 35 and it went 36 , 36 , 0 , 36, 0, 0 it was lucky i tapping at the time (help i think its on ur end) The multi slots they must been the biggest scam flying around got the spin like 8 times in 1 day (went hard) in them 8 we didnt even get a 3 of a kind so we talking like close to 90 spins the only think i hit was my monitor there so much more go have a look your self you will see what i mean its a scam on the next lvl. lil test for u try win 4 hands in a row on blackjack( help i think its on ur end ) i say stay away far away they will rob you

Mags Staley on May 19, 2012. Reply

Well, having only played about $10 I won a $24,000 jackpot. How could this be real I thought. Nah, so just kept playing. Then I noticed the chat button and pressed it to start talking live to someone wherever they were. I told them I had just won $24,000 in the Jackpot and was it real and they said yes. My heart was pounding cos I have never won that much money before in my life but thought it was just a scam. IT WAS NOT!!! You will be asked to prove your address, submit this document and that document, and perhaps a month to six weeks later you will receive your cheque. I did, as promised. Probably better to open up a visa credit card so deposits can be made within 48 hours. After I cashed the first cheque, my odds of winning went down considerably so expect to lose some money for a while after you have won. I think the system knows that you have won and will try to recup back before paying you well again. Just a personal opinion though … may not be true. As a person that lives in Australia, better odds and wins than on the pokies at the casinos!!!

Victoria on May 15, 2012. Reply

A response to James.
This is exactly what happened to me. They confiscated my winnings of $5,000 for the same reasons. But earlier in the session, I already lost $2,000 and deposited another $500. I played the roulette and tried to withdraw the money, which I was told I cannot do unless the bonus funds which I was entirely unaware of , had some conditions attached to it. I was advised to play on the slots because, I was told it was faster–I have the transcript of my conversations with their live support. They reviewed my game activity and they did not find anything unusual about it. The encouraged me to gamble further on the slots, which I did even if I was too reluctant to lose back my winnings. I am very disappointed and I lost trust on the system. However, I intend to take this matter to ECOGRA after the mandatory 2-week period had passed. Please pursue the same avenue. ECOGRA must know about this 'irregularity' in my view.

Danielle on May 15, 2012. Reply

Well I've lost a bit of money in the last few weeks you just can't win anything .I will be closing my account ASAP .

James on May 3, 2012. Reply

In my opinion this casino is a total con and should be avoided at all costs, In my 10 years in playing online casinos, I have won money and lost money, thats how it goes and it has always been fair, until i made the big mistake of depositing at spin palace casino on Saturday Morning.

So i depoisted £1,000 followed by £1,300 , I automatically got a " bonus " on both deposits, all i wasnted to do was place a few large bets at roulette, If i won great if i lost not so good, But i had these ridiculas wagering requirements where only 8% of my bet counted , In fairness whilst i didnt think it was very fair i guess its my own stupid fault for not reading or paying attention so i played on, I was playing large money on single numbers and had 1 spin where i just bet on red and black, Stupid i know but i was just messing about, anyway i though no more of this and then went onto slots where 100% of my wagering counted towards the bonus, i didnt want to play slots but had to meet the wagering requirements, anyway in the end i smashed through the wagering requirements with ease and withdrew the £5,000 i had accumalated, I had the normal E-mail ID which was no problem, However a day later i get an e-mail saying the following:

Following a review of your account, we have identified that you are in breach of the casino’s standard Terms.

Please refer specifically to the following clause:

Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming, equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting, shall all be considered irregular gaming for bonus play-through requirement purposes. Other examples of irregular game play include but are not limited to, placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to their account until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met. Should the Casino deem that irregular game play has occurred, the Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.

Now this was due to the one bet, which didnt affect me going over the wagering requirements on roulette where i placed a bet on both red and black, I clearly deposited a decent ammount of money and was not in anyway playing to take advantage of their bonus

I strongly urge anyone to avoid this casino, In my opinion its a big con, Ive played with probably hundreds of online casinos and all of them untill now have been genuine and fair

I am of course seeking legal advice on this but who knows i think i have proabably just been totally ripped off, Now they expect me to wager this money again before withdrawing even my initial depoist which i have no intention of doing

Lee from england on April 19, 2012. Reply

Hello mate I'm gotta find out about something hope u can help!! I'm a member of spin palace Casion and I recently won and there rules r when u withdrew ur winnings thay go into a holding account!! Which I new about and fine with!!
Coz thay want u too reverse ur winnings bk too them!!
Anyways I withdrew 6000 pound on thursday.. I have photos of every win I took out!!
So anyways I played again and won more money!! So I msg them on live chat system Friday asking them when my funds b arriveing into my account (I have photo of that as well) so the spin palace member said well done on ur winnings of 10,000 pound!! And ur winnings will leave ur holding account in 48hrs at some point over the weekend!
So by Saturday the funds Sud have left there holding account!!! I won 20,000 in all and thay said I reversed it all but I fort that the funds from thursday would have left but thay kept them in there!! (I think u have to ask that to happen) and I dident ask them!!! So have got a case too fight!! Coz the funds did not have been there!! I fort that was overall balance showing as the 6000 plus Sud have been sent to my card!! Please advise me thank u

Lee on April 19, 2012. Reply

I won a few times with spin palace and that paid!! On one win I reversed most of my winnings. But I got down to my last 400 and I wanted to revers that but thay said the 48hr pending time was up so I couldn't reverse the 400!!
So This week I won 20,000 pound and reversed the lot I fill sick!! What I need too know is I withdrew 6000 on Thursday at 20:12pm and I officly add to wait 48hr for the 6000 to leave my account!!! I dident revers most of the winnings till Sunday around 19:30pm so why was my funds still in my account!! As I say I fort the 6000 would have left the holding account by then!! But that said I used them!! Can I fight this coz? I withdrew the funds and thay dident keep to there word and send them too my account after the 48!!! Surly thay cnt leave it in there!! And thay only give me a 100 pound good will jester!! As any 1 else had this problem? Coz that 6000 I reversed Sud have left the holding account and I would never have reversed it

Jes on April 4, 2012. Reply


They give you a non optional bonus (Yes it sounds good you think) that you need to wager 30x to get a chance to withdraw any money and tons of the games you only get a little % of the bet you make towards the wager!

Bunch of scammers in my opinion write it on your front page.

Nicky on March 13, 2012. Reply

So far I'm a bit iffy about Spin Palace, in total since I started playing i've wagered $1200 and last week won just over $18 000.00 I've chosen to cash out $16 000.00 that is obviously GREAT! I've submitted all my documents and received an email confirming approval and that my withdrawal will be processed next business day, which is today, the email also states that if you win more than 5 times of the lifetime deposits they will only pay you in increments of $4000 per week, I've been scammed by online casinos before so I thought I'd try my utmost to find out how to get past this, been on online chat 3 times since the email, the first time I spoke with someone who said it was casino terms & conditions and that there was nothing I could do about it but wait, the next day I thought I'd go online chat again and see if I could get a different casino rep. this time I spoke to someone who said that if I had my winnings paid back into my visa I used at the casino I'd get $4000 every 48hours, obviously I thought that was much better, well today I thought I'd go on one last time to confirm, I got the same person i spoke to the first time who was not too helpfull and kept referring me to the casino terms & conditions, i mentioned to him that the terms state that it is up to management discretion to do this and that I'd like to speak to a manager he wouldnt help and said they wouldnt be able to assist me either. I explained what I was told the previous day but was told that he didnt know where this person got the info he gave me. I am now really confused and unsure, lucky I copied & pasted the last 2 chats that prove the person saying every 48hrs and then the contradicting chat. I dont know if I should send them an email and copy & paste the chat for them to see or do i just wait???

John Grills on March 2, 2012. Reply

I just want to check if other people are actually winning on this site. I know that you play at your peril and are not gaurenteed to win. I have been playing for 2 months now ( returned after a year) I play 20 per day and play break the bank again. In the period mentiond I have had small wins but never any withdrawls. Maybe once I got up to over 100, and made a withdrawl. I just want to see if I am maybe playing the wrong games. The other games are Centre court and Avalon.

johnjohn on February 24, 2012. Reply

Brendan, you can rest asured that if you’re entitled for any winning at Spin Palace then you will get it. It’s no bogus site and I consider it to be among the better online casinos out there.
People stating otherwise are either sore losers or (worse) people who didn’t even care to read the terms before betting real money.
I’ve been a player there for over 6 years and never had a problem getting my money.

brendan meenan on February 22, 2012. Reply

hi got lucky on spin palace on 11th feb, all documentation approved 16thfeb, however its 21st now and no sign of my winnings yet. freaking me out as some of my friends reakon this is a bogus site.

Jennifer on February 6, 2012. Reply

Spin Palace shares private credit card information with it's affiliates. I signed up a new account at Mummy's Gold and was immediately flagged as having a "different name" on my credit card. This was of course my maiden name. Spin Palace was the only casino that had this information. When I asked Mummy's Group about it, they denied it through and through, but couldn't explain how they had this information on file…. They just said it's a note on our file… Total scammers, liars and cheats. I also sent a complaint to eCOGRA who hasn't even bothered to get back to me… Be very weary about giving the palace group or any of it's affiliates your credit card information as they illegally share it.

Getting Scammed by Spin Palace on January 4, 2012. Reply

As a regular player at a Casino on the Web, I recieved a promotional free $10 cd in the mail from a different casino.. This casino was SPIN PALACE CASINO. I thought, what the heck, I'll try this free $10.As I was nearing the end of my free $10 and not really winning anything, I started winning on a game called Summer Vacation. I cashed out $300, and recieved an e-mail stating I could only cash out $100 in accordance with their bonus terms of use. So I looked at their terms of use and they were right. In the e-mail they said I would still recieve my $100 and the rest would be confiscated. I was still happy about this. When I registered my card to withdraw to my account they would not give me an option to enter my bank information, bank account numbers, transit numbers ect. So, I logged back into the casino again and went on live chat and explained to them that they need my checking acct information to deposit my winnings in my acct. The chat rep took all of this info and said it would be sent to the financial department. I waited still a work in progress, so, I phoned directly to the consierge at their toll free number and he informed me that I had to send in a picture of a valid drivers and a paper proving my address. I obliged him and sent this information to them and went back to chat and was assured my cashout would happen within 48 hours.About 60 hrs. later I checked with live chat and they said I had to send in my banking information, and I told him I would send it again, but, this time I would send it directly by e-mail to the department of finance with their casino via a reply to their first and only e-mail to me.I recieved a reply that stated that our finance department does not work weekends so I will have to wait until Mon for the funds to be released. I will wait , but I am really feeling scammed now as I cashed out on the 22nd Dec 2011 and they have had all my info a few day after this. I believe they are simply stalling and have not found a legitimate way to foil my withdrawl.
As a business major educated in Administration, with business law class ect, I will give anyone the heads up of what to look for with this casino in advance.
1. Make sure you can register your bank card info at the time of withdrawl, if not ask them for an e-mail to send it to the right department. Talk to chat and keep printed copies of all communications with them-meaning when you are done chatting with them print a copy of your conversation.
2.Chat with representatives instead of phone calls as they can deny what was talked about in the call, a live chat gives you the paper trail for court and they can't deny this.
3. Use e-mail as much as possible for communication as they will respond to your e-mail that they have recieved this.More undeniable proof.
4.. When using Live Chat, ask for their legal name and address- they will type this for you-Also more proof for legal action.
5. Don't be scared to spend a few minutes or a few hours on the net reporting what they are doing to you as this may cost them millions in customer money when their casino is searched by new customers on the web and the word scam comes up by past customers by their respective casino name.
5.Even if they lose 100 new customers from your legitimate complaint, it's worth alot more to them than the $100 I haven't been paid so far.Maybe they will want to clear their name honestly
6.Go to as many blacklist sites as you can report their abuse of you.

Spin Palace Casino in my opinion is a fraud, and I believe the people that work for them are there to find ways to not pay you as they are possible on salary and will 10%-15% of what they steal from you as a commission. Don't play here as I believe they are not on the up and up business side of fair gaming and fair play.

Chantel Warren on January 4, 2012. Reply

Bad very untrust worthy .There are false informed facts that spin palace currently has on there website .1.You can choose between a cheque being posted or couriered to the address you supplied the casino with when registering. There are no charges for a cheque sent by ordinary mail. Courier fees will depend on your location and are deducted from your withdraw amount. Courier cheques over £1,000 are couriered free of charge.Winnings up to the value of your credit card, Neteller, Ezipay, Moneybookers, ClickAndBuy, Click2Pay or EcoCard. Deposits will be credited to your credit card, Neteller, Ezipay, Moneybookers, ClickAndBuy, Click2Pay or EcoCard accounts. Additional winnings will be paid out to you by check or bank transfer – whichever you prefer. Well if your a canadian citizen you dont have a choice only bank transfer they dont send cheques to canada anymore either by post or by courior .This is a very important fact to update Ithink more important then the winners that they update everyday on there website .Its been a few months now that they havent been able to send cheques to Canada.As a Canadian player I should have been informed of the change way before the change occured and there website shouldnt have false misleading information especially about withdrawls at a casino . TandC was updated on Sept 12 2011 on there website And I believe this change of not sending cheques to Canada happened in Aug 2011 so it wasent updated then .I know its updated everday for recent winneres so why not important information like they dont send cheques to canada anymore .

Welcome to exceptional gaming

VIP status at The Palace Group guarantees membership to an exclusive club of privileged players.
If you are currently a VIP anywhere else send us confirmation of your status and we will grant you immediate membership to our VIP programme.

The Palace Group’s VIP players enjoy red carpet treatment unmatched by any other casino. Join us and find out why our VIP membership is so highly coveted.

E-mail our dedicated support team today and make the most of now.

Jennifer Maguire on December 16, 2011. Reply

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me? i wagered £20 at Spinpalace a few days ago and won £1200!! I was really pleased with the win as I dont normally come out on top at casino's. I am now worried that I will not get paid out and if I do it wont be in time for xmas. I have sent all my ID over eg. driving licence, bank Statement and a copy of my debit card but someone on customer services has told me that they will more than likey want a copy of a previous debit card that I registered with back in January but the problem is that that card is lost and the one I deposited with this time was the replacement card. They said send over a copy of the card statement but the card is a debit card from my bank account and my bank account statement does not show the number of the card just who received payment. I am so worried as I have told my kids that they will be having a good xmas and promised them stuff I wouldn't normally afford. Does anybody know of this happening to anybody else? I would just like to say that I am not saying the casino is a scam because all might turn out well but I will be utterly devastated if dont receive the money for xmas or even at all from some of the comments I have read on here.

leogets on November 25, 2011. Reply

Bottom line is don't join or invest money with spin palace casino. They automatically without your consent drop this Promotional Gift or Bonus on you whether you want it or not. Once you get this attached to your account you have to meet the terms and conditions attached to it before you can withdraw from your account. Which are "The Welcome Bonus is then subject to 30 times playthrough before it may be withdrawn" or For that matter any winnings to be withdrawn. Do you believe it, spin palace have been awarded the eCOGRA Safe & Fair certificate according to their About Us page. FAIR my ass. Fair would be to give the person wanting to join with them the right to CHOOSE to except or decline ANY Protional Gifts, Bonuses or for that matter any gifts of any $ amounts, etc… WITHOUT HAVING THEM FORCED ON TO YOU.

Withheld on November 15, 2011. Reply

I can understand why they have to check ID ( For money laundering purposes). I can also understand why they have a playthrough on bonuses ( Standard casino fare). I can also accept having to wait for a week or so to get paid. I just cashed out $30,000 from a $100 initial deposit. Spin palce is the ONLY casino i will ever play. I don't work for them and you can take what i say at face value. All I can say is a big thank you to them.I would rather play with them that at any land based casino anytime.Im Canadian by the way if anyone cares.

Darn (Canada) on October 25, 2011. Reply

I attempted my first withdrawl from Spin Palace on Sept 6/11. I deposited with Instadebit but was told it is not a withdrawl method. I opted for a cheque. It arrived at the end of September from a company called IPS, which operates out of Quebec. It promptly bounced. Because of the cheque bouncing, it in turn caused one of my mortgage payments and my insurance payment to bounce as well. Fees racked up. I called Spin Palace and was told that they had cancelled all cheques to Canada. Nice of them to inform those of us with cheques already issued. Each time I contact Spin Palace they request my banking info. I spoke with my bank and was forbidden to give my banking info to a company that cannot handle a measley $334.00 payment. After countless emails and repeated requests for my bank info, I was told to deposit with a Visa card, and could then withdraw the deposit plus my winnings. I called Visa and they confirmed that this would not be a problem. I deposited, and when I tried to withdraw was told by Spin Palace that my Visa card was NOT an option. They want a Visa card linked to my bank account, and oh, surprise, also the full bank account info. I am at a loss and guess I'll just write it off as a bad decision to play on this site.
My only other option is to sue the company that issued the cheque in Small Claims court. Then maybe they can get it from Spin Palace. Anyone else receive a fraudulent cheque?

HenryH on October 13, 2011. Reply

@Angry Player
The classic story: Player wants to play, player signs up and plays, player is surprised by the fact that there are rules, player is angry.

Sorry mate but if you'd read the Terms before then you'd probably know that at nearly every casino there are wagering requirements to consider and that certain games count or don´t count towards the fulfillment of such requirements.

Angry Player on October 13, 2011. Reply

An absolute scam!!! Don't ever play here! Don't ever!

They will give you a bonus, and then you will have to wager 30x that!! I was given a 50 dollar bonus, and turned my investment into $400, only to realize that if i play roulette i would need to turn that into $20,000 to make a withdrawl! F*ck you spin palace! I hope this place gets shut down and soon!

Humidor on September 25, 2011. Reply

I've been playing for a number of years and have had no problem with getting payments for my winnings(I request cheques). That is, until August, where I've been attempting to get paid for $1400 worth of payments. Apparently, the Canadian Banks won't honour the cheques sent out for payments. They are resolving it by setting up direct deposit to your bank account. They have been very quick to respond to all my email inquiries around this issue.

marko on September 18, 2011. Reply

i reckon its one of the worst casinos out there . i played 24 quid on mermaids millions had a decent little run scatters bonuses etc eventually they pulled the plug and wins went down bonuses ceased etc ,i played another thirty a few bonuses scatters etc lost that put another 25 quid in biggest win 2 quid no scatters no bonus chests nothing and i can safely say i know the game if you dont get at least 4 or 5 bonuses for 25 quid its a poor game to receive zero was just a complete rip of .they either thought they were on the pigs back and i was going to keep reloading and losing or it was near midnight and they wanted to got to sleep .for me i will never play in there casinos again or in any casinos linked to them .

Nolan (Canada) on September 5, 2011. Reply

I've been playing at Spin Palace for about 2 years now. DO NOT accept the bonuses because the 30X play through is a killer. Sometimes when you deposit money it may automatically give you a bonus, if this happens just contact customer support BEFORE you make any wager and ask them to remove the bonus and opt you out of any future bonuses. You will have no problem playing and withdrawing actual money after this. On your first withdrawal or sometimes anything over $500 they will ask you for proof of address and a photo ID. I found this to be a hassle especially since they will gladly take your money no questions asked. I emailed them photos of my ID and utility bill and after a month I finally received my winnings of $1800 on a $100 deposit. Since then I haven't had any "problems" with Spin Palace and withdrawals are usually in my account within 4 business days (I use E-check! Its the best to use!). I win, I lose, that's gambling folks. I don't find I win or lose any more than at a brick and mortar casino. The trick is to know when to stop. Hope you all have fun out there, and good luck.

Russell Brodie on August 23, 2011. Reply

After the experience I had I would not recomend anyone using Spin Palce Casino when there are more professional sites out there such as William Hill, Paddy Power and Coral etc. Basically I joined up and declined the bonus offer but having found that I had got to £1500 could not withdraw anything. I then agreed with them over the telephone to play on until I had used up all of my bonus but the next day my account was closed when I was £700 in credit with only £30 bonus remaining. Their response was my £100 deposit money had been returned back to my card and my winings had been confiscated and there is nothing else we can do for you.

Mt advice is if your get in to any sort of problems whilst playing with Spin Palace Casino the customer service is very poor and really it is not worth the hassle.

kathy on August 20, 2011. Reply

I have been playing here for a few years now. I have nothing but GREAT words to say of this casino, won and lost , but enjoy it, customer service always available and very helpful..withdrawals flushed same day and paid next day into my acct…great great Casino..Happy Customer. 🙂

Greg on June 20, 2011. Reply

I have played at Spin Palace for approx 6 months now and I have made a number of withdrawls and yes from time to time there have been delays in getting the payment but all in all I have found Spin Palace live support to be very helpful. While at the time I was not that pleased with providng ID, Utility bills etc, the reasons were explained to me by live support and a timeframe was given to me and they did not exceed that timeframe, I have had no major issues with getting my withdrawls and I have enjoyed playing.

Jan on June 5, 2011. Reply

I love spin palace I have been playing there for over 4 years, I usually play every weekend. I have spent lots of money but have also withdrawn a lot of money last week I won $500, I get it transferred to my account by electronic transfer and it's always there within 4 days. My very first withdrawal did take quite along time I think it was weeks and I agree it was a hassle submitting all the documents, etc. but after that is all on file they are great! I had a big win last year and won $3,500 they transferred it to my bank account within 4 days.

GS on April 12, 2011. Reply

I think the "bonus" that you get at spin palace is a joke. Thirty times the bonus ammount MUST be bet BEFORE any withdrawl is made. That in effect ties up you initial deposit almost indefinately. If you play roulette, only 8% goes to "paying down" your bonus dollars…. So for example. You get a deposit bonus of 30 dollars. You must wager 900 dollars before any withdrawl can be made. On roulette that works out to roughly $10,800.00 to be wagered before you withdraw penny one. On a 30 dollar deposit….10,800 wagered before you can make withdrawl. Doesnt seem fair to me. Read the fine print kiddies! I think I'm wasting my time playing there and I will never get paid. If anyone has actually got a cheque or cash from this site please post it here…. thanks!

jason henry on April 12, 2011. Reply

well i won 700 dollars about a month ago and i wanted to sent it by fed ex and was willing to pay the 35 dollars for it to be sent then a week later they told they cant so i said well deposit to my bank account so they ask for my id and a uttillities bill and all the baking info so i sent them every thing the wanted and then my bank advised not to give this information because they can use it to take money out of your account without notifacation but i did and another week passed then they said they needed a blank cheque i said i dont have one i have a savings account then they asked me for my spouses checking information and my wife has nothing to do with me playing on their site so i say i wasent going to give anymore information and i told just send it in the mail this was 2 weeks ago the said they have to sent it to the payments department and when they get done with it and it gets approved they will issue a cheque now it been 2 weeks and i still have not heard from them about it being approved and they said it could take 7 – 21 business days to recive once it is sent i hear all these stories how fast payment was givin but i am thinking its just a scam and i tried to log on it wont let me im blocked ot of spin palace lol so beware people sounds good and is fun but i dont think you get money just fun play with a thought of getting money thats all u get then it a headache to get anything if u do win

DAVE (CANADA) on March 29, 2011. Reply

Hello all, I have again played at this wonderful casino and again i say i am proud to be a part of Spin Palace Casino ,I have made a few deposits and played again for a few days on a win a Spin Palace Casino, I am a very picky gambler and again i have won a small jackpot and say i am very happy with this Casino ,Thank you Spin Palace. My with draw funds have been received in record time to my bank account in less than 4 days .WOW ! Very impressed and a very happy Canadian Gambler at SPIN PALACE CASINO … THANK YOU DAVE , SASKATCHEWAN ,CANADA …

DAVE (CANADA) on February 26, 2011. Reply

Spin Palace is a great place i have been playing there for about 6 months now making deposits of 30.00 or better ,I have recently won on a 30.00 deposit without a bonus ,I manages to hit a small jackpot of about 200.00 than continued to play my way for a couple days all the way to 2800.00 just on slots ,I did cash out at 2,000.00 there was a couple errors on with drawing reasons were documents ,drivers ,credit card pictures for security,and other ,No problem sent it by email scan.Bank swift number Canada caused delay did not have one it is needed .2,000.00 echeck to my account 14 days done and confirmed.THANK YOU SPIN PALACE GROUP DAVE CANADA …

angela on February 8, 2011. Reply

NEVER EVER EVER play spin palace. You will NEVER WIN. You can barely play for 1/2 hour spending well over a hundred dollars and only betting one credit. LOST way too much money. and apparently, I always miss the special offers…hmmm sounds like a scam to me. I am contacting online gaming authorities. Yes, gambling is a losing game. but occasional wins happen-NEVER here. Please please tell me someone, have you EVER won? They are finding loop holes to appear on the up and up but they are totally a scam.

Sorbas on January 26, 2011. Reply

…..and that´s what the T&Cs are for. First read the terms – you don´t like the? – don´t play there.
By the way, all online casinos have a so called playthrough. What varies is the height.

John on January 26, 2011. Reply

Spin Palace – BIG SCAM !
I signed up with spon palce and spent around £50-70 , i won nearly double that. However when i try and withdraw they say i cant because i havent used my bonus. The bonus when i won the money was only £10. THESE BONUSES ARE SCAMS, YOU CANNOT WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY. If i deposited say £20 then i would have to gamble 30 times that figure to withdraw. Even if i want to withdraw real money.
Have played onlione casinos for years and never came across such a dirty scammy casino. I WILL BE TAKING THIS FURTHER. If you deposit real money you should be able to take real money out. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Very Angry customer on December 31, 2010. Reply

I initially deposiyed 40 dollars and made of $360. I have been getting the same lame excuses regarding my withdrawal i.e. utility bills, copy of both sides of the credit card, etc. I previously noted, they are preety happy for us to make a depoist but will not allow a withdrawla. What a scam Spin Palace!!!!!!!

glenn barron on December 3, 2010. Reply

yeh well pretty sure the casino is good to play but iv been waiting 16 days for my withdrawl still no money , got a email on 16th of november sayin i had been paid !!! and yeh negatory to that i got on the online help and asked every day , and everyday they said its 3 to 5 days waiting then on the 5th day its 7 days to wait then every day after that oh yeh u had week ends in there to so more days then when all the days run out they tell me it was processed and to give a bank statement , bank staement had been showed and proven and now they tell me to get onto my bank cuz they left a note sayin it had been processed so i goto onto my bank and they say there is no trace of anything coming in and dont know wats going on , so yeh great guns i have 750 dollars in winnings im still waiting on and cant get a straight answer out of anyone>>>>PLEASE HELP

Richard on November 20, 2010. Reply

Have been playing online with these recently and felt there was a slight oddity to the losing streaks I was having. One win would equate to many many loses. Emailing the casino I was assured that it was completely random, so played again. Once again had huge losing streaks following a single win. Just waiting on a small withdrawl (thats taking its time!) then will be closing my account and not returning.

Ruben on November 11, 2010. Reply

I have won 140 after putting 30 dollar deposit with 100% bonus, i wagered 300 times my bonus 30 dollars to be able to withdraw, and now they're asking me for back and front pictures of two debits cards, one for me and my partner and a letter saying she approves me using her card, with also identification of drivers license of both me and my partner, now this seems very strange and in all these comments im stretched between relising this is a scam for money and identification fraud or too it being a ligitimate process. One thing is certain tho, from party poker i have never recieved notice to provide evidence of this stature.

Angry costumer on August 7, 2010. Reply

Spin palace has the slowest withdraw system ever! All the other online casinos process you winnings within 24 hous. SP takes at least 3-8 days if lucky. And yes they have all my personal details, passport copy etc but it's allways the same.

itandean on July 13, 2010. Reply

Hi All,

Has anyone had any of their winnings confiscated? I won about AUD6000 after creating an account (deposited $950) and that is after satisfying the over complicated bonus turnover limit. After sending through my details to them to confirm withdrawal (several times), I finally recieved an email which told me that I breached some clauses:

Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming, equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting, shall all be considered irregular gaming for bonus play-through requirement purposes. Other examples of irregular game play include but are not limited to, placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to their account until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met. Should the Casino deem that irregular game play has occurred, the Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.

2. If you play on the excluded games (0%) before meeting the playthrough requirements, then you agree that the casino holds the right to void any winnings made from these games at our discretion.

and so they have confiscated all my winnings and returned my first deposit ($250) and a very nice $150 bonus.

This is obviously a rort and was wondering if there were any others who faced this issue. Any suggestions before looking at legal avenues?

Many thanks.

Marama on May 11, 2010. Reply

well, I cant seem to log on to my account!! Something went wrong, i know i put the correct password in..yet it wouldnt accept it..and now I cant even get on!!! What happens now and will I get my account balance back?? Also I mad a withdraw and was wondering how long does it take to pay out when i paid by credit card?

Brent on April 9, 2010. Reply

This casino has a far better RTP then gaming machines offered in australia

jouni on March 30, 2010. Reply

i haven`t got my purchase declaration form i have to fill to get my withdrawal. I have requested it several times via live help but still haven´t got it. I don´t know where´s the problem

Zac on March 26, 2010. Reply

Very scamming casino… I played a couple of things but the most notable was roulette. When I went to reds and black the ball was differently going opposite what ever i picked…. I made some small bets on red three times in a row… it landed black three times in a row… I switched to Black it landed red… I went back and forth swapping from red to black.. The ball landed the same but opposite… Therefore there was no way i could win. SCAM

Nivesh on February 25, 2010. Reply

have been playing there for the past month, and all i can say is they are one of the best online casinos i have come across,thank spin palace

JULIE on June 4, 2009. Reply

GOLD VIP CASINO will not pay my winnings i have waited since 18th april 09 and its now 2 june 09 they keep making excuses vabout the banking system i warn players BEWARE

Nick Skeet on February 23, 2009. Reply

Avoid at all costs, when something goes wrong, they will hold your cash, you will have to send unlimited emails to support and get nowhere. If you use Microsoft Vista, Most of the decent slots will NOT work, this is admitted by their CS. I joined to play specific slots, namely AWP slots, none worked, Casino would not close my account and refund deposit. Now they have my cash and I cannot even log in. I have expertise in networking and I.T, but they blame me or my system, yet I have no issues with anything else. If it was an issue with my system, firstly flash versions of slots would work, secondly it would effect my ability to play all slots on thier site, not just selected. The awp have the best odds and have features like gamble, nudge etc, none of which are playable, all the others work. When i asked CS for my money back via live support, I was quoted "Use the bonus credits up first" then I can withdraw my £20 deposit. I did as requested, then withdrawal failed, i am then quoted by live support that I have to play through! I wasted the bonus as fast as i could to get my deposit back, now they quote me terms and conditions. How can those terms be valid if they are unable to provide the full service? I do not want to play other games, I want to play awp, if not then I want my money back, it is very backhanded play by them, this leads me to question the casino, trust as an entirety. They must be desperate if they need to cling to my small £20.
Before anyone advises, I am logged in as admin, have all admin rights, ports are open, firewall/antivirus/popup blockers been on and off, run in various compatibility modes, tried on another system, diferent security, but same O/S, redownloaded etc etc, I have done all that I should do, although they should be Vista compatible anyway as X.P is phasing out, Windows 7 is due

Steven on August 24, 2008. Reply

I played at spin palace for about a month, blackjack mainly, and i have to say, This is by far the most scaming casino ive ever playd regarding blackjack. here;s some examples i counted, oh and i have the gaming history on my account if anybody wants to verify.

Ive lost 2800$, won mabey 300$. here's a log of the hands.


Bet 100$
Player 20
Casino 21 Wins
Bet 100$
player 21
Casino Blackjack wins
Bet 200$
Player 19
Casino 21 Blackjack wins
Bet 50$
Player 18
Casino 21 Blackjack wins
Player 16
Casino 21 Blackjack wins
Bet 50$
Player 20
Casino 20 Push
Bet 50$
Player 21 double down
Casino 21 Blackjack wins
Bet 100$
Player 20
Casino 21 Blackjack wins
Bet 100$
player double down, 20
Casino 21 Blackjack wins
Player 17
Casino 17 Push
Player 20
Casino 20 Push
Player 19
Casino 20 Wins
Player 15
Casino 21 Wins

Ok to be the winnings ratio seems to be 99% and 1% push, this is 100% the last time i played at spin shit.

I understand a losing is part of the game, but that many blackjacks and odds, is 1 in 1,000,000,000 clasic blackjack single deck.

speaks for it;s self

Joe Michalczuk on August 24, 2008. Reply

I recently withrew some money that I won at spinpalace casino via a bank transfer.

However they have begun processing the withdrawl to a card that I don't want (or requested) the money go to. I find this unacceptable for this to happen and they haven't been helpful in trying to sort out the situation

bill on July 27, 2007. Reply

I opened a second account without thinking of the first one few years priorand after making my 40 dollars up to 65 my account was blocked. They told me to send a scan of my details however every time i send them an email it dissappeaed with no automatic response and no trace. Hmmm. I complained, used 3 different email addresses, but i was told over the [hone that it must be my problem and some pretty weak explainations like 'it must be a problem at your end' resulted – robbing *%$!s

Diane Morgan on June 15, 2006. Reply

hello everyone, I have a problem that maybe soneone can give me advise on whom i need to speak with. i made deposits using e check they were returned chargebacks not because of nsf, but my bank is denying any online gaming transactions now. the amount totaled 175 i also played that same day with grand bay amount 190 same issue now they have sent it to a collection agency. I spoke witht the agency and citadel they both informed me that it was up to the casino on how to handle this matter and that i would not be charged any fees because this was because of nsf, now i cashed out at spin palce for 650 they tell me that they will not pay me until i pay the other casino i have treied since may 18 to resolved this matter uanable to speak to a manager since then, i do not think that it is fair if i am trying to pay their 175 with my debit since may 22, was told by citadel to have them move the winnings, i told them to move winnings citadel told them they could change payment method they refuse. i do not believe it is fair that they could hold my winnings for debt owed to another casino. need advice on how to handle this should i contact my attorney or are there other people that handle these situations please contact me on what i should do this has been going on too long! TIRED AND NOW PISSED OFF!

Spin Palace Casino on June 15, 2006. Reply

Hi Diane

What you are effectively doing is purchasing at casinos whilst knowing that you don’t have any funds in your account, then if you win you expect us pay the difference after your debt has been settled with us.

I’m afraid that it’s simply not possible for us to take bets in this way and we therefore can’t pay you until you settle.

Best regards,
Debbie Taylor

Dan on June 13, 2006. Reply

I have used Spin Palace for several months. I have lost a couple thousand and won several thousand with them. They always paid my Neteller account within 3 days. I think most problems come from people not reading all the rules of how to use a particular online casino.

Spin Palace is tops in my book.

No, I do not work for or am I affiliated with Spin Palace.

Jessica Cockrum on May 13, 2006. Reply

I withdrew $385 on May 1st, there were $105 in fees that I agreed to pay in order to receive my winnings within 5 business days. It is now May 11th and I have just been told by SPC that OOPs! Something went wrong and they just noticed so now it will be another 3-5 business days.When I spoke with the rep he reccommended that I try firepay because it was instant, three days later I’m still waiting on that $100.I believe that this is completely unacceptable, and I’m not sure that I will ever play at Spin Palace Casino again. My full intent is to contact the ECOGRA ASAP!!!

Spin Palace Casino on May 13, 2006. Reply

Hi Jessica
You requested your withdrawal to be processed via ACH but this rejected because you had entered your ACH details incorrectly (the bank and ABA number were entered into the incorrect fields), this is why your withdrawal was delayed.

The ACH was reissued on May 12th and hasn’t rejected as yet so I would expect this to clear your bank very shortly.

The Firepay payments were also successfully processed on May 11th.

If there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know.

Best regards,
Debbie Taylor

Melissa Rozakis on April 20, 2006. Reply

I can’t say I’m too impressed at the moment. I tried to make a withdrawal on the 9th and waited the required 24 hours. Its now the 19th and still no money, just a “work in progress”. When I started calling, I kept getting “24-48 hours” and now I’m getting “the holiday weekend”. I enjoy gambling but I think I may just get in my car and go to the local reservation. At least I can get my money right away.

kristy on April 15, 2006. Reply

I spent close to a thousand dollars on it and hardly won a thing everytime I tried to withdrawl money it said 24 hours i would get back on your software the next day and it still had it posted and was able reverse the withdrawl! everytime!you sure can take it but dont like to give it back!

Meridiana on March 9, 2006. Reply

I never had problems with Spin Palace Casino. Initially there was some problem with my identification but it wasn´t their fault (living in Peru isn´t helping). Other than that I had good fun with this casino. Regards. Meridiana

Trebor Swindler on March 7, 2006. Reply

My winning are all going to NSF fees because of spinpalace.I requested $130 of my winnings to my neteller account but only recieved $29?Why have withdrawl options if you are just going to put where it is convinient to your company?If my requested deposit of $130 went to my neteller account i would not be overdrawn $54.45 in neteller with $30 nsf fee’s also $35.00 NSF fees with my bank wich neteller tried to retrieve because the deposit to Neteller never went through which i was told i would recieve in 24 hours by the customer sevice rep.Thanks spinpalace my winnings of $130 went to $10.55 Lucky me! Maybee something can be done to get my $119.45 back but it does not look good as support@spinpalace.com will not reply to my emails!For everyone else out ther that also gets this type of GREAT SERVICE from spin palace, report it to Kahnawake Gaming Commision and ecogra.org maybee we can fight back!!!!!!

Spin Palace Casino on March 7, 2006. Reply

Hi Trebor

I’m very sorry about any confusion here, your cash-in was reprocessed today via Neteller and will hit your account imminently if it hasn’t already.

If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact the support center.

Best regards,

Debbie Taylor

Shah on December 12, 2005. Reply

withdrawl problems latest

I did write a detailed reply to Spin Palace last feedback, but it seems to have disappeared

So in brief these guys have had my documents on 26th Nov and again on 8th Dec. Today on onlive chat they tell me they’re not happy because for my id I provided a british passport and I live in a different country! Oh and also Casino Manager does not speak to clients!

Spin Palace Casino on December 12, 2005. Reply

Hi Shah

I’ve been speaking to the head of the customer service team about your
situation. Documents were requested from you on the 8th of December
because of an invalid telephone number on your account, you provided
these on the 9th which is the Friday just gone. Your cash-in was
processed today which is the next working day and the funds should hit
your account shortly.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Debbie Taylor

Shah on December 8, 2005. Reply

withdrawl problems

let me elaborate, I used my debit card for deposits, which spin palace were happy to process. When I tried to withdraw I was told I cld not withdraw to my card as my bank will not allow it! I had to use the option withdraw directly to my bank account, which is infact the same account as the card. This transaction has been showing as “work in progress” on spin palace for the last 14 days, this morning I find out they want me to fax utility bills, passport, my details as the security dept is not happy. However in the mean time they’ve been happy to process further deposits! It’s a case of we’ll take your money but to give some back you need to jump through hoops, please note even with the withdraws I would have still lost money at spin palace so its not as though we’re talking about winnings. Sorry rant over, but £400 owing to me before xmas is not good news.

Spin Palace Casino on December 8, 2005. Reply

Hi Shah

There are certain regulations that restrict refunding winnings back to certain debit cards which is why your winnings will be being wired to you.

Also, it is standard practise for an online casino to request some documentation before the first cash-in. Once you’ve provided these details you’ll never have to do so again. Please send the requested documents at your earliest conveniece and your winnings will be processed immediately.

Best regards,

Debbie Taylor

shah on December 8, 2005. Reply

worst online casino I’ve played in respect to withdrawls, 14 days and still waiting…..

Spin Palace Casino on December 8, 2005. Reply

Hi Shah

What payment method did you use to withdraw? Spin Palace prides itself on how quickly they process their withdrawals so it\’s very unusual for you to have not received your winnings by now.

If you email the support team at support@spinpalace.com then they will be able to look into this in more detail.

Best regards,
Debbie Taylor

RENEE SMITH on August 31, 2005. Reply

I was happy to recieve my bonus so promptly, but the software just does not run well. It takes forever for the games to load, and often once they do the spinning is jerky.

Harold Greisly on April 1, 2005. Reply

I just tried the blackjack ‘practice’ software they offer on their website. 300 hands played with the dealer winning over 80% of the time. In a real casino the it should be closer to 50% with ups and down favoring both sides for brief periods. Their software is programmed to better your hand no matter what strategy you play. They could at least make it a little more enticing. Go to a real casino instead.

Spin Palace Casino on April 1, 2005. Reply

Hi Harold

The Random Number Generator (RNG) employed by our software is verified
on a yearly basis by one of the top 5 accounting firms in the world.
Further to this our payout percentages are also independently audited on
a monthly basis.

The RNG used is the same whether you are playing as a guest or for real
money and I can assure you is 100% fair. Averages are made up of
extremes and just as you can have a ‘good run’ or ‘lucky streak’ you can
also have bad ones.

Please feel free to have a look at the reviewed reports of our payouts
percentages, they are catalogued since 2001 on the following page:

It has always been our intention at Spin Palace to offer fair games and
prompt payouts with excellent customer service. I’m sorry you feel the
way you do, I can assure you we are dedicated to offering fair gaming.

Best regards,
Debbie Taylor

james on March 9, 2005. Reply

Very impressed with prompt payout.However i do have problems sometimes with connection. Overall am pleased.

mar on February 17, 2005. Reply

what a rip off! I am new to this and thought i was going into a reputable casino from the comments. This is not a user friendly casino. Where is my sign on bonus? All other casinos give it to you right away and I had to jump through your hoops to even apply for it and have not got it. I have never felt so disappointed as this is my way of relaxing and having fun.

Spin Palace Casino on February 17, 2005. Reply

Hi Mar

It is true that we don’t automatically credit accounts with bonuses but this is for a reason. Many players don’t wish to play with a bonus because the terms can restrict which games they are allowed to play on with it. Added to this we have several different bonuses available for new players and we need a way of knowing shich bonus to credit to an account.

As such we ask that players apply for the bonus, it is a very straight forward form where you need to just enter your name, email address and account number. Your bonuses is then credited to you within hours.

I’m sorry you feel that this is not user friendly, as I mention above we do have the policy for a reason.

Best regards,
Debbie Taylor

supereileen on February 4, 2005. Reply

This is a fantastic casino. In fact, I just did a cash in with them and got my money in my firepay account in 2 days. With firepay cash-ins, you sometimes have to wait 6 or 7 days with some casinos.
They have all the new viper games.

Spin Palace Casino on February 4, 2005. Reply

Hi Guys

Thank you for all your kind remarks. Spin Palace has always been dedicated to excellent customer service. In such a competitive market it’s imperitive to look after your customers. We strive to do this through fair gaming (our payouts are audited monthly by one of the top 5 accounting firms in the world), fast payouts, and prompt, polite and knowledgeable customer service.

We believe our loyalty and VIP teams really are the best available and the service and promotions you receive when playing with us are second to none. I am always available to answer any questions as are our supoprt team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week via live chat, email or tollfree on the phone.

Good luck at the tables!

Best regards,
Debbie Taylor

jas2587 on February 4, 2005. Reply

great site you can win there cashed out over $2100 there and yes right into neteller plus they have monthly promos

RALPH P. on January 28, 2005. Reply


clara on March 15, 2004. Reply

Not only a good games- software Microgaming :good support-good staff ; quick responses and from the manager –regulars promos each month,- contest and tournaments + a fun zone to play free to win real cash (drawing)-

one of my favorite casino

Patti W. on May 6, 2003. Reply

I had a ball playing here, but found that the software did not run well. Customer service/tech support were helpful, but it did not solve the problem. A nice place to play.

Spin Palace Casino on May 6, 2003. Reply

Hi Patti

I’m sorry to hear that the software was not running well for you. Judging by the date of your post this was back when we were on an older version of the software. We are now running the latest version of the Microgaming software known as Viper.

The new software offers over 130 different casino games as well as innovative new features such as expert mode and autoplay. It also features improved compatibility and works with 100% of all Windows systems.

Did you know that we also have a no download version of the software that you can play right from your browser? You might want to try that and see how you get on.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

Best regards,
Debbie Taylor

Gary on February 18, 2003. Reply

Another great Microgaming casino!


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