Player comments on 50 Stars Casino


Robert Simon on January 21, 2011. Reply

Played this one,no complaints.This casino is recommended,thats why there are so little posts..thats only a good sighn of a good choice in a online casino.

Robert Simon on January 18, 2011. Reply

These good casinos deserve a good review .i like to let you all know that i have played here and the word that best describes this place is one of the best casinos on the net,and is a good examle of a well ran casinos.

Ronna June Kemp on November 3, 2005. Reply

This is one of the best online casinos I have had experience with. Customer service was excellent and payment was prompt. I’m surprised there are not other posted notes as to the professional way the casino is run. Also, the home page is so attractive – it makes you want to visit them again!

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