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daniel corring on December 7, 2015. Reply

Having lost a fair amount on the site I managed to hit the main feature on the Cowboys & Aliens game with a large £4.50 stake.
Disaster struck and my page reloaded as soon as I won the feature. I have written to Winner and our correspondence is now 19 e-mails long. The game has frozen and no matter what is done it remains frozen. There is clearly a software fault. Winner has been utterly useless at dealing with the issue.

BeckyLynch on September 1, 2015. Reply

Bad, bad place to play. Maybe it’s just me but I couldn’t believe how long it takes them to payout and how many loopholes are in their bonuses and promos. Support staff wasn’t helpful at all when I tried asking about getting paid and they forced me to deposit a minimum of $100, which is higher than I usually like to play with.

I hope they’re able to correct some of their payment issues, because the games are fun!

allrightinsw6 on September 25, 2012. Reply

this was y 1st VISIT to WINNERS and i am HORRIFIED at my experience at what seems attached to some very concerning underlying criminal elements, it DEELPY concerns me ,of the quality of CARE and that this WINNER CASINO makes many dishonest CLAIMS that are clearly do not match up with what I read and carefully researched before registering with them this morning, to have a £50 un- orthorised payment taken without my knowledge or agreement from WINNERS is in itself one main reason never to join an online GAMING group that isn,t answerable or monitered by any indapendant body. i have copied this summory and wait to see if it is STOPPED before i goes live , as I can only imagion to have critics with real serious concerns openly writing their 1st time experience as I have here and allowing it to go live for others thinking about opening a 1st time account with WINNERS would most definetley not be in their interests. I will post this info online whichever way I can so it can be seen worldwide anyhow,. Do Not Trust WINNERS with your money let alone with your private banking details.

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