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Amir akhlaghi on November 26, 2016. Reply

I have been with gala since it started I have had my up and downs but I must say its one off the best online casinos to be with they have a magnificent customer service and tony from the vip section is one off a kind.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mr. Jones on February 29, 2016. Reply

Prob the best playtech casino i’ve played at. It’s safe and has everything you need to make money and have fun. I usually don’t play at playtech casinos but the last couple months i’ve been trying them out and this is one of the few casinos of theirs I enjoyed.

The progressive slots are huge money and are totally worth your time. Since i been playing here i’ve seen 5 people win!

Gordon on February 22, 2016. Reply

Gala Casino confirmed my self exclusion last year as I had/have a problem with gambling, during that period they bombard me with promotional emails, when I resign up and spend just over 2k in two days. Naturally I complained. They claim to have no record of self exclusion. But this time they’ve assured me I’m lifetime excluded. Only to receive a further promotional email same day. Yes gambling is my responsibility however Gala are extremely unjust uncaring and greedy!

Gary on January 8, 2016. Reply

I started playing on Gala casino on Christmas Eve and I started with £100 I got that up to £400 on live roulette then the dealer changed. That’s when my luck ran out so I switched to casino game firestorm or fireburst it’s called and was lucky to get diamonds and won £750 so I start doing the big roller bet of £50 for 5 spins. Listen very carefully here, I won two spins in a row and lost the other 3 of the five spins. So I was up over £1240 at this stage and taught great I’ll keep going as you do. So I done another £50 nothing, so I said I’ll try again, well let me tell you I done 20 high roll spins in a row and it cleaned me out completely, not one win from 20 high roll bets! So I went back to the normal one at £1 a spin. I played this for hours and low and behold it was loss after loss after loss.

michal on October 23, 2015. Reply

they locked my account 24h after my first deposit because of lack of documents proofing my ID and they require 72h to process them( i should add that i would send them required papers if i would be ask before and i deposited money straight form my bank account so there should be no problem anyway). doesnt sound that bad- keep reading.before all that happend thanks to i acquire free bonus money and i was gambling with them for a while. they did not mind that but when money appeared and I won a bit they lock it! on other subject after i made a deposit gala casino was not capable of calculating my bonus and ask for 72 hours to check my status. annoying but its a small problem. then i was bothered by their chat asking me if i am ok during the game and just couple of hours from lock down. no mentioning documents there( maybe i should have ask:P). add to this small amount of players(probably the rest is locked), lots of empty tables(disappearing tables), frankly total lack of action in comparison to the best websites- very unpleasant experience.

Gary Haines on September 2, 2015. Reply

This site is beyond a joke. I deposited £10 and they gave me a £10 bonus I didn’t want it but had no choice. I checked the rules and it stated ” roulette bets will contribute towards 20% of the wagering requirements for all spins where less then 50% of the table is covered e.g red OR black” I read then terms and was happy to continue I bet the whole £20 (my £10 and the bonus £10) and won and continued to do so I reached £160 and contacted the site to find out when I can withdraw. He said ” you need to spend £312 for your wagering requirements before you can withdraw. I said can I put my entire amount down and it contribute half of what I need he then said no that every £1 I spend it contributes to 20p so I would need to speed £1560 in roulette bets to be able to withdraw” I thought at that point I have lost the money so I will waste it so I continued to place the bets on roulette I eventually got too £1360 after losing on my last spin. I then proceeded to withdraw as I was now allowed unbeliveably. As soon as I requested the withdrawal I recived a email stating I need to prove my address. I placed all my letters with address and I’d. While waiting for the approval my winning were returned to my account. I used some of the winning while waiting and managed to get to £1700. Finally my approval email came through saying I was now able to withdraw. I went into my account withdrew the money to my PayPal account, and was happily waiting for my PayPal account to have money, unfortunately this did not happen as I recived an email saying there was a problem with my PayPal and that the withdrawal was declined and retired back to my account. So I logged back in to try again only to find £20 in my account. Laughing a little thinking that this was some sort of mistake I spoke with an adviser online who stated that it was not a mistake that it was removed due to me safe betting when I asked what the hell safe betting was he said its when you put money on red or black, odd or even and 1-18 and 19-36. I immediately stated that in the rules it states that me putting money on red or black was allowed in the terms and pointed it out to him he then went oh and you are only allowed to spend %20 or a maximum of £10 of the bonus in one go and that there was nothing I could do I still have not managed to find this term via mobile app and will be taking it further. This site is beyond a joke and refuse to pay people using every excuse in the book stay away there are great site that allow the way I bet even with the bonus in place and allow to withdraw after wagering requirement is filled please do not fall into my trap these people think they will get away with this but trust me I am going to fight this all the way I followed every rule I could find but still not good enough

Joseph Mcdonagh on August 9, 2016. Reply

Hi victor I am in a very similar position I won £6,000 and never asked for the bonus I am on stage 3 of there complaints department, and they have not replied to my Formal Stage 3 complain as of yet, Do you have any advice or did you take your complaint forward.

Victor on August 23, 2015. Reply

I was a high roller and VIP players and always played with high stakes. a few weeks ago I have depsoited 20,000 USD and I have won 90,000 USD on live dealer game.
After this winning my account has been frozen, they have not paid out my winnings. When I contact customer service or VIP team they saying they do investigation and they do not give any further. I have not done any wrong, I had a lucky run and Gala casino do not pay me out! I have to take legal actions if I am not hear from us within a couple of days.

gary on March 23, 2015. Reply

I wouldn’t deposit a penny on this site (gala-casino) , it’s impossible to win, I deposited nearly £40 a day for over 2 weeks, didn’t win a penny, and when I asked on the live chat they kicked me out and locked my account.

Jimmy-O on March 25, 2015. Reply

kicked out for what reason exactly?

Rachael loveday on March 5, 2015. Reply

From my last post bet won on sky Vegas last Thursday not been paid been week phoned them up they said its missing from my bank give me reference number told me to ring my bank i did they said sky Vegas have not transferred penny rang sky back up to be told i need wait for a arn autherising number what a load off bollox that is frob me off im a regular customer off there’s spend hundreds. Why is it so hard for these ppl to pay there customer obviously we spend more than we actually win.

JDM1221 on February 26, 2015. Reply

I’ve had a few issues with this casino and it appears to be the same one others have had. Kept getting error messages when trying to withdraw and then then support staff wasn’t available when I needed help.

It’s one thing to be shady when it comes to cashouts but they compound the problem by not offering 24/7 assistance.

This place isn’t worth your time. Many places online that have better games, better payouts, and less hassle.

Rachael loveday on February 25, 2015. Reply

I won 60 pound on Saturday went onto live chat to find out that it’s still with processing team five days later. Still not sent out tried to frob me off by saying takes five days to hit my bank i said well sky Vegas pay me within two days. To then find out not even sent out i rightfully want my money still not heard back from processing team i think there a con dnt go there so say 24hrs to process paid within five days mine not even paid out.

Steve ryan on February 19, 2015. Reply

Mobile version is the worst ive ever played, zero wins for a session is normal. Online is a bit better but big wins are few and far between. Most online casinos now a day are just money takers. If you want to gamble with a chance of winning go to a live casino.

george on January 19, 2015. Reply

I had my money from my account removed a charge for trying to withdraw my money too early then they carried on by not letting me have the winnings either the terms and conditions in my opinion seem unfair on the player and not clear enough

rebecca preater on April 9, 2014. Reply

So I won a big win 4 times on a certain ga, e but none of these were added to my account so when I complained and sent screen shots of the win still not heard anything after 72 hours which I was told was the longest it would take.

Chris on January 17, 2013. Reply

I started using Gala about 2 months ago and how wrong was I to do so. The customer support is terrible, like a couple of the guys on here I had won a few hands on blackjack but the software hit for me, I then complained – no reply. I complained and complained and they just eventually siad our software is texted on a monthly basis and is of the highest standard. Sometimes when playing live blackjack the simulator gives you 4 card instead of only two which can be terribly confusing as the number you are hitting up to now is 42 (21×2). I am disgusted with the way they have treated me. Just in general a bad online casino. Stay away there are far better ones.

raya perez on January 7, 2013. Reply

I did log to casino online , deposited around 500 but couldnt some point I had my money back but then I try to withdraw it…the error msg appear
I did contact customer service that he said that I need to use another browser, i did try with another browser but it didnt help.Then I call again, they said it under investigation

Take them too long to investigate I play couple of days and lost all
Today I deposited only 50 pounds and won 350 some of my money back
I did try to withdraw it but the same msg appear saying that I have some bonuses waiting for me
I tried to clear them but couldnt do it
I did call to customer support and ask to withdraw my money as I dont want to loose them
He confirmed that I have bonuses""I can see that you have 17 pounds bonuses but I cant understabd why I cant delete them.Just wait couple of days and we will investigate it.I am afraid you cant withdraw your money today or tom …you need to wait us to come back to you"
I did waited…but no one contacted me…i call again and heard the same respond
Finaly I lost all my money
Can you pls let me know where I can formaly complaint

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