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Donna on February 17, 2017. Reply

I have won and still waiting a month later for my money, they advised I gave bad banking information I gave them a void check and still wast good enough still fighting for my money.

Sandra leo on February 1, 2017. Reply

I have always had my withdrawals paid directly to my account but it seems that they are not doing it now as I tried tonight and was told by customer support that it is no longer an option so won’t use casino again

Jemma on January 29, 2017. Reply

I won 67k 2 weeks ago and have only played on spin palace 3 times. I was assigned a customer relations manager which made the process hassle free. I had to send my identification and I have received every last dollar of my winnings into my bank account. Very happy!

Phil on January 4, 2017. Reply

Just tried Spin City Casino.I spoke to a company representative and he said Their verification requires players to have a turnover of $12000 Australian and have no remaining free credits before any money can be withdrawn.
Spin City
If this is correct there isn’t much chance of a payout without spending thousands.

Tanner on February 25, 2017.

My first withdrawal was $350.00 CDN
3 x $1000.00 CDN
1 x $4500.00 CDN
And today $550.00 CDN.

Received all but $550.00 as I withdrew today.

Scott Clark on December 12, 2016. Reply

good casino as long as you play through your winnings but made one sizeable withdrawal and literally cannot buy a win will.be interesting to see what happens once my investment outways my returns . if you think your odds cannot be adjusted automatically on this basis think again.

Scott Clark on December 12, 2016.

spin palace was referring to but have found same results occur with royal vegas and slotty vegas a like

Troy Scholz (troy800) on November 24, 2016. Reply

Have been using spin palace for a while now, spent a few $ but have also won a few $…. The team there is great have always been helpful on the online support…. Withdrawal method is great to .. Highly recommended and trustworthy

Scott on November 7, 2016. Reply

Great casino, great variety of games, withdrawals processed within three business days once verification is completed. Made a number of withdrawals and continue to use Spin Palace and would reckomend them to anyone wanting to give online casinos a go.

Ibra on September 10, 2016. Reply

I think spin palace is the best. I have only played for month now, I made my first withdrawal of 1800$ in a week and I have 1500$ pending. Tho it took a week to recieve my cash but am glad i got it. Advice I will give hear is don’t try to win your losses and start with low betting. I recommend pretty kitty coz the Pay line is very high?

Andrea Southwell on September 15, 2016.

How long did it take to get your money and how are you receiving your withdrawal?

Ibra on September 25, 2016.

It took 5 working days to get the money. Is very secured.

Howard CUNNINGHAM on September 3, 2016. Reply

Played for years at spin palace. Had no problems until recently. Then started having problems with withdrawals. Always had withdrawals sent directly to my bank account in 3 days. Last withdrawal never received after waiting 5 days.
Got in touch with support . Told me nothing was changed and withdrawal was sent. After 8 days still nothing showed up in my bank account. After checkin found out they sent it to insta-debit account, Insta-debit said I had to pay a fee to get my money from them and transfered to my bank account . I paid the fee and am still waiting for my momey. Instead of 3 days it is not 8 with no money in sight. There is something going on here and it does not seem honest as I just get run around from spin palace support. They have never been like this in all the years I have played. Something crooked going on with them.

Natasha on August 23, 2016. Reply

I feel like i have deposited well enough to your casino (over $600 in last 2 months) to start recieveing free no deposit extra bonuses i dont know if you do that at your casino…
I also play with a casino by the name of Raging Bull it has awesome no deposit bonuses that you get inbetween deposits & also email incentives quiet frequently congratulating me on my choice of casino and deposits & that’s irrespective wether or not you choose to add a wager bonus to your deposit or not..
I just deposited $25 and played it out then i got a email stating there was a extra added little bonus so when i checked i had a extra $20 bonus in my acct that i was able to play straight away… not only did the casino send me that but they also allow you to add a no deposit bonus code inbetween deposits also which are fantastic incentives
i.e- i entered a code 2 days ago (the day after i had deposited) and recieved 150 freee spins on one of there games at 0.50 cent spins…
I like your casino but i dont feel you guys do enough for your customers in keeping us interested and feeling like we are appreciated after all we are the people that put food onyour tables without us customers you wouldnt have a casino… Just just food for thought Spin Palace

Nick Bonner on July 28, 2016. Reply

Spin palace has been pretty good I must say. I’ve just received my first cheque for 6000$. I must say tho, feels like I’ve been on a no win list of some sort since….haven’t won anything significant since my first withdrawal.

kelly on November 15, 2016.

I agree i won $2,000 a few months ago and i didn’t win anything till this past weekend i won 3300 and i think that i will give it a break for a few weeks, see if that makes a difference. Makes me wonder if they have a list.

Peta on December 16, 2016.

How much can you win before doing the identification verification thing?

chris on July 23, 2016. Reply

been at ‘Grimm palace 5 years in all. First 18 months had loads of fun. Games would lose of course but there were always some returns. In Feb 2014 something happened and very suddenly my 15 or so regular games just all stopped paying all on the same day. I could sense this change the moment it occurred. It also happened to be be the week i was expelled from vip , without a reason ever been given. My deposits at this time were upwards of 4k a month and i was pretty upset by the dumping. My game percentages fell more than 70% to the previous 18 months and this has continued for the past 27 months. In this period i have lost for 11 months in a row , followed by a month breaking even ( Grimm palace calls these as winning month for me??)then another 6 month period of losing at which time i took a 6 month break. Now after 3 months it continues on. During these periods ive had times of depositing more than 250 in a row before been allowed a 5% return . There were many others like 220 deposits in a row and 170 in a row. Im not sure what the odds of this occurring might be baring in mind these all followed each other. Ive tried in vain to be given my transaction records for my complete history so i can check these odds correctly. I was once freely given access to records of 18 months previous whenever i asked. My records showed a difference in our figures at one time i had been given them and by some margin. Once i had established my query suddenly figures became unavailable and a new rule developed. I was even told i had never been given these figures, even though i had transcripts of these conversations. Whats the big deal i only want to check them , it could have been a simple clerical error but with-holding its not a good look.

Scott on November 7, 2016.

Is it that you try to win a too bigger amount rather than taking small wins when they happen? My partner plays online casinos and never wins because she thinks she will get 1000’s, where as I take small wins and regularly walk away a few hundred up.

werner bissett on July 7, 2016. Reply

A few weeks ago i won $8000 they didn’t release it without a police verification, that was done and it disappeared. I left it and didn’t fight it. stupid me went to play again, won another $8000, sent in the police verification now they are saying they cant read the police officers writing. i seriously don’t understand how they get away with this and there’s no one i can speak to about it because management does not exist. i need help, i am not losing 3 lots of $8 grand Ive already lost two.

Gina on June 8, 2016. Reply

I downloaded the site….realized they didn’t have No Limit Texas Hold ’em…didn’t make a deposit….dumped the site from my computer…BUT…they phone me 3 times a day…sometimes waking me up at 7am!!!!…send incessant emails…which I have unsubscribed to 3 times and they are on their way to finding out just how well I can deal with online harassment if they don’t stop it! This is a terrible site and I do not recommend it.

Chad Smith on June 13, 2016.

I fully agree with this! I was gong to post the same thing. Non stop emails, waking me up super early, and I have zero interest in playing here.

Kev on July 7, 2016.

Which online casino do you guys recommend then?

saline on October 26, 2016.

jackpot city casino is the best they do ring you but if you tell them to stop they will and they payout very well and fast great casino it is very trusted

TG on June 23, 2016.

Same here! I signed up to play a few online games to kill time (got lured in by the commercials), and it has been a friggin’ nightmare ever since! 5 times a day I get called, then there are the texts, the emails!

Anna on June 7, 2016. Reply

After playing once and rejecting the bonus value so I wouldn’t have play through requirements, they automatically credited the bonus when my balance got low thus making play through requirements valid. I had no option to reject the value.

I never played again and requested that my account be closed and that I be unsubscribed from them for future contact.

Daily calls, emails and sms have been received ever since offering deals and bonus values despite my numerous emails and calls advising I am not interested and requested that the account be closed. I finally got confirmation 3 weeks later (yesterday) advising that my account was closed and no further calls etc would be received.

Today I again received sms, email and 3 calls. This is harrassment. Do not play here if you don’t like harrassing contact because you chose not to play there again.

Graeme on May 21, 2016. Reply

I’ve been playing for some time now, had both big wins and loses. Biggest lose is withdrawals from my bank account when I wasn’t even playing for that week. Asked them to investigate + close my account. 1 week later the account is still active and NO response from them as to why money was taken from my back account

Cathy Bugdale on May 3, 2016. Reply

won twice over the weekend amounts over $10,000 each first on Break da Bank Again and then on Lucky Koi. somehow $10,000 pending withdrawal has disappeared between Saturday afternoon and Monday. chatted online with rep and was told I reversed all the winnings, which I had not done, as I had expressly withdrew in three formats, by check $5,000, by e check $10,000 and instadebit $350. this makes no sense. how do you check cashier in “my account” on the site? I want to trace back the transactions because I know the approximate times I made the three withdrawals.

Cathy Bugdale on May 4, 2016.

So got an email from Megan Thomas customer relations humbly apologizing and admitting casino reversed $12,000 CAD withdrawal themself and did not process echeck instead dumped the amount in my player account while I was playing to making it appear as a new win (which obviously I withdrew to go to my bank) with nary an email or phone call to explain. I believed I has $19,000 being processed for withdrawal instead unbeknownst to me was playing my origi al winnings away.

Cathy Bugdale on May 24, 2016.

Some good news. The Spin Palace Group management returned $12,000 three weeks later. Good on them for making things right.

leigh on July 8, 2016.

2 bad they wont do the same for me , CATHY may i ask who u spoke to about this im in the same situation and just get a bullshit response everytime i speak to someone in live chat

Alicia on August 29, 2016.

Hi Cathy this has just happened to my friend today and they are saying she reversed her winnings which she hasn’t and now they tel her ther is $0 funds in her account any advice we live in Australia and I feel this is a major scam they are quick to take money you deposit but they don’t want to let you collect

GambleSafely on April 22, 2016. Reply

Hi every one

I’m going to skip all the crap spin palace pays out i like to gamble if you can’t afford to loose then put your money in saveings some times you win some times you don’t

Iv been playing with them just over a year now and the saying is true the house all ways wins if you keep playing when you win I do bet from 1.80 to $5 no more iv won jack pots of 300 to 1600 and have had no problem collecting iv never sent them ID or Cc info they will only ask for that if you withdraw more then 1000 it takes 7 days usely to hit my back account on withdraw it will sit as pending for 48-72 hours depending usely 48 hours they do this so you dip in to your wins

As for the slots just today I was playing I had over 100 free spins won 900 on a 1.80 bet the key here is now to collect I find in my experience if you keep playing from this point on it only goes down hill
I’ll stop playing now for a few days and put more in next week

As for this casino I rate it 8/10 I have a mate that has won 9k last month but he had to send his ID and papper work he bets big tho I have people I work with that play it too some loose some win that’s what gambling is about

And don’t collect bonus unless you are willing to play the play thru requirement I never collect bonuses they offer

Good luck

Rhys on April 22, 2016. Reply

I’ve been playing online with spin palace for a while now and haven’t had any real issues until recently. I won $2250 on the break the bank game so I withdrew it like most people would. As someone mentioned, they put a hold on it for about 48hrs so you keep spending your winnings but I still held off and only re deposited from my account.
This was now nearly 3 weeks ago! I have sent countless emails enquiring as to when the funds will be deposited into my bank. Not one reply from anyone at the “support team”, nothing at all but are quite happy to continue withdrawing from my bank account… There are much better casinos out there than spin palace

GambleSafely on April 22, 2016.

You will need to send them ID to with draw tgat amount I keep my with draws under 1000
Leave some in your account takes some out it may be a pain but if you don’t want to send them ID do it that way

kenneth on March 10, 2016. Reply

Lost thousands of dollers to tell the truth mainly because i put my winins all back thru love to bet big but recently made my first with draw ever of $600 so ill see how i find there withdraw process soon fingers crossed ☺

stressed out on March 7, 2016. Reply

I won a total of over 70,000 au on thunderstruck 2 . Over a four day period one withdrawal for 35000.00 re cheques via courier a cost of 19$. , then another 15000.00 then set bank transfer up and withdrew. It sat in the reverse withdrawal area, I played again next day won 2 more amounts of 10000.00 . I transferred, and received. I ended up playing the fifteen again . And then stopped. When asked for statement they deferred from it. When I looked the game history from the day i won the first 35000.00 had gone . I have photographs and phots of transaction I that got me that win. Paysafe also confirmed use of paysafecard on day. Contacted 4 different staff to explain my proof . Each time after it disappeared , until whole history was erased. From my view. I have Heard nothing more.

Caleb on October 7, 2016.

An I ask how much u put in because the same thing has happened to me for $15,000

larissa on March 6, 2016. Reply

The main menu takes to long to load. The game i was playing paused i didnt receive my match up bonus. I am now trying to contact customer support. Over all the worst online casino ive played and when my game finally loads and doesnt pause i will play of my money and delete this app.

Graeme Stein on March 3, 2016. Reply

My very first time playing I deposited $20 and won a cool $2500.00. Sure it took a while to turn up even though I paid $35 to have it delivered. Cheque cleared, played again last night and won another $2,000.00. Can’t complain. Sure you have your ups and downs nut When on a losing streak I just kept changing games. Well done Spin Palace Casino. Love the site.

Emma on May 11, 2016.

How ling til you recieved your check

Lorri on March 2, 2016. Reply

I was offered 30 spins on dragons dance and I accepted. After I finished spinning I deposited cash into my account and won over two hundred dollars, when I went to check my account there was a $0 cash balance available and all my winnings were in the bonus balance. I realized something wasn’t right because there should have been a balance in both so I contacted live support where I explained. I was told that I had spins to finish in sure win which I wasn’t even aware of to begin with since they weren’t offered to me to begin with. I finished them and informed the representative and she then offered me $54 and then took the $200 + balance out of my account. I tried to explain I should have a cash balance and bonus balance available, when I was asked f I wanted it or not! Really?? This is how it was handled, when I called into the toll free number to explain I was told she understood my situation but it was too late because the balance had been wiped out and they couldn’t replace it. I was offered $20 in bonus cash. Not impressed with this casino after depositing and depositing into my account, this is the resolution. Definitely will deposit else where from now on.

the wedge on February 22, 2016. Reply

I won $10k after I had a bonus applied when I deposited $100, the withdrawal process took over a month. And last minute, they tell me of a term in their T&C’s that means you can only withdraw 6x your deposit, but the best bit is, the rest of the credits are forfeited, so I lost out on just shy of $9k!

ripped off gamer on October 25, 2016.

same thing happened to me i was gutted i went to chat and asked why my funds were forfeited they said i hadnt met wager requirements if i hadnt met requirements then i would not have been able to do a withdrawal request they then said management decided that under claus blah blah i only get 6x my deposit so my advice to all do not except bonuses then u can withdraw your funds without them mucking you around

Rod nicholas on February 21, 2016. Reply

Just so you people know…you can win on this online casino…I have won 2,000 Canadian dollar but they put a 46 to 96 hr hold on it…they do that so you keep dipping into your winnings…and after I have won a jackpot of $2,000 I can’t even win anything… I’ve spent $400 on happy holiday slot game and only got 1 free spin and got $60 Canadian dollar… I really believe they have me tagged not to win…if you seen my play you would understand and 100% agree with me…but like I said you can win but don’t think you will win again…I wish I hit and ran…

Rick on February 16, 2016. Reply

Have to say Spin Palace were quick to resolve a deposit issue, which has restored my faith that it is a safe genuine place to play

Rick on February 14, 2016. Reply

Spin Palace normally pay fast and process deposits smoothly. However, last night made 3 failed deposits, no credits given but money still gone from my bank. Issue still not resolved. Same thing happened to my mate at same time, so just be wary at the moment.

Lisa F on February 13, 2016. Reply

I absolutely love this casino. I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem playing here? I always get great game play I have won thousands lost money of course too. The customer service is great. Yes the payout time could be a bit better (they make you wait up to 92 hours while withdrawal is in pending), but I’ve ALWAYS gotten my payout! One of my favorite online casinos.

Tat on June 3, 2016.

how long before you got your payout..???

J. on February 10, 2016. Reply

I had a great time at Spin Palace – ups and downs and lots of fun….until precisely the day I made a withdrawal of a nice amount of a payout. After that day I never again got another payout more than the amount of my deposit or I only get payout when I have the bonus points so can’t withdraw.

When I vent my frustrations the reps having this nasty habit of insinuating that the player is at fault by “informing you that others are withdrawing” or I am told “my bet is too high” Ha! if I play lower I’ll have pennies for payouts might as well play for free. And what the heck does that have to do with no payout? Then you get into the chat circle with the rep firing automated responses about it being “random” and “they don’t control the games” blah blah

I underline that all of the sudden, exactly following the day of my win all payouts ceased. I say it looks suspiciously like recuperation of my win. They say “oh no it is random…you are on a bad streak” … 22 sessions in a row for gosh sakes! Yes in a row. 22 losses in a row. 22 consecutive gaming sessions at a loss.

I closed my account and I am done there. How they expect to keep players with outcomes like that is way beyond me and sudden stop in any and all payouts is way, way too suspicious for my taste.

Natalie Harrison on February 5, 2016. Reply

Great machines, quick payouts, easy to contact and get friendly and professional service. Now that is what makes Spin Palace different to other online casino sites. I was a bit skeptical at first but after playing here for over 4 months I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Honestly the best!

Marc50 on January 13, 2016. Reply

Played fore more than 3 years at Spinpalace, lots of trouble bad connections poore flash casino.

Roulette experience : 9 times black on a row unbelievable

Robche on February 16, 2016.

Marc50 roulette is random mate!!!!!
I have been playing for 10 + years and the longest colour streak I have witnessed personally on a gaming table at The Star in Sydney is 23 reds!!
Yes 23! Not a computer or software but a real dealer!
You were just wrong place wrong time my friend!!

Craig byrne on January 13, 2016. Reply

Joined last week put 50 euro in they dubble it to 100 played on and off for a day or two then won 700 took out 600 only took 3 days very happy

David F on December 28, 2015. Reply

They have clearly dropped in odds and I was a daily player for 5 years until now! 2-3 mates have also said the exact same who are also daily players. They are extremely happy to take your money, quickly and easily – can be a nightmare when withdrawing. Had issues with my Ruby Fortune account when $400 was withdrawn and just ‘disappeared’, took over 3 weeks to resolve. The games are fun, but please don’t overcommit to bets and expectations – it really isn’t worth it as they are designed the same way, for you to lose.

Customer service (no ticketing system either???, come on this is a basic CRM system and should not be legal without it IMO) is poor, copy/pasting text which I personally find rude. I do feel for the customer support people as I believe they are taught to answer as many questions for different people as possible.

Peter on January 29, 2016.

There’s your mistake, believing clip joints like Spin Palace are “legal”. Just because they operate from a Government Jurisdiction which gives them an online gaming license, doesn’t mean a casino is “legal” or bound by any legalities.

The only online casinos where you’ll get ethical standards, are those who are UK licensed. Anything else and it’s like gambling, a risk!

Barbara McNeill on December 23, 2015. Reply

After only half payout of my original deposit I have not received any monies owing. After paying out 1/2 of my winnings the problems started. Said they needed docs of my driver’s licence and a personal bill. What for? To sell the info? After sending in doc’s they said they could not open. Resent docs and they said they were OK. Still no payment. Phoned again and they said they could not open docs. Sent again and they can’t open jpeg. Then they got it open and said it was too blurry. I now have been asked to send in pdf form. What a joke. I guess I should have known better. Stay away from this site.

Peter on January 29, 2016.

According to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta where Spin Palace is Licensed, a player is not required to submit ID docs or any proof of ID up to the amount of 2,300 (in player currency). When this figure is reached only then can the casino request proof of ID docs.

If you have a withdrawal of 2,000, you’d have 300 remaining that you can withdrawal without providing proof of ID. If however you have a 2,400 withdrawal, then you must provide proof of ID, even if this is your first withdrawal from that casino.

Sherman Thomas on December 21, 2015. Reply

I think the withdrawing/deposit must have gotten better here as I haven’t had all the same issues that others have had. I don’t play big money here but I’ve never had a problem with getting my money out. Pretty good bonuses and a huge selection of slot games.

charmaine on December 20, 2015. Reply

I’m a VIP and have been with spin for about a year. I have my own vip manager Leilah who is always easy to contact and if she’s not on,cause they also have days off,I will be contacted by someone else on her behalf. I have had no trouble with withdrawals ever,whether its 100 or 5000 dollars. I think there customer service is best I have come across in a online casino. And with the bonus,if you read the rules first then you should know what your doing as the bonus rules are easily explained in layman terms. I even got a iPhone 6s for Xmas of them this year. So good job spin palace and keep it up.
Very satisfied customer here.

Philip on December 17, 2015. Reply

They were happy to accept 5 deposits equalling $2,000 from my credit card. Had a few problems with the site during play such as disconnecting from the server during crucial plays. Anyway was very happy when I got a couple of wins & had $2314 in the bank. Have a Neteller account so asked for the winnings to be deposited to that account. No problem, they stated that the withdrawal was successful & even had a transaction number (fortunately I’m a cautious kind of guy, so took a screenshot of the transaction complete with their logo on the top). Waited 2 days, nothing. Went online to their customer service, oh they had sent emails & texts (never received) asking for further ID information. My answer was that perhaps they shouldn’t be accepting deposits & allowing people to gamble if they are not happy with the initial information you give them. Not really concerned as my bank will reverse the deposits totalling $2,000 (especially as I had proof that Spin Palace had authorised the withdrawal) & they can keep the other $314. I definitely will not be using them again & I would advise anybody else to do the same.
By the way, I didn’t use their so called bonus as it was obviously designed to keep people betting hopefully until they lost all their money.

rigged palace on December 10, 2015. Reply

I decided to try this out and I deposited 20 bucks to give it a shot I went up to $250 in a day. Not big winnings but i was betting small. The payouts are strait garbage, you are lucky if you win half your wager. You will get $5+ wins only to have a dry patch which will suck your winnings dry. The games are slow and glitch and I have a powerful pc. I had my free spin multiplier on multi isis stolen twice as the game froze(potentially good winnings as they were high multipliers). If you like black jack stay FAR FAR away… I know it can be a 50 50 game in favour of the house but OMG… everytime the dealer had a bust card and I had a 20 or 21 it would push or beat me. 17 or 18 was a loss most times as the dealer pulled whatever cards it needed to win. I had two 21s and the dealer off a 6 tied me after getting a series of 20s and handing me 10 cards companied by 2-6 or aces with mid cards. I could predict what the dealer would have and if I lost before hand. This is theft ad don’t let anyone tell you it’s random because it’s not if the dealer draws the exact card needed everyone when you bet high (not being a sore loser but you must experience it to understand) 6 card draws to beat my 18-21 almost constantly.

Caitlyn on December 5, 2015. Reply

I love this casino. Been playing for over 2 years. I’m in canada. Deposit with my visa and withdraw my funds directly to my banking account. This usually takes about 3 business days from when I withdraw. I’ve won thousands . I’ve lost hundreds lol. I would recommend spin palace to anyone . Great customer service through chat and phone calls.

Mike on November 20, 2015. Reply

Have been playing for 3 weeks, cashed out 400 dollers without problem. Tonight i logged out of casino with ballance off approx 800 canadian dollars. I logged back in about 2hours later and my ballance was 92 dollars. Spoke with rep they said their system indicates money was played through system! I guess i just lost 700 bucks without even gambling it away myself. No more spin palace for this guy when money just vanashes from account.

Shane on November 14, 2015. Reply

Go to another site.
I have found in the past 6 months spin palace has changed dramatically.I am aware of how the so called bonus system is supposed to work but resently I have lost over $1000.I stopped using bonus credits and won,however when I called the would not pay because I still had 3 bonus credits on kings of cash(70 cents),that I was unaware of.

james on October 22, 2015. Reply

I find that the last year its been hard to win ,the more I bet the less I win . Hit big on a 30 cent bet and nothing on a 2.50 bet . last 16 deposits lost them in about 1 hour with no free spins or very few. I think they control who wins and how much.
Lots of times on issis you ask for coins because you can get them and then next spin you get them or say you just lost a 100 in 15 min then boom you hit a big win ans win it back. think all casino,s are controlled if you win or loss just some are better than others.

locus80 on October 7, 2015. Reply

i won over $30000. I been contacted by the vip manager and promised i get soon. i have email them many times asking about payment and been promise many time about payment. i have provided them with everything they have asked of. its been over six months now still nothing.

Elissa on September 26, 2015. Reply

First time playing I won $400 on 8/9/15.. Still waiting for this amount to be deposited.. Only find out they need personnel info to verify our ID, as there are two visa debit cards on account.. Sent all info Thursday. Rang them “oh we can not find it” the amount of phone calls and emails to Spin palace re trying to get my money, is hard work. Still not resolved.. !!

Hinewai on September 22, 2015. Reply

Since joining Spin Palace one month ago,they have pestered me with phone calls, emails and txts offering bonus offers,which I dont accept because you have to play it down before you actually start winning your own money (waste of time I think).
I have replied” STOP” three times to the txts they send,and this is supposed to be their recommendation of opting out!!!. I also tried to unsubscribe twice to their emails but the link is always down.One persistant Spin Palace employee rang me offering a deal which I politely declined straight away,but he refused to listen to me at all,I could of hung up but I was giving him the chance to accept my answer and I also told him I will hang up and yet he still insisted I should take the offer,luckily for me I am not a big gambler and I know how these casinos operate too..I told him to go speak to his supervisor as this method is very very unacceptable,and they should not push a person to gamble unless they want to,this is very irresponsible of Spin Palace.

Daniel on September 15, 2015. Reply


Deposited and had a staff member offer me 15 percent bonus. After playing for a while was told its 50x playthrough on all money. Live games have cut out a few times when pocket cards have been dealt.

TinaC on September 12, 2015. Reply

Hi i am from Canada and I just joined Spin Palace casino and was sceptical at first. Honest to god I put in $500 with the bonus and won $8100 within 90 minutes and cashed out via ECheck best way for Canadians and banks. I wanted to ensure that i would actually get my monies as stated after i went through my play through rules. I have to say the customer service with Spin Palace was awesome and professional. They completed my transaction within 48 hours and was sent to my bank in Canada and they deposited it within 48 hrs too! I just received my $8100. I would highly recommend Spin Palace. Just ensure you initial deposit high enough. Follow Play through rule. 50x initial deposit to exhaust first. Bet higher amounts i recommend to win higher. Have your Echeck setup with your approved bank and you are set! Thanks Spin Palace for the winnings! Ehhh from Canada.

Tlf on September 3, 2015. Reply

I have been only playing here a couple of months or so and my only issue is the length of time to get paid out. Ive made a little money and lost too but this is what gambling is all about at least i think it is. So no complaints except with the wait time from me.

kathleen obrien on August 24, 2015. Reply

I have been a member at spin palace casino for 3 years now and they have been fantastic to me,no problems with receiving my money I use neteller to transfer money from the casino they are very helpful and yes I do understand the bonuses you have to play through to get your winnings but that is stated on your deposits read the rules so if you don’t want to use there bonuses don’t but overall they are one of the best casinos I have played,also yes I have many issues with there software the reels keep spinning and yes there payouts have deminched a lot

brad on August 17, 2015. Reply

Did my 3 deposits and played a lot. Started with 300 and got to 5000. But now I´m having a hard time getting my money out

Rachel on August 13, 2015. Reply

Joined this online Casino because of its bonus, little to my knowledge that it would just take my money and refuse to refund my initial balance … I deposited $75, won over and above that amount and was not allowed to withdraw my initial deposit? This is never stated anywhere and collecting your bonus is super easy. It seems to good to be true , don’t use this casino or play the bonus. The initial amount will never be refunded and they will happily take all your money. The reels are slow and choppy and almost pause with every spin. Just say by to your initial deposit and don’t be fooled by its bonus offerings. Seems like a illegal scam!

ann willcocks on August 10, 2015. Reply

i have played here for months now and its not a scam you do get your winning {5 days) but you will win well in the first few months then nothing so my advise is if you just want to have a bet for a few times go for it but do not keep playing as you will lose over all i think they give you a few wins at the start to sucker you in and before you know it you are throwing in heaps to try win back what you have lost so dont do it great for a little while but dont let it become a habit and only deposit what you are able to lose as you will lose it thats for sure but not a scam and you definetly will get your winnings if you follow there emails to the letter :{{{{

Prem on August 8, 2015. Reply

I downloaded Spin Palace for the first time tonight and deposited $100. I was awarded a bonus bet of another $100, bringing my total to $200. After a few hours, this increased to about $500, at which point I decided to withdraw my initial investment. I found that I was not allowed to do so, as I had met the wagering requirement, which was a mandatory ‘play through requirement’. This means that as long as I accept the bonus payment that is given to everybody, I have to play 500x the bonus amount in order to be eligible for any withdrawal. I felt that this was no fair and was definitely not clear on signup. I would not be using this casino again, and in fact, in Australia this would be classified as a scam.

Alex Elias on August 8, 2015. Reply

I just want to say how professional and happy I am at spin palace I deposited $54 I won $9600 I withdraw $5500 and this morning I revived it I was very worried as I saw so many bad comments on the net but I must say very professional and honest. I got a email from my personal case manger who was handling my withdrawal and the whole time they kept in contact and this morning in my Commonwealth account $5500 Deposited from Envoy Services I’m from Sydney Australia trust Spin Palace

Michael on November 24, 2015.

Hi Alex,
I’m also from Sydney and bank with the CBA, what banking option do you use with Spin Palace.

Please confirm and advise.


tiena on July 28, 2015. Reply

They removed bonus dollars after I met all the criteria to keep the money. I was told to take the funds out of withdrawal and all funds would be returned. I did this and no return of funds. Staff at support take 24 hours to respond then give a flat answer without really investigating. I have closed my account because they cannot be trusted. I asked for emails to be stopped and they are still sending these.

Kez on August 3, 2015.

If you withdraw before meeting the wagering on the bonus you do forfeit the bonus. If you reverse in one go before any other transaction the bonus returns. Rather contact support on chat all queries are resolved straight away

Bethy on June 26, 2015. Reply

recently joined Spin Palace and I can say with certainty that this was my first and my last online casino experience. I played with funds from my credit card and to my amazement managed to win $ 55000. After contacting support to withdraw the funds back to my credit card I was told I would be best to open a neteller account as this was the fastest option and I could not use the master card I had deposited from.

I opened a Neteller account immediately, requested withdrawal and sent through my verification documents. Later that day I deposited again from my credit card and won $20000. Surely this was too good to be true. I went back to the live chat agent and I was reassured that this was real and my money was safely on its way to my neteller account. I researched all the information I could find to put my mind at rest that this was a trusted site. It was now 36 hours after I made my first withdrawal. I woke early in the morning with excitement. I had received a text message congratulating my win and informing me that an email had been forwarded to me. The email address was incorrect, despite confirming my email several times with the live chat agents for security purposes. I once again contacted live support to rectify the email address and confirm receipt of my documens for verification.

Instead I was informed that the entire $75000 had been played back to the casino that morning. The confusion that followed has left me with nothing but anger and sadness. How could this happen? Were the false wins a way to make me deposit more? Could I have reversed the money in my sleep? Did someone access my account? How could the funds be reversed 36 hours later?

The live chat agents went from friendly to condescending. The questions are driving me insane. I have requested a transcript of all my live chats and transaction history. The implication was that I had a gambling problem and willingly gambled back the $75000. A retired pensioner on my first visit to an online casino. None of it makes sense and it was clear I would not get the answers through the live chat. I emailed support begging for answers and the confusion only escalated. At first the account could not be found due to the incorrect email. The Palace Group Support have now ceased contact with me and have locked my account and say they have refunded my deposits. I will continue on my search for answers even if the only fortune I receive is knowing that I might prevent others from this experience.

trevor on July 22, 2015.

Make a formal complaint to ecogra link is on spin palace casino or google it

Tania on February 17, 2016.

Has it been resolved yet?

Kurtis on June 23, 2015. Reply

played dollar games 2 dollars three and higher and barley hit Any free spins and when I did I was lucky to get over 20 dollars oh not to mention normally taking 200 or so every time just to see them then the tables well let me tell you I’d love to bet on the dealer here it’s like a guarantee

Maikel on May 25, 2015. Reply

I’ve been playing with spin palace for over a Year now and have to say, as long as you’re not playing insanely high stake, the chances of winning are really not bad.. (I never play highstakes).. 100% sure that the software is NOT manipulated, i had Some small withdrawels 50-300 euro’s.. The only trouble i had is now that i had a withdrawel of 3000,- they asked for verifications.. That done and accepted took 3 extra days and the 3000,- is now processing to hit my account!

All by all, great casino, loads of fun, great customercare and lots of games!! The only negative thing is that you have to weer 5-7 business days to see your money hit your account. Sounds fair to me..

Thanks spinpalace, keep it up!


peter m on May 20, 2015. Reply

tried to deposit money tonight at spin palace, the money went from my bank but didn’t show up in casino, got onto help, they said they are having technical problems and working around the clock to fix it, I said to them, this would be a major problem and why isn’t the casino shutdown until its resolved as you will be only making it worse by taking money from bank accounts and it not showing up in the casino, imagine the complaints and concerns
– no reply to that statement,
only they will keep me informed, nice hey keep taking your money while they have major banking issues and piss everyone off in the meantime

trevor on May 12, 2015. Reply

Worst paying games out if all the casino’s near impossible to win anything decent free games forget it you would gave to spin 500 game’s on average to win a free game and then they pay nothing
I suspect the games are manipulated they state they are monitored by egocra but hey that means nothing its online software and it can be rigged if you want to lose your money hand over fist then this casino is for you
But be warned something is very wrong with this casino

Rosanna on May 4, 2015. Reply

There wasn’t much conversation with the customer service here. Any questions or concerns I had weren’t answered and my money never reached me. On the positive though, the game selection is great if that’s what you’re looking for.

Brad on May 2, 2015. Reply

They state pending period is only 24 hours I recently made a withdrawal only last week and my money was still pending after 76 hours I find it a discrase they don’t stick to there own term and conditions they keep it in pending stage hoping you will reverse your winnings and play more therefore loose more another cheeky trick they offer so over spin palace

angelaejones on April 15, 2015. Reply

Waste of time and money.
Games are choppy and slow.
Horrible pay outs.
Better off going to the actual casino.
And such a hassle when you want to withdraw your money.
The bonus deposits are a scam that caps your winnings. DO NOT accept them, better off not playing here at ALL!!

robert on April 21, 2015.

You are correct
There games are slow choppy and unresponsive no use complaining they don’t do a thing i raised this with them months ago and its even worse now
This casino used to be decent game’s would pay no crappy bonuses just good service and fair play
Now its crap i strongly believe your account and game play is manipulated and the RTP percentages are false
yes stay away from this casino

toyotaguy on April 15, 2015. Reply

I played at Spin Palace for many many years and never had any bigger issue with them. I say bigger issue like not getting my money (although I did have to wait longer sometimes) or treated in an unfair way.
Even Spin Palace are bound to their own T&Cs. You may not like them (who likes fine print anyway?) but they are all there to read and understand. If they act against their terms then go ahead and post it, tell others. If they act in accordance to their T&Cs and you simply don´t like the outcome, then please keep if to yourself. Specially when it´s clear that you didn´t read the terms properly.
I moved on to other casinos away from Spin Palace two years ago after not being able to make decent winnings anymore. But their treatment was through and through fair.

neek77dragonz on July 10, 2015.

I find the opposite to be true…I lost $2000 on my regular casino “All-slots” playing last night…I then downloaded “Spin Palace” casino tonight and managed to win $2500 back!!

I am relieved as Ive never lost that much money before and was happy to win extra 500

I thought spin palace had awesome payout ratios for the slots I played and I found them easy to use and not at all “slow & choppy” – Probably slow computer or internet causing slots not to work correctly –

I also had no trouble withdrawing my winnings…gets put straight back on my visa

robert on March 30, 2015. Reply

Spin Palace used to be a decent Casino, i won a lot of money in 2013 well over $150,000 a $100,000 alone on the playboy slot i was even given fully paid for trip for 2 to Africa, but these days the Casino has changed the games RTP figures suck, i couldn’t win a headache regardless of what i was betting and what game i was playing some of the worst paying games are Immortal Romance with wild desire, i call it no desire, the dark knight, would have to be the tightest slot out there, i have never been able to get 5 single bats let alone cover the screen i have asked the Casino why its so tight and they said it was a high end slot, what’s that got to do with it playboy now that’s taken a turn for the worse, nearly everytime i won the free games i would choose the 25 free games with random wilds i would get the random wilds 3 or 4 times during the free games never once did they not activate, but just recently with 75 free games won in a play time not random wild spin, lucky to get ones random activation these day during free games the service is now rally bad, and their stupid bonus system, with play throughs that will take half your winnings if you try and withdraw any amount with out completing the bonus play throughs, if you read the conditions of there daily bonus you wouldn’t use them, i used to be a VIP but because i noticed a big difference in the game plays i dropped my bets, free spins and bonus rounds are so hard to get, and if you are lucky to get one the payouts are pathetic, i have made many complaints, and questioned what is going on, but i am fed the same old stories over and over, i was dropped from being a VIP player because i wasn’t spending enough, what a joke, you get nothing from this CASINO anymore, other than useless top up bonuses,
for my complaints about the games not paying they game me a whole 20 dollars to spend my advice, go to a land base casino free drinks better service you know the games are not rigged and while there you can actually talk to other humans and eye of the pretty girls and if you are lucky enough to become a VIP you will be treated accordingly ever wondered why the meg jackpot is so high nearing on 7 million, its because the games associated with it don’t pay.

Brent on March 1, 2015. Reply

I lost many times playing blackjack in fairly suspect fashions (I had an ace, dealer had six, I ended up with thirteen, dealer had twenty-one). I was playing “one deck” blackjack, yet things were not quite adding up and when I made a larger bet, the game would pause momentarily before I was dealt an inferior hand ans the dealer would hit twenty or blackjack. I thought it might be in my head, so I decided to check into it. I should mention here that I am a statistician with a graduate degree. I began taking note of hands dealt over a period of time and after 150+ hands at $1 my assessment of this data concluded that it was a statistical impossibility to be dealt inferior hands as often as I was. I feel cheated and robbed. Do not use spin palace. They claim to be independently verified, yet their programs do not work with even reasonably fair odds.

julie on February 24, 2015. Reply

worse payouts ive ever had on any casino…takes ages to withdraw if youre lucky enough to withdraw..andemails never get a reply

trevor on May 12, 2015.

So true they ignore you when you raise concerns and ask questions about the integrity of the games

JK1212 on January 14, 2015. Reply

For a place that’s been around for this long I’m surprised how poorly they handle payouts. It took them weeks to process a simple payout and each time I went to the live support staff I got a different excuse. It’s a shame because the game variety is pretty good here but at the end of the day if you can’t cashout then what’s the point?

I’ve noticed that other people have had the same issue. I guess this is something they’ll have to figure out or they never will.

Anon on January 10, 2015. Reply

Had very bad experience on Spin Palace. Their games never pay out. No free spins are offered and when they do offer them you can be guaranteed a $0.50 to $0.60 return despite the amount of money you spend. No bonuses are ever given. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had on online casinos.

Murray on December 29, 2014. Reply

Joined spin palace. They make it sound like any normal casino but it is a scam. You can’t just go in and deposit money play the pokies and if you win withdraw it. No that would be to easy instead you get these bonuses which are just a way of ripping you off cause you have to play 50x your first deposit before you can withdraw plus heaps of other hidden catches. Just stick to your local clubs or casino at least you know what you dealing with.

Rachel on December 19, 2014. Reply

I played there for a few years and had nothing to complaint about except my bad luck. I won a fair amount at the beginning, then lost it, then won again. From there it all started to go south slowly. But hey, it´s gambling. I suspect, most of the comments here come from sore losers.

Michael on November 4, 2014. Reply

There customer service is disgusting I was laughed at on the phone they then called my other mobile and laughed at me making out they couldn't here me because I pulled them up on ripping me of with my bonus deposits. There response was contact us and tell us straight away because it's a few days later we can't do nothing about it. What s bloody joke. And to recieve a pay out by cheque they charge you 35.00 there cons

Huu ( tony) on November 4, 2014. Reply

I'm a VIP player here and all I requested was to speak with the host manager. U think it would be a simple request, not that hard if u ask me. But everyone at the call centre, so call the support help desk wouldn't let me or pass the message thur for me to speak to one. Is like they hiding the managers from the players, don't know why is sound so doggie. Is a casino/ business wouldn't the boss wants to know the feedback from players? And I'm a VIP player and that's how they treat their VIPs like second class. I been requesting this for a long time now.. So this is for the person who in charge of this casino I'm still waiting for that call unless u have something to hide too. U number is on my account. Let see how long it will take.

Danny on November 4, 2014. Reply

do not play here!!! its rigged games will draw you in and suck every dime out of you, the roulette tables are so badly doctored, it lets you win quite often when playing with little money, but as soon as you part with bigger bucks, the game takes a sour turn and starts plotting against you, i bet 20 dollars 5 times in a row on the 2nd and 3rd set of numbers, and 5 times in a row it miraculously drew the 1st block of numbers, real suspicious……………please, keep your money and use it for something else

Danny on November 4, 2014. Reply

Very questionable integrity and operation, they get you in the door by presenting you with a welcome bonus on your first 3 deposits, once you receive the deposits, they desert you, they have a scam going where you need to bet 50 times the bonus money eg. You get a 300 dollar bonus after depositing, you need to wager 50 x $300 before you can actually make any withdrawals from your account, even YOUR own money!!! Do not fall for their trap, its illegal what they are doing and the games are so rigged its not funny, do NOT spend your hard earned here!!! They don't care they'll scab you of every cent you own, as long as they make a dollar out of it.

Jan on November 4, 2014. Reply

I asked Spin Palace a question about why the very same person won EVERY tournament and didn't receive any proper reply. "grossmeister" might be "casinomeister" for all know. But for anyone who plays tournaments, remember to watch a few before you play. You don't have a chance!

Johnny on November 1, 2014. Reply

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Over 2 months. 40 $200 deposits made. Took bonus many times and RTP was well over 100% while bonus was 50% completed or less.
As the bonus was being Brought down the RTP was also being reduced. So then I decided not to take bonus for over 15 deposits.

According to their own statistics, the 15 times indie not tKe a bonus, my over all RTP for 3000 dollars of my money wagered was 61%. The other deposits thT bonus was attached RTP was 81% over all.

My net RTP from exactly 10000 dollars deposited including bonus and no bonus attached was 73%
U decide if u want to ay there. Total cash outs…0

Crystal1985 on August 28, 2014. Reply

I cashed out 800$ just now I will let everyone know when I get it but hoping soon!! But I been playing here for the past year and I haven't had a problem yet… Won a total of 2800$

Ngaire Kaye on April 12, 2015.

Did you get it straight away?

M Brown on August 28, 2014. Reply

Spin Palace has been entertaining for me with good customer service reps. My only problem is, my ever withdrawal from July has still be outstanding. I'll update if I receive it. So far, 2 wins, and I haven't received any of my winnings yet. I've played more than 2k and have won 3500 2x and a couple other winnings 500-1000+ . So far, my first ever withdrawal as yet has not been received. Completed docs required and ID, got confirmation for a 3-5 business days, and today is my 6th day, no feel yet about the withdrawal. I'm hoping to get it soon.

Lynnette presnell on August 3, 2014. Reply

I have now had 2 lots of winning and both times have been fast I have had my money in my bank no later then 4 days from when I made the withdrawal . I always make shore I resend my ID just to help them. Spin palace casino is far from a rip off casino I would recommend them anytime we'll done casino keep it up.

KARI on August 3, 2014. Reply

Have never had any problems with this casino…you win and you lose just like any other casino…you take your chances… I have won $2000 and a couple $1000's and have received the money no problem in about a weeks time..I just won $3800 and am VERY excited to get that soon!!

carol babineau on August 3, 2014. Reply

I deposit at Spin Palace today through e transfer. My money was taken out of my account. The casino says they can see my deposit but can not put it in my casino account????? This happened to me 3 times now….Once i waited 30 days for it to be put back into my account another time it took 14 days. This is not money i won but deposits taken out of my account immediatly but not credit to my casino account. I have now asked the casino to lock me out so i can no longer play there.Please people be very careful; as now my bank has said to change my debit card number as it is not safe to play here. Read the reviews before playing at any casinos. I can see them disputting a win but taking my money is unacceptable

Purcelli on August 3, 2014. Reply

It's rigged site poorly programmed games and immoral misleading marketing tactics iv had family members lose close to $600k with this online casino and personal experience has been nothing but disappointment if your going to run an online casino at least put some effort into the quality of games and legitimate and moral marketing practise.
I have been phoned many times by South African spin palace reps with no authorisation given to contact me in this way telling story's of people winning millions daily and I should just keep gambling till I get lucky.if this was an Australian company the CEO of this company would already be in jail for breaching numerous consumer laws

William on May 4, 2016.

What kind of losers loose 600 000 on online betting? Sounds like you folks have gambling issues.

Steve on May 24, 2014. Reply

I saw this site as six days and no winnings coming then email I gave wrong number on bank account. Within 24hours money in the bank, after I supplied right bank number.

Steve on May 24, 2014. Reply

Customer service has always been easy to deal with and everything resolved (deposits) Finally decided to take some back withdrew on april 26th. With the weekend and the 48 hr period processed on April 29th. May 6th and nothing yet–hmmmmm. BCLC site money in easy and back in the bank in 24-48 hours no problems. I will give it a few more days.

Sven2188 on May 24, 2014. Reply

I had kept track of all the bets and winning numbers..at first ( for 10 minutes) , the numbers the roulette had selected have changed randomly, but then , it stopped and always would go against me ..I had 9 EVENS against my ODDS, and 7 blacks against my reds ( which wasn't happening in the first 10 minutes of the game) ..obviously a rigged program, for 10 first minutes lets you play on equals, and then makes choices against you.

ISSAM FAWAZ on March 29, 2014. Reply

I lost like 500 dollars and that was just hard luck, then I deposited 20 dollars and won 100 , so I decided to withdraw it, I did and it was successful, It has been a month now and I didn't receive anything! !!

nexera on February 21, 2014. Reply

deposited, asked them to remove the bonus $. they did. Deposited again played a game, in mid spin received another bonus, asked to have removed, said could not and would not. asked for a $91.00 refund (remainder of deposit) would not…… Do Not Play Here!!

Tina on February 21, 2014. Reply

Have to agree with the majority, very slow to process ID verification etc, very very slow to receive payments into your account

Sweetie on February 21, 2014. Reply

A scam

Only allowed to withdraw 6 times your initial deposit!!!

I won 5.5k they paid out 300 and confiscated the rest

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

lee on May 23, 2015.

Rubbish. My first deposit was $30 and withdrew $1000 in winnings, no problem. I have often won 6x my deposit and got all my winnings back. Having bad run lately in winnings, but that’s not the point.

Tina on February 21, 2014. Reply

Easy to deposit money, difficult to withdraw it!

Brendan on November 27, 2013. Reply

I am In AUSTRALIA! I just received my $3000 witch I withdrew last Friday, Thats a total of 5 business days and everything cleared into my account. I was asked to send a copy of my ID and a utility bill which was fine. They emailed twice saying they needed these copies and one stating they received them. Great communication from a busy online casino if you ask me! I have nothing but great things to say about Spin Palace. I deposited about $250 played roulette won $3000 and was in my account in 5 business days. Can't complain. If your questioning if the casino is legit, from a happy customer I'm saying go for it!

Kelly on November 12, 2013. Reply

Can only withdraw $50 or more. Plus, they call your phone number 2X every week! Other than that, it's a good site. They need to go back to careing about customer service.

Callum on October 15, 2013. Reply

I've put a deposit of £10 and a bonus of £10 has been received, but the matter of I have to first gamble 50x£10 which is £500 before I can collect a penny even the money I have just deposited has confused me, how can they get away with it hahaha,

Michael Dack on July 30, 2013. Reply

I have nothing but praise for Spin Palace and its services. I must admit to having been a bit worried after reading some reviews of the site, but my experience with roulette has been very enjoyable and I have had no problems withdrawing money from my account. The four-day turnaround for withdrawals is a bit of a turn-off. However, by planning ahead, I've now got into a routine that works for me. All in all, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a secure, user-friendly site.

Stephen on July 30, 2013. Reply

Alas I have seen these comments to late lol … Usual luck ..
Similar story I joined and won and lost and won again … Have $1000 withdrawal waiting for last 4 days .. Just sent second mail to support and will have to wait and see what they say .. After seeing comments below I don't hold much hope !!
I'm in Australia … Anyone know of a good online casino that does pay out ??

Karl on July 30, 2013. Reply

SCAM KEEP AWAY! They provide a bonus which you are required to multiply tenfold prior to collecting your winnings. I was advised by a customer service rep that I would not be able to withdraw any funds until a total wager of $1893 was placed. Now once this amount had been reached, I would collect every cent onwards… So in quick summary, I'm intended to turn $50 into $1893…Even once I magically make this occur, I only collect every cent from that point. WTF!!

Brad on June 5, 2013. Reply

I have a 1000 dollar withdrawl pending so I was quiet excited until I seen these comments I can't say anything good or bad ill guess ill have to wait and see

jaden on January 1, 2016.

Did you get your thousand bucks I too am in the process of withdrawing 1000$

amanda mul on June 5, 2013. Reply

having lost over £3000 hours before, spin palace sent me 30 free credits so I played them off and won £610, I played them like the rules state by playing them x30 which took a while to do. I then pressed withdraw, this was on a wed night and I knew they had a pending process of 48 hours until they release the money so I waited until the 48 hours was up and checked my account, the money was still sat in the pending process so I went on live chat and asked them why and they told me that because it's a weekend (fri 6pm a weekend?)_they told me my money would remain there until sunday night 6pm so I checked again at midnight on sunday and again the money had not been released so again I went on live chat and asked the situation to which I was told the money would be released in the morning, I checked the following morning(Monday) at 10am and the money had been released but it said it was a work in progress so again I contacted live chat to ask what the situation was and I was told I had to send in a copy of my ID and my bank card details I asked when they were going to tell me this as I only found this out when I contacted them and they said they had sent an e mail which may I add was never received and I checked my junk etc. I explained that sending my ID would be fine and I would send in an up to date bank statement but I had cancelled my bank card 3 days earlier as it had been lost and explained to them that I wanted the withdrawal paid into my registered paypal account which is linked to my bank anyway and that I had other withdrawals paid out into my bank in the past without problem without them needing any documentation but I understood rules are rules so like I said agreed to send the ID and bank statement in . They said I would also need a copy of my debit card from the bank so I rang the bank and they laughed saying no they don't, nobody should ask for a copy of your debit card they don't need it a bank statement showing your name and transactions from them is more than enough and that the bank don't issue copies of cancelled or lost cards for fraud reasons. I rang spin palace to explain this and the guy with a south African accent on the line was rude and abrupt and snapped at me when I explained this to him he basically accused me of lying, he spoke over me and wouldn't let me finish a sentence, I explained he had no right to speak to a customer like that and he said your just a customer and when I asked to speak to a manager about his attitude he told me no and put the phone down on me , I was shocked and disgusted and rang back to speak to a manager whom explained he was sorry for what had happened and would ring me back within the hour, may I say no phone call had ever arrived , I emailed in my details which included credit card statement, driving licence and bank statement and so went on live chat to see if they had been received, after waiting 15min they said yes they had been received and they would be forwarded to the operations dept and I would hear back in 2-3 days so that would make 7 days then another 3-7 for the money to go into my paypal account. needless to say I will never use this casino again , I have never had problems like this with other online casinos when I have had winnings to withdraw and I have never been spoken to in such a manor by anyone, I feel like I am playing cat and mouse with them chasing them for my small amount of winnings. They don't act like this when your feeding them with deposits.


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