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Lorena Remetio on November 18, 2021. Reply

I tried to download the apps in play store. I tried 3 games mega moolah, 9 pots of gold and assassin moon. I encountered some problem in accessing assassin moon i can’t open the game but in 9 pots of gold and mega moolah is pretty easy. I played for 15 mins. I never won big but i have fun.

Marie E Cyr on September 8, 2021. Reply

I have been with Zodiac Casino for awhile now and had finally won, I had withdrawn my winnings and with a little patience and amazing chat staff, my winnings arrived in no time at all. Very pleased with my experience so far. Also love the game selections this casino has. Have patience and be kind.

Jessica Larden on August 28, 2021. Reply

Quick to take your money and very, very slow to pay out your winnings. Poor customer service, particularly live chat. They misinformed me about when I would recieve my withdrawal (which was far less than my deposits btw), each day they assured me I would recieve it the next. Then, they restrict my account because I told them they took the last of my money and are not paying out what they owe.

Nadia on August 28, 2021. Reply

So,I played for the first time couple weeks ago and won.I was unsure at first if it was legit cause it seemed too good to be true. I received the email on the following Friday like they said and the next day I had an email with and etransfer. I now give them 100%. Totally legit and they do give your money.Highly recommended

Luvey on August 6, 2021. Reply

I was sent confirmation from the Casino Rewards “payment team” about my withdraw being processed, only to be advised that the email I recieved is automatically sent by there system not the people themselves. I have spoken to the Casino rewards team about this, apparently they couldn’t see it @ all..Wasnt until I gave them the time and date it was sent, now they’ve past the buck over to The Risk Management team.. I have emailed them myself 3x to ask what is happening to my withdraw as this done via my debit card registered.. Again no luck… They are quick to take your money but slow to make payment.

Judith Ring on July 10, 2021. Reply

New to Zodiac Casino I have just withdrawn 200.which will go back into my bank by debit card,I have to waitapprox.3 days then I can post my thoughts.Zodiac Casino is a Good site Lots of different games to try,so far I enjoy Zodiac

Glenn Woodward on March 19, 2021. Reply

A very poor experience. Serious lack of clarity. Still awaiting my winnings although been verified but seem to keep coming up with excuses to delay payout even further. Its just one hurdle after another. Locked my account with no explanation so can’t redeem my points. They said they need to verify my payment card which came at 11th hour to payout been pushed back yet again.

Lara rock on March 12, 2021. Reply

I am very confused. All my deposits with zodiac casino, show up different on my bank statement.
Example. Deposit 100.00 and shows up as 125.14 .
My credit card is locked because of all the unusual deposits.
I have gone through 3 months of statements from my bank .

Desiree altmiks on March 5, 2021. Reply

I echeck deposited on zodiac casino not taking any bonus from them I am new to zodiac casino all my verification is correct as well.so I played for 2 days basically straight and won a grand which was worth 30000 dollars I right away took a with drawl from zodiac and waited a week back and fourth with there support team only to be told on the 6 days of waiting that my account has been suspended and my winning void because my echeck deposit came Back as being bounced which was not the case I had fraud done to my account 2 weeks prior to my BMo account and the bank was monitoring my account and when the check money tried to be exit my account the bank thought it was shady and bounced it back I’m lost on to what to do about this I just need to be stared in right direction because I’m am now getting ignored from casino and casino rewards .

Bev Nielson on January 5, 2021. Reply

I finally won $2000 and sent my documents as they requested and now they ignore me it’s been close to 2 weeks since I won and was sent confirmation and an email transfer to deposit yet they refuse to send me a password to deposit, any time I try chat live all they do is ask if I want to reset my password, very disappointed

Tim Poseluzney on January 1, 2021. Reply

One of the best around I have found. Friendly 24 hr staff. Many choices to play with . Overall fun experience. Won 1200.00 when I originally joined casino rewards. No problem with the withdrawal. Just have to be patient.

diane johnson on November 4, 2020. Reply

I thought I had a problem with the casino, turns out I was very wrong. I have been with them over 4 years winning small amounts but then on the 30th October I looked at my screen and almost fainted. I went straight to live help and was congratulated and was offered help to withdraw. However, I declined as I wanted to do it myself. Anyway going bk Into my account i found any activity would be suspended because they needed to verify me. I sent them the documents needed & was told they had got them & it could take 2 days. I hounded live chat to death who kept assuring me the verifying team were dealing with it. I needn’t have worried because an email arrived shortly after telling me my verification was a success and I’d be paid in the next batch. The thing is there is no point getting angry, upset or annoyed because i have realised it is a process that really has to be done. I got a guy called Leroy in live chat that was dealing with me. He knows his job and dealt with me far more than i expected as i seriously, must’ve been sending him crackers. Always try to be polite as I feel this will get you much further than ranting, threatening or being rude. This is just my experience which I hope will help anybody else to understand, you will get responses & it’ll get resolved. You just need some patience good luck to you all in the future.

Shonts on June 2, 2020. Reply

I would like to thank Tamara from the live help team who helped me with my deposit and conversion rate from Canadian to nz dolars she did not give up on checking my account thoroughly and sorted my issue within half an hour of going in and out of my account and deposits made. Zodiac casino is a good casino i am a very satisfied Customer. Thanks Tamara

Zodiac Casino logo Zodiac Casino on October 20, 2020.

Thanks for the compliment Shonts!
I will pass it on to Tamara.

Casino Rep

Carly on May 29, 2020. Reply

Won $1100 & have not received my confirmation email now over 24 hours have passed. Spoke to an online agent & it got me no where. Deposited $30 in to my casino account (deposit has never been an issue) until today.. money is gone with no explanation. Spoke to 3 separate online chat agents & they all said the same Copy & Paste msg & closed the chat.

Zodiac Casino logo Zodiac Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Carly

Were you able to get this sorted out?

Please contact me at Renee@RewardsAffiliates.com with your account number so I can take a look into why this happened. Thanks.

Casino Rep

Braydon on May 28, 2020. Reply

While I do agree that Zodiac Casino gives a good gaming experience, unfortunately that experience can be interrupted with some backend server issues. On numerous occasions their servers would throw errors and the representatives would admit there are technical issues yet there is no message reported to customers that there experience will be impacted. This causes you to spin and the games either spin for long periods or time and/or throw an error saying the server could not complete the request yet your money was taken. The representative state that all amount are saved on the backend server but on all occasions this has happened it always states no payout (even over a couple hour period). The representative insist that the game takes a lot of processing power and it’s best to clear your browser cache (literally, it’s stated over and over). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed playing but ultimately the experience was hindered too much by the issues and their service representatives. (Also the persistent ‘promotions’ that only cause your ratio of real money to go down causing actual amounts to be a lot less than what is shown)

Zodiac Casino logo Zodiac Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Braydon

I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience at Zodiac Casino.

We also offer a download client which is a far better player experience with high definition games and better server connection as the game is downloaded so doesn’t need to hit the server to refresh on each spin. If you’d still like to try your luck at Zodiac Casino using our download software, please go to the website, click the HD button and enter your existing account details to login.

Good luck at the casino!
Casino Rep

Fabian Buergler on September 28, 2019. Reply

zodiac casino the worst experience talk about not paying winnings this casino will not pay my $24000 withdrawal it’s been over 3 weeks now. There is no way to reach them as they have locked my account for no apparent reason.

Zodiac Casino logo Zodiac Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Fabian

I can see that you were informed that your withdrawal was confiscated due to having multiple accounts at the casino. Unfortunately this is against our T&Cs that you agreed to when joining the casino.

Casino Rep

Mitchell Szekely on August 3, 2018. Reply

I got really lucky playing slots at Zodiac Casino and got a 20 dollar deposit up to 3200 dollars and after depleting the bonus funds withdrew 2500 and left a bit to play with. I chose to withdraw using echeck and After entering my TD Bank checking account information and a few days pending passed. I was informed of the verification process. After the verification process took its turn i got an email saying the funds had been released and in 3 to 5 days would be in my account. Its now been almost a full month since my “lucky” day and still haven’t seen a dime. I’ve spent countless hours with customer support and laboured tirlessy jumping through hoops. They keep saying the funds were released on 07/20/18 in the amount of 2500. It should be there. Now they want me to do more legwork and spend more money on gas to travel 100 km roundtrip to my bank and get a formal paper with letterhead and bank info stating the funds weren’t received. After I try to get this hoop tackled I’m sure they’ll email me stating there’s a 3 to 5 day waiting period and congratulations on your win! This has been my first online casino experience….I wonder if ill be back? Ha! Never again. Ill be shocked if I ever get this money. Funny Fact #1 How much of a waiting period and how many pieces of verification id are required to make a deposit? Sure never took a month to take my money out of the account. Feels like I’m getting scammed. Not happy.


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