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Janine Kempe on April 12, 2019. Reply

I started playing and made some money so I made a withdrawal. Two days later they block me from my account and said that I asked to close my account a week before which I just opened the account. After chatting with a rep they said you need to send in verification. I did this 7 days ago and they still won’t give me access and still have my bank account information and money. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. And they have done nothing to make me feel like my information is secure.

George on March 19, 2019. Reply

Won many times with no problem receiving the moneys but my girlfriend played there and won twice , recived the moneys , two weeks ago she won 500 cad and requested the withdrawal and waited seven days for the transfer of moneys which she did not received. Contacted chat and they check and requested first time utility bill which we email them , next few days they ask for ID and we send them Canadian citizenship card , 2 days pass and now they ask for an ID with a date on it . They could have asked all that with one email

David Moses on March 19, 2019. Reply

I am from Canada, I made two withdrawals like two weeks ago and still waiting for a deposit, spoke to them on Friday and said all was good, was congratulated and said it should be deposited in 3-5 business days. I keep contacting them but aren’t no help…. On another note they give you bonus and you have to use it on the game selected by them, and once the going gets good they shut you down and once you go back to the game you just end up losing, one way or the other they make sure they get back the majority of the money

Shane on January 8, 2019. Reply

I’ve played here for two years and always thought of it as a safe Casino until this morning . When I went to sleep at 1230am I had over 15k in my account. I woke up to .05 left at 6 am…… I was told my 15 k had been played through. I can’t beliebe this is happening I’m literallly so betrayed! Who blows 15,000 in 5 hours ….. they now it’s BS but won’t do anything because I believe they are totally behind it.

Tammy Totten on August 20, 2018. Reply

I opened an account here deposited 50$ and won 700$ as soon as i made the withdraw they closed the account and know telling there is no such account with them.

Reayrs on May 23, 2018. Reply

I am a Australian, And With no Email notification to close my account,, They closed it taking my deposit and no option to withdraw, They should have notified me befor closing my account, I have over 100 emails from them in the past 8 months all with Log onto your account to get BONUSES

Richard on March 18, 2018. Reply

My experience is as follows: I had difficulty withdrawing and had to explain and answer questions before they would release funds. Bottom line I could not withdraw without having to talk to someone which in my opinion made little effort to make me feel welcomed.

Amber on March 9, 2018. Reply

I’ve had a few little wins nothing over $500 and the withdraw process has been a week tops, so over all I find it really good never had any problems, you don’t win often though with is the only down fall, I know someone who won 60 thousand he was paid out sweet, know a few people who have won 5-10 thousand wish that was me lol

Nzdude on February 7, 2018. Reply

Had a win, withdraw was taking awhile, asked in LiveChat why it was taking so long, they said it was released a few days ago. A few days passed, still nothing, went back to livechat – they said the funds were being held to settle a transaction dispute. I had no knowledge of any dispute and They could not give me any details. They advised me to check with my bank, my Bank, my bank knew nothing. They are refusing to pay me the money.

gig on January 6, 2018. Reply

i dont know what you people talking about. i am from canada. i won 700$ , i requested the withdraw on tuesday, i gave them my bank information and the money was deposited to my account on friday. i had one of the best customer service, i was chatting with one of the gent(rasheed) and he was very helpfull.

E.M on January 2, 2018. Reply

2 hours ago I Was playing the game immortal romance on Spin Palace , I have won the ” big win” of 4600. A few secondes later my credit balance is 102$. I contact technical support And all he tells me, your Winnings are automaticaly add to your balance…. Yeah but there is 4498 missing. Anywho, I decide to call them instead, they told me they don’t see any of my activities on the game. And each and everytime they do some research on my profile, they hang up. I called 2 or 3 times same woman answering “already moved on to another client” voice, sounding irritated that I’m calling,again… She said that if the phone hangs up again, she will call me back. -_-‘ she didn’t and we all know that She won’t. I didn’t like my experience With the supporting team. Spin Palace is a no for me.

Cherie Dando on October 9, 2017. Reply

I was given false information by an agent on the phone who led me to believe if I deposited today the I would be able to withdraw my obey plus and bonus money without reaching thoroughfare (which they put up by $1200) . The support wouldn’t acknowledge that the thoroughfare was put up, told me I must have misunderstood but then refused to have the phone call listened to. Told me I was not allowed to listen to it. Would not give me the contact details for her supervisor or transfer me after I asked 7 times. Would not transfer me to the manager. Told me she was able to deal with all my requests. I informed her that I didn’t feel she was understanding my requests then and I’d like to please speak to her sypervisor. She refused. This was all for $20 that i stuck in. Thats all it was. As the guy on phone said he’d make sure I could withdraw it.

Ken schulz on September 26, 2017. Reply

I have tryed for the past 3 weeks to obtain a $100 withdrawal from spin palace after 1 week was told my bank details were wrong , emails phone calls an a sent void personal cheque an the told me yep all good after 2 week of holding periods even told yep its 2/3 day from my bank after 7 day holding because there behind more email no details are wrong !

Peter on August 18, 2017. Reply

wow how i was dreading receiving my $1660 (30 deposit) after reading some of this forums testimonials.
my withdrawal took 4 days (i am in australia) to reach bank account.the 24/7 online support was fantastic,allaying some fears i had after reading some of your codswallop.
fantastic site.stay away from bonuses .nothing is for free.i play mainly table games but had a small crack at the slots and won 600 after 4 spins.go down to your local slot shop and it is the same-

Ryan on December 22, 2017. Reply

I have to disagree with accepting the bonus money…2 days ago I deposited $50 cad..and accepted the 100% match offer…giving me 50 cash and 50 bonus to play with…well with that I won my way up to $7011 cad…and made a withdraw of 6000…that’s the reason I am checking these reviews and forums…to see if they are good on their word and pay on time

Frank hogan on August 11, 2017. Reply

Played there for the last four years,won many times always payed within week,last couple of time I won,always want my banking info again,hassle won 900 2 weeks ago still not there.

jason sandham on May 2, 2017. Reply

Spin palace are way behind others in my opinion great games and so on but the withdrawal process is pathetic I have had several with them and now a week seems to be the normal wait time where as other casinos are a lot quicker

Jes on April 18, 2017. Reply

I’ve been playing at SpinPalace for a few years now, had a couple of withdrawls under $1000.00 along the way (had won much more, but I guess they all bank on you reversing before the 48ish hour pending phase, and lets face it most of us probably go wrong here and let the compulsive side of our brains win.) Anyhow since Christmas, I have successfully collected approx $17,000.00
Once you withdraw above a certain amount and get past that reversing phase, and become pending, from my experience someone will contact you (in my case via email) and request ID. I was a bit sketchy about sending through these kind of documents but with that kind of money on the line, I did. However first I did phone up and check with them that the email address and representative were in fact legitimately representing the casino. From memory it was still a few days later before I could see the payments were marked as paid (can’t recall what term was used). Took a few more days after that before I could see it as uncleared funds in my bank, but with my bank all I had to do was call my bank and go through some security checks (once they know it’s from an online casino) my bank cleared the funds within a couple of hours.
The only issue I ever experienced from the Casino was after downloading the software onto my partners laptop. The software was dodgy AF and infected it with god knows what, but basically he had to buy a new one. I’ve mentioned this to support anytime i’ve been in chat with them and have had the very occasional issue with the flash site loading and they’ve recommended the software. Funnily enough they never actually respond to my passing comment or acknowledge it. So all in all I find Spinpalace to be great.
Also, I strongly recommend setting daily deposit limits at each casino you play at, sadly the deposit limit goes out the window when reversing funds, so if you’ve just had a decent withdrawl get as far away from your device as possible for at least 2days! This saves the heartbreak of blowing all the money you’ve attempted to withdraw!

Vera on April 8, 2017. Reply

Great casino. Won over $15000 . Quick withdrawal at the most 4 days. Never had any problems. Yes, sometimes you lose.

Fran on April 5, 2017. Reply

Just new to this site and it has been amazing. Won a bit and now waiting for the processing. Cant wait soooo exited.

Tenisha on February 19, 2017. Reply

Ive been a player of spin palace for over a year now and I have not had one withdrawal from them. I deposit hundreds a day with not one cent in return. Their support team are rude, every person seems to go by their own rules as i always get told different things from different people. I once went to withdraw $300 as that was my biggest win ever and my withdrawal was pending for over 4 days, sitting in my casino account. I DO NOT recommend this casino to anyone.

Tanner on February 25, 2017. Reply

I’ve won well over $6,000 CDN from them. It takes up a week for the withdrawal to approve, but my money went to my account within 2 weeks total.

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